Super Son-In-Law

Super Son-In-Law Chapter 191

At 5:00 pm, two brand new Mercedes-Benz SUVs were in place.

Under the manager’s personal arrangement, all the procedures were completed urgently.

Then, Alex had Big Ken and Hansel drive the new cars to Total Auto Repair to switch out the windows for bulletproof glass as usual. In fact, every car he gifted would undergo this step, which added a layer of security to the people close to him.

In less than an hour, the windows on one car were changed. So Alex immediately had Hansel drive it to follow behind his Lamborghini to Felix Moore’s residence. After entering the house, Alex could vaguely hear some voices inside Winson Tall’s room and he asked curiously, “Winson hasn’t moved yet?”

Felix shook his head. “He wants to move, but he doesn’t have the capability to.”

“Why, he goofed off so much that he can’t even afford to rent a room?”

“What else? When you fired him, he went to York Designs with Hudson Lowe but was fired again within a few days. He then went on to find several jobs, but he always ends up getting fired or he resigns within a week. He’s the lazy type that no bosses like. He’s been wanting to move out a long time ago, but the landlord here doesn’t want to refund the rent deposit. He doesn’t like me but since he can’t afford to rent another house, all he can do is continue to live here in anger.”

“I’ve known for a long time. Back when he was at Hudson Designs, he got by with kissing Hudson Lowe’s *ss. Without Hudson Lowe backing him, he’s nothing. By the way, how is Hudson Lowe now? Fortunately, the boss’s people should still have money in their hands, so they should be doing well, right?”

“Alex, you guessed wrong. Those with Hudson Lowe are doing even worse than Winson Tall now.”

“Oh? Why do you say so?”

“When Hudson Lowe transferred the company to you, he got eight hundred thousand in exchange. Although it doesn’t sound like a small sum of money, there’s not much left after he paid off his debts and loans, and since he’s a former boss, he can’t bring himself to find a job. He then put the rest of the money into investments but ended up getting cheated and the case had not been solved yet. He looks down on small amounts of money yet he has no capability to earn big bucks. After that, under the guise of ‘waiting for the case to be solved and getting the money back’, he’s been muddling along until now. Since he can’t even afford to rent a room, he can only squeeze into a room with Winson Tall.”

“Is the person inside the room, talking to Winson now, Hudson Lowe?”

“Yep… They play games all day every day and rarely come out. Their room is basically a garbage dump now. If not for the fact that my house is still under renovation, I would have moved away even if there’s no rent deposit refund… Forget it, let’s not talk about them.”

Felix was speechless about Hudson Lowe and Winson Tall, so he could not be bothered to say anything more.

At that moment, someone knocked on the door and shouted, “Hello, your takeout has arrived!”

Felix, who got up and was about to open the door, immediately sat back down when he heard this. He pointed to Winson Tall’s room door and explained to Alex, “It’s theirs. Fortunately, takeout now is convenient and available around the clock. Otherwise, they might have starved to death in the room.”

Just as he spoke, Winson Tall was about to open the door and come out. He visibly froze for a moment when he saw Alex, but he did not say anything after a few seconds of hesitation. Once he received the takeout, he quickly went back to his room with his head low. Strangely, the door was not closed and left unlatched instead.

Felix shook his head helplessly. “For two grown men to end up in this state, I really have to hand it to them.”

Alex shook his head gently and readjusted his thinking before he said to Felix, “I came to see you today because I have some business to talk to you about and I also want to ask you for a favor. It might be a bit sudden for you, but I have no choice. I can’t think of another way.”

“Alex, don’t scare me. What is it? You’re making me nervous.”

“Well… Felix, you might not be able to manage Hudson Designs in the future.”

“Huh?” Felix had mentally prepared himself but he was still stunned. His heart trembled a little as he asked anxiously, “Alex, you were the one who gave me this post, so you can take it back at any time. I have no problems with it and I’ll obey your arrangements, but… Why are you doing this? Did I do something wrong? Or… Do you think I’m not capable enough?”

Knowing that Felix had misunderstood, Alex was just about to explain himself when Winson Tall’s room door was pulled open again.

Hudson Lowe, accompanied by Winson Tall, walked out briskly, sat down on the sofa in the living room, and said to Felix with a sneer, “Do you still need to ask? Previously, he left the company to you because he didn’t have time and management experience. Saying that you were valuable was just a tactic to use you. Now, maybe the situation has changed and you’re no longer valuable to him, so he wants to kick you away.”

As soon as Winson entered his room earlier, he told Hudson that Alex Cohen had arrived. Then, the two of them lay prone by the door left unlocked and eavesdropped while eating the stew they just bought. They listened so intently that they ended up staining their clothes with oil. Though after hearing that main point, they rushed out before they could change their clothes.

The two of them were very disdainful and dissatisfied with Alex, who was ‘living off a woman’, but they also resented Felix, who grew while following Alex. So when they heard that Felix was going to be dismissed, they became excited. Even though they had ordered takeout because their stomachs were growling in hunger, they only ate a few bites before they eagerly ran out.

At a moment of such ‘great joy’, they had to make sure to ‘congratulate’ Felix.

Although Hudson’s analysis was in line with general situations, Felix still shook his head and said, “Alex isn’t that kind of person. He definitely isn’t. Hudson, don’t measure the stature of a great man by the yardstick of a small man like yourself. No one invited you to this conversation. Go away and eat your meal!”

“Hmph!” Hudson pouted and said, “Felix, only a fool like you would be led by the nose by Alex. You two used to have a good relationship because otherwise, you wouldn’t have lent him money and he wouldn’t have repaid it tenfold so quickly. However, people change. Since he became a big boss, your place in his heart is no longer as high as it used to be, and as far as I know, he hasn’t come to see you for a long time, right? He’s here today to remove you from your position… Sigh, I feel sad for you.”

With a nod, Winson added, “Felix, I admit that being fired is indeed not a glorious thing, but relatively speaking, it’s more tragic to be abandoned by someone you consider a brother after you’ve outlived your usefulness. When he borrowed money from you before, I reminded you to be careful when making friends, but you didn’t believe me. It’s too late to regret it now, isn’t it?”

“Alright, alright. No one will think that you’re mute if you just stayed quiet!” Felix’s temper rose, raising his voice at Hudson and Winson. He stood up and said to Alex, “Alex, let’s talk outside. I don’t know what happened, but two flies suddenly appeared in the house. What a bother…”

However, noticing that Hudson and Winson were about to get angry, Alex gestured for Felix to sit down. Then, he said to them both, “I know in terms of relationships and careers, it’s been getting better and better for Felix and me, and both of you are very dissatisfied. We can call that envy or jealousy. But my biggest characteristic is curing all kinds of dissatisfaction.”

Hudson kept his pout and said, “Your relationships are getting better? You could have said that in the past when Felix was in the dark, but you still have the cheek to say that in front of him when we’ve just exposed your ugly true colors? How thick is your face, really?”

“Well, you two better listen carefully to what I’m going to say next!”

Alex composed himself before he said to Felix, “The reason why I’m not letting you continue to manage Hudson Designs is that I think it’s a waste. I’ve actually long wanted to give you a new position, but I was worried that you’d be targeted by my enemies, so I didn’t rush to do so and didn’t dare to see you. Now that the opportunity has arrived and the conditions are appropriate, I can finally do it. Felix, I want you to help me with Golden Stone.”


Felix was so stunned that he thought he had misheard.

He had thought about it before, that he would definitely have the chance to continue climbing the ladder if he followed Alex, but he had never thought that he would be able to climb that high at once. After all, Hudson Designs was just a small company with a registered capital of 100 thousand dollars, but Golden Stone was a big company with more than 300 million in investments!

For an ordinary person like him, this job change was like reaching the sky in a single bound…

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