Super Son-In-Law

Super Son-In-Law Chapter 195

Now that things had developed to this point, even Old Sid felt embarrassed for Old Cam.

Old Sid hesitated for a moment before going over and grabbing Old Cam’s arm. “Come with me. I have something to tell you!”

It was too late for Old Cam to back out now, and he was incredibly embarrassed.

Just when he was worried that he had no way of giving himself an out, Old Sid came to the rescue and brought the opportunity to him.

Although Old Cam knew that Old Sid was most likely doing this to help him out, he did not appreciate Old Sid’s favor. When they went to the corridor outside, he said with a sullen face, “Sid, you can say goodbye to our friendship today. In the future, don’t bother calling out to me if you see me!”

Old Sid shook his head and replied, “Old Cam, you’re just saying this in a fit of anger, so I won’t bicker with you. When you calm down, you’d be able to understand. If you still think that I’m wrong and want to cut ties with me, then I have nothing to say.”

“In a word, if it’s between me and Cohen, you’re determined to take his side?”

“You know that I’ve always stood on the side of reason, not emotion. I’ll stand on the side of whoever is right.”

Old Cam sneered. “Pretty words, but don’t think that I don’t know. You’re only kissing up to Alex Cohen because you want to work with him long-term, and you even wanted him to introduce your son to some work. He’s a cash cow in your eyes. How can you not obey him? Do you think that a big boss like that will really think of you as a friend? I can only say that you’re too naive. Your cooperation with each other has yet to end, so he’s still getting along with you, but when it is over, you won’t mean a thing to him!”

“You don’t have to worry about that. Besides, I believe he’s not the kind of person you say he is.”

“Just you wait! Hmph!”

After that, Old Cam took Ethan Cage indignantly out of the hotel and called the workers who were still on the way to go back.

Shaking his head helplessly, Old Sim took a seat at the table along with his son, Levi Seymour. He said to Alex with a wry smile, “Like father, like son. Old Cam and his son are as thoughtless as each other. It’s enough that they misunderstood me, but they even made unreasonable demands on you. I think that he must have held a grudge against us. Back then, he was determined to win Greenville’s big project but you gave it to me instead.”

“Let’s not talk about them. Let’s eat.”

Alex waved his hand and called the waiter to take their orders. Only after did he talk to Old Sid about Greenville.

By the time the small talk was almost done, the wine and food were served.

Since Old Sid had a few glasses of wine, his courage grew under the influence of alcohol and he finally mentioned something he was embarrassed to bring up. “Mr. Cohen, well… You have a wide network. Can you please introduce a job for Levi?”

Alex said with a grin, “I could tell that you’ve been wanting to say something for a long time but was holding back. I thought it was something major, but this is it? As long as your requests aren’t too absurd, it won’t be a problem to arrange a job for him. Old Sid, what is your son’s major? What kind of job does he want to find?”

Old Sid turned to Levi and said, “You can talk to Mr. Cohen yourself.”

Levi was still a little embarrassed from what had happened earlier in the first-floor lobby. After composing himself, he said to Alex, “Mr. Cohen, I chose a construction engineering major based on my own preferences and my father’s suggestions. I think that my professional studies aren’t that bad, so I want to find a job that suits that profession, either a construction company or decoration company is fine.”

“I see…”

Alex fell deep into thought.

When he learned that Levi had studied construction engineering, the first idea that popped into his mind was to introduce Levi to some work at Wyatt Corporation. With his relationship with Carlton Favelle, even if there was no vacancy in Wyatt Corp, all Alex had to do was put in a word.

However, when he heard that Levi’s major could also be applied to a decoration company, a bold idea suddenly came to his mind…

Old Sid thought that he had put Alex in a difficult position, hence he quickly added, “Mr. Cohen, Levi’s professional studies is really quite good. He ranked in the top three in basically every exam. Besides, he’s down-to-earth and is willing to start from the bottom… If there’s really no suitable position, I would also like him to take on some challenges on how to run a business and such.”

Alex waved his hand. “I have just passed the stage of graduating and looking for a job, so I know the importance of finding a job that fits with one’s profession. It’s a coincidence that I can introduce jobs that would match the major that your son has studied in. I’m a little torn between two choices and don’t know which one to choose.

“Mr. Cohen, what choices do you mean?”

“Old Sid, I actually came to see you today to ask what your plans for the future are.”

“Me?” Old Sid could not help but smile bitterly. “I’m not educated and I’m so old. I’m afraid I’ll just remain the way I am for the rest of my life.”

Alex stared at Old Sid and smiled. “Looking at your expression, you don’t mean what you say, do you?”

Old Sid laughed in embarrassment. “Mr. Cohen really has a sharp eye. You were able to see into my thoughts with just one glance. To be frank, I’m not willing to be a contractor for my whole life. I’ve long been wanting to form a decoration company, but the problem is that I have very limited funds and contacts. My own strength isn’t enough to support me in achieving what I want, so it’s been delayed until now.”

“I knew that you were a man with ambition. Old Sid, if you’re willing to try, I can give you a chance.”

“Huh? What do you mean, Mr. Cohen?”

“Well, I’ve just transferred Manager Moore to Golden Stone, so Hudson Designs is in urgent need of a person in charge. The first person to come to mind was you. Besides, you can also bring your son into the company to help you. You have a wealth of practical experience and your son has a solid theoretical foundation. On the other hand, I have certain connections. The three of us have our own strengths. If we work together, I think the prospects will be very good.”

“Mr. Cohen, you… Are you really willing to give me this opportunity?”

“Haha, of course I am.”

“That’s great! Mr. Cohen, I don’t know how to thank you!”

Old Sid was so overjoyed that his face was red with excitement.

Old Sid had invited Alex to dinner today in hopes of giving Levi a future, but he did not expect that he would win himself a chance to realize his dream as well. This was an incredibly pleasant surprise!

Hudson Designs was merely a small and insignificant company to Alex now.

However, for Old Sid, a dream that he had been carrying for decades, that was originally impossible to achieve in his lifetime, was realized with Alex’s trivial suggestion. Although it was proven that they were very different, he did not lament the injustice of fate. All he could think about at the moment was how to seize the opportunity that Alex had given him. He would develop himself well and achieve his ambition and value, so as not to disappoint Alex as well as to prove himself.

This was an equally good opportunity for Levi.

The father and son were flushed red now that they regarded Alex as their benefactor.

All of a sudden, Old Sid wanted to call Old Cam….

Alex took two days to arrange the personnel changes of Golden Stone and Hudson Designs.

Felix Moore became the deputy general manager of Golden Stone. Although his position was a deputy, he was given the highest authority to oversee the entire company with Alex’s support because the general manager, Isla Sullivan was temporarily in no state to work. Except for Alex, everyone else had to listen to Felix and with that, Quinn Shetford naturally followed Felix over, temporarily taking over Cynthia Walker’s position.

In addition to Felix Moore and Quinn Shetford, Alex had also transferred Jane Simpson to Golden Stone as deputy director of the finance department.

The addition of several young people added vitality to Golden Stone.

As for Hudson Designs, Alex left it entirely to Old Sid and Levi Seymour.

In the future, Hudson Designs would become a decoration company with its own construction team, so they could earn money from the construction as well. However, Alex made a generous decision to give half of all the company’s earnings to the father and son. How the father and son would divide it would be up to them to decide themselves.

Once Alex had settled this matter, he could concentrate on his Quill City Media acquisition plan.

On the morning of the third day, Alex went to the headquarters of Helse Pharmaceuticals early and found Kevin Lindstrom.

The plan that the two had conceived for a long time could finally and officially be put to action…

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