Super Son-In-Law

Super Son-In-Law Chapter 196

Kevin Lindstrom had been interested in Quill City Media for a long time. When they met, Alex only told him about Quill City Media’s current situation and took no action. However, after a brief discussion, they unanimously decided to go to Wade Lewis first to find out more about the situation.

Alex gave Wade Lewis a cell and when he learned that he was in his unit, he rushed over with Kevin.

Wade put down his work and personally ran downstairs to receive Alex and Kevin in person to bring them to his office. After the assistant served tea, he waved his hand and said to the assistant, “Go out first and close the door behind. No one is allowed to enter without my permission.”

“Yes, Director Lewis!”

The assistant was Wade’s confidant and knowing that today’s guests were not ordinary, he readily agreed.

Alex watched the assistant go out before he smiled at Wade. “Director Lewis, we came unannounced. I hope this sudden visit won’t disturb your work?”

Wade waved his hand as he responded, “You’re exaggerating, Mr. Cohen. I serve the business community, and both of you are the elites of the business community in this city. It’s one of my jobs to receive you, and with the highest priority at that. There’s no such thing as you disturbing me. What’s the reason for two busy men like yourselves to come today?”

“Director Lewis, you should be quite busy, so I won’t beat around the bush. I’ll tell you the truth. I heard that your investigation of Quill City Media has been concluded, so my cousin and I would like to know what penalty the investigation team made for Quill City Media as we’re both very interested in Quill City Media.”

“We acted in strict accordance with the relevant rules and regulations. Quill City Media has to pay taxes and fines totaling $3.763 billion. Not only did the people involved in this case commit tax evasion, but there were also other illegal operations in other aspects.

Anyone who broke the law will be arrested and punished according to the law. Given the seriousness of Quill City Media’s problem and the combined crimes and punishment, law enforcement agencies will deal with them strictly.”

“Quill City Media suffered a heavy blow. Will they go bankrupt?”

“They won’t go bankrupt, but there was a major purge in the top management. With the funding chain broken, their strength is sure to take a hit.”

“What about the shareholders?”

“Since the funds in Quill City Media’s account books are very limited, it won’t be enough to cover the taxes that need to be paid, let alone the huge fine.

Because of that, we’ve decided to sell part of Quill City Media’s shares to make up the relevant funds. This part of the shares sold will be shared by all shareholders in proportion to their shareholding ratio.”

“Director Lewis, I have another question. Does Quill City Media have a chance to reform after such a big mistake?”

Stunned, Wade asked, “Mr. Cohen, what do you mean?”

Alex smiled. “Director Lewis, you should be able to tell by now, that my interest in Quill City Media is not due to curiosity. If there’s an opportunity, I would like to buy Quill City Media. But of course, I won’t be doing this alone. I’m planning to cooperate with my cousin.

Though our only concern now is that Quill City Media will become a target of scorn. If there’s no support from some departments that are led by the business sector, there’ll be no hope for Quill City Media to turn over…”

“I did guess as much.” Wade waved his hand as he responded, “Mr. Cohen, you worry too much. Quill City Media is indeed in big trouble, but the ones who made the mistakes were the company’s leaders. There’s no problem with the nature of the company itself.

As long as the leaders who made the mistakes are cleared and the people who take over the company do not commit the same mistakes, the company can still operate and develop normally.

Not only will we not be angry at the new management for the mistakes made by the previous management, but we’ll also give our support to try and recover the company as soon as possible.”

“I’m relieved to hear that from you…”

After communicating with Wade, Alex confirmed Captain Pannell’s judgment and his heart eased up immediately.

Kevin Lindstrom, who had been silently listening, could not hold back anymore when he heard Wade’s words. So he asked eagerly, “Director Lewis, in what form are you planning to sell Quill City Media’s shares? If we can buy these shares directly, it’ll be much more convenient than dealing with the shareholders.”

Wade shook his head. “At present, we’re still finalizing Quill City Media’s current value. Only when the value is determined will we know how many shares to sell.

We’ll discuss the form of the sale after that. How about this, when there’s a conclusion, I promise to let you know immediately.”

“Thank you very much, Director Lewis.”

“You’re welcome, Mr. Lindstrom. However, at the moment, I can only guarantee to deliver the news to you in a timely manner. I cannot guarantee to sell the shares to you. After all, it’s not up to me alone. The only thing I can do is to try my best to help you fight for it, but of course, only as much as my principles will allow.”

“We’re more than satisfied with that. Director Lewis, rest assured. We won’t make things difficult for you. My cousin and I have made this decision only after some careful considerations.

We’ve decided on this for a long time and have been making preparations ever since. I believe that no matter what form you share the shares in, we’ll be able to buy them successfully!”

“Good! I’m also looking forward to how your generation would continue the glory of your father’s generation. No… I should say, how your generation creates even more glory!”

“Thank you for your kind words!”

Very quickly, Kevin was done talking to Wade. In fact, what he said was exactly what Alex wanted to say.

After talking about business, Alex wanted to invite Wade to have lunch together, but before he could put this idea to words, he received a call from Chief Judge Houston asking him to come over. Seeing how it was almost time for lunch, he told Chief Judge Houston to meet him at the entrance of the court and they would go for lunch together.

Considering today’s situation, it would be a courtesy to treat Chief Judge Houston to a meal at a top-class hotel.

However, he took into account that Chief Judge Houston was a public official. It was broad daylight now and he still had to go back to work, so in order to prevent any unnecessary trouble, he chose a small roadside restaurant that had a good environment. He did not ask for a private room and instead, they just sat in a relatively quiet corner.

Once they had ordered, Chief Judge Houston took the initiative to talk about his purpose in looking for Alex today.

It turned out that the court’s professional assessment of the industries under Chase Lucas’s name had come out.

When Chase Lucas was still around, the industries under his name were valued at as much as 300 million at their peak. Though now that the stores had been shut down, the prospects were worrisome and their value had greatly reduced. The only thing of value was the real estate itself. In other words, it was the land that the properties occupied.

It could be said that Chase Lucas struggled all his life and so he set all his assets in property, with not much cash on hand.

According to the current market price, the value of those properties was between 180 to 200 million.

The most valuable among them was a nine-story entertainment center, in which that building alone was worth as much as 60 million.

When Alex learned this, he could not help but sigh, yet he was slightly delighted as well. When he ‘ripped off’ Chase Lucas back then, he did not conduct a survey of Chase’s assets and only set the estimated amount at 200 million based on his gut feeling.

He never expected his gut to be so accurate, for it to be the same as the professional assessment that was done by Chief Judge Houston!

It was as if this was all arranged by God.

Previously, Kevin did not know that Alex took a fancy to the industries under Chase Lucas. Only after listening to Alex and Chief Judge Houston talk did he understand the situation and was he secretly saddened by it. He really did not expect Alex would be developing so many aspects at once. Other than Quill City Mall, Alex was eyeing other industries as well.

“Sigh…” Kevin could not help but sigh at the thought and he said to Alex, “Alex, I really envy you. How nice it is to have money. You can do whatever you want.

If I had as much money as you, I’d definitely invest in everything. Maybe I’d have gotten rid of the title of simply being someone who was born into a rich family.”

Alex laughed. “Kevin, you don’t appreciate the blessed life you have. Countless people want to be born into a rich family, but you seem to dislike it. Make sure those who hate the rich don’t hear you. If not, you might be beaten up.”

“Haha, I’m just telling the truth…”

As Kevin spoke, the smile on his face suddenly froze and his eyes stared straight at the direction of the door…

When Alex followed Kevin’s gaze, he found Gerald Xavier, accompanied by Jared Xavier and their bodyguards, briskly walking towards them…

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