Super Son-In-Law

Super Son-In-Law Chapter 225

Cao Zhenxing was in a hurry to sell the house and also in a hurry to “attack” Alex’s face. He was even more afraid that Felix would go back on his word. Without any delay, he immediately went to the Real Estate Bureau to complete the transfer procedure as soon as possible and transferred the two villas to the name of Felix. Before three o’clock, all the procedures were completed.

The money for selling the house had already been transferred into the account.

Cao Zhenxing immediately called his friend who asked him to sell the house and explained the situation. Then he found Felix and reminded him again, “Little brother, if my friend contacts you and asks about the price, don’t tell him the truth.”

Felix touched his chin and said after thinking for a while, “How about this? Give me your friend’s number and I’ll call him when I have time to explain the situation. Although his villa is handed over to you for sale, in the final analysis, he sold it to me. We can’t talk about it in detail. I should give him a call to explain the situation.”

“Well… that’s good, so that he won’t be suspicious.”

Cao Zhenxing didn’t think much about it. He reported his friend’s number to Felix, then went to the hall, found Alex and Fang Chen, and said proudly, “Alex, didn’t you say that my villa can’t be sold? Now my deal with my little brother has been officially reached. What else do you want to say?”

Alex and Fang Chen smiled at each other and replied, “Boss Cao, don’t worry. I’ll reply to you after I finish the formalities.”

“Hmm? What… what are you going to do?”

“This is the Real Estate Management Bureau. Of course, we have to go through the transfer procedures.”

“Aren’t you here to join in the fun?”

“Do I have nothing to do, why am I here to join in the fun? What’s more, what’s there to do with you? You, on the other hand, can watch the fun.” Seeing Felix coming over, Alex went up to him and said, “Do we need to line up?”

Felix shook his head and said, “I’ve informed the staff who just completed the formalities. There’s no need to queue up. Just go there.”

“Then hurry up. We can’t waste his time.”

Alex grinned and led Felix into the service hall again.

Cao Zhenxing was stunned and had an ominous feeling in his heart. He stared at Fang Chen in shock. “Master Chen, what’s going on? Is it…”

Fang Chen spread out his hands. “Obviously, that’s what you guessed. Boss Cao, do you know who Felix was, the one who bought your villa?”

“I don’t know.”

“Then let me tell you, Felix is the deputy general manager of Gold Stone. He has another identity, an old classmate of Alex. Well… to be exact, he is Alex’s brother. By the way, Gold Stone is also one of the industries controlled by Alex.”

“What? Felix and Alex… are they in cahoots?”

“You finally know. It’s a pity that it’s too late. After a long circle, your villa fell into the hands of Alex, and it was sold at a price lower than the market price. It’s not like I’m complaining. If you sold the villa to me earlier, you could have more than one million yuan. Isn’t that great?”

“I… I was fooled?”

Cao Zhenxing, who finally knew the truth, almost burst into tears. He was so angry that he lost his mind. He strode into the service hall and rushed to the window where Alex was. He shouted that he didn’t want to sell them and wanted to take back the two villas.

As a result, Cao Zhenxing was kicked away by Big Ken before he got close to Alex.

Then, two security guards rushed in, one on the left and the other on the right, controlling Cao Zhenxing tightly.

Even if the transfer procedure of the villa had not been completed, it was impossible for him to take back the villa.

Alex’s plan had been achieved. He did not take Cao Zhenxing seriously at all. He calmly completed the procedures and transferred the two villas from the name of Felix to his own. So, he became a person who held three top villas in the South City villa garden.

After that, Alex came to the duty room and waved the agreement that he had just signed to Cao Zhenxing. He said with a smile, “You could have sold the villa to me directly, but you insisted on making it so troublesome. Fortunately, you saved me a million yuan at once. I didn’t lose, but you are not as lucky as me…”

Cao Zhenxing was so angry that his face turned red and his neck became thick. He suddenly stood up and pretended to curse.

As a result, the security guard in charge of guarding Cao Zhenxing pressed him back before he opened his mouth. “Be honest!”

Seeing that Cao Zhenxing was like a wronged child, Alex couldn’t help laughing out loud and said to the security guard, “He has some personal grievances with me. He just rushed to me and didn’t mean to target you. I’m sorry to have troubled you.”

The security guard saw that Alex’s attitude was not bad and that nothing had happened. He nodded and said to Cao Zhenxing, “For the sake of this little brother’s position, I won’t blame you this time. But you’d better remember that this is not a place to deal with personal grievances. If you dare to do it again, I promise I will send you to the police station!”

“Yes, yes, yes. I was impulsive just now. I promise there won’t be a next time…”

Cao Zhenxing didn’t want to get into any unnecessary trouble. He bowed to the security guards repeatedly, and then came outside. He instantly changed into a look of eating people and said to Alex fiercely, “Alex, what’s the grudge between you and me? You first used dirty means to make me fail to invest, and then you used tricks to trap my villa. I’ll remember this hatred!”

Alex frowned and said, “Boss Cao, I protected you. It’s okay if you don’t thank me, but you still want to remember my hatred? Sure enough, you don’t have any gratitude at all…”

“Humph! You’ve tricked me several times, and you want me to thank you? Dream on!”

“Let me be honest with you. That I protected you isn’t because I cared about you, but because I didn’t want you to miss some important moments…”

“Hiss… what do you mean?”

Cao Zhenxing had already seen Alex’s scheme. Although he didn’t understand what Alex meant by “the most important moment”, he still became nervous for no reason. He always felt that something bad would happen… It might have happened.

Seeing Felix coming over, Alex did not say anything more and turned to leave directly.

When Felix passed by Cao Zhenxing, he raised his hand and made a call gesture. He said with a smile, “Be careful to answer the phone.”

“What’s going on?”

Cao Zhenxing thought for a while and suddenly thought of a possibility.

At this moment, his cell phone rang. It was the friend who asked him to sell the villa on his behalf.

His heart jumped to his throat in an instant. He took a deep breath and picked up the phone. Before he could speak, his friend’s voice came from the other end of the phone. “Cao Zhenxing, did you fucking fall into money, or was your conscience eaten by a dog? I treated you as a friend and brother, so I trusted you. But you actually cheated on my money?”

Hearing this, Cao Zhenxing knew what was going on. Felix must have called his friend secretly.

The situation that he was most worried about had finally happened…

In stark contrast with Cao Zhenxing, who was angry, annoyed, and anxious with sweat all over his head, Alex was excitedly clapping hands with Fang Chen and Felix beside the car. This time, not only did he successfully buy two villas, but he also saved a lot of money. At least, he didn’t need to pay for the modification of two villas.

Fang Chen and Felix still had something to do, so they went back first.

When Alex returned to the car, he immediately called Isla and asked Isla to take Cynthia and Xena to the South City villa to have a look. He planned to give the newly bought villa to Xena as a betrothal gift, so that the villa he lived in now would not be given out.

Now that Isla and Alex had established a romantic relationship, she was no longer as reserved as before and agreed readily. Before she got off work, she rushed to the villa area with Xena and Cynthia to meet Alex. Then, they went to see the two villas B06 and B07.

Isla didn’t express any opinions. After listening to Xena’s opinion, she chose Villa B07. Because the decoration style of this villa was similar to the villa she used to live in. Moreover, because the previous owner didn’t live much, the interior of the villa seemed to be updated to B06.

Alex had no objection. He immediately called Old Sid over and asked him to modify the villa according to Xena’s idea.

While they were busy, outside the villa, in a black glass commercial vehicle, Pei Chong stared at Alex through the telescope and said to his subordinates in a low voice, “We can’t let him jump anymore. Let’s do it tonight…”

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