Super Son-In-Law Chapter 252

“That makes sense!”

Alex had seen the power of the sniper rifle several times and was deeply touched.

There was no doubt that sniper rifles were the most suitable weapons for assassination. Not to mention their lethality, long-range attacks didn’t even need to get close to the target, so they wouldn’t leave any evidence and could maximize the ideal effect of killing people.

However, there was a necessity to sniping, which was to find a hidden place and directly see the target.

Alex and Big Ken discussed it. Since it was not easy to determine the location of Jared during the day, they decided not to take action. They decided to set the time at night and set the shooting location at the home of Jared.

No matter how happy Jared was outside and how crazily he played, he would always go home.

After the discussion, Alex and Big Ken immediately rushed to the residence of Jared, which was located in a villa area in the eastern suburbs.

Jared’s family was not short of money. They chose a luxurious villa area developed by their own family. They bought an artificial lake and artificial hill in front of them, a small river behind them, and a large detached villa on the top of the mountain. The front side of the villa was flat, and there were many buildings and people. Obviously, it was not suitable for sniping.

However, Big Ken’s attention was attracted by the mountaintop across the river.

Big Ken sat in the car, took out his telescope, and examined it carefully. He said to Alex, “I estimate that the top of the mountain is less than 700 meters away from the villa area. As long as I climb to the mountainside above the top of the mountain, I can see the Xavier family’s villa directly. At that time, as long as Jared is attracted to the window behind the villa, I am sure that I can kill him!”


Alex patted his thigh and said, “That’s settled! Do you want to go to the top of the mountain and choose the sniping place now?”

“Don’t worry! It’s daytime now, so it’s not good for us to show up here. When it’s dark, we’ll go for a field investigation. In addition, we need to observe and summarize the schedule of Jared, such as when he will go home. Once I grasp this rule, I can move faster. I don’t need to waste too much time on the top of the mountain.”

“I see. I’ll arrange it now.”

Alex immediately took out his mobile phone and called Xie Laosi, asking him to pay close attention to the daily routine of Jared.

On this matter, Alex became much more cautious after being reminded by Big Ken. He did not intend to tell anyone about the plan to kill Jared, including Xie Laosi. He just asked Xie Laosi to keep an eye on Jared’s movements at all times, so that he could find Jared as soon as possible when necessary and did not mention the plan to kill Jared.

At eight o’clock in the evening, Alex and Big Ken set off.

Big Ken did not go directly to the eastern suburbs, but first to the southern suburbs, and then from the countryside to the eastern suburbs, directly to the foot of the mountain where the target was located. He did this to avoid the cameras in the urban area. If he went directly from the city to the eastern suburbs, he could find their whereabouts through the cameras.

Without turning on the lights, they climbed up the mountain path under the moonlight.

When it was almost 11 o’clock, they finally climbed to a col halfway up the mountain.

Big Ken took out two binoculars from his backpack. Alex took one, fumbled for focus, and then found the villa of the Xavier family. He looked at it carefully and said softly, “Brother Big Ken, I feel that this place is enough. I can almost see the back of the whole villa completely!”


Big Ken nodded and said, “The only problem is that if Jared lives in the room in the front, we have to find a way to attract him to the room in the back. Of course, if we can call him to the roof, it will be great.”

“Buzz buzz buzz!”

While they were talking, Alex’s cell phone rang. When he saw that it was from Xie Laosi, he quickly answered, “Xie Laosi, what’s wrong?”

Xie Laosi’s voice came from the other end of the line. “Mr. Alex, a brother just reported that Jared left with a beautiful woman from an entertainment venue. Judging from the way they went, they seemed to have returned home.”

“I see…” Alex pretended to yawn and said, “Continue to observe.”

“President Alex, are you resting?”

“That’s right. I’ve been running for a whole day and I’m a little tired. I’ve been lying down for a while. Xie Laosi, you’ve all worked hard. Let the brothers who changed shifts rest early. However, if there’s anything important, you have to report it to me in time.”

“Okay, Mr. Alex. You can rest first. Goodbye.”


Alex hung up the phone and looked at Big Ken with hope. “Did you bring the sniper rifle?”

Since Big Ken noticed that Alex had created the illusion that Alex had fallen asleep, he guessed that Alex was going to take action today. In the future, if someone asked about it, Xie LaosiXie Laosi could provide Alex with an alibi. It was better to choose a day than today. Since Jared had returned home today, it was the right time to take action.

Whether he succeeded or not, he should give it a try!

What if he was so lucky that he succeeded today?

Big Ken immediately dropped the binoculars and said to Alex, “Young master, you stay here and watch. The sniper rifle is in the car. I’ll get it now. Jared is still on the way home. I’ll try my best to be faster. It should be enough! Be careful, don’t look at the mobile phone as much as possible, and don’t make any other lights. Be well-hidden!”


Alex nodded heavily and put the phone on the ground. He watched Big Ken go down the mountain, picked up the telescope again, and focused on it.

About half an hour later, two lights appeared in the target villa area. A car had entered the villa area.

Alex adjusted the focal point again, and once again saw how powerful the equipment Big Ken provided was. From over six hundred meters away, one could see the general outline of that car through the binoculars. It was a Land Range Rover, precisely Jared’s vehicle.

The Range Rover turned to the Xavier family’s villa, and then it was blocked by the house and couldn’t be seen.

But ten minutes later, Big Ken came up with a sniper rifle on his back. The room at the back of the Xavier’s villa was not turned on, indicating that Jared didn’t live in the back room.

Big Ken understood the situation and could not help but frown. “It’s not easy. How can we attract him? Young Master, if you can’t, you can go back first. I’ll stay here and watch. When he goes out at dawn, I’ll see if I can’t find a chance to kill him.”

Alex shook his head and said, “Then don’t you have to stay here all night? It’s too tiring. No, no, no! It’s not worth it to die for killing him. Besides, it’s not convenient to fight during the day. Let’s think of another way. If it really doesn’t work, we can find another chance…”

“Young Master, how about… you call him and tell him that you are at the entrance and exit of the villa area and ask him out to meet you? If he goes out of the door to the road, maybe I can find the right opportunity.”

“Sure! Brother Big Ken, I’ve come up with a better idea!”

Alex’s head also opened. As he spoke, he excitedly took out his mobile phone.

Big Ken didn’t ask Alex what kind of good idea he had come up with. He just pressed Alex’s arm, took out his mobile phone, and said, “Young master, the call you made with him is very likely the last call he made when he was alive. For safety’s sake, you can’t use your number. The No. 2 card installed in my mobile phone is a black card, and it has never been used before. Use this number to call him!”


Alex took the phone from Big Ken and quickly dialed Jared’s number with the second card.

At this time, in a bedroom in front of the second floor of the Xavier’s villa, Jared had just taken a shower and rushed to the bed, ready to get to work with the young woman he brought back. The urgent ringtone of his mobile phone suddenly rang. He picked up his mobile phone and glanced at it. When he saw that it was an unknown number, he hung up directly.

When the number was called for the second time, he turned off the ringtone and decided to leave it alone.

Two minutes later, the young woman rushed into the bathroom.

Jared, who had entered the state of a sage, leaned weakly against the pillow and lit up the cigarette after the incident. He took a few leisurely breaths and recovered a little strength. Then, he picked up the phone with one hand and picked up the missed call. After looking carefully, he confirmed that he had no impression of the number and called back. When the phone was connected, he asked impatiently, “Who is it?”

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