Super Son-In-Law Chapter 274

In Grand Express Corporation, a director, who was in Gerald camp but was loyal to Ning Haohan, inadvertently heard the communication between Liang Heng and the mysterious big boss and realized that the problem was serious. He called Ning Haohan to a secluded place in time and reported the information he had secretly heard.

After hearing this, Ning Haohan’s eyeballs almost rolled out. He asked in astonishment, “You mean, it was Liang Heng who took the initiative to find the mysterious big boss, not the mysterious big boss who found Liang Heng and wanted to buy the shares?”

“Yes!” The director nodded and said, “I heard it in person. The mysterious big boss said to Liang Heng, “You took the initiative to find me, so you should show your sincerity first… This is the original statement! Liang Heng did not refute this statement, which means that the mysterious big boss is telling the truth. After thinking for a moment, Liang Heng agreed to transfer all the shares of Gerald to the mysterious big boss.”

“It’s really strange… What’s going on?”

“What’s even more puzzling is that it’s still behind. Vice President Ning, you definitely can’t guess the price of transferring shares…”

“Oh? How much?”

“100 million.”

“What? That’s a share worth nearly 10 billion yuan. The mysterious big boss only offered 100 million yuan. What’s the difference between that and directly asking Liang Heng to give all the shares to him? He’s not buying it at all. It’s obviously a robbery! I think he thinks Liang Heng is a fool.”

“No, no… Vice President Ning, you’re mistaken. A hundred million yuan is not the price of the mysterious boss, but Liang Heng’s. It’s also the deal price they reached through communication.”

“Deal… deal price? Impossible, absolutely impossible. You must have misheard! Even if Liang Heng is a fool, Gerald is a shrewd person. Liang Heng’s offer must have been ordered by Gerald. How could it be so low? Even if he jumped off the building and sold it, it would not be less than five billion yuan!”

“I don’t think it’s possible either. Maybe…” The director thought it was incredible. After listening to Ning Haohan’s analysis, he was even more uncertain. He shook his head helplessly and said, “Maybe I heard something wrong, or they didn’t talk about the shares that Gerald owned.”

“Well, let’s not talk about this anymore. Do you know the identity of the mysterious big boss?”

“I secretly took a photo from a distance, but I don’t know…” The director took out his mobile phone and took out a photo. He pointed to a man in his thirties standing next to Liang Heng and said to Ning Haohan, “It’s this person, Vice President Ning. Do you know him?”

“Hiss… I seem to have seen him before. He looks a little familiar!”

Ning Haohan stared at the photo carefully, but he still didn’t remember who the mysterious big boss was.

However, it was not difficult to confirm his identity through photos.

For the police station and the law enforcement department, this was just a matter of typing on the keyboard.

Ning Haohan immediately found a connection to confirm the identity of the mysterious big boss, and then contacted Alex urgently again…

In the old place, they met in the car.

Alex had guessed that there was something important to say for Ning Haohan, so he was in high spirits from the beginning. “Vice President Ning, did something happen again?”

Ning Haohan nodded heavily and shared the conversation between Liang Heng and the mysterious big boss from the director to Alex. Then he added, “Liang Heng sold Gerald at a price of 100 million yuan. I haven’t confirmed it yet. I guess it’s fake. I don’t think about it now. I’m looking for you today to tell you the identity information of the mysterious big boss. His name is Yu Zhijie. Have you ever heard of him?”

“Yu?” Alex suddenly frowned. “I don’t remember the name Yu Zhijie at all. It should be the first time I’ve heard of him. However, I know Yu Zhe, and I also know that Yu Zhe’s father is Yu Zhaoxiang. I don’t know many people. I only know these two names.”

“Then I have to tell you that Yu Zhijie’s father is Yu Zhaohong.”

“What? What a coincidence! Vice President Ning, don’t tell me that Yu Zhijie you’re talking about is Yu Zhaoxiang’s nephew and Yu Zhe’s cousin?”

Ning Haohan gave a wry smile and said, “Mr. Cohen, unfortunately, your judgment is right. I don’t know Yu Zhijie, but I have seen his photos in a piece of news on some media, so I have a little impression of him. I can confirm that the mysterious big boss who contacts Liang Heng is Yu Zhijie!”

“No wonder he’s so generous. It turns out that Zhaolong Pharmaceutical Group was the one who made the medicine!”

“No… President Cohen, as far as I know, Yu Zhaohong and Yu Zhijie are not working in Zhaolong Pharmaceutical Group.”

“Then what kind of industry are they in?”

“Yu Zhaohong is the agent dealer of Zhaolong Pharmaceutical Group. To put it simply, one of them is a pharmaceutical company and the other is selling medicine. However, Yu Zhaohong’s Yongji Pharmaceutical Distribution Co., Ltd. is run by himself, not a subordinate company of Zhaolong Pharmaceutical Group. It has nothing to do with Yu Zhaoxiang. What the company sells is not only the medicine produced by Zhao Long’s pharmaceutical company, but also other families and imported medicines. It is a large-scale pharmaceutical pin company. In the same kind of company, Yongji Company is a top company all over the country. Ordinary people may not know much about it, but at least the employees in the pharmaceutical industry have heard of this company.”

“Isn’t the Yongji Company going to collapse too much this time? Yu Zhijie, a medicine seller, is going to get involved in the real estate industry. What does he think?”

“Who knows?”

Like Alex, Ning Haohan was full of doubts.

While they were talking, Ning Vastan’s cell phone rang. It was a call from the director. “Vice President Ning, Liang Heng just issued a notice to hold a board meeting. He said that he wanted to vote for the transfer of funds to Gerald! It’s very likely that what we think is impossible will really happen!”

Ning Haohan’s phone almost slipped out of his hand. He asked in a daze, “How could this be?”

“I don’t know what’s going on either. Maybe the truth will be revealed when the board meeting is held!”

“Alright, keep an eye on it!”

Ning Haohan gave the director an order and hung up the phone.

When Alex saw how distracted Ning Haohan was, he quickly asked, “Vice President Ning, what’s wrong?”


Ning Haohan sighed, shook his head, and said, “President Cohen, regardless of the motive and purpose of Yu Zhijie’s acquisition of the shares of Gerald, this matter itself has seriously affected your plan. I have been busy for several days to buy 2% of the shares. And he took more than 30% of the shares as soon as he took action. And, this matter is full of doubts…”

“What do you mean?”

“Mr. Cohen, you won’t believe me if I tell you. I also find it hard to understand. The transaction price of Yu Zhijie’s acquisition of Gerald’s shares seems to be 100 million yuan! If that’s the case, then there must be something behind their cooperation that we haven’t known yet.”

“A hundred million?” Alex was stunned. After a long while, he came to his senses and said slowly, “If Gerald gave Yu Zhijie a favor price, then this favor is too big! Vice President Ning, is Gerald and Yu Zhijie old acquaintances, or is there any relative relationship between them?”

“They have no relatives. As far as I know, they didn’t know each other before!”


Alex took a deep breath and thought quickly. Suddenly, his eyes lit up. “Vice President Ning, I think of a possibility!”

Ning Haohan’s curiosity was aroused. “President Cohen, tell me about it.”

“You know, if Gerald wants to use all the strength of Grand Express Corporation to deal with me, he has to spare no effort. Now that he has been arrested and has lost his freedom, he can only ask someone for help. Is it possible that he has invited Yu Zhijie to deal with me? The reward is his compensation for collecting 100 million yuan symbolicly just to cover up people’s ears?”


Ning Haohan slapped his thigh and suddenly realized something. “It’s possible, it’s very possible! President Cohen, no matter what, we must be on guard against Yu Zhijie, especially you. If he really takes advantage of Gerald to deal with you, he will be your mortal enemy!”

After that, Ning Haohan sent the photo taken by the director secretly to Alex, reminding him to be more careful if he saw Yu Zhijie.

Alex just nodded and did not pay much attention to it.

After staring at the photo, Big Ken’s eyes suddenly bulged…

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