Super Son-In-Law Chapter 276

Alex was a little surprised and asked curiously, “Yu Zhijie, no matter what, Yu Zhe is still your cousin. Is it really good for you to say that he is a good-for-nothing? Others’ evaluation of him may not be important, but what would he think if he knew that you said that behind his back?”

“I’m just telling the truth. Is there anything wrong?”

Yu Zhijie didn’t take it seriously at all. He curled his lips and replied, “Let’s not talk about it behind his back. Even in front of him, I often say that he is a good-for-nothing. He doesn’t want to work hard, nor does he care about his own business. He is a real good-for-nothing. How can he allow others to talk about it? He knows what he looks like in my heart. This is also the reason why he is too embarrassed to ask me to avenge him.”

“Then I’m a little confused. Since you’re not here to avenge him, could it be that… you came all the way here to criticize him?”

“Humph! I disdain to avenge Yu Zhe, but the Yu family is not easy to bully.”

“You’ve been making trouble for a long time, but you still come to make trouble for me? Why do you have to make such a big detour? Can’t you just say it directly?”

“Cohen, don’t confuse the concept! It was you who bullied our family first. I came passively to seek justice, not to take the initiative to cause trouble! This matter has nothing to do with Yu Zhe. Even if you didn’t bully him, if it was someone else, even if you only bullied a dog of our family, you must give me a satisfactory explanation!”

“Yu Zhijie, I thought you were a person with great wisdom when I heard your high-sounding words just now. Now it seems that it’s an illusion. After listening to your words, I know that you’re like Yu Zhe, a muddled bug who can’t distinguish right from wrong. You said he’s a good-for-nothing, but I don’t think you’re much better than him.”

“You’re not qualified to judge what kind of person I am. Cohen, I’ve said what I should say. It depends on your performance next. I’ll stay in Quill City for about half a month this time. This is also the time limit I give you. You’d better hurry up and deal with it. If you don’t give me a satisfactory explanation within half a month, I’ll deal with your conflict with our family in my way!”

“It won’t take half a month. I can give you a clear answer now. If you can provide solid evidence to prove that I did bully Yu Zhe, then I can apologize to you and compensate you. But if you can’t provide evidence, you can stop fooling around here!”

“If you always have this attitude, then I can guarantee that you will regret it in half a month! I’ll leave you a phone number. If you think about it, you can contact me at any time. Finally, I’ll remind you that you’d better think it through and do the right thing. Otherwise, you will pay a heavy price for your stupidity!”

Without waiting for Alex’s reply, Yu Zhijie threw a business card casually and got up to go outside.

In the end, Yang Changhao stared at Big Ken with great interest and followed him.

Alex shook his head helplessly. Without looking at the business card, he threw it directly into the trash can.

Big Ken walked to the door of the company and watched Yu Zhijie and Yang Changhao enter the elevator. He quickly returned to the lounge and sat down in front of Alex. He frowned and asked, “Young master, Yu Zhijie came here in person just to set a deadline for you inexplicably? Is there something wrong with his brain? Is he really a good-for-nothing like Yu Zhe?”

“In fact, that’s not the case.” Alex shook his head and calmly analyzed, “Through today’s meeting, I can feel that Yu Zhijie is a smart person.”

“Oh? Why?”

“He came to me today to talk so much nonsense. He seemed brainless, but in fact, there should be some deep meanings. I think that he took in the benefits of Gerald to deal with me. This can be confirmed, and then it will be easy to understand. First of all, he asked me to give him an explanation for Yu Zhe’s matter in half a month, so that I can divert my attention and relax my vigilance to him. In addition, he pretended to be very stupid. Maybe he wanted me to look down on him on purpose, which is to make me look down on him. In other words, he came here today to trample on me and to find out the bottom. Only by having a certain degree of direct understanding of me can he come up with a more suitable plan to deal with me.”

“Hiss… Young Master, if your analysis is correct, then Yu Zhijie is not simple. He is very scheming and shrewd.”

“Yu Zhijie must be smarter than Yu Zhe… Let’s not talk about him first. Brother Big Ken, you saw Yang Changhao with your own eyes. What do you think of him with first impression?”

“It’s about the same as I thought. He’s a master with a cold personality and a proud heart. He’s not half a bucket of water wandering around, but he has the capital to be proud of. However… from his empty eyes, I feel that he’s still too young, or rather, he’s experienced too little. As an evolution, he’s indeed invincible in the circle of ordinary people, but there are people beyond the heavens.”

“When he suffers a few losses, he will learn his lesson… Brother Big Ken, maybe you will get the chance to teach him soon.”

“If he dares to act recklessly, the members of the special forces are more willing to give him lessons… By the way, young master, in addition to Yu Zhijie and Yang Changhao, the suspected mutant who appeared at the entrance of the restaurant a few days ago is also your potential opponent, and you also need to pay attention to it. It is very likely that you are targeted by two groups at the same time, and they are all masters. But it is also possible that the two groups are in the same group.”

“At first, I thought that the mutant you saw was arranged by Jing Kun. Now, it seems that it may also be Yu Zhijie’s people. Maybe Yu Zhijie has already begun to contact Gerald or Liang Heng and reached the intention of cooperation, but we just found out recently. Otherwise, with the little grudge between Yu Zhe and me that has not reached the family level at all, it is not enough for Yu Zhijie to deal with me…”

Alex and Big Ken held a heated discussion about Yu Zhijie and Yang Changhao.

However, because their current intelligence was really limited, based on the known intelligence, some of them were correct, while others were one-sided.

For example, they did not consider that Yu Zhijie and Jing Kun were actually old acquaintances and had cooperated for a long time…

Yu Zhijie’s family was in the pharmaceutical business. In addition to frequently transporting medicines in different countries, they often needed to imported medicines from all over the world. Of course, they also had some imported medicines. As time went by, their family had a mature transportation system.

Just in time, Yu Zhijie was mainly responsible for purchasing and transferring in his family.

As for Jing Kun’s business, through secret means, he would transport the goods from abroad to the country and then distribute them to the public. He also had his own security system, but the scale was relatively low. Most of the time, it would be difficult to transport because of various reasons. Once there was something wrong with the transportation, the profit would be damaged.

In order to minimize the losses as much as possible, Jing Kun was recommended and met Yu Zhijie and reached a very secret cooperation.

Yu Zhijie took advantage of his family’s security system to help Jingkun transport goods. According to the amount of transportation, he made it. Although this cooperation could not be regarded as his main business, the profit was not much worse than his main business. More importantly, the money earned from this secret cooperation was external and did not need to be shared with anyone.

After Yu Zhijie tasted the sweetness, he became bolder and bolder, and his cooperation with Jing Kun became closer and more frequent.

In the beginning, only the two of them knew the cooperation between Yu Zhijie and Jing Kun.

As Yu Zhijie’s father and boss, Yu Zhaohong knew nothing about it.

However, there was no impenetrable wall in the world. Yu Zhaohong finally knew that. He scolded Yu Zhijie severely and ordered him to immediately terminate the cooperation with Jing Kun and cut off contact with him. Otherwise, all his duties would be canceled and he would not be allowed to enter his family’s company again.

But at that time, Yu Zhijie had been deeply attracted by the great benefits, and he himself had become a deep client of Jing Kun, so he could not leave the goods of Jing Kun and other goods. So, on the surface, Yu Zhijie promised Yu Zhaohong, but in fact, he did not change his mind. He just made the cooperation with Jing Kun more secret, and even Yu Zhaohong could not find it.

Later, Yu Zhijie and Jing Kun gained high trust in each other, and even expanded and cooperated with each other, which greatly improved their cooperation…

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