Super Son-In-Law Chapter 278

“What’s going on?”

Xiao Hang suddenly became interested and asked curiously, “Group Leader Pang, do you mean that someone knows Lightness Skill?”

In the past, when Alex heard about this kind of thing, he would definitely be shocked. However, at this moment, he only subconsciously exchanged a look with Big Ken. After all, he was now someone who could accept the existence of an evolutionaryist and a mutant. If he wasn’t an ordinary person, then he could be regarded as a true martial arts expert.

As for team leader Pang, he didn’t know much about evolutions and mutants. He frowned and said to Xiao Hang, “From the live video brought back by the police officer, although it is not as exaggerated as Qing Gong, the ability shown by the suspect is still far beyond my original understanding of human beings.”

“Well… Group Leader Pang, according to what you said, flying eaves and vaulting walls are not Qing Gong. Could it be that he’s a sports maniac? I don’t know much about running cool, but after watching some videos, I see that those people’s bodies are very flexible. It’s easy for them to climb four or five meters high with bare hands!”

“I’ve also seen the video you mentioned. However, I feel that the suspect’s ability is above that of a cool lover. I can’t explain it clearly. You can see it yourself…”

After saying that, Group Leader Pang took out his mobile phone and clicked on a video. As soon as he handed the phone out, he quickly put it away and said seriously, “Let me explain one thing first. This is the internal information of our criminal investigation team. In principle, you can’t show it to others without the permission of your superiors. There are no outsiders here. I can show them to you, but you can’t tell others.”

“Don’t worry, Captain Pang!” Xiao Hang nodded. “Just like you, I’ve also learned how to keep it a secret.”

Alex and Big Ken also said that they would not spread the news.

Only then did Group Leader Pang put his phone on the wheel on the dining table.

Xiao Hang quickly turned the phone over and picked it up. He began to watch it with Alex and Big Ken.

The video showed that a police team ran at a speed of 100 meters. In a dark alley, they tried their best to catch up with a middle-sized young man with a beard. The police officers were not slow, but the bearded man was faster and agile. When they encountered a car blocking the way, they directly collapsed like crossing a railing.

More importantly, after the bearded man crossed a car, he could still jump on the second car like the Spider Man, tap on the wall with both his hands and feet, and cross another car next to him without landing. If he was a sports maniac, in that case, he would usually jump on the second car and land on the ground with a cool somersault. He would definitely be able to slide on the wall.

Soon, the bearded man ran to the end of the alley, which was a dead end.

When the police officers saw the bearded man stop, they must have thought that the bearded man had no way to escape. They also stopped and were ready to catch him. But the next second, the bearded man suddenly rushed forward a few steps and used his hands and feet again. He hit the walls on both sides of the corner several times in a row and climbed to the wall in the blink of an eye.

It was estimated that the wall was at least four meters high. The wall was vertical to the ground, and there was cement on it. It was bare, with no foothold or junction.

However, the process of climbing the bearded man looked very easy. He was like a gecko in one go!

The police officers reacted very quickly. They pulled out their guns and aimed at the bearded man, shouting for him to come down.

The bearded man did not jump down, nor did he respond. He just looked back at the police officers with a cold smile, and then jumped down. When the police officers took a detour to the other side of the wall, there was no trace of the bearded man. The arrest operation failed.

After watching the video, Xiao Hang looked at Alex and Big Ken with a dull face. Then he returned the phone to Group Leader Pang and said in a daze, “If you didn’t say that it was the arrest scene of your criminal group, I would definitely think that it was a movie! In my opinion, no one can do such a thing without being hanged. Even a cool master can’t do it! I’m surprised. How could there be such a magical person in the world?”

“What’s more amazing is that!” Captain Pang said with a wry smile, “You have all seen that the video was taken at night. The light was not good, and it was shaking violently. The picture was not very clear, so you couldn’t see the face of the suspect clearly. You only knew that it was a man with whiskers. The colleagues of the technical group used excellent technology to look at the last scene of the suspect and the police officers. They dealt with it overnight and restored the real face of the suspect… That’s it.”

As he spoke, Group Leader Pang opened his phone again and took out a photo.

Alex’s curiosity was completely aroused. He couldn’t wait to turn the wheel, so he got up and took the phone. When he took a closer look, his eyes almost rolled out. The suspect was not a bearded man. Most of his face was covered with fluff, and only his mouth, nose, and eyes were exposed.

The appearance of the suspect was not much different from that of Sun Wukong in Journey to the West!

Xiao Hang looked at the photo and was stunned again on the spot. “Well… I dare to conclude that if it was not a monkey, it must have worn a monkey head mask. Anyway, it can’t be just a bearded man. Hiss… maybe he is really a monkey in clothes, because only a monkey can complete those incredible movements!”

“It’s not Monkey!” Captain Pang said with certainty, “The colleagues of the technical group used the technology department to wipe off the beard on the suspect’s face… or rather, the fluff. They further restored his face and got a normal face… sliding, and the next photo will be taken.”

“Really?” Xiao Hang quickly took out a photo and saw a normal person’s face. After a few seconds of shock, his eyes suddenly lit up and he said eagerly, “Group Leader Pang, since the face of the suspect has been restored to this point, we can introduce it to the system for comparison!”

“After comparison, we’ve already found out who this person is. That is to say, we can confirm that the suspect is a man and a registered normal person! But now he looks abnormal. I only hope that the fluff on his face is a prank and stuck to it. If it grows naturally, then the problem may be serious.”

“It grows naturally? No way…”

“It’s hard to tell exactly what’s going on right now. There’s one more important thing to pay attention to. According to the information, the suspect is a missing person. When he was in his second year of high school, he disappeared mysteriously on the way home more than six years ago. During this period, no news about him was sent out, as if he had evaporated from the world.”

Xiao Hang was even more confused. “Why do I feel like I’m listening to a horrible story? A young man disappeared for no reason. Six years later, he suddenly appeared like a half-human half-monkey…”

“That’s why I think this case is very tricky!”

When team leader Pang and Xiao Hang were talking, he noticed that there was something wrong with the faces of Alex and Big Ken. He asked curiously, “Boss Cohen, brother Big Ken, I don’t think you are very surprised about this situation. Do you know something?”

“Well…” Alex hesitated and looked at Big Ken. “What do you think?”

Big Ken was also a little hesitant. After thinking for a while, he said to Group Leader Pang, “This case… To be exact, this suspect is beyond the jurisdiction of your City Public Security Bureau. Group Leader Pang, I suggest that you immediately send this situation to the special police team and listen to what they say first before making the next plan.”

“No…” Captain Pang waved his hand and said, “The special police team doesn’t handle cases. They only carry out special tasks!”

“The special police team really doesn’t handle cases, but… this suspect can only be dealt with by some people in the special police team. Maybe they don’t need your feedback, because they have already understood the situation. Group Leader Pang, I know you are very curious and may be very confused, but I can only say so much. You will know the other things when the time comes.”

Captain Pang and Xiao Hang stared at each other in confusion.

When Alex heard this, he knew that Big Ken was thinking about same thing with him.

That suspect was most likely not a normal person, but a mutant!

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