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The other 3 additionally realized, like Alex Cohen, that the mysterious person who supported Chase Lucas ought to be Leo.

New concerns emerged. What was Leo’s true identification?

Alex strolled to the table with questions, gesturing for Fallon Ballantine, the major character for the settlements with Chase Lucas, to sit in the middle.

Leo leaned back in his seat, scanned the 4 individuals throughout the table, as well as claimed coldly, “Alex Cohen, you really did not take what I told you at midday to heart, huh? It’s not too late for you to get lost currently, but once you sit down, it’ll be tough for you to leave. For now, I simply can not stand your face, but if you pick to oppose me, after that I will not endure you!”

” Why do not you hold your eyes wide open with a toothpick after that?”

Alex shrugged his shoulders and sat by Fallon.

Leo recognized that he could not eliminate Alex, so he looked at Artilleryman Young and stated, “It’s fine for children not to know their own capabilities, but you’re so old, so why are you still sticking your nose right here? It’s a thing of the past for you to go through the streets of Quill City with your Demon Head Blade. With your existing state, other than blackmail, what else can you do that’ll frighten others?”

Gunner played with his demon head ring and also delicately responded, “Do you know a pinhead called Horus Thorpe?”

” What do you suggest?”

” He used to be in your position, and also his existing state will certainly be your future.”

” What rubbish is that? Gunner Youthful, in addition to combat, you’re so f * cking old that you can not even talk clearly! You sure you still want to meddle in this?”

” Dumb * ss!”.

Gunner did not trouble with Leo and checked out Chase Lucas.

” Don’t you understand that you have to walk your dog on a leash?”.

Leo snapped when he listened to that as well as shouted, “Motherf * cker! You’re f * cking dead!”.

Chase promptly pushed Leo’s arm, delicately comforted him, then counted on Fallon and claimed, “Allow’s get down to business. Supervisor Ballantine, I intended to speak to you regarding business, not personal issues. It’s understandable if you brought an assistant or other employees, but why did you bring these two needless people below?”.

Fallon’s concern of Chase Lucas was nearly countered by Alex, that was placing up a front. She with confidence revealed her domineering mindset when she talked concerning company and stated to Chase, “Whoever I welcome is my selection, regardless of whether they’re employees of my firm.

” It’s great as long as you approve of what they say …”.

Chase shrugged his shoulders begrudgingly.

Alex interjected and also said, “Chase Lucas, you as well as I recognize each other, as well as Supervisor Ballantine has actually already made it clear who we are today. What does it mean for you to bring an unfamiliar person to such a celebration?

Chase replied, “I’m the one that welcomed him right here, so normally, he represents me. Alex Cohen, don’t you f * cking try to obtain me to state anything.

” Another inquiry. Exactly how did you convince Horus Thorpe to be your scapegoat?”.

” How hard can that be? Wait … Alex Cohen, you’re so f * cking cunning that you’re trying to get me to claim something? What do you suggest by scapegoat? Everything was done by Horus as well as I had nothing to do with it …”.

Chase made it appear so simple. Chase had placed in a great deal of initiative to found guilty Horus.

From the very beginning, Chase told Horus that he was “entrusted with essential duties” to ensure that he would certainly operate business with Isaac Litt on his part. Nevertheless, with the exception of himself, nobody recognized that Horus was really benefiting him. The connection between both of them was not seen until virtually 2 years back, and it was all just speculation with no proof.

This was why the police can not discover any kind of proof of teamwork in between Chase Lucas and Isaac Litt.

In this world, there were only 2 individuals who had evidence that Chase and also Isaac were secretly working together. One of them was Isaac, that was dead as well as might no longer prove it. The other was Horus, who was still to life but had actually been handsomely repaid by Chase and also would certainly not attempt to speak out.

The reason that Chase did not surrender on Horus totally although he was so disappointed in him last time was for the larger photo.

Presently, Horus’ only value had been made use of …

Alex understood that it was not effective to play methods while taking care of a smart individual like Chase, so he obtained right to the point as well as claimed, “Chase Lucas, I heard you wish to have a risk in Harrods Corp? I hesitate you’re going to be disappointed. Harrods Corp does not have any intention to get even more capitalists nor will Manager Ballantine transfer her shares to you.”.

Chase sneered as well as stated, “Regarding I understand, to develop that hotel, Harrods Corp had actually already used up their functioning capital as well as bad their liquidity. Not to point out the continued growth of financial investment, also the normal operation of your existing company would certainly be a problem? You’re so poor yet you still wish to say you don’t require money?”.

” Just how did you discover it?”.

That, Fallon, I additionally recognize that you’re using for a financing. Fallon, don’t be a hero as well as just accept my investment so you can get through this difficult time. Or else, your firm’s problems are bound to obtain even worse.

Alex saw that Fallon’s face darkened as well as understood that what Chase said need to be real. Without much consideration, he made a choice and also proceeded to claim to Chase, “You believe you can get a hold of Harrods Corp by obtaining Manager Ballantine’s finance application to be denied?

” Cash does fix all issues, yet the trouble is that she does not have any kind of money.”.

” Who said so? She’ll have cash once I’ll provide it to her.”.

Chase sneered and also stated, “Alex Cohen, just how a lot can you provide her? Do you understand just how much of a funding she applied for?

” It’s difficult to home loan Gold Stone, and also I will not offer my shares either.”.

” Then do not talk nonsense!”.

” It’s just $1 billion, so why the difficulty?”.

Alex trembled his head, authorized a look for $1 billion right away, as well as gave it to Fallon as he claimed solemnly, “Manager Ballantine, I’m lending you $1 billion in my personal name, no passion, no return duration, you can use it for as long as you want.”.

Chase was frustrated as he did not expect Alex to have so much cash money.

Leo, who was sitting next to Chase, also did away with his lively smile as well as looked at Alex seriously with a grim face.

Fallon also did not anticipate Alex to assist her address the problem in this way as well as was shocked.

” Mr. Cohen, are you joking? It’s $1 billion and also you’re simply providing it to me similar to this?”.

” Just use it initially. If it’s not enough, I’ll lend you one more billion or 2.”.

Alex claimed this, then looked at Chase and also Leo.

” It seems like you don’t recognize much concerning me. I do not know just how to do anything else yet spend … plus I’m constantly disappointed because I can not perhaps invest all my cash!

When Chase heard this, he did not know how to reply.

Chase had gotten this news with fantastic problem. Harrods Corp’s cost of the hotel had actually far surpassed the budget, so it developed a financial domino effect as well as they remained in hopeless requirement of cash. Chase invested a great deal of money to locate connections to deny the financing Fallon requested and wished to take this opportunity to get a stake in Harrods Corp

. Therefore, Alex so easily fixed the recession of Harrods Corp!

Was all that initiative for f * cking nothing?

Was the money invested in the various events for turning down Fallon’s lending just lost?

Alex just offered Fallon $1 billion without blinking an eye, so he was undoubtedly unclean abundant.

This implied that his as well as Leo’s plan to vigorously remove Fallon due to cash would certainly not function. There was also no need to apply their subsequent series of strategies made to manage Harrods Corp’s absence of funding. Right now, it appeared that those were all crazy and also pointless suggestions!

” Sigh …”.

Chase silently breathed out a deep breath as well as looked at Leo with a bitter face.

Both of them had the same suggestion, which was that they should eliminate Alex Cohen.

Otherwise, they would have no chance of removing Harrods Corporation …

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