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Chase Lucas pondered for a moment and got a rough idea. To resolve the present problem, he had 2 major countermeasures.

One was to directly kill Alex Cohen, and the other was to ruin Alex’s relationship with the Ballantine family members. Anyway, as long as Alex Cohen could be excluded, he had the confidence to take down Harrods Corp detailed with Leo.

When It Comes To Gunner Young … Chase did not trouble since he only considered Artilleryman as a barbarian that only understood just how to address problems with his clenched fists.

Chase left the teahouse with Leo and also they mosted likely to the vehicle for a quick discussion.

To be risk-free, they would work in parallel …

In the teahouse’s private roomExclusive Area, who had not yet left, nonchalantly took a sip of fragrant tea and saidAnd also StatedManager Ballantine, why didn’t you really did not me you had a problem? If you have a scarcity of money, I can aid you make up the shortage as long as it’s not as well large.

Fallon Ballantine was stunned and also said, “Mr. Cohen, you’re too moderate. Is there a void that you can not fill up?”

” Well … in Quill City, it appears there actually isn’t any kind of.”

” Alright after that … Mr. Cohen, allow’s repair some rate of interest for this $1 billion. Otherwise, I’ll be as well ashamed to take it.”

” With our relationship, there’s truly no need to speak about passion. I’m not brief of this money. Supervisor Ballantine, it’s settled on this matter. There’s no need to state much more.”

Alex offered Fallon an affirmative look, then changed the subject and proceeded, “Sir G, what do you think of Leo?”

Artilleryman leaned back against his chair as well as began to assess this seriously.

” Leo’s fighting ability is better than the ordinary person and also might most likely match Big Ken’s, so we must not ignore this. In addition, based on what Chase said, he’s ready to spend $1 billion in Harrods Corp.

Alex responded his head and also said, “Leo’s so strong as well as wealthy, yet just how come I’ve never become aware of his name prior to?”

” Yeah, there does not appear to be such a person in this city, perhaps Leo’s from an additional city.”

” After that it won’t be simple to investigate his identification.”

” I’ll give it a go. Who recognizes we might locate something.”

Gunner, like Alex, was extremely interested concerning Leo’s identification. On his method earlier, he had currently arranged for somebody to do an examination …

The 3 of them finished talking and also were about to leave the teahouse when Fallon obtained a voice message on WhatsApp.

” Manager Ballantine, we still need to find out the lending point. Why don’t we have supper with each other tonight? By the method, your child’s my child’s high institution schoolmate? They haven’t seen each other for a long time, so how about bringing them along tonight?”

As soon as Alex listened to that guttural voice, he could envision that the audio speaker must be a portly middle-aged guy and also delicately asked, “A teller?”

Fallon responded as well as said, “The daddy of one of Lianna’s senior high school classmates is a Vice Head of state at the city’s Wells Fargo headquarters accountable of the car loan division. Originally, I didn’t wish to utilize this seemingly non-existent link, yet I visited him since the lending quantity was quite large. Consequently, the arrangement didn’t go as smoothly as I ‘d anticipated.”

” Oh … his child has a crush on Lianna?”

” No! He’s the one who likes Lianna.”

” He’s attempting to rob the cradle?”

” Thanks to your aid, I don’t need a finance any longer, so I won’t have to trouble him …”.

Fallon got the phone as well as pressed the voice message button.

Alex’s brain was energetic and unexpectedly elevated his hand to quit Fallon.

” Manager Ballantine, what I dislike most is people that utilize their power for individual gain. We know that this vice head of state need to’ve approved Chase’s advantages.

That’s why he declined your loan. Under such conditions, he asked you to consult with him once again, so he should have another thing in mind. Don’t decrease just yet and bring me along when you satisfy him tonight.”.

” You’re! We can not excuse this sort of individuals! I’ll make an appointment with him after that.”.

Fallon was also quite disappointed. This was a home loan, not on pure credit report, so it ought to be fairly easy. She located a colleague so that she could streamline the procedure as well as obtain the money immediately.

Consequently, if she complied with the normal process, the car loan should already be done. Using this supposed “associate” not only stopped working to streamline the procedure but likewise made it a lot more frustrating.

If the vice head of state just intended to obtain some monetary benefits, she would certainly not have actually been frustrated.

It was usual in all industries and areas for people to take advantage of the scenario.

The issue was that the vice president in fact wished to hit on Lianna, which was horrendous.

He was unkind in the first place, so she could not be criticized for being ruthless!

Fallon, with Alex’s support, made up her mind and also quickly got her phone to return a message.

” Vice Head of state Cullen, let’s fulfill at the Drunken Beauty Restaurant at 7:00 pm.”.

The issue was worked out.

Artilleryman sounded extremely bugged and also said, “Mr. Cohen, Supervisor Ballantine, do you need any kind of assistance?”.

Alex drank his head as well as stated, “I can manage this little matter.”.

” Alright after that, you men manage it initially. If there’s anything you require help with, simply ask.”.

” Okay, Sir G.”.

” Thanks, Mr. Young …”.

Fallon additionally expressed her gratitude to Artilleryman after Alex was done. This was the very first time she had actually formally managed a street manager and it was not what she had anticipated. Just now did she recognize that not all street managers were ferocious bad guys. There were additionally practical and also excellent people like Artilleryman Young …

At 7:30 pm, Alex came with Fallon as well as Lianna to the Drunken Beauty Restaurant as well as asked for an exclusive room.

A few mins later on, Vice President Iker Cullen arrived. He had a total “creepy uncle” look as well as one might inform that he was not an upright male at a glance.

When Iker Cullen entered into the space as well as saw that Fallon had certainly brought Lianna, he revealed a treacherous smile. The minute he saw Alex though, his face immediately changed. He was displeased as well as said, “Supervisor Ballantine, you brought your motorist along for supper? Do you think that I get on the same level as your vehicle driver?”.

Fallon drank her head and also said, “Vice Head Of State Cullen, you’ve misunderstood. His name is Alex Cohen and he’s … Lianna’s cousin, not my chauffeur.”.

” So it’s a family member … however that’s still not. Manager Ballantine, do you wish to chat organization with me or welcome your relatives to dinner today?”.

” Then why did you want me to bring Lianna along? Incidentally, Vice Head of state Cullen, really did not you state you were mosting likely to bring your boy with you? Where is he?”.

” Cough … he’s a little unhealthy. I’ll bring him following time.”.

Iker Cullen was the kind that can lie without a hint of sense of guilt. After taking his seat, he claimed with a straight face, “Supervisor Ballantine, to you, this might just be an exclusive supper. The points we desire to talk about are confidential and outsiders can not be present.

” Vice Head Of State Cullen, do you want me to do away with Alex? That’s quite unacceptable, isn’t it?”.

Now that Fallon did not have to appreciate Iker Cullen’s sensations, she did not have to hold back any longer
Iker reduced his rage and idea for some time prior to he claimed, “Exactly how around this? When your family member fallen leaves after dinner, we can get a drink at bench after that discuss business. I heard that Lianna sings very well, so we have to sing a few songs with each other later on …”.

” Forget it, Vice Head Of State Cullen. Lianna as well as I can’t also consume.”.

” What do you indicate? Manager Ballantine, do you not want the loan?”.

Fallon wanted to state something back, however when she saw Alex raise his hand, she allowed him speak.

Alex craned his neck and delicately claimed to Iker Cullen, “Didn’t you promise a person to deny Supervisor Ballantine’s lending, yet you still intend to chat company? So, do you want to trick the individual you’ve guaranteed, or were you playing Supervisor Ballantine? Aren’t you scared of retributions for stabbing in the back your word?”.

Iker’s face sank as he stared at Alex as well as stated, “Are you endangering me?”.

” I simply believe that you ‘d better provide us a description for this.”.

” That do you believe you are? That am I to answer to you?”
Iker glared at Alex, after that put the table and also stood up. He claimed angrily to Fallon, “Initially, there was still a twinkle of hope for your financing, but now, also if you kneel and also plead me, it’ll never ever be authorized.

Alex shook his head as well as claimed smoothly to Iker, “Soon, I’ll let you understand just how dumb your actions is …”.

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