The Amazing Son in Law

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1136-1140 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 1136-1140)

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1136

The Webb family lost fifteen people, Don Albertt and Liam’s people, combined, lost four people!
Fortunately, Charlie Wade reminded Don Albertt and Liam a few days ago and asked them to strengthen their defenses, so both sides sent more troops to Golim Mountain. Otherwise, today is really not the opponent of these dozen people.
The Weaver family father and son, who had been frightened, were caught from the snow.

It was the younger brother of Don Albertt who arrested them, and the person in charge of Golim Mountain, Myles Crane.
Myles Crane had a dark face, looking at the frightened father and son, coldly said: “Do you really think you can escape?”

Jordan cried and said, “Mr. Crane, we didn’t want to escape. It was these people who couldn’t help but say that we are going to leave.”
Myles Crane yelled coldly: “You f*cking pretend to be stupid with me, I know what you think, I tell you, as long as Myles Crane is alive, you and your son don’t want to leave Golim Mountain!”
Jordan hurriedly nodded and said respectfully: “Mr. Crane, we really did not want to leave Golim Mountain. During this time, our father and son have a strong relationship with Golim Mountain, and I am ready to stay here for retirement.”

Barena Weaver on the side also nodded hurriedly: “Yes, Mr. Crane, my dad is right, we both have fallen in love with this land.”
Myles Crane rushed up, punched and kicked at the father and son, and yelled: “Damn, just because of you two dogs, I lost four brothers and even f*cked with me here.

Believe me or not. Just break your legs and let you climb into the mountain to collect ginseng?!”
The father and son were beaten violently, and they were almost dying before being carried back and thrown into the cold dilapidated house.

Here, Donald is still waiting for news of Golim Mountain’s victory.
He has already smoked most of the cigar in his hand, and he keeps thinking about the time. Before the cigar is finished, the matter should be solved perfectly.
The Eight Heavenly Kings do not listen to their orders?
It doesn’t matter, I can let others go.

I can’t find the Eight Heavenly Kings, I can let another sixteen people be on board. Isn’t it possible for Master to do nothing without you?
I was thinking that the phone rang suddenly.
Donald hurriedly connected the phone, and blurted out, “How’s it going? Have you rescued their father and son?”

A crying voice came from the other side: “Mr. Webb, we were in an ambush. Everyone died. Only I ran out alive!”
“What?!” Donald snorted inwardly, and asked sternly: “What’s the matter? You went to sixteen people, but you couldn’t get back two wastes?”
The man cried and said, “The other party has no fewer people than us, and they seem to have known that we are coming and have been in ambush here.

We picked them up and the father and son were about to drive back, and then they were hit by them. ambush……”
As he said, the person said again: “Mr. Webb, Golim Mountain is a ghost place with sparsely populated land, and there may not be a visitor from outside the mountain in 10 days and 8 days in this place, so people like us have too many goals. We may Before they approached their village, they had already begun to guard us.

This kind of thing really has to be done by super masters like the Eight Heavenly Kings. Otherwise, I’m afraid not enough people will be able to see it. Because I don’t even know how many people they have here!”
“Oh shit!”

Donald instantly threw the cigar in his hand to the ground, sparks splashing everywhere.
16 people were gone, 15 died, all of them were pensions for these people, which cost at least tens of millions, which was all lost money.
Knowing this, it’s better to bear him first.
At this moment, his brother Thomas Webb suddenly rushed in and said excitedly: “Brother, Dad is awake!”

Donald was happy and uncomfortable when he heard this.
The good news is that my dad finally woke up. What’s uncomfortable is that I knew my dad could wake up now. Why did I send 15 people to die?
He woke up, and he told him now that the Eight Heavenly Kings might be able to set off on Golim Mountain tomorrow.
Thinking of this, he sighed, then got up and said: “Go, go see Dad!”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1137

Mr. Webb was also an unborn hero.
Mentioned him in Southaven, no one knew, no one knew.
This person had a brain when he was young, and he was able to build the Webb family into the first family in the south of the Yangtze River from scratch, which shows that this person has extraordinary abilities.

But after all, people are no match for age and years. Since Mr. Webb retired to the second line because of his illness, the Webb family has actually begun to go downhill.
But no one thought that during this period of time, the entire Webb family would lose so quickly.
This made Mr. Webb suffer the whole person.
Starting with his second grandson, a young man, a proud son of heaven, suddenly got that kind of strange disease that is hard to tell.

Then his eldest son and his eldest grandson were humiliated and embarrassed in Aurouss Hilll.
Even a pair of clown-like father and son in Aurouss Hilll dare to record videos of ridicule, slander, and insult to the Webb family on the Internet.
Since that time, the successive blows made his body go from bad to worse. But he didn’t expect that it was just the beginning of a nightmare.

What made him most unacceptable was that the reputation of the Webb family was destroyed some time ago.
As the top family, the Webb family has an ambiguous relationship with the notorious gang of beggars, and was even reported that they secretly supported the fact that the gang of beggars are related to the gang. The reputation of Webb’s family fell to the bottom in one fell swoop. That time, the damage to the old man Webb was extremely great, and it was also the time when he passed out after a stroke and did not wake up for several days.
Today, I finally woke up leisurely, but the physical and mental state is no longer as good as before, and the whole person is showing a state of dying fatigue.

The Donald brothers and their children and grandchildren hurried to the family ward.
When they saw Mr. Webb at this time, all of them were shocked.
No one had thought that Elder Webb’s complexion and spirit was so bad now, and his whole person seemed to be an old man who was already in his dying years, and he might be dead at any time.
Looking at his father at this time, Donald couldn’t help but feel ashamed. Can’t help but whisper: “Dad, how are you feeling.”

Elder Webb looked at Donald with anger in his eyes.
He took a few breaths violently, and then slurred his words: “You…you prodigal thing! Look at the woman you married, look at your damn brother-in-law! He took us Webb The family has been hurt!”
Donald said with shame, “Dad, I’m sorry, I didn’t expect things to be like this…”
“Yes…Yes…I’m sorry?!” Elder Webb stammered these words, gritted his teeth and said: “I have spent half of my life in your hands… ..You…you are right with me…sorry to have…what’s the use!”
With that, Mr. Webb coughed violently because he was too emotional.

Donald hurried forward to help the old man comfort his chest.
Elder Webb struggled to push him, and said coldly: “I have been in business for dozens of years and have encountered countless enemies in the mall. I didn’t expect to lose to my son…”
With tears in his eyes, Donald was extremely ashamed and regretful.
He loved his wife Xenia all his life, but he did not expect that Xenia would give him such a “great gift.”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1138

If it wasn’t for her brother had been killed, I would have liked to smash her brother into pieces!
But regret is meaningless, otherwise, the Webb family would not be where it is today.
Elder Webb looked at him and asked coldly: “Where is the woman named Xenia now?”
Donald hurriedly said: “Dad, Xenia has kept herself in her room for this period of time, washing her face with tears every day.”

“Wash your face with tears?!” Elder Webb gritted his teeth: “This woman, why don’t you keep her out of the house? Do you have to wait until the entire Webb family is defeated by her before you wake up?”
Donald sighed in his heart and quickly explained: “Dad, Xenia can’t be blamed for this incident. It is her brother who is not doing personnel affairs. She is a victim just like me.”

No one thought that the weak old man Webb directly slapped Donald.
Elder Webb trembled with anger, and said coldly: “Man man, break when he is broken! If he is broken, he will suffer the chaos! Why can I make the Webb family bigger and bigger, not only because I am going I am more decisive than anyone when I move forward, because I am more determined than anyone else when I step back! But you are better. Not only do you don’t have the courage and courage of the gecko’s tail and the strong man’s broken arm, but you drag the stumps to work hard.

You know, If you restrain yourself, not only you, but the entire Webb family will be harmed!”
Donald said embarrassedly: “Dad, Xenia has been with me for so many years, how can I get her out of the house at this time? If it spreads out, how will others think of me and Webb’s family? How will I be a person in the future? “

Elder Webb looked at him contemptuously, and snorted coldly: “Do you think that if you don’t drive her out, your reputation will not be damaged? The reputation of the Webb family will not be damaged? The world knows that Marcone is Your wife’s younger brother, the whole world knows that he is your brother-in-law, the whole world knows that his beggar gang is your backing him, and now he is dead, you still have that woman, the world will only scold you Donald!”

Donald was cheered by the scolding.
Before that, he really didn’t expect this layer.
To say that he is strategizing and winning thousands of miles, he is a thousand miles worse than Mr. Webb.

Therefore, if Mr. Webb didn’t name many things, he might not be able to realize it in his life.
When he thought of this, he was already sweating coldly.
It was only then that he realized what kind of bad influence it would bring to the whole family by keeping his wife at home.

So he gritted his teeth and said to Mr. Webb: “Don’t worry, Dad, I will take care of this.”
Elder Webb slowly closed his eyes and let out a long sigh. It took a long time before he opened his eyes and said: “Let’s talk about it, what happened recently?”
Donald hurriedly told Elder Webb about all the things that happened during this period.
After listening to this, Mr. Webb’s face suddenly became extremely green.

He looked at Donald and asked in a cold voice: “A mere Golim Mountain, a mere couple of father and son who collected ginseng in Golim Mountain, killed more than 20 people twice?!”
Donald hurriedly explained: “Dad, actually the second time, I wanted to ask the Eight Heavenly Kings to take action, but they told me that they only listened to your orders, but you did not wake up at that time. I had no choice but to first Send someone over.”

Elder Webb slapped him again, Donald covered his face, but he dared not say a word.
After slapped in the face, Mr. Webb said coldly: “The father and son at the foot of Golim Mountain are a pair of living people. What is the difference between snatching them back today and snatching them back next week and snatching them back next month? ?”

“Don’t you snatch them back today, and they will die next week? If they die so easily, the opponent would not send so many people to guard them in the place where birds don’t shit in Golim Mountain.”
“In that case, what are you desperately anxious for?”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1139

Donald clutched his blushed face, ashamed.
At this time, he finally understood where he was wrong.
Your own strategy is correct, you must unite everything and treat your enemy’s enemies as your allies.
Whether it is the Weaver family father and son in Golim Mountain, the Wilson family, or other people, they are all objects that they can unite.
But the fault lies in your own fault, you should not rush it, and you should not mess up your military spirit.

The enemy is there, and he won’t be gone because you are a step late;
Allies are there too, and he will not die because he is a step late;
Why should I be so anxious? Sending people to Golim Mountain twice failed twice, and more than 20 lives were lost there, all in vain.

If you stay calm, wait till now and wait till Dad wakes up.
Then my father sent the Eight Heavenly Kings, and he would surely win with one blow.
Thinking of this, he was ashamed and said to Mr. Webb: “Dad, I was wrong…Your criticism is right! I will definitely correct it in the future!”

Elder Webb snorted coldly: “You have missed the best opportunity. Now you have personally done a very simple thing that has become very difficult.”
Speaking of Mr. Webb, he said again: “The first time is the easiest to attack the unprepared. If you are well prepared at that time, don’t underestimate the enemy. You can also win at once and achieve your goal.”
“However, because of your underestimation of the enemy, not only did you lose a few manpower, you also made the other party more vigilant against you, thus increasing the difficulty of this matter.”

“Now, because of your second time underestimating the enemy and adventurously. Your opponent will definitely be more fully prepared. In this way, the Eight Heavenly Kings may not be able to win absolutely!”
Donald hurriedly said, “Daddy, don’t worry. With the strength of the Eight Heavenly Kings, as long as they take action, the other party will definitely be unable to resist.”
Elder Webb said coldly: “Who gave you this confidence? You made the mistake I mentioned just now.

Don’t underestimate the enemy so much.”
As soon as the voice fell, Mr. Webb said again: “The strength of the Eight Heavenly Kings, although they seem to be very strong. But in the real world of warriors, they are not the strongest, and they are not even ranked in the middle.”
Donald’s expression froze: “Dad, how is this possible? The Eight Heavenly Kings are so powerful. In my impression, they have never met an opponent. How could it be possible that they are not in the middle?”

Elder Webb said coldly: “You are not much better than the frog at the bottom of the well. The real top warriors are all under the hands of the few super big families in China. Their strength is so powerful that you can’t believe them. In front of the real top masters, the eight kings When you get up, you may not be able to resist the other party’s eight moves.”
Donald hurriedly said: “Dad, the kid in Aurouss Hilll is just a feng shui sling. He fooled the local area. A few capable people and a dog on the road followed him, so he dared to get rid of him everywhere.

So I think he will definitely not be able to find the kind of super master you mentioned, so if the Eight Heavenly Kings come forward, the problem will definitely be solved.”
Elder Webb asked him, “Is everything clear? If there are any details that you haven’t noticed, it is very likely that the Eight Heavenly Kings will be in danger. The Eight Heavenly Kings are our family’s trump card. We must not let them unless it is a last resort.”
Donald said firmly: “Don’t worry, there will be no problem if the Eight Heavenly Kings take action.”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1140

“Okay.” Mr. Webb nodded and said: “Then I will let the Eight Heavenly Kings go to Golim Mountain overnight to get the private jet ready.”
Donald asked in surprise, “Dad, don’t you need to be so worried?”
Elder Webb said earnestly: “You just killed 15 lives this evening, and they will definitely think that they will not come back for a while, so we will send the Eight Heavenly Kings over tonight, and strive for the Eighth Congress tomorrow morning. The King of Heaven can appear in front of them, and in this way, they can be caught off guard!”

Donald nodded with a face of being taught.
He felt ashamed at this moment in his heart, because his ability at this point was really too far behind the old man.
The old man is the one who can really make plans and win the battle thousands of miles away.
After that, Donald immediately called and arranged for a private plane to take off. It took off directly from southern region and flew all the way to Golim Mountain in an hour.

Elder Webb also called one of the eight heavenly kings to his sickbed.
This person is more than 60 years old this year, but because he has been practicing ancient martial arts all the year round, it seems that he is just about 40 years old.
Elder Webb met with him when he was young, and the other side assisted him for many years. Elder Webb also regarded him as a guest, respectful.

It can be said that the two are both masters and servants, friends, and brothers. They both value and respect each other very much.
After Grandpa Webb gave his instructions, the other party slammed his fist slightly and said coldly: “Master, please rest assured, I will bring people there this time, I will definitely bring the two people back to Southaven, and also leave the other person at the foot of Golim Mountain. Kill one without leaving!”

“Okay!” Elder Webb felt that he had finally recovered a bit of vitality, and said with a light smile: “Then I will wait for you in southern region to pick up the dust!”
Having said that, Mr. Webb sternly commanded Donald: “Donald, you immediately go to Newport and buy their local wine red with the longest age and best quality, and how much you have to buy!”
Duran, the head of the Eight Heavenly Kings, clasped his fists and said, “I am very grateful for the old man who remembers my favorite things for so many years.”

Elder Webb hurriedly said: “Mr. Don’t be polite with me, you are the guardian of my Webb family, and a heavy weapon in the hands of the Webb family. Webb will definitely not violate the promise of the year and respect you as gentlemen throughout your life!”
Soon, the plane arranged by Donald was ready to take off at Southaven Airport.
Duran took the others of the Eight Heavenly Kings to Southaven Airport in a Toyota Coaster.

The others are Duran’s younger brothers. The eight of them went down the mountain and met Donald’s father. Donald’s father gave them an excellent life and generous rewards, and they also willingly followed Donald’s father’s Around.
At this time, the eight heavenly kings are all wearing blue shirts and stepping on hand-sewn mullet-sole cloth shoes, looking like they are going to a warm place for vacation.

But in fact, they are going to Golim Mountain, which is dozens of degrees below zero.
But these eight people have deep internal skills and extraordinary strength. The cold has long lost all threats to them, so even if they wear so little, there is no problem in going to Golim Mountain.
On the way, Duran kept closed his eyes and rested his mind.

When he was about to arrive at the airport, he opened his eyes and said to the juniors around him: “Go to Golim Mountain first. I can only wait for success and not fail. Not only must I live and rescue the Weaver family,” Even more, all opponents will be killed, and we will get on the plane later. Everyone is lucky to prepare for the battle. This time, I am waiting to kill in Golim Mountain!”

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