The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1366-1370 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 1366-1370)

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1366

He didn’t know how he should persuade himself this eldest lady.
Because he can understand Missy’s mood at this time.
The strength of the young man surnamed Wade is really terrifying. Kazuno Yamamoto is a Japanese national treasure master, but under his hands, he can’t even hold a hand. If he is a eldest lady, I am afraid at this moment. Has lost all fighting spirit.

Not to mention the small game in front of me, even the Olympics, it seems to have become bleak.
Even the so-called martial arts has become a joke.
He served Nanako Ito for many years. At this time, he couldn’t help but feel heartache for her. He couldn’t help but said: “Miss, if you really lose faith in this game, then let’s go back to Japan!”
Nanako Ito hurriedly asked, “Tanaka, where is my master? How is he now?”

Hiroshi Tanaka stammered and said: “A few wicked men came just now. The man headed by Mr. Yamamoto used a knife to carve the words Sick Man of East Asia on Mr. Yamamoto’s forehead. Then Mr. Yamamoto wanted to bite his tongue and kill himself, but he failed and Was taken to the hospital by Mr. Kobayashi.”
“What?!” Nanako Ito was shocked, tears burst into her eyes, and she blurted out: “I’m going to the hospital to see Master! Take me now!”

Hiroshi Tanaka nodded and said: “Then I will tell the referee team now, we will give up the game.”
“Okay! Go!” Nanako Ito was already impatient.
In her eyes, Yamamoto Kazuki was her own mentor, and if he had any shortcomings, he would not be able to forgive himself in this life.
After all, he came to China with himself for his own game. If it were not for himself, he would not meet Charlie Wade, let alone encounter these hardships.

Just as she was about to give up the game and rush to the hospital to take a look at her teacher, a calm voice suddenly sounded:
“Since you have participated in the competition, you must take it seriously. How can you give up halfway?”
Nanako Ito followed the prestige and saw that Charlie Wade, who possessed terrifying power, was standing under the stage and looking at herself expressionlessly.

Her heart suddenly panicked, she didn’t expect Charlie Wade to watch her game, and she didn’t understand why he would watch her game.
In fact, Aurora had already won the game with one move, so she had already gone to the locker room to take a shower and change clothes.
Charlie Wade had nothing to do, so he planned to come to watch Nanako Ito’s game, but he didn’t expect that Nanako Ito would lose the first game.

However, he could also see that Nanako Ito lost the first game because she was worried and could not concentrate on the game.
Originally, he also thought that Nanako Ito could quickly adjust the state, and then start to get back from the second game.
But he didn’t expect that Nanako Ito was about to abandon the game.
Nanako Ito looked at him, thinking of her mentor who was trying to bite her tongue and committing suicide, there was a burst of indignation, a burst of strong indignation in her heart!

She glared at Charlie Wade, glaring at Charlie Wade, and shouted: “You bad guy! Why do you want to force my mentor step by step? Do you really want him to die?”
Charlie Wade said blankly: “Miss, I see your face and temperament. You should be a lady who has been well-educated since childhood, not like an unreasonable person. Just now, between your master Yamamoto Kazuki and me. You see the conflict in your eyes all the way, I hope you ask yourself, am I forcing him in this whole thing?”

“If he shouldn’t be so proud and confident, don’t be so arrogant, don’t be so arrogant, don’t take the initiative to use the words sick man of East Asia to insult me, how can I be as knowledgeable as him?”
“We in China have an old saying that the right way in the world is the vicissitudes of life! Is it true that in the eyes of you, a lady, the feeling of master and apprentice is more important than the right way in the world?”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1367

Facing Charlie Wade’s question, Nanako Ito was speechless.
First, seeing Charlie Wade speechless, then she blushed and was ashamed.
In terms of emotion and reason, what Charlie Wade said was right, the whole thing, in the final analysis, was his master begging to be hammered, and Charlie Wade was not wrong.

The ashamed Nanako Ito can only bow to Charlie Wade respectfully: “Mr. Wade, I am impulsive. Please forgive me. At the same time, please don’t be insightful with me.”
Charlie Wade nodded lightly.
To a certain extent, he also understands Nanako Ito.
After all, everyone can be objective and fair when it’s not about themselves, but once they want to have real interests, it is difficult to be absolutely objective.

It’s like when someone else’s child makes a mistake, I always hope that he can learn enough lessons, but when my child makes a mistake, I always hope that everyone can forgive him and give him another chance.
Yamamoto Kazuki is the mentor of Nanako Ito. The traditional culture of Japan and China is separated by a strip of water. The people of both countries pay attention to respect for teachers. Therefore, Nanako Ito’s respect and maintenance of Yamamoto Kazuki are also acceptable. Understandable.
But this is only understandable.

Charlie Wade can understand her feelings, but she will never change any opinions or decisions because of her.
Therefore, he said in a flat tone: “Miss Ito, since he is also a participant in this competition, we must respect this competition. Don’t pass the competition or withdraw halfway. Otherwise, it will be disrespect for martial arts.”
Nanako Ito said desperately: “Mr. Wade, your strength has made me truly aware of what real martial arts is. Compared with yours, the martial arts in me is only at the level of beginners, even beginners.

They are far from as good as they are even more shameless to continue participating in the competition in front of your Excellency…”
Charlie Wade shook his head: “Martial arts does not necessarily have to compete with others. It is not only a sport, but also a culture and spirit. Isn’t it true that people with poor strength are not qualified to learn martial arts?

Because your admission level is much lower than mine, can you give up this game with peace of mind?”
Charlie Wade paused slightly, then said in a more serious tone, word by word: “If this is the case, then I can only say that you don’t love martial arts at all. What you love is nothing more than a ranking. When you think you are ranked high, you love martial arts; when you think you rank very low, you betrayed martial arts! After all, you are not a loyal martial artist at all!”

Nanako Ito blurted out with a hasty expression: “No, it’s not like that! I love martial arts! I am also a loyal warrior! I’m just…I’m just…”
Charlie Wade asked sharply: “What are you just?!”
Nanako Ito was so nervous by his question, and immediately lowered her head in ashamed manner, gave up and continued to defend herself, and whispered: “Mr. Wade, you are right…I was wrong… …I shouldn’t give up the game at this time!

I shouldn’t betray martial arts at this time!”
Charlie Wade said: “Have a good match, I also hope that Aurora can meet you in the final.”
Nanako Ito’s eyes suddenly became extremely determined, and he nodded earnestly and said: “I know Mr. Wade! Don’t worry, you will definitely fight to the final next! Discuss with your master!”
Charlie Wade waved his hand: “Aurora is not my apprentice, she is my friend, or in a strict sense, she is my friend’s daughter.

I am just temporarily serving as her instructor these few days to give her some advice. .”
Nanako Ito asked in surprise: “Mr. Wade, aren’t you a professional coach?”
Charlie Wade smiled and said, “Of course not, I’m just an unemployed vagrant without any occupation.”
Nanako Ito’s face was filled with shock and incredible.

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1368

Charlie Wade, who is incredibly powerful, turned out to be an unemployed vagrant with no career?
Just when she wanted to continue to ask for more information, the referee stepped up to the ring and said: “The countdown for the second game is 30 seconds!”
Charlie Wade said to Nanako Ito: “You can concentrate on the game, I’m leaving now.”
“Mr. Wade you want to go?”

Nanako Ito suddenly felt a sense of loss in her heart.
Charlie Wade said at this time: “Oh, yes, Yamamoto Kazuki’s bet has ended. After he is discharged from the hospital, he can leave Aurouss Hilll freely.”
After all, Charlie Wade didn’t stay on the scene anymore, turned around and left without looking back.
Nanako Ito stared at him a little lost, Tanaka Hiroshi hurriedly urged her: “Miss, we are going to play! Are you still playing?”

“Compare! Of course it is better!”
Nanako Ito suddenly wanted to regain all her fighting spirit. She said with firm eyes and a firm tone: “I will definitely advance to the finals and compete with Aurora face to face! I will never let Mr. Wade look down on me!”

When Charlie Wade arrived outside the gymnasium, Mr. Quinton and Aurora were already waiting here.
Seeing Charlie Wade coming out, Mr. Quinton hurried forward and said respectfully: “Master Wade, I didn’t expect Aurora to make such a huge improvement under your guidance. Quinton is really grateful!”
Charlie Wade said lightly: “Mr. Quinton, you and I don’t have to be so polite. Aurora is not only your daughter, but also my friend.

This little thing is something that friends should do.”
Mr. Quinton couldn’t help but look at Aurora, and said with a sigh, “Aurora! See how Master Wade loves you! You must hear Master Wade’s words in the future and serve Master Wade wholeheartedly, understand?”
Aurora said loudly without hesitation: “Don’t worry, dad! I am willing to follow Master Wade in this life, obey Master Wade’s instructions, and repay Master Wade’s kindness wholeheartedly!”

Charlie Wade smiled and said: “You and I don’t have to be so polite, practice hard, winning this competition and winning the championship is the best reward for me.”
Aurora said very seriously: “Master Wade, I was not sure how to win the championship, but now I am fully confident! My current strength is more than several times stronger than before. All of this Relying on the magical medicine you gave to Aurora by Master Wade, and your help to guide my power!”

Charlie Wade smiled: “If you talk to me so politely in the future, then I will consider staying away from you.”
“Ah, don’t master Wade!”
Aurora suddenly became anxious and said with red eyes, “Isn’t it OK if I won’t be so polite to you in the future? You must not alienate me…”
Charlie Wade nodded: “Remember what you said, don’t be so polite to me in the future.”
“I must remember!”

Aurora hurriedly agreed, and Mr. Quinton on the side said, “Master Wade, why don’t you move to the house for a light meal?”
Charlie Wade waved his hand: “It won’t be over today. There is still something going on at the pharmaceutical factory. I asked Liam to invite a spokesperson over to see him.”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1369

In order to endorse Oracle Nova Dias, Stefanie Sun took her assistant and bodyguard to Aurouss Hilll by plane.
Since Sun’s family is the third largest family in Eastcliff, the overall strength is very strong, so Stefanie Sun has always taken her own private jet when she goes out.
On the one hand, it is easy and convenient, and the more important aspect is privacy.
A big star like her will cause a huge sensation no matter whether it appears in any city in the country.

If you want to keep a low profile, you must avoid the eyes and ears of the media paparazzi and fans.
So taking a private jet became her first choice when going out.
After the plane arrived in Aurouss Hilll, Liam personally went to greet him and took Stefanie Sun and his party to Oracle Pharmaceutical.
Originally, Liam planned to arrange for them to stay at the Shangri-La Hotel, take a break, and talk about work tomorrow.

However, Stefanie Sun insisted on going directly to the pharmaceutical factory of Oracle Pharmaceutical.
This is the first time that Stefanie Sun has endorsed drugs. She herself takes this seriously and is also very cautious.
Therefore, her first thought was to visit the production workshop of this pharmaceutical company to see if it was a sufficiently formal company.

When Charlie Wade went to Oracle Pharmaceutical, Stefanie Sun had already started to inspect the production line of Oracle Pharmaceutical under the leadership of Liam.
The predecessor of Oracle Pharmaceutical is Weaver’s Pharmaceuticals, which is a large-scale pharmaceutical company with a market value of several billions. Both the production line and the production process have reached the domestic first-class standards.

Coupled with the medicinal effects of Nova Dias, Stefanie Sun had experienced it personally, so there was nothing to worry about.
Therefore, she should have made up her mind and was willing to be the image spokesperson for Nova Dias.
At this time, the discomfort caused by her spleen and stomach disorders has become more and more intense, and seeing the production line next to her, packs of Oracle Nova Dias were quickly packaged, so she asked Liam: “Mr. Weaver, Can you give me some Oracle Nova Dias first?

My spleen and stomach have not been very good for a while. After taking a pack of Oracle Nova Dias, it has changed significantly, but the effect of the medicine has passed, so… ….”
Liam said earnestly: “Miss Sun, let’s not tell you that our boss has strict requirements. Before Niranex is officially listed, we must strictly supervise and control it. So I can’t do this. Or wait for him to come and see what he means.”

Cherie said dissatisfied: “I said your boss is too picky, right? Just a few packets of medicine. Is it necessary to be so petty?”
Liam hurriedly explained: “Ms. Cherie, you are misunderstood. Our boss is not picking, but cautious. Before our drugs are officially launched, we must strictly guard against any leakage of confidential drugs. Now, Japan, South Korea and Asia Other pharmaceutical companies have been imitating and plagiarizing ancient Chinese prescriptions, which invisibly brought great losses to Chinese medicine.”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1370

Cherie frowned and asked: “Does your boss have persecution delusions? It is now in the 21st century. The law on patents is very strict. As long as your medicines have been patented, there is no need to worry that others will steal your formula. .”
Liam shook his head and said: “Ms. Cherie still doesn’t know something. In the current pharmaceutical industry, only chemically synthesized drugs are truly protected by patents and can be implemented.”
Cherie asked: “Chemical synthesis drugs? What do you mean?”

Liam said: “Chemically synthesized drugs have strict and clear chemical molecular equations, and their chemical structure is also very stable. For example, the special drug for leukemia, Glenin, is chemically imatinated. Ni, this is one of the world’s best-selling tumor specific drugs produced by Swiss Novartis. As long as Novartis has applied for a patent for this chemical equation, any other company will be regarded as long as it produces chemical products with the same composition. Is infringement.”

After a pause, Liam said again: “However, Chinese medicine itself is not a chemical product. It is a lot of different proprietary Chinese medicinal materials that are matched in specific proportions to achieve a cure effect. This formula is very effective. It is difficult to apply for a patent, and it is also difficult to be effectively protected by the patent law, and it is even difficult to sue others for infringement.”

“For example, everyone knows Banlangen granules? Its main ingredients are Banlangen and sucrose. How do you apply for a patent for this formula? As long as the formula leaks, ordinary people can make it at home as long as they get the formula. , Pharmaceutical companies can’t take these ordinary people to court, right?”
Cherie said: “Even if ordinary people cannot sue for infringement, at least pharmaceutical companies can always sue for infringement, right?”

Liam shook his head and said, “Ms. Cherie, what you think is too simple. First of all, it is difficult to apply for a patent for this kind of thing that exists in nature. For example, almost all of Asia uses rice as the staple food. Rice can be used to treat certain diseases, and then a pharmaceutical company will use the rice to apply for a patent. It is impossible for the International Patent Organization to pass it.”

“Furthermore, even if it is a complex formula, although it can be patented, the chances of being cracked by competitors are also very high. Take the anti dampness prescription, as long as you make some adjustments on the original basis, such as the dosage ratio With a slight change, replacing individual medicines with other similar medicinal materials can perfectly avoid patents without affecting the efficacy of the medicine.”
“So, in the final analysis, the patent protection of Chinese patent medicines is very weak.

If you want to avoid being infringed by others, the best way is to win people first and let consumers recognize our brand and medicines. In this way, even if competitors imitate and follow us With similar drugs, we can also seize the opportunity at the consumer level.”
“This is like Yunnan Baiyao. There are actually many kinds of medicines on the market that have similar effects to Yunnan Baiyao.

Their ingredients and formulas are basically the same. But because Yunnan Baiyao was well-known earlier, and among the common people, there are It has a very good mass base, so the foundation of Yunnan Baiyao will not be hurt by those imitation drugs.”
Cherie curled her lips: “You said so much, I just want to ask you one question, is your prescription also obtained from ancient Chinese prescriptions? Does this mean that you are also plagiarizing the fruits of your ancestors? ?”

Liam shook his head: “I really don’t know this.”
“You don’t know?” Cherie was even more puzzled, and asked him: “The medicine you produced yourself, where did the prescription come from, don’t you know it yourself?”
Liam said seriously, “Our boss made the prescription.”

“Your boss?” Cherie asked in surprise, “Is the boss a doctor?”
With infinite reverence on Liam’s face, he said with emotion: “Our boss is a true dragon in the world!”
“Cut!” Cherie said disdainfully: “Don’t brag about it, what kind of real dragon in the world, do anyone dare to call these titles now?”

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