The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1506-1510 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 1506-1510)

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1506

Both Angie and Orrin were shocked.
Let Orrin’s condition completely heal?
This… how is it possible?
Their family has been running around for this disease for a long time, finding the best experts in the world, using the best special medicines, medical devices and treatment methods in the world.
However, none of them could stop the rapid dying of Orrin’s life.

Apple’s founder, Steve Jobs, is also a billionaire and also suffering from pancreatic cancer. He also received the best treatment in the United States, but the result was very regrettable.
The world’s top experts don’t think that Orrin’s illness is likely to be cured, and most of them believe that his life may be less than one year, or even less than six months.
Charlie Wade suddenly said that he could be cured, which sounded like a fantasy to the two.

Angie sighed and said seriously: “Charlie Wade, I know you must also care about your uncle Orrin, but his condition… is indeed very unoptimistic…”
Orrin nodded and said: “Hey…Charlie Wade, my disease, I can’t know it better. Pancreatic cancer is the most fierce cancer, and I am now in the advanced stage. It has spread throughout the body. It is too late. Use our China As the saying goes, even for god is also hard to save.”
Charlie Wade wanted to say something in his heart, he wanted to tell Orrin that even if god can’t save you, I can save you!

However, people who don’t know the truth about this will definitely feel that they are extremely arrogant.
So Charlie Wade said seriously: “Uncle Orrin, I occasionally got a good medicine some time ago, which has a very good effect on curing various diseases. I will take it with me this time. You might as well try it.”
Orrin naturally didn’t believe it.
He himself is a standard atheist and a firm materialist. He firmly believes in science and half disbelief in metaphysics. In addition, he has become a doctor for a long time.

The relevant materials and literature have been thoroughly studied and he is also He was 100% sure that he was hopeless, so when he heard Charlie Wade’s words, he just shook his head helplessly and said: “Charlie Wade, you have this heart, uncle is very grateful, but the sinister degree of this disease , May be far beyond your understanding…”
Angie on the side also nodded and said, “Yes, Charlie Wade, your uncle Orrin’s disease can be said to be the most difficult, dangerous, and cruel in the world…”
Charlie Wade knew they definitely didn’t believe it, so he planned to take out the Rejuvenation Pill and let Orrin give it a try.

But at this moment, the servant suddenly ran over and said nervously, “Mr. Sun, Mrs. Sun, the two families of Second Master and Third Master are here…”
Angie frowned immediately and asked coldly: “What are they here for?”
The servant hurriedly said, “They said they were looking for you and your husband to discuss something important.”

Angie blurted out: “Let them go! We have nothing to say with them!”
As soon as I finished saying this, I heard an angry voice sneer and said: “Oh, sister-in-law, they are all in the family, there is no need to say such ugly things, right? The old man will be gone in a few years, so you won’t let me and the youngest come in. If this old man knows Quanxia, ​​I am afraid that you will be annoyed to come to life!”

Charlie Wade looked up and saw eight or nine people rushing in aggressively.
Angie’s expression was immediately ugly, and she asked, “Hank Sun! This is my home! Without my permission, who let you break in without permission?”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1507

Following Angie’s anger, the man headed by the other party said with a disdainful expression: “Sister-in-law, this is my elder brother’s home. Do I need to say hello to you when I come here as a younger brother?”
Angie said with an ugly expression: “Hank, then your eldest brother is a husband and wife, and half of this house belongs to me. If you break in without my permission, this is called rushing into the house!”
Hank curled his lips, looked up and down at Angie, and said with contempt: “Oh, sister-in-law, do you know that you and my elder brother are husband and wife?

But have you fulfilled the obligations of a wife?”
Orrin stood up with difficulty, and reprimanded: “Yes, how do you talk to your sister-in-law? Your sister-in-law is like a mother, don’t you understand this?”
“Elder sister-in-law is like a mother?” Hank sneered: “Big brother, don’t forget, she is an outsider in Sun’s family after all, and as the daughter-in-law of Sun’s parents and sons, she failed to give birth to Sun’s eldest grandson. When our parents passed away, there was no eldest grandson. She was the sinner of our Sun family!”

When Angie heard this, her face immediately became very ugly and a little bit aggrieved.
Orrin was trembling all over with loyalty, grabbed a bone china bowl, and slammed it to the ground. The porcelain bowl shattered under Hank’s feet!
Immediately afterwards, he blurted out: “Hank! You don’t want to make a fuss about this! Your sister-in-law almost died because of a dystocia when she gave birth to Daisy. Since then, I vowed never to let your sister-in-law give birth again.

For the second child, parents also respected this very much when they were alive, and even their two elders didn’t have any opinion. What qualifications do you have to speak out here!?”
Hank said contemptuously: “Big Brother, my parents said they respect you, but I don’t know how sad this incident is in my heart! It’s just that I am embarrassed to express it in your face!”
After a pause, Hank said again: “Furthermore, to be honest, I even suspect that our parents died prematurely, which has a lot to do with the accumulation of depression and illness in our hearts! After all, it’s your couple. Killed them!”

Stefanie felt that she was a junior at first, so she resisted her anger and did not interrupt, but at this time, seeing her second uncle speak so excessively, she immediately shouted: “Second uncle! Don’t speak too much! This is my family! It is not your turn to come and Shout out here!”
Hank hadn’t spoken yet, and a man who was a few years younger than him said in a weird manner: “Oh, what’s the matter, my dear niece, you are a great star now? Can you ignore your second uncle? Are you here? Don’t forget, even if you are a big star, you are just an actor!”

The speaker is Orrin Sun’s third brother and Stefanie’s third uncle, Carl.
The three Sun family brothers are loyal, righteous, and strong. This is also placed on the expectations of the Sun family’s three sons, so that they can be loyal, upright, and strong.
It’s just that the second child and the third child, compared to their names, are indeed a bit uncoordinated.
At this time, beside Carl, there was a young man in his early twenties who added fuel and jealousy: “Yes, cousin, our Sun family’s ancestral motto is clearly written in the Sun family’s ancestral motto. The descendants of the Sun family must never engage in an inferior career!”

“Moreover, this actor, in the early years, it was a non-streaming industry that could not even enter the lower ninth stream. After returning, the status rose a little bit, and then he barely never entered the stream. It was ranked in the lower ninth stream. If you are an actor now, then you are lost. Is the face of our Sun family ancestor?”
Stefanie bit her white teeth and said angrily: “Carl, you only know how to spend time and drink, eat and drink blood, why are you here to point fingers at me? I tell you, there is no place for you to speak!”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1508

Carl curled his lips and said: “Oh, cousin, you are so temperamental. In Sun’s family, we are the same generation, so what if you are my sister? You are just a woman who will marry sooner or later, waiting for you to get married. ,You are no longer a member of the Sun family, you will be an outsider then, understand?”
Charlie Wade on the side wanted to speak at this time, but still held back.
After all, this is Sun’s family affair, and as an outsider, I really can’t find a suitable entry point.
If he intervenes at this time, he is also a stranger.

Moreover, it is still unclear what the meaning of Sun’s second and third child came over, so he decided to observe again.
At this moment, Orrin Sun shouted angrily: “Enough! Don’t talk nonsense!”
After speaking, when everyone calmed down, he looked at Hank and Carl, and asked in a cold voice: “Second, third, you two shouldn’t be circumspect and concealed here. What do you want to do? What? Just say it upright and openly, chirping like a maiden, and losing the face of our Sun family man!”

Hank touched his chin and smiled suddenly, a bit insidious, but pretending to be concerned: “Big brother, I heard that your health has deteriorated again? Did the hospital let you go to receive treatment, but you refused? “
Orrin Sun said coldly: “I’m sorry, I just wanted to start and decided to actively receive treatment. My daughter hasn’t married yet, so I can’t just die cowardly!”
Orrin was waiting for the crowd, his expression suddenly changed when he heard this.
Carl next to him couldn’t help complaining: “Brother, haven’t you already decided to give up treatment? Why do you regret it at this time?

Even with active treatment, your condition may not be able to live longer for ten and a half month, for these ten and a half months. After going to the hospital, you were tortured, tortured, and experimented. Why did you say that you have come here?”
Orrin Sun’s expression was extremely cold, and he gritted his teeth and said: “You guys, what are you trying to say? If you don’t get to the point, don’t blame me for driving you out!”

Hank smiled and said, “Big brother, the old man is eccentric. When he died, the Sun family’s assets were divided by 50% for you and 25% for me and the youngest talent. What do you say you want so much for? Your family doesn’t have a son either. When my daughter gets married, it’s the water thrown out. This property can’t be cheaper for outsiders?”
Speaking of this, Hank looked at Angie again and said with a smile: “What’s more, my sister-in-law is not too old and so beautiful. In the future, if your eldest brother is gone, how could she stay alone for the rest of her life?

She must remarry. ! At that time, you will have to take away part of Sun’s assets. You can bear to care about half of the assets of the family. In the end, they will fall into the hands of outsiders with your wife and daughter?
When Angie heard this, she was not only angry but also humiliated, tears burst into her eyes immediately.
Stefanie also exploded in anger, clenched her fists and looked resentful.

Needless to say, Orrin Sun’s entire popularity trembled, his original bloodless face became paler, his whole person was shaky, and he might die almost at any time.
Charlie Wade couldn’t stand it anymore. While reaching out to hold Orrin’s swaying body, he shouted with an extremely gloomy expression: “You bastards, it’s a bit too deceitful!”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1509

When Hank, Carl and others saw Charlie Wade when they came in, they didn’t pay attention to him.
They came over today, and all their goals were focused on the three members of the Sun family, and they treated Charlie Wade and the other servants as nothing.
However, they did not expect that this young man would dare to challenge them here, and even said that they were assholes, suddenly became angry!
The Sun family in Eastcliff is second only to the Banks Familyy and the Wade family in strength, and the total assets are also above the trillion level.

Even if Hank and Carl each have only 25% of the Sun family’s assets, but if each person puts it out separately , Are also the top rich, crushing those familiar people on the rich list now is nothing to say.
So, how can they accept that an unknown junior yells at them here?
Therefore, Hank was immediately furious and pointed at Charlie Wade and shouted coldly: “Boy, do you know who I am? Talking to me like Hank, do you want a long life?”

Charlie Wade sneered and said: “Of course I know who you are, asshole, you are asshole number one, the guy next to you is asshole number two, and the little a** who just clamored, must be asshole number three, the rest If anyone wants to sort, speak early, lest they miss the top numbers!”
Hank and Carl are both heirs of the Sun family, and they have also received high-end education since they were young. Both are typical beasts in dress, trained under elite education.
In other words, such people seem to be very educated, rarely interact with others and do not speak dirty words. In fact, their bones have long been broken.

Take Hank as an example. Someone used to toast him at the dinner table. The height of the other party’s wine glass was slightly higher than his wine glass. He was smiling at the time as if he didn’t care, but he immediately asked the bodyguard to directly after the meal. Forced to stop the opponent’s car, pulled the opponent out of the car, and broke his hands.
This is just a small matter. In fact, Hank closed his upper and lower lips, and he didn’t know how many people were ruined or even destroyed.

At this moment, Charlie Wade was so disrespectful to them, making him almost furious!
However, he was also a little confused about Charlie Wade’s origin, so he was a little bit puzzled. This person was a guest at Orrin Sun’s family. He naturally knew the strength of Sun’s family, but he dared to talk to himself like this. Is it possible that he didn’t know what he didn’t know. The background?
The same goes for Carl. If the other party knows his identity and dared to speak wildly here, he must have two brushes.

However, Carl, who was young, did not have this self-knowledge.
He scolded angrily: “Damn, who is your kid? Do you know who you are talking to? We are from the Sun family! Do you f*cking want to die?”
Charlie Wade glanced at him, and said coldly: “You just barked at Daisy, right? Well, since you like to bite like a dog so much, it’s better to kneel on the ground and learn two dog barkings. Satisfied, I can still let you go!”
“fck!” Carl was immediately furious: “You fcking seek death! Do you know who I am? I am the second son of the Sun family! You dare to be disrespectful to me, I will kill you every minute!”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1510

At this time, a young man who was slightly older than Carl and had a calmer temper said: “This brother, today’s affairs are our Sun family’s housework. Please don’t interfere.”
The one speaking is Hank’s son, Trevor, and the oldest male in the Sun family’s grandson.
Stefanie is a girl, so she is considered the eldest grandchild of the Sun family.

Charlie Wade looked at Trevor and said indifferently: “Whenever something happens, just talk about it. Don’t rely on the number of people here, just thinking about bullying fewer people. Here barking and clamoring shamelessly, the Sun family can be regarded as a family of Eastcliff. , Don’t just show up as a lack of education!”

“You…” As soon as Carl heard this, he gritted his teeth and wanted to come forward.
Trevor stopped him, then gave Charlie Wade a cold look, and then said to Hank beside him: “Dad, let’s stop talking nonsense and get to the point.”
Hank looked at Charlie Wade coldly, and made up his mind that no matter who this kid is, after his business is resolved today, he must pay the price of blood to let him know that Sun family, it’s not that he can speak freely. Insulting!

Therefore, he temporarily suppressed the resentment in his heart, looked at his eldest brother Orrin, and said, “Big brother, I am here as a child of the Sun family this time to defend and safeguard the rights and interests of the Sun family! 50% of the assets of our Sun family are in You are in your name, but you are running out of time now. After you leave, I will be the head of Sun’s family. Naturally, I can’t sit back and watch 50% of Sun’s assets flow into outsiders’ names. Therefore, I hope you will start with Sun’s interests. Make a will and allocate at least 80% of your assets to me and the third child.”

After saying this, he saw Orrin Sun’s face very ugly, and he said: “Brother, I am also for the Sun family, otherwise, once you die, and once your sister-in-law and daughter-in-law get your inheritance, your inheritance will not have a surname. Sun, the strength of the Sun family will instantly be squeezed out of Eastcliff’s third place, and even the top five may not be guaranteed. You have the heart to look after the Sun family’s hundred-year family business, and you will be cut after you die?”

Orrin said coldly: “Second, let your mouth be full of peach blossoms, but in the final analysis, don’t you still want my possessions? I tell you, I have already made a will. In my will, mine The inheritance is divided into two, your sister-in-law inherits half, and my daughter inherits the other half. According to the law, since I have formulated the method of inheritance distribution, you have no right to intervene.”
Hank’s expression became colder, and he asked: “Are you just caring for your little family and not caring about us as everyone?”

Orrin Sun asked, “So what? My family property has nothing to do with you!”
Carl, the third child on the side, scolded angrily: “Big Brother! Have your cancer cells spread to your brain? How come you, a wise person, don’t even have a brain right now?”
When Angie heard this, she yelled angrily: “Carl! You are too much!”
Carl coldly snorted, “Sister-in-law, this is too much? I tell you the too much is still behind.”

After finishing speaking, he turned to look at Orrin and said coldly: “Brother, let’s take a step back and say, even if you are stubborn and unrepentant, let your wife and daughter inherit the family property, you think they are both Can a female classmate be able to hold on to so many assets? We came to you today to solve this problem calmly.

You take out 80% of your family property, and the remaining 20% ​​is enough for your wife and children to be prosperous and wealthy. Live a lifetime, but if you are too greedy, then I can’t guarantee that your wife and children will live a stable life after you leave!”
Orrin was extremely angry, and shouted: “Carl, you beast! Are you threatening me?”

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