The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1556-1560 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 1556-1560)

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1556

Hearing the last question of the eldest brother, he subconsciously said: “I remember him, his surname is Wade, the Wade family was the best…”
Speaking of this, his whole body was instantly shocked, his eyes widened to the extreme, staring at Charlie Wade forever!
At this moment, two figures that would have been twenty years apart overlapped in his mind.
Only then did he realize that the vigorous young man in front of him looked so much like that vigorous young man back then!

Reminiscent of Charlie Wade’s surname Wade, and his relationship with his elder brother so close, he immediately seemed to be struck by thunder, trembling and pointing at Charlie Wade, and asked Orrin in a trembling voice: “Big brother, he…he …Is he the son of Brother Wade, the second master of the Wade family?!”
The second master of the Wade family was talking about Charlie Wade’s father, Bruce Wade!

The name Bruce is taken from the classic poem of a great man: “Today Bruce takes in hand, when will the dragon be bound!”
And Bruce Wade’s implication is: Wade family has a son! And he was the second child of the Wade family heirs.
Although he is not the eldest son, his ability is the strongest of the Wade Family. At a young age, he can plan tactics and win a thousand miles in the market!

Under his leadership, the Wade family has even fought back and forth with the Rothschild family in Europe and the United States, which has a history of hundreds of years, and even made the other party suffer a compromise in the end!
In those days, countless rich second generations of Eastcliff regarded him as their idol in life!
Countless rich generations looked at him with grief and sighed like Wade had a child!

Countless wealthy daughters admired him so much that they regarded him as the best candidate for the wishful man!
When you marry Bruce Wade, this is the most familiar sentence in the circle of Eastcliff celebrities!
I think back then, there were all good women seeking great families, but who has ever seen the grand occasion of good men seeking great families? !

Back then, the big business figures who came to Wade’s house and hoped to marry their daughter to Bruce are too numerous to count!
Hank couldn’t help thinking back then, that Bruce used the light of one person to cover the edge of all Eastcliff’s peers!
At that time, everyone was sighing in their hearts, why were they born in the same era as Bruce? He is like a bright moon in the night sky, who can compete with him?

Thinking of this, Hank can already conclude that Charlie Wade is Bruce Wade’s son!
He thought of Bruce’s heroic posture, and his heart was immediately panicked. Looking at Charlie Wade, he suddenly knelt on one knee and blurted his face with all his face: “Master Wade, please forgive me for being clumsy. I didn’t realize that you are actually the son of Brother Wade! “

Although Carl hadn’t spoken for a while, seeing his second brother kneeling on one knee, he immediately followed him and knelt down on one knee.
Both Trevor and Daniel were blinded. They were young and didn’t know Bruce Wade’s glorious deeds back then. Seeing that their father actually kneeled for Charlie Wade, they were stunned.
Daniel immediately wanted to protest loudly, but was grabbed by Trevor, who had a higher vision, and covered his mouth.

This is, Hank, who knelt on one knee, actually choked up and sighed: “When I was young, I secretly made a dream in my heart and bowed my head to worship Bruce! It’s a pity that Bruce died young, so I never I have the opportunity to learn one or two by his side. If I had the opportunity to learn a little by his side, I wouldn’t be so dull today…”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1557

The mention of Bruce Wade’s name still makes many middle-aged people in the Eastcliff family sigh.
Because for these big families, no wealth is as important as a powerful offspring who can go straight ahead.
Shopping malls are like battlefields. Sometimes a slight deviation may lead to the annihilation of the entire army and the destruction of the entire army. This is why many families are ups and downs in the game, and many even directly launched the stage of history.

If a family wants to be prosperous, it doesn’t matter how much money is in their hands, or how much land is in their hands, it doesn’t matter how much land is in their hands. What matters is whether his descendants can continue to produce dragons and phoenixes.
The prosperity of the Wade family today is inseparable from the solid foundation that Bruce laid 20 years ago.

That’s why people remember Bruce Wade and regard him as a bright moon in their hearts.
Charlie Wade didn’t expect that brothers Hank and Carl would kneel on one knee when they heard their father’s name. Seeing that the two people’s respectful expression was not hypocritical, the anger towards the two of them was slightly relieved. It took a few minutes.
At this moment, Hank turned his head and looked at his son Trevor and the third son Daniel, and blurted out:

“You two, seeing the blood of Brother Wade, don’t hesitate to kneel down and admit your mistakes!”
Trevor understood in his heart.
Although he hadn’t heard too many rumors about Bruce Wade, he guessed that Charlie Wade was a descendant of the Wade family of Eastcliff.
Don’t care about the Sun family and the Wade family belonging to one of the three major Eastcliff families, but the weaker ones are not even a little bit.

Some people joked that the so-called three major Eastcliff families are actually nothing more than “two dragons playing beads”.
Erlong refers to the Wade family and the Banks Familyy. As for the Sun family, it’s just the bead.
The Wade Family’s strength is much stronger than that of the Sun family.
Even if the brothers Orrin, Hank, and Carl are tied together, in front of the Wade family, they are not enough.

What’s more, Orrin, the boss of the Sun family, stood with Charlie Wade at this time.
It is equivalent to the fact that the brothers Hank and Carl are not only facing the Wade family, but more than half of the Sun family!

After all, Orrin, the current eldest brother, seems to have recovered. He really needs to break his wrists. The second and third children can’t even break off the eldest son. Why are you talking about the Wade Family?
Therefore, Trevor did not dare to delay. He came to his father Hank in three or two steps. He knelt on one knee and said devoutly: “Mr. Wade, please forgive me for being clumsy, I didn’t know!”

Daniel’s brain is not as good as Trevor’s, but seeing that, he didn’t dare to ask more. He came forward and knelt on the ground, learning from his cousin in a decent way, and respectfully said: “Mr. Wade, please forgive me for being clumsy!”
Charlie Wade nodded slightly, and said coldly: “For your respect for my father, you just insulted me, I won’t pursue it for the time being.”
The four of them breathed a sigh of relief at the same time.

But Charlie Wade immediately said: “However, your two brothers were embarrassed, trying to seize the assets of my Uncle Orrin, and also released news that Uncle Orrin was seriously ill, and many directors wanted to usurp power on the board of directors. , You must give Uncle Orrin a clear solution, otherwise, I will not let you go!”
Hank knew in his heart that this power-seeking plan had completely failed.
Not only can I not beat my eldest brother now, but I am also distracted from the board of directors. Relying on myself and my third brother, I want to continue to fight against my eldest brother.

It is simply a dream. The best solution is to immediately recognize the counsel and strive to return to the previous state.
So, he immediately looked at Orrin and said sincerely: “Brother, this matter is my passion. I confessed my mistakes and punished them. From today onwards, he will completely eliminate all attempts to refrain from returning, and wholeheartedly assist him in running the Sun Group!”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1558

The third child, Carl, also quickly admitted his mistake: “Big brother, just like the second brother, I apologize to you! If you have any instructions in the future, the third child, I will definitely take the lead and dare not follow!”
A trace of melancholy and hesitation flashed across Orrin’s expression.
In fact, he did not expect that the second and third would give up resistance so quickly.
Originally thought they would resist stubbornly, but what they didn’t expect was that Charlie Wade and his father’s identity completely frightened them.

Therefore, a complete victory was achieved at once, and both of the younger brothers confessed their mistakes with great concentration, and he did not think about how to deal with them.
At this time, Charlie Wade said: “Since you want to admit your mistakes, you must at least express it. Although I am an outsider, I also make a little suggestion here. Please listen and see if it is feasible.”
Orrin hurriedly said, “Charlie Wade, you say!”

Charlie Wade smiled and said, “Uncle Orrin, these four people are all blood relatives of your same clan. In my opinion, knowing your mistakes can make corrections.”
When Hank and Carl heard this, they were happy and hurriedly nodded in agreement: “Yes, big brother, we are all brothers. For the sake of blood relationship and our sincere regret, let’s forgive us this time!”
Charlie Wade said again at this time: “Don’t worry, you can forgive me, but forgiveness is also conditional.”
Hank of course knew that Charlie Wade could not be so good, and took the initiative to intercede for them.

There must be other conditions in exchange for them, so he immediately clasped his fists and said, “Master Wade, please say!”
Charlie Wade said indifferently: “You are both shareholders of the Sun Group, and you have shares in the Sun Group. Since you want to follow Uncle Orrin with all your heart, you must be bound firmly with him, so my suggestion Yes, you two, immediately transfer the voting rights corresponding to all the shares in your hands to Uncle Orrin forever!”

What Charlie Wade wanted was the voting rights corresponding to their shares, but not their shares.
In other words, how much should they hold, how much should they hold, how much should they earn, and how much money should they earn, but after the voting rights of the shares are handed over, they have no right to speak in this board of directors, and everything must be ordered by the controlling party. Decision-making.

In this way, Orrin’s voting rights have reached the 51% absolute control requirement!
In the future, he will be one of the best in the Sun Group!
Even if all the remaining shareholders unite, they will only have 49% of the voice at most, so it is impossible to shake Orrin’s control.
When Orrin heard this, his heart was clear.

Unexpectedly, Charlie Wade not only saved his life, but also wanted to help him regain control of the Sun Group.
This kid acts cleanly and decisively. He really has the shadow of his father back then!
Thinking of this, Orrin sighed besides being grateful, sighing his big brother!
Charlie Wade had been in Aurouss Hilll for many years. He hadn’t received a good education or experienced good conditions.

He struggled to get up from the grassroots mud pit by himself, but he did not expect that he was already quite a general.
If the eldest brother is still alive these years, and if Charlie Wade can be carefully nurtured under the hands of his father Bruce, then Charlie Wade is afraid that it has become a shining existence in the world!
Unfortunately, this beautiful vision can only be exchanged with a sigh.

However, the more he looked at Charlie Wade, the more pleasing he felt.
If he can become his son-in-law in the future, he will be able to give his daughter a lifetime of happiness, and he and his wife can be completely relieved!

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1559

At this moment, Hank felt a pain in his heart.
Charlie Wade’s words made him realize that this is helping the eldest brother and disarming himself.
In a company, it doesn’t matter how many employees or departments you have under your hands. What is important is how much power you have in the company.
The voting rights corresponding to the shares are tantamount to the company’s internal struggle for power and profit.

If I let myself surrender all voting rights now, it would be tantamount to letting myself surrender all weapons and completely give up the possibility of resistance.
To be honest, he didn’t want to be so controlled by others.
However, thinking about it the other way round, he has nothing to do.
There is no way to disagree. After all, the eldest brother is recovering now, and Young Master Wade is supporting him, so he is not an opponent.

Now he is still playing a criminal plot with himself, actually letting himself surrender the gun and not kill. If he doesn’t agree, then they may change their routine to play the conspiracy. At that time, they will not surrender the gun but never kill. Endless trouble!
Thinking of this, he sighed softly and said, “Master Wade, I agree to your proposal and hand over all voting rights!”
Carl has been waiting for the second brother to express his opinion. He has a weak personality and has no opinion. Anyway, he and the second brother have tossed this matter together, so naturally he has to follow the second brother to advance and retreat.

So he hurriedly said, “Master Wade, I have no objection!”
Charlie Wade nodded with satisfaction, and said to Orrin: “Uncle Orrin, in this case, let’s let the legal affairs come over and draw up the voting rights transfer agreement. After signing the agreement, you can just go to the press conference to hold a press conference in the release hall and put this The matter is made public.”

After speaking, Charlie Wade checked the time and said, “It’s ten o’clock now. If you move fast, hold a press conference before 11:30. That morning, before the stock market is closed, the Sun Group’s stock price should respond. Soaring.”
“Yes!” Orrin nodded loyally, and immediately said: “Just do what you said Charlie Wade!”
After speaking, he immediately took out his mobile phone and called his assistant: “Call all the legal department immediately!”

Hank gave up resistance and felt relieved. Then, he thought about the inexplicable loss of fertility between himself and his younger brother, son, and nephew. He hurriedly pleaded: “Master Wade, the four of us suddenly lost that. In terms of ability, to be honest, the Sun family’s blood is all in the dogs and nephews, so please raise your hands high…”
Orrin was a little surprised and didn’t understand what it meant when Hank said that the four people lost that ability.

At this time, Carl, Trevor, and Daniel all looked at Charlie Wade with pleading eyes, hoping that he could restore the ability and majesty for everyone.
Charlie Wade said indifferently at this time: “First of all, I must tell you clearly that this matter is reversible to me. If I am in a good mood, I can restore all four of you to the original.”
When the four of them heard this, they were immediately overjoyed.
What everyone fears most is that all this is irreversible.

In case it is really irreversible, then all is over.
Even if he compromises, concedes defeat, and surrenders the right to vote, he still can’t enjoy the pleasure of a relationship.
But Charlie Wade’s reversible sentence immediately ignited hope in their hearts.

However, Charlie Wade changed his words and said lightly: “Although it is reversible, when it is reversible, it depends on your performance and my personal mood. If you perform well and satisfy me, I will consider it. “
The faces of Hank and others suddenly turned into four bitter gourds.
Can’t recover temporarily?

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1560

So everyone can only continue to live this life as a living eunuch?
When is the leader in such days?
However, since Charlie Wade had already said so, everyone really didn’t dare to disobey him.
Otherwise, if someone is unhappy and just doesn’t recover, wouldn’t it be the end of the whole life?
Therefore, Hank could only respectfully say: “Please rest assured, Mr. Wade, I will do well when I wait!”
Charlie Wade nodded lightly, and said lightly: “Get up, and the legal affairs will come in for a while and see this scene, it must be quite strange.”

When the four heard this, they stood up.
Later, Charlie Wade said coldly: “My identity, before I take the initiative to disclose it to the outside world, the four of you are absolutely not allowed to say a word to the outside world, otherwise, I will definitely not spare you.”
Hank knew that he couldn’t afford to provoke Charlie Wade. Not only was Wade Family Young Master, but also his eldest brother supported him.

More importantly, the “lifelines” of the four were completely controlled by him, even if he killed himself. , I never dared to offend him.
Therefore, he agreed without hesitation and said, “Master Wade, don’t worry, we will never reveal a word about you!”
The other three people also nodded in a humble manner.
Seeing their sincere attitude, Charlie Wade nodded slightly and said to Orrin: “Uncle Orrin, I will be an audience below at the press conference, so I won’t show up in front of the media.”

Orrin nodded and said, “Okay Charlie Wade, I’ll let the secretary arrange a seat for you in a moment.”
Soon, more than a dozen people came up from the legal department of the Sun Group.
These dozens of people are all top domestic lawyers and legal workers.
They use their professional abilities to protect the legal rights of the entire Sun Group. They are all elites.
The agreement for the permanent transfer of voting rights is very simple and clear in itself, and there are no twists and turns, so everyone quickly drafted a contract with no flaws.

Once the contract is signed, it means that Hank and Carl will permanently transfer 100% of the voting rights corresponding to their shares to their eldest brother Orrin for free.
Even if they died and the heirs of their shares must continue to recognize this agreement.
Even if Orrin dies, his heirs will naturally inherit all the voting rights corresponding to the shares of Hank and Carl.

In other words, even if the Sun family’s three brothers passed away decades later and their shares were inherited by their own children, Stefanie could still control the Sun family group completely, not afraid that the second and third children wanted to seek power.
The two did not have any tempers at this time, and obediently signed their names on the agreement.
Each agreement is in five copies, one of which is kept by Orrin, and the other by Hank or Carl.

There are three remaining copies, one for the legal department, one for the notary department for filing and custody, and one for the bank safe.
In this way, the possibility of someone trying to destroy all contracts is avoided.
When the contract was signed, the second and third of the Sun family officially and permanently gave up resistance.

In the future, they can only honestly follow Orrin to make money and take dividends. If Orrin does not let them speak, they will not even have the right to speak on the board of directors.
After the contract was signed, Orrin stood up and said, “Go, go to the release hall, friends from the media and reporters who came here early in the morning, shouldn’t you wait a long time?”

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