The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1896-1900 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 1896-1900)

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1896

“fck you!” Elaine Ma rushed over in a rage, and rode directly on Cynthia’s stomach. With her big mouth bowed from side to side, she flicked towards Cynthia’s face and cursed as she slapped, “You fcking treat me as a fool. The Lady has been fooled like this once, you f*cking dare to cheat the Lady!”
At this moment, Elaine Ma thought in her heart that Jacob Wilson was hospitalized in the hospital. She wanted a check for her daughter Claire Wilson Wilson’s check-out rent.

After Charlie Wade handed the check to her, she took the check to pay for the hospitalization.
Unexpectedly, the denomination of that check turned out to be 100 million!
At that time, the hospital cashier ridiculed her and threatened her to call the police to catch her.
In the end, she went back to Charlie Wade to settle the accounts in a rage, only to realize that Charlie Wade had bought the check from the funeral store and planned to burn it to his deceased parents.

Therefore, Cynthia now also took out a 100 million check, which looks almost exactly the same as Charlie Wade’s 100 million check at that time.
In this case, of course she was furious!
What’s more hateful is that this damn Cynthia has been repeatedly emphasizing Citibank in front of her!
In this life, Elaine Ma hated Citibank the most! Because for her, the worst experience in her life was caused by the fake black gold card of Citibank.

After that, she was put in a detention center, and was abused by the Lady Wilson, Wendy, and the big and rough Gena for several days. Those just a few days were definitely the black hole of Elaine Ma’s life.
Therefore, when she saw that Cynthia not only cheated herself with a cheque of 100 million Dollar from the dead, but also dared to use Citibank to chirp here, she was already angry!

Cynthia was dizzy and nauseous when Elaine Ma was beaten at this time, and her cheeks that Elaine Ma beat him back and forth were red and swollen, and the pain was unbearable. Although she screamed, her bodyguard was outside the gate at this time and couldn’t hear the movement so deep inside, so she couldn’t help her at all.
Even though Cynthia was beaten very dumbfounded, she knew very well in her heart that now it is idiotic to get her mobile phone and let the bodyguard come in to rescue her, so she can only fight with Elaine Ma! ?

As a result, she suddenly stretched out her hand to grab Elaine Ma’s hair like crazy. After grabbing a lock of Elaine Ma’s hair, she yanked her desperately!
Elaine Ma didn’t expect this lady to be beaten by herself all the time, and as a result she attacked her hair!
Suddenly, she felt a sharp pain in her hair, which made her scream several times, and she was desperately trying to beat Cynthia with her hands.

While beating and cursing: “Silly idiot, you dare to pull my Lady’s hair, my Lady fight with you!”
Naturally, Cynthia was not to be outdone. With that strand of hair in her hand, she desperately tore, and directly tore all that strand of hair from Elaine Ma’s head!
This time, Elaine Ma covered her head in pain and yelled. Cynthia saw that this was an opportunity, and directly pushed Elaine Ma to the ground, and then rushed up, riding on Elaine Ma’s stomach, facing her face for a while. f*ck!

“Even I dare to fight, I f*cking kill you shrew!”
Cynthia was mad at this moment. If she were to give her a knife, she would be able to kill Elaine Ma on the spot.
At this moment, the waiter outside heard the movement and ran over in a hurry, opened the door to see, and was shocked immediately, so he hurried to the boss’s room, opened the door and panted and said, “Boss, no… …Not good! Then…the two women…in the room…fight…fight…”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1897

As soon as the owner of the beauty salon heard that the two women were fighting, they became angry.
“Damn, aren’t friends chatting? Why are you fighting again?!”
The clerk hurriedly said: “I don’t know, it’s a terrible beating. If you don’t check it again, you will probably kill you!”
The beauty salon owner was nervous.

I haven’t run away yet. If something goes wrong at this time and the police are brought in, it will be a big trouble.
So he hurried to check the situation. Before he got there, he heard that he had been beaten to the death.
Elaine Ma was yelling through the door: “Damn, stinky girl, my Lady can’t cure Gena’s big fat pig, and he can’t cure you?!”

Cynthia obviously took the advantage, gritted his teeth and cursed: “You wait! I’m definitely not going to make you feel better! I won’t let you live to see the sun tomorrow!”
Elaine Ma slapped Cynthia’s face again: “That broken mouth, why the f*ck is forcing me to talk, see if I won’t tear your mouth to you!”

The owner of the beauty salon opened the door and took a look, but was frightened by the two women with blood on their faces and quickly closed the door.
He muttered nervously in his mouth: “No way, no way! If you continue to do this, you must die!”

After speaking, he immediately ran to the back door, and when he pushed the door, he saw a van parked upside down at the door, with the trunk entrance facing the back door.
So he hurried to the co-pilot and took a picture. Harold put down the car window and asked excitedly: “Beni, has that stinky lady Elaine Ma fainted?”

The owner of the beauty salon said anxiously: “Fat! I fought with a woman inside. If you continue to fight, you will kill people. Go in and take them away!”
Harold asked in surprise: “What’s the situation?! Have you started fighting? With whom?”
The owner of the beauty salon was a little guilty, but didn’t mention a word about the fact that he charged Cynthia in. He said hurriedly: “I don’t know who the hell is, you quickly take the person away, otherwise it’s all over if something happens!

I’m going to die, and you are going to die!”
Upon hearing this, Harold hurriedly led a few young people out of the car.
A crowd of people, led by the owner of the beauty salon, swarmed to the door of the spa room. Before opening the door, they heard the mess inside.
Harold kicked the door open. Seeing Elaine Ma was riding on a woman with a bloody face and beating her, he immediately said to a few people around him: “It’s the woman above, grab her and take her into the car! “

Elaine Ma turned to find Harold, and suddenly shouted in panic: “Harold! What do you want to do?!”
Harold grinned and said, “Second aunt, you spent so long with our family and sent my mother to the black coal kiln. Now is the time to pay a price!”
After speaking, he waved his hand, and several people around him immediately rushed over and tied Elaine Ma up.

Cynthia didn’t know what was going on, but when someone started to arrest the woman who had been beating him, he was finally relieved and angrily cursed: “The surname is Elaine Ma, my mother is going to break you into pieces! Wait! “
As Cynthia spoke, she reached into Hermès’ bag and fetched her phone.
Seeing this, Harold hurriedly scolded: “Damn, you still want to call?! Put the phone down for me! Otherwise, don’t blame me for being polite!”

Cynthia looked at him and blurted out: “This matter is my personal grievance with Elaine Ma, don’t worry about it! Give Elaine Ma to me, and I will give you a satisfactory reward!”
Harold exploded immediately.

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1898

He thought to himself: “Is this woman mindless? Give Elaine Ma to you? How can our family explain to Mr. Webb? Besides, I don’t care how you appeared here today, since you and Elaine Ma When they got together, in order to avoid problems with my kidnapping Elaine Ma, then I can only take you away!”
So he ignored Cynthia and said directly to the young people: “Tie up this Lady and take her away!”
When Cynthia heard this, he shouted angrily: “Tie me?! Do you know who I am?!”

Harold said in disgust: “I don’t bother to know who you are. When you and Elaine Ma go to the brick factory to burn bricks, tell Elaine Ma who you are!”
After speaking, he said to the few people: “Give me both of them!”
Cynthia said hysterically: “You dare to move me, I’m Cyn…oo…”
Before Cynthia could say the rest, her mouth was tightly gagged with a towel.

The end of Elaine Ma was the same. After being gagged, Harold immediately said to them: “Hurry up and get people in the car!”
Several people immediately took Elaine Ma and Cynthia, walked out the back door quickly, and stuffed them into the carriage.

Harold said to the owner of the beauty salon at this time: “Ben, I advise you to withdraw as soon as possible and don’t spend it here.”
The owner of the beauty salon said: “No, I still have some second-hand equipment and furniture waiting to be processed!”
Harold asked him: “How much money can it be worth just such a little second-hand tatter?”
“It’s worthless, but it’s better than a lot of things. If you sell it, you can sell it for ten or twenty thousand.”

Harold said hurriedly: “You quickly pull it down! How long do you have to spend for this 20,000 Dollar? In case it is for such a small amount of money, and you finally want to run away, then you will lose out. ! So I advise you to leave now! After I am gone, you should withdraw from the back door quickly!”
The beauty salon owner thought carefully: “Yes… the woman who came to Elaine Ma just now has a companion, but that companion is waiting outside at this time, and now she is taken away by Harold. The other party can’t wait for anyone, and it will take half an hour, and he will definitely come in to see what happens. Isn’t it a bad thing?!”

Thinking of this, he lost his heart. Anyway, he earned 200,000 Dollar from Harold, and another 50,000 Dollar from Cynthia, which is already a lot of money. If he doesn’t run away now, if he can’t get away. , I regret no tears!
So he hurriedly said to the clerk: “Go and say hello to the technician, pack things up and leave in five minutes!”

The clerk nodded busy: “Good boss!”
Soon, the van that Harold found, carrying Elaine Ma and Cynthia who were tied up by the five flowers, quickly left the back door of the beauty salon.
Within a few minutes, the owner of the beauty salon also took a clerk and a technician, with large and small bags of soft luggage, and sneaked away through the back door.

At this moment, Cynthia’s bodyguard was still standing beside the Rolls-Royce on the roadside, waiting for Cynthia to come out.
How did he know that Cynthia was actually kidnapped in this ordinary beauty salon…
Twenty minutes passed, and Cynthia hadn’t come out yet. The bodyguard took out his cell phone and planned to call Cynthia to ask.
At the same time, the van was driving outside the city.

Harold was sitting on the back seat with a smug look, while Elaine Ma, who was heavily tied up, was lying at his feet.
He deliberately stepped on Elaine Ma’s face with his feet, and sneered: “Elaine Ma, I didn’t expect it, you will have a f*cking today!”
Elaine Ma was speechless, so she could only whimper a few times.
At this moment, in Cynthia’s bag next to him, the phone rang suddenly!

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1899

Cynthia’s cell phone ringing shocked Harold.
He hurriedly reached out to Cynthia’s bag and took out an Apple mobile phone.
Seeing someone calling her, he immediately turned off the phone without saying anything, and threw it back into Cynthia’s bag.
Although Cynthia whimpered for a while, but there was nothing to do, and the intestines that she had regretted long ago were blue.

She thought to herself, “Isn’t it the bad luck that I did? What am I doing with this Elaine Ma? If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t be kidnapped by this group of people!”
However, regret at this time has no meaning. Although she is the eldest daughter of Elder Wade, at this moment, she is also called every day to refuse, and the ground is not working.
At the same time, at the entrance of Lizi Beauty Salon.
Cynthia’s bodyguard found that his master refused to answer her phone.
He didn’t think much about it at first thought. After all, he knew that Cynthia was here to talk to Elaine Ma.

Maybe it was inconvenient to answer his phone at the critical moment of negotiation.
However, in order to be sure that he was foolproof, he called Cynthia again. Unexpectedly, after the call was made, the phone turned off!
This moment made Cynthia’s bodyguard nervous!
In today’s society, mobile phones are very important to anyone. Therefore, Cynthia’s mobile phone has hardly ever been turned off during the day.

He immediately noticed something abnormal, so he immediately said to the driver: “Follow me in and have a look!”
The driver was also one of Cynthia’s bodyguards. He immediately got off the Rolls-Royce and rushed into the beauty salon along with the bodyguards who had been guarding the car.
As soon as they entered the beauty salon, the two realized that something was wrong!
The clerk was not there, and it was a bit messy inside, obviously showing signs of hastily turned over.

So they searched from room to room and found the spa room where Cynthia and Elaine Ma had been fighting before.
When they saw the house full of mess, blood, and a lock of long hair on the ground, the two of them shook their hearts and looked at each other, and they could see the despair and collapse in each other’s eyes!
On the sofa, there are silk scarves left by Cynthia!

From the scene, it can be easily seen that Cynthia was kidnapped!
The two bodyguards suddenly felt thunderous!
They were ordered to protect Cynthia’s personal safety. They should have used their lives to defend Cynthia’s safety, but they didn’t expect Cynthia to be kidnapped right under their noses!
One of them desperately said: “It’s over! This is over! The protector is not strong, this is a capital crime!”

The other person was equally desperate and collapsed and said, “This…this shouldn’t be! Missy decided to come to see that Elaine Ma temporarily today, so it is impossible to reveal any whereabouts in advance, and our way is not. Without being followed by anyone, who would take her against her, this is not logical!”
“Oh, you don’t care about what is reasonable or unreasonable. The top priority now is to find the eldest lady! Let’s call Cameron Isaac as soon as possible! Aurouss Hilll is his site, he must be better than us!”

“It makes sense!”
As the man said, he immediately took out his mobile phone and called Cameron Isaac.
Cameron Isaac was in the hospital at this time, visiting the employee who miscarried because of Cynthia.
Cynthia’s kick not only kicked the female employee’s child, but also caused the female employee to cause a severe bleeding. Fortunately, the rescue was timely and he was temporarily out of danger.

Cameron Isaac hated and angered at the thought of Cynthia’s arrogance and domineering, but as a servant of the Wade family, he had no right to point fingers at Cynthia anyway.

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1900

Therefore, he can only comfort his female employee and let her cultivate her body at ease.
After coming out of the ward, Cameron Isaac sighed, wondering when the grandmother Cynthia could leave when the phone suddenly rang.
The person who called was Cynthia’s bodyguard.
Cameron Isaac answered the phone: “Hey, this is Cameron Isaac.”
The nervous people on the other end of the phone almost cried, and choked up: “Mr. Cameron, something has happened, Mr. Cameron!”

Cameron Isaac frowned and asked, “What’s the matter? It’s such a fuss.”
There was a shivering voice and said: “Isaac…Mr. Cameron, the eldest lady…she…she was kidnapped!”
There was a buzz in Cameron Isaac’s mind!
What do you mean?
Cynthia was kidnapped in Aurouss Hilll?

Who is so bold that even the Wade family dare to tie them?
So, he hurriedly said, “Don’t worry, let me know the matter clearly after the first five to ten!”
The other party hurriedly said, “Today the eldest lady is looking for a woman named Elaine Ma to talk about something, so we accompanied the eldest lady to a beauty salon and met with that Elaine Ma…”
“Unexpectedly…the two of them disappeared in the beauty salon together, and even the clerk and boss of the beauty salon were missing…”

In the next moment, he immediately thought of Charlie Wade.
He knew that Charlie Wade had a big quarrel with Cynthia in the Sky Garden, and the two sides must have been very uncomfortable, so it might really be Charlie Wade’s hand.
So he hurriedly called Charlie Wade and asked as soon as he came up, “Master, where are you?”

Charlie Wade said lightly: “I’m at home, what’s the matter?”
Cameron Isaac said nervously, “Master, did you tie up your aunt?”
Charlie Wade frowned: “No, I don’t even bother to see her, why did I tie her up? Why, she was kidnapped?”
Cameron Isaac was surprised: “Ah? You didn’t do this thing?! That’s bad! This is really going to happen!”
Charlie Wade asked, “What the hell is going on?”

Cameron Isaac blurted out: “Your aunt went to the beauty salon to see your mother-in-law, and said she was going to talk to your mother-in-law in person, but she suddenly disappeared and disappeared in the beauty salon!”
Charlie Wade was shocked, and hurriedly asked him: “What about my mother-in-law? Missing too?! Do you know what she said to my mother-in-law?!”
What Charlie Wade feared most at this time was that Cynthia would reveal his identity in front of Elaine Ma.

Now, the Banks Familyy is the enemy he must get rid of, and the Wade family does not know whether it is an enemy or a friend. It is very likely that the two top Eastcliff families are their enemies. If their identity is revealed, they will be exposed to those around them. Brings a lot of danger.
Before these things were resolved, he was not going to tell Claire Wilson Wilson his identity.
However, if Cynthia and Elaine Ma show up, then he won’t be able to hide…

Cameron Isaac also heard that Charlie Wade was a little nervous about this matter, and hurriedly said: “Master, I don’t know the specific situation now. I don’t know what your aunt and your mother-in-law said. Now they are both kidnapped. You have to find them first!”
Charlie Wade nodded, and said, “You call Don Albertt. His subordinates are scattered all over Aurouss Hilll and have many eyes and ears. This kind of thing should be able to find a clue!”

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