The Amazing Son in Law

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 351-355 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 351-355)

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The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 351

Just as Claire Wilson really felt that there was a significant modification in Charlie Wade, Kenneth, who had simply gotten away from the hall, returned with four bodyguards by his side!

These 4 bodyguards were the 4 most capable bodyguards helping him, as well as each of them had remarkable toughness and combating skills.

In his point of view, it would certainly be easy for these 4 bodyguards of his to kill Charlie Wade!

Nonetheless, he did not intend to kill Charlie Pitch in front of the crowd of individuals.

He wanted to force Charlie Fall to entry as well as call him his ‘grandfather’ in front of everybody below today! After acquiring back his very own face, he would certainly then ruin Charlie Wade’s member!

Afterwards, he would try to find one more opportunity to do away with Charlie Pitch in the future!

Everything that he was mosting likely to do today was simply to eliminate all of his pent up anger. Kenneth knew that the only way he would certainly be able to eliminate all the hatred that he was really feeling within was by killing Charlie Wade!

He had currently lived for even more than fifty years, as well as he had actually never ever really felt as self-conscious or degraded as he felt today.

After hurrying right into the location with his bodyguards, Kenneth aimed at Charlie Wade prior to he screamed, “I will provide one million dollars to the individual that damages his member today!”

One million bucks was a significant sum of cash to the bodyguards. Consequently, as soon as they listened to Kenneth’s words, all four of the bodyguards had a grim expression on their faces as they hurried toward Charlie Wade at the same time!

When Claire Wilson saw the bodyguards rushing at Charlie Wade, she shouted out in fright and wished to pull Charlie Wade away.

However, Charlie Wade stood still without relocating in all.
Escape? No way!

He was Charlie Wade Wade! Just how could he perhaps be afraid of this type of battle?

He was not in the smallest little bit terrified whatsoever!

Charlie Wade had already grasped all of the combating abilities that he had examined from the, so he was specific that these bodyguards would not be a match for him at all!

The four bodyguards looked at Charlie Wade as though he was a bundle of banknotes! They were all worried that they would certainly lose out accurate if they were one step far too late, so they all rushed at him seriously.

Charlie Wade smiled as his eyes secured onto the movements of the four bodyguards at the same time. At this time, Charlie Wade was simply patiently waiting for them to rush at him so that he can destroy them right away!

One of the bodyguards that had exercised dashing quickly took the lead and also grinned prior to he said to Charlie Wade, “Young man, you must be tired of living! That gave you the guts to tinker Chairman Wilson? I am going to eliminate you!”

As soon as his voice dropped, the bodyguard had actually currently shown up in front of Charlie Wade.

Just as every person believed that Charlie Wade would certainly encounter a severe beating, Charlie Wade unexpectedly jumped on the place prior to kicking the bodyguard in his breast.

The bodyguard who had to do with one hundred as well as ninety centimeters high flew back immediately!

With simply one kick, Charlie Wade had actually already damaged fourteen of his ribs!

There were only twenty-four ribs in a human’s body, as well as Charlie Wade had already damaged over half of them with one kick!

As the bodyguard hit the ground after flying a specific distance, blood started spurting out of his mouth, and also he looked really unpleasant and pathetic.

Already, the three bodyguards who were left had actually currently caught up.

Every one of them were rushing forward as they marked Charlie Wade as their target due to the fact that they were all terrified that they would lose out on the one million dollars.

Consequently, they did not anticipate this boy to instantly end up being an effective human cannonball, and he right away kicked the three of them, instantaneously knocking them to the ground!

” Wow!!!”.

Everyone experiencing the scene can not help however exclaim aloud.

No one would have pictured that Charlie Wade would have such a powerful kick!

Currently, one of the women at the scene exclaimed, “This! He is just like Ip Male!”.

Charlie Wade glanced at her before he sneered, “Ip Guy? Even if there are 10 Ip Man’s in this globe, he could never ever be compared to me, Charlie Wade Wade!”.

Charlie Wade was not bragging!

Even though the martial artist, Ip Man, was really very solid, he had actually not exceeded the range of a common individual.

On the other hand, given that Charlie Wade had been examining and also exercising every little thing that he learned from the, his body had actually been literally as well as inside strengthened by the spiritual power. Therefore, no matter exactly how strong an ordinary person was, they would certainly never be able to take on Charlie Wade!

By now, the initial bodyguard that was started the upper body by Charlie Wade had already lost consciousness.

The continuing to be three bodyguards were all pushing the ground, sobbing as well as crying out loud because they had actually experienced various fractures around their bodies.

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 352

The bodyguards had a horrified look in their eyes as they looked at Charlie Wade!

Why was this boy so frightening?! The 3 of them were attacking him at one go, and also yet, they were actually beat by simply one young man? They had lost their combat efficiency just like that?! This … this young man was just a God!

Charlie Wade strolled toward the three bodyguards before he looked at them with a cool expression on his face. “Because you enjoy being a dog for others, I will make sure that you can only crawl on the ground in the future!”.

Afterwards, Charlie Wade stepped on one of the bodyguard’s appropriate leg!


The man’s right kneecap was crushed quickly.

After that, he increased his foot once more and also ultimately squashed the opponent’s left kneecap.

When the other two bodyguards saw this, they were all shivering in shock!

Afterwards, the two bodyguards began crying and also pleading Charlie Wade for mercy.

Charlie Wade responded coldly, “You are all criminals who are crueler than any person else when it comes to hurting other people. Nevertheless, when you are hurt, you are extra afraid than any individual else! If I allow you go today, you will most definitely show this vicious expression on your face when you handle individuals who are weaker than you in the future! I have to destroy you today for the people!”.

Adhering to that, no matter their crying as well as pleading, Charlie Wade squashed all of their kneecaps.

Break! Break!

There were now three even more individuals who would certainly not have the capability to depend on their own 2 feet again in this world!

Everyone at the scene was surprised by Charlie Wade’s ferociousness.

Kenneth and also Wendy were likewise trembling in worry currently!

Kenneth would certainly never have pictured that Charlie Wade would certainly be so terrible and strong!

He never expected Charlie Wade to beat all four of his most qualified bodyguards easily!

He had actually ruined them completely.
They were all professional competitors, and one of them was actually the nationwide fighting champ simply a few years ago!

Kenneth felt his legs going soft, and he felt chilly in the area where he had damp himself previously.

He turned around calmly as he attempted to escape.

No matter what happened, he could not allow himself to fall into Charlie Wade’s hands …

At this time, a person all of a sudden screamed, “You, old man! Are you trying to get away after provoking Mr. Wade?”.

Right away afterwards, the group of people given way as Don Albertt strolled in with a group of men behind him. Albert sneered prior to he stopped straight in front of Kenneth.

Kenneth checked out him with a worried expression on his face prior to he asked, “You … that are you?”.


Albert gave Kenneth a limited put across his face without even responding to his concern.

There were 5 fingerprints on Kenneth’s face as he claimed intensely, “Who do you believe you are? You really dared to strike me ?! I am the chairman of the Chamber of Commerce!”.


Albert did disappoint him any type of grace in all as well as provided Kenneth an additional put across his face.

” Chairman? I uncommitted if you are the chairman! If you are disrespectful towards Mr. Wade, you are courting death on your own!”.

Kenneth was very angry, yet he was also terrified at this time. He hurriedly claimed, “This is all just a misunderstanding! A misunderstanding! There is just a basic misconception in between Mr. Wade and myself. I am mosting likely to leave now. I’m leaving now!”.

” You intend to leave?” Albert smiled contemptuously before he said, “Have you asked for Mr. Wade’s permission to allow you leave?”.

Kenneth hurriedly turned and also faced Charlie Wade prior to he begged in a shivering voice, “Charlie Wade, Mr. Wade, this is all just a misconception. Those 4 guys wished to create difficulty for you and I might not stop them! They currently obtained the ending that they should have now! Please simply let me go currently …”.

Charlie Wade responded and smiled before he stated, “Okay, of course I can allow you go. I’ve already allow you go once.”.

After that, Charlie Wade checked out Kenneth with a lively expression on his face as he said, “However what should you do so that I will let you go? Do you require me to educate you what to do?”.

Kenneth hesitated that Charlie Wade would certainly disable him equally as he did to his bodyguards. He quickly knelt to the ground before he cried and begged, “Dad, please, please just spare your kid this time …”.

Don Albertt was stunned, and also he blurted out right away, “Oh, my God! You are actually useless!”.

Kenneth smiled bitterly prior to he said, “I will certainly inform you the reality. I have actually currently discovered my lesson …”.

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 353

Contemptuous mockery echoed around them.

Kenneth was such a crybaby! He had actually called Charlie Wade ‘daddy’ 3 times throughout a couple of mins!

Was he truly the chairman of the distinguished Modestway Group? He was such an embarrassment to himself as well as his firm!

Regardless, Kenneth couldn’t care less about any one of that!

A terrific guy understood when to produce as well as when not to.

You had to be alive, and also only after that could you utilize your member, right?

If you were dead, what good was your member, after that?

So, he swiftly approached Charlie Wade to butter him up. “Dad, please be merciful and forgive me, please! I promise, I’ll be permanently in your financial debt, dad!”.

Charlie Wade swung his hand and also chuckled. “You ought to have called me father earlier when I asked well. It’s too late currently.”.

Kenneth gaped in surprise, assuming that Charlie Wade wished to mess with him. He pleaded frantically while splits saturated his cheeks, “Father, please, I’m sorry, daddy! Please forgive me …”.

Charlie Wade considered Wendy who was standing in a daze as well as said emphatically, “Wendy Wilson, your sugar daddy is currently on his knees. Why are you still standing?”.

Wendy was startled at his comment as well as mumbled, “What … what do you imply …”.

Kenneth extended his distribute, strongly drawing Wendy down on her knees as he chided, “Did you leave your mind at home, pinhead? Do not you understand you require to stoop prior to you can speak to my dad?!”.

Kenneth’s need to make it through was method more powerful than reputation, dignity, and honor. This was his last option.

Wendy knelt on the floor like a rock statue, not daring to relocate nor speak. Kenneth eyed Charlie Wade desperately and also asked, “Daddy, are you satisfied currently?”.

Charlie Wade drank his head. “Not truly.”.

Kenneth’s heart avoided a beat. “What can I do to make you satisfied?”.

A troublesome smile appeared on Charlie Wade’s face as he stated, “Call me ‘Grandpa’. Let me see exactly how it makes me feel. If I enjoy with it, I can think about allowing you go.”.

Kenneth wanted he could pass away right there and then.

He had to be out of his mind today. Why did he wish to cause trouble with Charlie Wade in the first place?! Not only did he not obtain anything valuable from it, but he had actually run out of good luck!

He was defeated, required on his knees, had needed to call Charlie Wade daddy, had peed his pants …
As well as currently, he had to call Charlie Wade ‘Grandfather’ …

It was the last offer of embarrassment …

Seeing his doubt, Charlie Wade asked coldly, “Why? You don’t wish to?”.

Kenneth trembled in panic as well as stated, “Yes, yes, I do!”.

Then, he knocked his head to the flooring and also cried noisally, “Grandpa! I’m sorry, please forgive me!”.

Charlie Wade frowned. “That am I?”.

Tears streamed down Kenneth’s cheeks like rivers. “You’re my grandpa!”.

” And who are you?”.

” I’m your grandson …”.

Charlie Wade nodded with a sly smile. Never understood I could be a grandpa at such a young age.

Kenneth breathed a sigh of alleviation and also will stand up as well as leave when …

” Hang on!” Charlie Wade stopped him. “You want to leave just like that? Don’t you have to claim something initially?”.

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 354

Kenneth attacked his lips, withstanding the humiliation and also rage in his heart as he pleasantly said to Charlie Wade, “Grandfather, can I go now?”.

Charlie Wade patted his cheek and also said, “Okay. Go now, my dear grand son!”.

Tears of humiliation fell from Kenneth’s eyes as he turned around and left tremblingly.

Wendy fast followed him out of the venue as well.

They strolled as fast as they could, fretted that Charlie Wade would stop them again, yet Charlie Wade had actually lost all interest in teasing them.

Kenneth’s penis had actually completely malfunctioned currently, he would be entraped in extreme misery for the remainder of his life!

After they went out, Don Albertt hurried toward Charlie Wade and also stated, “Master Wade, I regret being late. It’s my fault for allowing you lose your effort and time keeping that garbage. I agree to accept any kind of penalty for my neglect.”.

Charlie Wade waved his hand any which way as well as asked, “Why are you right here? Isn’t this the top for the building and construction and also decor industry? Are you in this area, as well?”.

” Yes!” Albert laughed and also addressed, “I am the most significant vendor of cement as well as sand in Aurouss Hilll, which suggests that I’m the noticeable middleman in the building and construction market. So, they welcomed me to the top.”.

Charlie Wade realized that the cement and sand company was considered as the gray area in the construction industry, hence, it made good sense for Albert to be involved in this since he was from the underworld. He responded as well as said, “Do not do so numerous dangerous and destructive services. Stop harassing the sincere and ordinary people.”.

Albert said with a sheepish smile, “Yes, Master Wade, thanks to your lesson, I have actually come clean a long period of time back, I would not dare to do those unsafe things now …”.

Charlie Wade nodded with a gratifying smile.

Albert indicated the four injured bodyguards and also asked, “Master Wade, what about these people?”.

” The fainted individual, damage his leg as well as toss him out of right here. Toss them a little further away to not influence my state of mind!”.

Albert nodded and got his guys, “Hey, really did not you hear what Master Wade said? Go, go, start your job!”.

The men bowed. “Yes, Master Wade!”.

After that, they damaged the knee of the man that had collapsed first as well as dragged the four lifeless men toward the door.


Without his bodyguards, Kenneth could only drive by himself. He drove Wendy to the hospital for the injury on her face and then drove back to the Wilson family members rental property.

Kenneth was whining hurting the entire way, the wrath of fury burning furiously inside him.

Wendy gritted her teeth and stated indignantly, “Dear! Charlie Wade, that loser, also dared to lay his hands on you!

A dismal contempt hovered over Kenneth’s face. His eyes were as cool as blades, and he grumbled, “Naturally! I’ll kill him! I’ll also skin him active as well as damage all his bones! Nobody has actually dared to treat me this way ever before!”.

Wendy smiled wickedly. Her disgust toward Charlie Wade went to its highest optimal currently, and she bet Charlie Wade would not live long once Kenneth targeted him.

Wendy stated in a cool voice, “Dear, take me with you when you do it. I wish to abuse him. I want to see him ask me for mercy!”.

Kenneth punched the back of the seat violently and claimed, “I’ll grind that b * stard to dust!”.

” That’s incredible!”.

Wendy recognized that with Kenneth’s background and also riches, it would certainly be a breeze to remove Charlie Wade.

They were on the losing side today merely since they had not brought enough men. Would certainly Charlie Wade make it through if Kenneth brought lots of guys following time?

Charlie Wade would be as dead as a doornail by then!

As her creativity cut loose, she already felt the excitement of revenge inside her!

She leaned toward Kenneth and claimed in a coy voice, “Precious, because that loser will be dead in your hands sooner or later, please don’t be so angry currently. It’s bad for your body.”.

She messed with his hair as well as murmured, “When we obtain home, I’ll make you satisfied …”.

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 355

Kenneth was so pissed off right now, as well as Wendy was a hassle-free device for him to vent his anger out so that he really did not melt himself in the rage of fury!

As quickly as they went back to the Wilson household suite, Kenneth dragged Wendy out of the vehicle as well as rushed right into your house.

Christopher, Hannah, and also Girl Wilson were being in the living room. When the moms and dads saw Kenneth and also Wendy rushing upstairs straight away without greeting them, a tint of clumsiness floated on their faces.

Lady Wilson cleared her throat and said, “You guys need to be grateful that Kenneth likes Wendy. Quit overthinking it.”.

Christopher nodded hesitantly and responded to, “Mom, I’m not overthinking it. I simply really feel a little uncomfortable.”.

Lady Wilson scolded disdainfully, “What’s so uncomfortable about it? You’re making money for it, aren’t you? The 5 million bucks that Kenneth offered to Wendy, is it in your hands currently?”.

” Yes, mom, it’s with me.”.

Girl Wilson sighed as well as softened her tone a bit. “See? If Wendy and Kenneth are obtaining an increasing number of intimate, he might even give you fifty million bucks! The money will go right into your pocket by then? Think of it.”.

Christopher felt a feeling of relief inside him upon his mom’s remark.

The single reason that they had actually approved of the connection was as a result of cash, pure and simple.

Kenneth had spent 10 million dollars in the Wilson Team as well as had also given an extra 5 million bucks to Wendy as her pocket money. It was a great deal of money, and also this was simply the beginning. With time, he would have invested a lot more money in the Wilson family.

All the clumsiness as well as anxiety spread from Christopher’s idea. He pulled his spouse back to their room on the first flooring.

As soon as he got in the area, he stated anxiously, “Beloved, bear in mind the ordinary house that we saw at the Thompson First a few days ago? The deposit is 5 or 6 million, and we have actually just taken care of to save enough for the down payment yet not the restorations as well as furnishings. But now, with Wendy’s five million as well as our money, it’s sufficient for us to acquire the Thompson First residence!”.

“No, I don’t want to live in the average residential area. Jacob Wilson’s family and also Charlie Wade the loser will certainly be staying in the suite area.

” Hmm, what about this? We have nearly ten million dollars now, we’ll speak with Wendy tomorrow and also ask her to convince Kenneth while they’re enjoying and also see if he can sponsor us one more couple of million dollars. We’ll have sufficient cash for the down repayment of the rental property!”.

Although Thompson First’s vacation homes set you back thousands of numerous bucks each, the prices of various other vacation homes in Aurouss Hilll were not too expensive. A single-family villa was typically around 20 to 30 million bucks, so even after subtracting the 40% down payment, they would certainly still have sufficient cash in hand.

Nonetheless, improvements and also home furnishings were a huge expenditure that may need an extra three to 5 million bucks which the couple couldn’t afford. If they can get Kenneth to fund them a little, the problem would certainly be resolved!

Hannah shrieked a little excitedly as well as claimed, “Hey, do you think Kenneth will subsidize us a bit extra?”.

Christopher laughed. “I assume he will for Wendy. He seems to be rather keen on her, do not you assume?”.

Hannah nodded, a gleeful smile pasted on her face. “Actually, from the appearances of it, Kenneth is a better buddy for Wendy. At the very least he is more charitable and also luxurious than Gerald, that b * stard. After many years of being together, our Wendy also aborted a child for him, however he never gave Wendy any kind of spending money!”.

Christopher responded and also sighed furiously. “Yes, you’re! The White family are crooks, liars, and b * stards!”.

Hannah waved her hand in contempt. “Argh, ignore them. They’ll spend for what they did to us and our infant lady. Allow’s talk about the villa instead. There are rather a lot of rental properties in Aurouss Hilll, why don’t we drive around tomorrow to have a look?”.

” Okay! Let’s go to the Golden Crown Park. I heard that their suites are pretty great!”.

As they were speaking about the suites, unexpectedly, there were violent sounds from upstairs.

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