The Amazing Son in Law

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 481-485 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 481- 485)

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 481

An hour later on, a global express private jet landed at Tokyo Airport.

After the aircraft landed, it cabbed completely to its own private garage.

Masao had been waiting in the hangar for a long time.

As soon as the aircraft went into the garage, it stopped and also the door opened up right away. Afterwards, Ichiro’s aide leapt out of the airplane eagerly with the tiny wood box in his hand. He rapidly ran towards Masao right now.

Right now, Masao was truly expecting the medicine as he sat in the wheelchair. His second son Jiro was pushing the wheelchair with a blank expression on his face currently.

As a matter of fact, Jiro was actually very frustrated. He was currently winning the competition to come to be the heir of the family members.

Moreover, he depended upon his very own stamina and capacity to defeat and dominate his own senior sibling. Suddenly, his older bro had actually mosted likely to Aurouss Hilll simply to steal the enchanting pills.

If this medicine was actually so enchanting, after that it would certainly not just cure his daddy’s illness, however it would additionally bring massive profits to Kobayashi Pharma.

Already, all the little benefits that he had accumulated over the past years would have recommended nothing!

Ichiro’s aide handed the magic medication over to Masao with both hands as he blurted out, “Chairman! This is the magic medicine that the vice chairman frantically gotten for you. He specifically asked me to hand this medicine over to you as soon as l land in Tokyo!”

Masao nodded as well as he can not wait any longer. “Give me one of the pills!”

The aide fast opened up the tiny wood box prior to he handed a tablet over to Masao. Currently, one of their slaves also hurriedly provided a glass of cozy water to him.

Masao shivered as he took the pill in his hand before positioning it under his nose to smell the scent of the medicine.

Afterwards, he said loudly quickly, “It is so rich as well as pure with the scent of medical natural herbs! The scent of this medicine itself instantly makes people really feel revitalized!”

Afterwards, he opened his mouth with no doubt whatsoever prior to swallowing the pill with the glass of warm water.

Every person was gazing intensely at him right now since they were all asking yourself if this medication was as enchanting as it was said to be.

Wouldn’t it be really stunning if this medicine could actually cure severe paraplegia?

At this time, Masao suddenly really felt a burst of heat in his abdominal area and this warm feeling promptly spread out throughout his body.

The warm feeling made him feel very comfortable and eased and he can not assist but sigh. “It’s actually impressive. I have not had any experience in my legs for a very long time but this medicine is really making my legs feel warm!”

A couple of minutes later on, Masao could feel his whole body being loaded with a very powerful and also abrupt rise of strength. He really felt as though he had all of a sudden returned to 10 and even twenty years earlier!

He was so thrilled and also he could not assist yet attempt to stand up so that he could be in control of his very own legs. Suddenly, Masao actually stood all by himself with little to no effort in all.

” Oh my god!”

Every person around him was impressed!

Also Jiro was stunned.

He researched and learnt Medication as well as he recognized that as long as there was a trouble with the nerves, it would be very tough and also virtually difficult for it to be treated.

No matter exactly how rich or rich a person was, they could never be completely cured when incapacitated. It can also be impossible for them to stand by themselves.

Nonetheless, this enchanting medicine took less than 10 minutes to make his dad, that had actually been paralyzed for more than 3 years, stand up on his own 2 legs!

This … was simply too outstanding?

This way, this medication would not just have the ability to treat paraplegia, hemiplegia, as well as strokes, however they would likewise have the ability to treat as well as deal with conditions such as Parkinson’s illness! All of these ailments were connected to the anxious system.

This medicine was truly an unyielding magic medication!

At this time, Masao tried to move on as well as he at first assumed that he would be stumbling in his steps. All of a sudden, he might stroll in a really kicked back as well as complimentary manner.

Masao was extremely fired up!

He began walking faster and also faster and he even turned around and also trotted a few actions. He was in an exceptionally good condition. He did not just treat his paralysis, yet he felt twenty years more youthful right now!

The Kobayashi family members doctor right away tipped ahead to check on his problem and also he wondered in shock. This is truly a medical miracle!”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 482

Yes! A wonder! This is a miracle that also Amaterasu might not be able to achieve!”

Masao was so thrilled that he almost went insane!

Just as he was happy and also ecstatic, Charlie Wade’s telephone call was available in promptly.

” Mr. Kobayashi, just how does the effect of the medicine feel?”

Currently, Masao was totally persuaded of the magic medicine’s ability at this moment. He blurted out excitedly, “Mr. Wade, I accept your terms as well as problems! I will purchase the license for these magical pills for 10 billion dollars!”

Charlie Wade replied, “I will provide you my savings account number now. You had better transfer the cash over to me within twenty mins. Otherwise, I will certainly reveal every one of your criminal activities and also deception to the world!”

Masao hurriedly responded, “Mr. Wade, you can feel confident that I will certainly arrange for my economic team to move the money over to you now!”

In fact, every one of the funds in the entire Kobayashi Pharma’s monetary publications amounted to just a little bit greater than 10 billion dollars and more than seventy percent of this amount were finances from the financial institution. For Masao, this amount was definitely worth it!

With this magical pill, Kobayashi Pharma would undoubtedly end up to come to be the world’s leading pharmaceutical company in future!

A few minutes later, Charlie Wade got a text pointer: “Japan’s Kobayashi Pharma has moved 10 billion dollars right into your savings account.”

When Charlie Wade saw that he had already obtained the cash, he grinned before he said to Masao, “Mr. Kobayashi, I want you and also Ichiro the best of luck in this globe.”

As quickly as he was done speaking, Charlie Wade hung up the phone quickly.

At this time, Ichiro asked excitedly, “Mr. Wade, because you’ve already obtained the money from my family, can you let me go now?”

Charlie Wade grinned inexplicably before he claimed, “You are feeling so anxious to leave this area?”

Ichiro responded excitedly, “I intend to go back to Tokyo asap so I can prepare to take over Kobayashi Pharma!”

Charlie Wade giggled and also said, “Mr. Kobayashi, do not fret way too much about that. In about half an hour’s time, you’ll definitely be pleading me to take you in.”

” What do you indicate by that?” Ichiro asked in shock. “Are you going back on your word?”

Charlie Wade sneered prior to he stated arrogantly, “I, Charlie Wade Wade, have actually never ever gone back on my word before. If you really wish to leave now, you may select to do so. Nevertheless, if you leave and also run back asking me to shield you later on, after that I’ll need to reconsider if I wish to aid you.”

Ichiro can only frown since he did not comprehend what Charlie Wade was attempting to state. Nonetheless, all that he might think of right now was to get back to Japan as soon as possible. He fast said, “Mr. Wade, thank you for your compassion.

Thank you but could you send me and my men to the airport terminal immediately? I intend to get the earliest flight back to Japan!”

Charlie Wade drank his head quickly, “You can leave currently however the five of them can’t!”.

Ichiro hurriedly asked, “What do you mean?”.

Charlie Wade responded, “These 5 people were not consisted of in the bargain that we have simply concluded. These 5 guys really had the audacity to dedicate armed break-in in Aurouss Hilll. This is an extremely abhorrent criminal offense as well as they should pay the effects for their activities!”.

Ichiro blurted out, “Mr. Wade, there’s no need for you to eliminate them, is there?”.

Charlie Wade replied indifferently, “If I don’t eliminate them today, then there may be Dalin Pharmaceuticals, Pana Pharmaceuticals, Soni Pharmaceuticals, as well as several other firms that could come and act carelessly in Aurouss Hilll in the future.

If you continue negotiating with me, I could have no choice however to cut off your tongue.”.

Ichiro had a horrified expression on his face and also he stopped talking instantly. He eyed his 5 subordinates who had a bewildered expression on their faces since they can not comprehend the local language.

Afterwards, Ichiro gritted his teeth prior to he stated, “Okay then! Please send me to the flight terminal initially!”.

At this time, Charlie Wade stated to Albert, “Albert, I desire you to send him to the airport directly. If he cries and also pleads you to bring him back here later, I want you to bring him back to me. However, before you do that, I desire you to locate a location to quit as well as beat him up well prior to you bring him back to me.”.

” Okay!” Albert responded professionally prior to he stated, “Mr. Kobayashi, please follow me.”.

Ichiro took a look at Charlie Wade with a severe expression on his face as he said, “Mr. Wade, you’re really an extremely positive man. Nevertheless, I’m particular that I ‘d never ever want to come back below! Goodbye!”.

Charlie Wade grinned however he did not state anything.

He approximated that the old man, Masao, would certainly be dead in another twenty minutes to half an hour. When that time comes, Ichiro’s younger brother would certainly assume that he had intentionally hurt the old man and also caused his papa’s death.

Even if he did not doubt Ichiro in all, he would definitely hold the old man’s death over Ichiro so as to eradicate his very own problems of taking control of the pharmaceutical firm.

When that time came, Ichiro would absolutely be hounded by Kobayashi Pharma and also he would certainly not attempt to go back to Japan!

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 483

Albert started driving a fired up Ichiro as they rushed to the airport terminal.

Ichiro was very thrilled. Despite the fact that his household had to pay Charlie Wade ten billion bucks for the medicine prescription, his daddy’s paralysis had actually been entirely treated! Moreover, Kobayashi Pharma additionally obtained the prescription for the magic medicine.

With this prescription, Kobayashi Pharma would be able to introduce fast advancement.

When he ended up being the chairman of Kobayashi Pharma, he would lastly be able to get to the pinnacle of his life!

Therefore, he might not wait to expand a set of wings and also go back to Tokyo right away to approve his daddy’s admiration and also praise.

At this time in Tokyo, Japan, Masao, that had completely recovered his wellness, was presently experiencing the charm of young people with excitement!

His physical condition was so good that he might not wait to discover two young girls to promptly experience the restoration that he had actually currently shed for a long time.

Heading out of the flight terminal, Masao wished to drive on his very own.

2 of his preferred things in his life were none besides ladies and cars.

For him, both of these things provided him a solid feeling of control.

It would certainly be tough for him to locate females right now. In addition, it would certainly not be also helpful for his own reputation if he tried to find females as soon as he recovered. What’s even more, his 2nd kid was right below with him at this time.

It would constantly be possible for him to drive?

Of course, Jiro did not attempt to disobey his dad’s dreams. He was currently in a very weak placement now. Once his elder brother returned to Tokyo, then he would certainly be considered as the hero of the Kobayashi family members. Jiro recognized that he had to coax his dad well at this time.

He fast said, “Daddy, why don’t you drive my Bentley sporting activities car home rather? There won’t be many vehicles on the roadway so late at night so you’ll be able to speed up as quickly as you want to!”.

” Okay!” Masao giggled before getting into the driver’s seat in Jiro’s Bentley cars.

Jiro fast entered into the co-pilot seat prior to he claimed respectfully, “Dad, I actually did not anticipate to be able to sit in an automobile driven by you once again in this life time.

I have actually always delighted in riding in your cars and truck due to the fact that you drive so well as well as you provide people a strong complacency.”.

Masao nodded as he exclaimed, “Jiro, this is really a person’s good fortune. Amaterasu could not have actually thought that I would certainly still have such an opportunity to delight in these points in life! This is merely the second spring of my life!”.

Jiro stayed up next to his father loaded with exhilaration on his face as he claimed, “Dad, why don’t you begin the automobile currently? I can not wait to see you driving once again!”.

Masao smiled before he stretched out his hand to push the switch to begin the engine.

Nevertheless, after stretching out his hand, Masao unexpectedly felt his whole body turning rigid in an immediate and also he felt as though he was blowing up of his body.

Jiro watched his father’s hand hanging in the air for a short while without pressing the activation button. At this time, he promptly asked, “Dad, are you feeling also excited?”.

Masao could not speak and also he can only whimper twice as hard as he possibly could. At this time, he really felt that it was very hard to breathe and also he will stifle to fatality!

When Jiro turned around to check out his dad, he was utterly stunned!

His dad’s face had actually currently turned black as well as purple and all the capillary on his neck and temple were bulging. It was an extremely frightening sight!

Jiro panicked and also he blurted out, “Dad! What’s wrong with you?”.

Masao really felt as though there was a pair of strong hands strangling his neck currently. He checked out Jiro with a pained expression on his face before he said with every one of his strength, “This … this medicine … is harmful …”.

Afterwards, Masao suddenly lost all the strength in his body, then slanted his head and died while foaming at his mouth …

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 484

The Terminal Lucidity Tablet ultimately applied its best medicinal impact and killed Masao!

Masao did not also recognize that he was dying which the medication that he had taken was actually poison!

Jiro hurriedly pushed the car door open at this time as he yelled at the various other family members that will board the various other vehicles as well as said, “Papa has been poisoned! The magic medication that my bro revived is dangerous!”.

When everybody heard his words, they really felt as though they had actually just been struck by lightning!

A large team of individuals abounded towards his Bentley and the family practitioner likewise hurried over to examine right now.

It did not matter exactly how you look at it due to the fact that the old man was undoubtedly dead!

At this time, Masao’s expression was exceptionally distorted and also terrifying! His skin was black and also his eyes were bloodshot with blood oozing out of them. His mouth was wide open and he passed away a very unpleasant fatality!

The family practitioner progression to look at Masao and also he stated in a shivering tone, “The chairman … he’s really dead. He really died of poisoning! Was the magic medicine truly poisonous substance?”.

The members of the Kobayashi family members really felt as though they were all frozen in position currently.

If the magic medication was toxin, then … they would certainly have experienced a heavy loss!

Currently, the chairman of Kobayashi Pharma was dead and also practically all the cash belonging to Kobayashi Pharma had already been paid to the various other party. This way, Kobayashi Pharma would certainly take even more than 8 to ten years simply to settle their loan to the bank in the future!

It was developed that the future of the Kobayashi Pharma was already bleak right now!

Jiro had a very dismal expression on his face.

Also though he was very sad over his father’s fatality, he was also really feeling a little enjoyment in his heart.

This was due to the fact that he understood that his brother, Ichiro, would never ever have the ability to intimidate his placement once again in future.

Not just would he be not able to threaten him, yet Jiro can also release an order to eliminate him!

Killing his own daddy was a funding criminal activity!

As long as Ichiro risked to set foot in Japan, he would certainly be cut up right into items!


Even if he chose not to go back to Japan, Jiro would send a person out to hunt him down and also kill him!

As he thought of this, Jiro had a cool expression on his face as he claimed, “My bro, Ichiro, need to be the one who prepared to damage as well as kill my papa! We can never forgive him for doing such a defiant point!”.

The individual custom-mades of Japan were very similar to those of China. In the traditions of these two nations, killing a person’s very own papa was the greatest criminal activity that any person can ever before dedicate!

Jiro gritted his teeth and said, “No, I, Jiro Kobayashi, officially reveal that I will offer a cash money reward of 5 billion yen to any person who can eliminate Ichiro Kobayashi for his defiant criminal activity of killing his own papa!

I will likewise momentarily take over the placement of chairman of Kobayashi Pharma for the time being. Please spread the word to all the gang members in Japan and also anywhere else that Ichiro might potentially be concealing!”.

5 billion yen was roughly fifty million bucks and it was a big amount.

Also though Kobayashi Pharma had actually simply shed ten billion dollars as well as endured a massive financial loss, it was still a world-renowned pharmaceutical company. Even if the trip ahead would certainly be really challenging, Jiro felt that it was worth investing 5 billion yen in exchange for his sibling’s life.

This five billion yen would definitely suffice incentive for all the Japanese gangs to search Ichiro down!

As long as Ichiro was dead, Jiro would normally end up as the official chairman of the business without any competition in all.

At this time, Ichiro’s assistant was scared to death as well as he rapidly ran away from the airport terminal in a hurry while no one was paying any type of focus to him. At the same time, he rapidly made a phone call to Ichiro. Your father is dead as well as your more youthful bro thinks that you eliminated him with the magic medicine that you brought back!

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 485

Ichiro was utterly shocked when he heard his assistant’s words!

His daddy was dead? He passed away after taking the magic medicine that he sent to him?

This … how could this be possible?

Could it be that the magic medication was poison itself?

As he thought of it, Ichiro was truly extremely angry and also anxious. He wanted that he could confront Charlie Wade in person!

Charlie Wade in fact dared to cheat his household out of ten billion dollars and also toxin his old man to fatality? Had not been he a little also cruel?

Ichiro recognized that he would certainly never ever be able to defeat Charlie Wade. What was the usage of confronting him?

His father was already dead as well as it would certainly be completely difficult for him to reanimate him and bring him back to life. Ichiro also recognized that it would be impossible for Charlie Wade to return the 10 billion dollars to him …

At this time, Ichiro’s assistant hurriedly claimed, “Mr. Wade, you need to find a place to hide in Aurouss Hilll!

Do disappoint your face for the time being. I am presuming that there will certainly be several Japanese gang members as well as awesomes who would certainly be mosting likely to Aurouss Hilll to search you down and kill you tomorrow!”.

Ichiro can not aid yet worry as well as really feel much more nervous after paying attention to his assistant’s words.

This was terrible. His brother was providing a money reward of five billion yen for his own head.

At this time, Ichiro all of a sudden remembered what Charlie Wade said prior to he left. At this time, Ichiro promptly begged Albert to bring him back to Charlie Wade.

Right now, Ichiro can not wait to shatter Charlie Fall to items.

As he assumed concerning it, Ichiro knew that he would certainly never be able to return to Japan for the time being. In addition, he would certainly have no place to conceal in Aurouss Hilll when the Japanese gang members came searching for him tomorrow …

It appeared as though Charlie Wade was his only chance of survival. Charlie Wade had a solid background in the country and no issue which Japanese gang participants came at him, they might not possibly be Charlie Wade’s challenger at all.

Ichiro fast asked Albert, “Don Albertt! Could you please send me back to Mr. Wade?

Albert nodded faintly before he drew the car over as well as walked over to the front passenger seat. Afterwards, he opened up the auto door before he dragged Ichiro out as well as began punching and beating him without claiming a single word at all.

After obtaining battered, Ichiro shouted, “Don Albertt, what are you doing?”

Albert merely replied, “This is what Mr. Wade had advised me to do. He said that if you asked me to bring you back to him, I should beat you up first prior to bringing you back to see him!”

After that, Albert proceeded kicking and battering Ichiro who was lying on the ground at this time.

Even though Albert was much older than Ichiro, he was a mobster boss and his fitness was different from an ordinary individual’s. After obtaining struck a couple of times, Ichiro was already really feeling woozy however he did not risk to claim anything out of anxiety that Albert would just abandon him and also leave him to die.

After beating him up, Albert dragged Ichiro as much as his feet prior to throwing him right into the cars and truck as well as heading back to the pet ranch.

When they returned to the pet dog farm, Ichiro understood that his remaining five men had currently been fed to the dogs. As soon as Ichiro was brought in front of Charlie Wade, Ichiro sobbed as he wondered about Charlie Wade, “Mr. Wade, why did you make use of phony medicine to lie to us?

Charlie Wade crinkled his lips prior to he stated contemptuously, “You Japanese fool. Is there glitch with your minds? When did I ever before offer you any kind of fake medication or lie to you?”

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