The Amazing Son in Law

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 501-505 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 501- 505)

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The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 501

Jeffrey really did not expect to get slapped by both his father and Kenneth at the same time because he was questioning Charlie Wade’s identity.

In fact, he could actually tolerate it if Kenneth hit him because he knew that he was the one who had caused Kenneth to end up this way—the only reason Kenneth had ended up like this was due to the medicine that he had given him. Therefore, it was only normal for Kenneth to hate him.

However, Jeffrey really could not believe that his father, who would barely hit him throughout all these years, had suddenly slapped him twice in a row!

He covered his face as he looked at Jordan and said, “Dad! Why did you hit me again? Did I make a mistake?”

“A*shole! Shut up right now!”

Jordan glared at him fiercely before he cursed in his heart. Why couldn’t his prodigal son have the ability and sense to know the right things that he should be doing at a time like this?

Since Anthony was also doing Charlie Wade’s bidding, then Charlie Wade would be the only savior of the Weaver family! Even if he was really nothing but a piece of trash, he should not offend him!

After reprimanding Jeffrey, Jordan quickly said, “Mr. Wade, I have already obstructed the dog. You should not take it to heart…”

Kenneth was also panicking at this time. He hated Jeffrey to death. At this time, he kicked Jeffrey before he said in a cold manner, “Jeffrey! Stop talking so much over here. I will f*cking chop you up if you offend Grandpa Wade and he refuses to treat me!”

Jeffrey screamed out in pain as he rolled about three meters away.

After kicking Jeffrey, Kenneth laughed before he looked at Charlie Wade and said, “Grandpa Wade, please do not be bothered with this kind of garbage. He isn’t worthy of your time at all. Please hurry up and treat me now!”

Jeffrey was completely stunned at this time. Charlie Wade was just a piece of trash and he was simply a useless son-in-law of the Wilson family. Moreover, Charlie Wade was also constantly relying on Feng Shui tricks to fool a bunch of wealthy and powerful people. Meanwhile, he was just telling the truth, so why was he the one who was getting beaten up in the end?

Charlie Wade looked at them with a cold expression on his face before he said, “If Liam did not beg me, I wouldn’t be here at all. Therefore, I hope that all of you know that Liam was the one who resolved your family crisis today. All the credit should go to Liam entirely.”

When Jordan heard Charlie Wade’s words, he hurriedly praised Liam, “Liam, you did a good job this time. I’ll definitely remember this.”

Liam was very excited because he felt that as long as Charlie Wade could cure Kenneth’s rotten penis, then he would become the chairman of Weaver Pharmaceuticals!

However, Liam did not know that Jordan had other plans in his heart.

To Jordan, Liam was just a b*stard child born and bred by a village girl from Mount Golmin that he had simply been fooling around with.

In fact, the only reason why Jordan said that whoever resolved the family crisis would become the chairman of Weaver Pharmaceuticals was because he wanted to motivate Jeffrey and make him think actively of ways to resolve the issue. Unexpectedly, Liam was the one who had come up with the ultimate solution at the end of the day. He was the one to achieve the breakthrough and invite Anthony and Charlie Wade to come over to treat Kenneth.

If he really fulfilled his promise, then he would have to make Liam the chairman of Weaver Pharmaceuticals as soon as Charlie Wade took the initiative to cure Kenneth.

But how would that be possible?

He was just a piece of trash who should not have existed at all!

In the beginning, he had accidentally discovered a beautiful girl at the village at the foot of Mount Golmin. Therefore, he decided to deceive her and have his share of fun with her without any intentions of marrying her at all.

Jordan did not expect the girl to get pregnant!

What was even more unexpected was the fact that the girl simply gritted her teeth and gave birth to his child all by herself. He had clearly refused her marriage request and he even left Mount Golmin and never once set foot there again.

After learning of Liam’s existence, Jordan’s wife nagged and argued with him for a long time and he felt very restless during that period of time. Therefore, Jordan had already hated Liam even before meeting him in person.

In fact, Jordan was an extremely selfish person and he had several illegitimate children outside that he refused to acknowledge.

In his opinion, the reason why those illegitimate children were born were simply because their mothers had no respect for themselves and they did not know where they stood! Therefore, Jordan felt that he did not have to take responsibility for them.

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 502

They were all just fooling around. Thus, Jordan felt that the women should just get rid of the baby once they discovered their pregnancies. Why the h*ll would they give birth to their child?

This was the fundamental reason why Jordan had always hated Liam.

If it weren’t because his father found out that he had another grandson out there, Jordan would never have taken in a b*stard child who was given to him by a village woman!

Even if Liam made a significant contribution to the Weaver family, he would never be able to hand over the Weaver family’s business over to him! Who was he to deserve this?

However, Jordan did not reveal the slander and discomfort in his heart. He simply wanted to send the plague god, Kenneth, away!

Therefore, Jordan said respectfully, “Mr. Wade, please help Chairman Wilson!”

Kenneth also looked at Charlie Wade with a bitter expression on his face. After all, wasn’t the reason why he called Charlie Wade his grandfather and why he apologized to him simply because he wanted to cure his illness?

Otherwise, why else would he tolerate and endure this humiliation?

Charlie Wade smiled playfully before he said to Kenneth, “Come, let me check your pulse.”

Kenneth hurriedly stretched out his wrist.

Charlie Wade pretended to check his pulse before he said, “The reason for your illness is your body suffering from blood stasis. The downward movement isn’t smooth and you also took medicine that would promote liver and kidney failure. This caused the accumulation of components in your lower region that has led to the ulceration. It is simply impossible to cure your disease by using an anti-inflammatory drug!”

Kenneth felt that his explanation was very reasonable and he hurriedly asked, “Mr. Wade, how do you think my disease should be treated, then?”

Charlie Wade smiled slightly before he said, “Your disease requires a combination of eighteen different Chinese medicine to produce a bowl of medicinal soup.”

After that, Charlie Wade waved his hand before he said, “Please give me a pen and paper so I can give you a prescription.”

Kenneth was very excited and he blurted out immediately, “Great! Great! Thank you, Mr. Wade.”

After that, Kenneth hurriedly asked Jordan for a piece of paper and pen before he handed it over to Charlie Wade in a respectful manner.

Charlie Wade scribbled eighteen of the most bitter Chinese herbs before prescribing them in large doses.

If anyone tasted or drank a sip of this boiled medicine, they would probably not be able to taste anything else because the tongues would be filled with a bitter taste.

After writing the prescription, Charlie Wade handed it over to Jordan before he said, “Since the Weaver family owns a pharmaceutical company, it should be relatively easy for you to gather all these herbs, right?”

Jordan looked at the prescription and he nodded when he saw that the medicinal herbs that Charlie Wade had prescribed were all relatively common. “Yes! We have all of these Chinese herbs at home. I will get someone to get them!”

After that, Jordan called for one of his servants before he handed him the prescription and said, “Go and get the medicine ready!”


The servant hurried to grab the medicine according to the prescription. At this time, Kenneth was trembling with excitement and he blurted out, “Mr. Wade, will I be cured as soon as I drink this medicine that is decocted with water?”

Charlie Wade nodded slightly before he shrugged and said, “Yes, you will definitely recover after taking this medicine but you are still lacking a drug primer.”

“A drug primer?” Kenneth asked hurriedly. “What do I need to use as a drug primer? Tell me and I will get someone to prepare it immediately!”

Charlie Wade smiled before he said, “Since there is a large amount of blood stasis, you will need to use human urine as a drug primer for your medicine!”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 503

“Using human urine?!” Kenneth immediately said with an awkward expression, “Is… isn’t this a little disgusting? Do you really need to use urine?”

Charlie Wade snorted. “Do you think I’m bluffing?”

He pointed to Jordan and asked, “You! You’ve been in the pharmaceutical business for many years now. Let me ask you, don’t they use the urine of little boys as a primer in ancient medicine?”

“Yes, that’s right!” Jordan nodded. “Many ancient methods require little boys’ urine as a medicine primer. In fact, there’s even a tradition of eating urine-soaked eggs in the south. It’s proven to have a certain health effect.”

Then, he turned to Kenneth and said, “Don’t worry, Mr. Wilson. Little boys’ urine is a very pristine ingredient in Chinese medicine, it’s not as dirty as you imagine it to be.”

Kenneth was a little relieved when he heard it was the little boys’ urine.

He had seen the appearance of the little boys’ urine in the Chinese classic movies. Indeed, it wasn’t as disgusting as it sounded.

However, just when he had digested the information about boy urine, Charlie Wade suddenly said, “Actually, in your case, we can’t use boys’ urine as the drug primer. The yang energy in the boy urine is extremely strong as boys have never experienced the love-making ritual before. You have excessive reiki in your body, so if you consume boys’ urine, it will only aggravate your condition!”

Kenneth gaped in surprise. “Then, Master Wade, should I use girls’ urine instead?”

“No, that won’t work.” Charlie Wade shook his head. “To treat your disorder, you must use an adult male’s urine. It’s even better if the adult man has slept with many women, the more the better! That is because the more women he has slept with, the more ying is accumulated in his urine and it will have an excellent effect on your condition.”

Kenneth was a little taken aback by his remark and asked, “Master Wade, no offense, but are you deliberately fooling me because you still have a grudge against me? Why do I feel as if it’s getting even more mystifying and odd as you describe it?”

Charlie Wade said flatly, “I, Charlie Wade Wade, can swear with my life. If you follow my instructions and do exactly as I say, your ulceration and necrosis will be completely cured. Otherwise, I’ll be struck by lightning.”

Then, he glared at Kenneth disdainfully and said, “That’s all I can say. My hands are tied if you don’t believe me.”

The trust slowly built up in Kenneth’s mind when he saw Charlie Wade’s sincerity in this matter.

Charlie Wade could still see the doubt in Kenneth’s eyes, so he continued, “Okay, let’s do this instead. When my medicine is ready, I’ll give you a hundred million dollars if it doesn’t work within ten minutes after you drink it. You guys can be our witnesses.”

Charlie Wade spent a hundred million dollars on a 300-year-old purple ginseng at the auction of the Chinese Medicine Expo, so they believed that he could easily come out with another hundred million for this occasion.

Now, Kenneth was even certain that Charlie Wade wasn’t lying. Otherwise, why would he bet a hundred million dollars on him drinking pee? It was a losing business on Charlie Wade’s side.

If he could just grit his teeth and get it over with, he would become the world’s richest person even if the medicine failed!

So, for his penis’s sake, he blurted, “Okay! Let’s do it!”

Then, he pondered for a moment and said seriously, “Master Wade, I’ve slept with many women in my life, at least a hundred, so can I drink my own urine? It will still work, right?”

Charlie Wade frowned in disdain. “What do you think? If your urine would really work, do you still have to drink it? It would’ve worked while it is in your own bladder!”

“Huh?” Kenneth muttered in shock. “I can’t drink my own urine? Whose should I use?”

Charlie Wade looked around the crowd and said, “Come on, guys, please report how much experience you have in this area. Please answer honestly or you’ll be held responsible if Mr. Wilson’s treatment doesn’t work!”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 504

The guys in the crowd looked at each other silently, then they simultaneously looked at Jordan, the head of the Weaver family.

Everyone knew that Jordan had been a womanizer when he was young. Back in the days, he had even eaten a poisonous remedy made out of billies just for the sole purpose of sleeping around with women that put his life on the verge of death when he was only sixty years old. So, he was the man who slept with the most women among them all.

Jordan started to grin triumphantly when he noticed everyone’s gaze falling upon him. He stood upright and said, “Master Wade, for your information, I was quite charming when I was young, so I did have plenty of admirers back in the days. I guess I slept with about three to five hundred women!”

Charlie Wade nodded reluctantly and said to Kenneth as he pointed at Jordan, “Okay, he’s your man.”

Kenneth grimaced slightly.

Did Charlie Wade really ask him to drink the old coot’s urine? That was too f*cking disgusting!

However, Charlie Wade did say that the more experience the man was, the better the effect. Jordan was more flirtatious than he was, so indeed, he was the best candidate.

Hence, he gritted his teeth in dismay and mumbled, “Okay… so be it…”

Charlie Wade turned to Jordan. “So, Mr. Weaver, take two liters of plain water and hold back your urine. When you have the urge to urinate, get a basin to collect it. Let me know when you’ve filled the one-liter bottle.”

“One liter?!” Kenneth almost crumbled to the floor. “Isn’t it a little too much, Master Wade…”

“Hey, what if it doesn’t work if it’s too little? Are you trying to steal the hundred million from me?”

“Oh no, no.” Kenneth waved his hands frantically. “I just thought that a sip or two would be enough, one liter is too scary…”

Charlie Wade looked at him and said in an earnest tone, “If you want to cure the necrosis, you have to finish one liter. Don’t blame me if there are any side effects.”

Kenneth was a little agitated and depressed, wondering if Charlie Wade was just fooling him. However, from his serious look and his promise on his own life and the hundred million bet, Kenneth could sense that Charlie Wade was not bluffing.

At this moment, the man who collected the ingredients came back with two big bags in his hands. The dried and dehydrated medicinal materials alone were around twenty pounds according to Charlie Wade’s request.

Charlie Wade commanded, “Here, divide the materials into four parts, then put each part in a casserole along with ten liters of water. Boil them on high heat for one hour, then mix them into one pot and boil for another half an hour. Lastly, add forty liters of water and boil it into one liter of medicine.”

Then, Charlie Wade turned to Kenneth and said, “When the medicine is done and Mr. Weaver’s urine is ready, you will have one liter of medicine and one liter of urine. Urine first, followed by the medicine, are you clear?”

Kenneth wanted to drop on the floor and cried.

Did he seriously want him to drink two liters of horrific liquids in one go?! One liter of extremely bitter Chinese herbal medicine, and one liter of the old man’s urine, that was the worst combination ever!

But, he didn’t dare bargain for the sake of his penis, and instead sheepishly asked, “Master Wade, can I take the medicine first then the urine? The bitterness of the medicine can cover the disgusting taste of the urine.”

“Are you kidding me?” Charlie Wade frowned in disagreement. “Do you understand the function of a primer? The primer is to enhance the efficacy of the medicine, so of course, you’d have to take the primer before the medicine! If you swap the order around like that, the medicine can’t take effect!”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 505

Charlie Wade’s remark made Kenneth dizzy and at a loss. After a while, he finally comprehended Charlie Wade’s words.

Since the urine was the primer, it was used to enhance the efficacy of the medicine, so of course, he had to drink the urine first.

But, one liter of urine…

Kenneth collapsed into the slumber of concern again.

On the contrary, Charlie Wade smiled cheerfully and said, “You can’t delay this any longer. If your penis is completely rotten, don’t blame me for not saving you.”

Kenneth shuddered at the imagination and blurted, “Okay! I’ll follow your instructions!”

Charlie Wade nodded and said to Jordan, “Mr. Weaver, please have a drink of water first, then get someone to boil the medicine.”

Jordan bowed respectfully and said, “Okay, Master Wade, I’ll drink the water now…”

Kenneth heaved a long sigh, resigning to his fate. To him, healing his penis was more important than anything else.

On the other hand, Charlie Wade was extremely delighted.

The urine and the most bitter medicine were not needed to treat Kenneth’s illness at all. All he needed was a little bit of the magical elixir that Charlie Wade refined and his ulceration would be cured.

Jordan’s urine as the primer was just a ruse to trick Kenneth.

After a while, the extremely bitter aroma of the medicine wafted across the Weaver family home. Just inhaling the aroma itself made others feel thirsty and their throats dry, so it was hard to imagine how uncomfortable it would be to drink it.

After boiling pots and pots of medicine and water over high heat, it transformed into a liter of concentrated black soup that looked no different from crude oil.

Jordan had not returned yet after the medicine was done. Kenneth urged someone to look for him as he waited anxiously.

It was quite a tormenting moment for Jordan too. Due to his age, his kidney function was a little lacking, so it was a painful process for him to drink so much water in one breath and urinate afterward.

After twenty minutes, Jordan ran out of the toilet clutching his nose.

“Master Wade, the one-liter urine is ready!”

Charlie Wade stepped further away from them for fear that he would suffocate from the stench. He, too, pinched his nose and said to Kenneth, “Go on, drink the primer, then the medicine!”

“Okay!” Kenneth nodded hurriedly.

The intensifying pain from his penis reminded him that the matter was very urgent. He quickly grabbed the yellowish fluid from Jordan and held it in front of him.

Jeffrey was feeling nauseated upon the scene. When Kenneth was about to drink that thing, it reminded him of his urinal-licking incident at Glorious Club the other day that made him want to throw up right there and then.

Kenneth was feeling sick too.

It was a large tumbler of one liter, and Jordan even peed so much that it was slightly higher than the one-liter scale on the tumbler.

He shook his head and decided to see the awful yellowish liquid as a lifesaver. He lifted the glass, closed his eyes, and poured the liquid into his mouth!

In an instant, the strong odor exploded inside Kenneth’s mouth and nasal cavity. It was so awful that his immediate reflex signaled for him to puke, but when he thought about how Charlie Wade said the urine could help enhance the efficacy of the medicine, he shut his mouth and swallowed it again!

The audience felt like throwing up upon the scene.

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