The Amazing Son in Law

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 571-575 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 571- 575)

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 571

Soon, everyone hopped into multiple cars and went to the Glorious Club.

Mr. Lee was hesitant to go, but since it was rare for them to get together and his students had invited him to join them enthusiastically, he agreed.

Charlie Wade and Jacob Wilson hopped into a taxi together. Jacob Wilson whined angrily, “That Aaron Philips is too much! Why can’t he just leave me alone? Argh, d*mn, I’m pissed!”

Charlie Wade chuckled at his whining and said, “Dad, if you’re so upset, let’s just go home then.”

“No!” Jacob Wilson muttered, “I haven’t been to the clubhouse, I want to go and see!”

Charlie Wade shrugged and nodded.

When they arrived at the clubhouse, everyone gathered in the lobby. They were mesmerized and amazed at the luxurious decorations of the clubhouse.

The extremely expensive and sophisticated interior design of the clubhouse had exceeded these elderly people’s imagination and their memories about a recreation center.

Jacob Wilson was equally amazed. He pointed his phone around the lobby and took multiple pictures, even uploading them on his social media to show off.

Jake proudly explained, “Uncles, the clubhouse has 15 floors. The higher the floor, the higher the qualification requirements for membership. The floors are divided according to the membership tier, you can’t simply go to the upper floor if your membership doesn’t have the authorization. The minimum spending limit on the first floor, the lowest and most basic level, is about a hundred thousand dollars. Ordinary people simply can’t afford it.”

Loud gapes resonated across the group.

One hundred thousand was their minimum spending limit?! An average family of three couldn’t even make so much money in a year!

Indeed, not everyone could afford such a service.

Under the gazes of admirations and appreciation, Jake took out his membership card and flaunted it around.

The card was silver in color, it was very beautifully crafted and shone brightly. He handed the card to the front desk while saying, “I’m just a silver card member, but it is ranked second in the tier. Below me is the classic membership. As a silver card member, I can go to the seventh floor and below. This time, I’ll take you all directly to the seventh floor.”

Then, he added, “The minimum spending limit for the seventh floor is three hundred thousand, very exclusive!”

Aaron turned to Jacob Wilson and said arrogantly, “Hey, Jacob Wilson, I bet you have never been to such a high-end place, huh? You should thank me. It’s your honor that my son-in-law gets to bring all of us into this place, and also a chance to expose yourself to the lifestyle of the upper-class society.”

Jacob Wilson’s face turned gloomy. “How would you know that I’ve never been to such a place? Let me tell you, I’ve been to such places, I’ve experienced great things, okay!”

Aaron mocked indiscreetly, “Hahaha! What kind of great things have you experienced? Have you been to the Glorious Club? Have you ever spent a penny here?”

Jacob Wilson fell into an awkward silence.

He wouldn’t be able to afford such expenses even when the Wilson family was at its prime, not to mention the fact that his family was going to go bankrupt soon…

Jacob Wilson sighed dejectedly and shut his mouth.

At this moment, Jake walked to the front desk and handed the card over to the receptionist. “Prepare a suite on the seventh floor for us, put all the expenses on this card.”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 572

The receptionist said with an apologetic expression, “Sir, I’m so sorry, all our suites on the seventh floor are fully booked. We’ve checked, but the only available suites for your membership level are on the third floor and below. Would you like us to prepare a suite for you on the third floor?”

Jake hissed irritably, “What? Are you serious? You want me to go to the third floor? This is a disgrace to my status and my membership! How will others think of me if I go to the third floor?”

“I’m very sorry, sir, but there’s nothing I can do. All the suites on the fourth to the seventh floors have been reserved in advance. You did not make any reservation, so, our hands are tied…”

“If so, just give me a free upgrade and let me go to the eighth floor or above!”

“I’m sorry, sir,” the receptionist said in a polite yet firm tone, “At the Glorious Club, we only allow downgrade service for the membership tier, but not upgrade. That is to say, if the ceiling of your Silver card membership only reaches the seventh floor, that means you can only use the facilities from the seventh floor and below, but nothing above the seventh floor. This is the rigid rule of our club!”

Jake frowned and huffed in annoyance as he shouted, “I don’t care! Get me a room on the seventh floor, or find a way for me to use the eighth floor’s suite!”

“I’m very sorry, sir, the eighth floor is reserved for the VIP and VIP Gold members. Unfortunately, your membership is not qualified to use that floor. Besides, we have clearly stipulated here that no one can skip the tier or upgrade their suite…”

“Stipulate, rules, the f*ck with that! I want a suite on the seventh floor right now! How dare you refuse my demand? Don’t you know the customer is king?!”

“I am so sorry, sir, but I’m not allowed to do so. Maybe you can find a friend who has a higher-tier membership and get him or her to book a suite on the higher floor.”

Jake arched his eyebrow, intrigued, “Find a friend, you say?”

“Yes,” the receptionist replied politely, “Most of our members here are Classic and Silver members, that’s why there is always a shortage of suites below the seventh floor, but there are plenty of vacant suites on the eighth to the fourteenth floor. If your friend is a VIP member, you can go up to the tenth floor. If he is a VIP Gold member, you can go up to the fourteenth floor.”

Jake gritted his teeth in disdain and sneered, “Alright, then. You want me to find a friend, huh? I’ll find a friend! To tell you the truth, Don Albertt and I are great buddies. He is a VIP member! I’m going to call him right now and ask him to reserve a suite for me! But you’d better think carefully about how you explain yourself to Don Albertt for offending his friend!”

Charlie Wade rolled his eyes in utter disgust as he watched this bizarre scene.

The poor girl was just a receptionist who was doing everything per the rules of the club. Why did you threaten her? Besides, you used Don Albertt’s name as your shield! What were you, a coward fox who hid behind the devilish tiger?

So, he walked up and said to him, “Mr. Dunn, leave the poor girl alone, okay? She is just doing her job. Besides, the third floor is good enough. Even the first floor is already very luxurious. Why do we need to go up to the seventh floor or above?”

Jake rolled his eyes in disdain. “Shut up! For a loser like you, it is already a God-sent privilege to drink a glass of water in the club’s lobby, but for someone of my status, anything below the seventh floor is an insult to me!”

Charlie Wade chuckled and said indifferently, “Well, it doesn’t matter anyway. This is the last time you’ll be able to come to the club, so just enjoy whatever you can.”

Jake frowned in confusion. “What the heck do you mean by that?”

“Oh, did you forget what I told you? You’ll be working on the construction site for the next 20 years. This is your last time being in the Glorious Club, so a suite on the third floor is as good as you can get now. After all, you won’t be able to enjoy any of this after today.”

Jake was furious and cursed, “Charlie Wade Wade, was it? Damn it, you f*cking loser! If it weren’t for the fact that our fathers-in-law are classmates, do you think you can get into the club? I bet you can’t even enter their entrance, for f*cks sake! Who do you think you are to be so cocky?”

Charlie Wade smiled faintly. “Well, I’ll give you five minutes to make up your mind. When five minutes is up and you don’t give me any answer, I’ll decide for you.”

Jake smirked, “What the hell? What decision? Who do you think you are, loser? Alright, I’ll show you what it’s like to be in the upper-class society!”

He took out his phone and immediately made a call.

When his call was answered, he changed into a flattering tone and said respectfully, “Hi, Don Albertt, it’s me, Jake Dunn. I want to ask you for a favor…”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 573

Albert was at The Heaven Springs at this time.

Donald, the wealthiest and most powerful man in the South Region had reserved the Diamond Box in The Heaven Springs tonight as he prepared to entertain the head of some of the most prestigious families in Aurouss Hilll.

Albert knew that the Webb family was even wealthier and more powerful than the Moore family. Therefore, he did not dare to neglect Donald’s orders and personally supervised the chef who was preparing the dishes in The Heaven Springs.

As he was arranging for the food preparations, he suddenly received a phone call from Jake. At this time, he asked impatiently, “Yes, what do you want? Hurry up and speak! I am busy over here.”

In Albert’s eyes, Jake was nothing more than his lapdog. He did not care about Jake the slightest bit because he had so many lap dogs around him anyway.

Jake knew that he could not afford to offend Albert. Therefore, he said humbly, “Don Albertt, I am at the Glorious Club at the moment. I would like to ask you for a favor.”

Albert asked immediately, “What’s the matter?”

Jake hurriedly replied, “I wanted to bring my old man here to enjoy himself tonight, but it seems as though all the rooms on the seventh floor are already full. My membership card is the Silver membership card that you helped me obtain before this.

Therefore, I cannot go up to any higher floors at all. I would like to ask you to help me to book a room on the eighth floor if it is not too inconvenient for you. After all, you own a VIP membership card here, and your membership is much more honorable than mine!”

Albert replied faintly, “Maybe another day. I have something to do at The Heaven Springs today, so I cannot go to the Glorious Club right now.”

At this time, Jake hurriedly pleaded, “Don Albertt, please do me this favor. The Heaven Springs is not too far from the Glorious Club, I think you can get here in five minutes by car. Could you please make a trip here for my sake? My father-in-law and more than twenty of his classmates are waiting here with me…”

As he spoke, Jake pleaded once again, “Don Albertt, please help me just this once. Otherwise, I would not know where to hide my face anymore…”

Albert really did not want to help Jake book the room, however, he recalled that Jake was a tool that he could use to launder his gambling money. Therefore, Albert felt that he should give him some warmth sometimes so that he would continue to be grateful to him.

Moreover, The Heaven Springs was indeed not too far away from the Glorious Club. It would probably only take him about ten minutes to reach there. Therefore, Albert decided to go and help Jake out instead. “Okay then, I will come over now.”

Jake was very excited at this time and he blurted out, “Thank you! Thank you, Don Albertt! I will be waiting for you in the lobby on the first floor!”

After hanging up the phone, Jake looked at the waitress with an arrogant expression on his face as he said, “Did you hear that? Don Albertt is coming over to help me book a room! You’d better be careful!”

The waitress was a little nervous but she calmly replied, “I am sorry, sir, but we have to do everything per the rules of the club. Even if you invite Miss Moore here tonight, I will still have to do things the same way because I have a clear conscience.”

The expression on Jake’s face was very ugly as he said, “You honestly think you are so great, huh? Are you using Miss Moore to try and crush me?”

The waitress replied immediately, “I do not dare to do so. I am simply telling you the facts.”

“Huh!” Jake gave her a disgusted look before he turned around and told his father-in-law and his friends, “Uncles, please just wait for a moment. I have invited the famous Don Albertt from Aurouss Hilll to come over and help us book a room on the eighth floor! The eighth floor is even more luxurious than the seventh floor!”

The crowd of people started cheering and praising him immediately.

Many of the old men gave Jake a thumbs up because they were all already looking forward to seeing the eighth floor of the Glorious Club!

Charlie Wade could not help but feel that this situation was very hilarious.

This Jake really wanted to die faster!

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 574

He was asking Albert to come here? Wasn’t he seeking death for himself?

He had initially wanted him to bask in his joy and sorrows, but it seemed that he wanted to continue pretending that he was very cool. Now, it seemed as though this son-in-law had indeed cut off his own chances of living because he was pretending to be very cool himself.

Jake did not know that he had already dug his own grave. Moreover, he was even being complimented by so many people. At this time, Jake walked up to Charlie Wade before he smiled and said arrogantly, “Charlie Wade, you’ve offended me just now. Therefore, the opportunity to go to the eighth floor of the Glorious Club has nothing to do with you anymore. You can leave with your father-in-law now.”

Jacob Wilson glared at Jake with an ugly expression on his face as he said, “Hey, Jake! Don’t you think that you are being a little too much? Did you actually think that I came here to eat and drink with you for free? I am here to meet up with my old classmates!”

Jake curled his lips before he said, “The reunion party with your old classmates? Isn’t the party at the school already over? I am the one who arranged for this second party, so are you going to insist on coming along with us even if you are not invited at all?”

“Exactly!” Aaron snorted coldly as he said, “Jacob Wilson, weren’t you very arrogant before this? You were a rich second generation when you were in school. Since you’re so capable, you can just book a room in the Glorious Club all by yourself, then! Do you really intend to let my son-in-law treat you to food and drink for free?”

The other classmates never expected Aaron and his son-in-law to suddenly start attacking Jacob Wilson and Charlie Wade. Moreover, they were using some very nasty and bad words on them in front of everyone else.

However, none of Jacob Wilson’s classmates dared to step up to help Jacob Wilson at all. After all, Aaron’s son-in-law was indeed the one who had arranged for the second gathering at the Glorious Club. The only reason they could enter the club was because of Jake in the first place. So, who would possibly dare to speak up for Jacob Wilson now?

Jacob Wilson had a very ugly expression on his face as he blurted out, “Aaron, you are such a bully!”

“Did I bully you?” Aaron asked disdainfully. “I am simply not inviting you out to have food, drink, and fun with us for free. So, why is that considered bullying?”

At this time, Jacob Wilson quickly replied, “Okay, then! If that is the case, I will just pay for my own expenses today! You can just tell me how much it costs per person and I will pay for myself and my son-in-law.”

Aaron laughed before he said contemptuously, “Do you really think that everything will be fine if you just pay for your share? Don’t you know that you have to own a membership to be able to step into this club? If it weren’t for my son-in-law, would you possibly be able to step into the Glorious Club at all? No! So, even if you pay me any money, you are not coming in with us tonight!”

Jacob Wilson gritted his teeth before he said, “Aaron! You are really too much!”

Aaron nodded before he said arrogantly, “Yes, I am really too much. I am doing this on purpose, but what is wrong with that? Who asked you to always challenge me when we were still in school? Who else can you blame now that you are worse off than me?”

After that, Aaron continued speaking, “Just take a look at yourself. You are already in your fifties, but you are still so pathetic. You do not have a job, and you do not have any pension for your retirement at all. I believe that it is only a matter of time before you are reduced to a beggar on the street. When that time comes, all of our classmates will have to organize a crowdfunding event just to help you!”

Jacob Wilson trembled with anger as he said to Charlie Wade, “Let’s go! I do not want to fight with this crazy person anymore!”

Charlie Wade smiled before he said, “What’s the rush, dad? The show has not even begun yet. It is not too late for us to leave after we watch the show!”

Aaron glared at Charlie Wade before he said, “You are still waiting to watch a good show?! Let me tell you, it is absolutely impossible for the both of you to come with us to the eighth floor today! If you pretend to come upstairs using my son-in-law’s name, I will get the security guards to kick you out!”

Charlie Wade laughed before he said, “The good show that I’m referring to is not a scene on the eighth floor. The good show I’m talking about is a classic drama where the son-in-law will beat up his own father-in-law. I think this show is about to begin in two or three minutes!”

Aaron was stunned, and he pointed a finger at Jacob Wilson as he laughed and said, “Did you hear that, Jacob Wilson? Even your useless son-in-law looks down on you and is prepared to beat you up! Hahaha. I really cannot help but wonder how much beating your old bones can stand! Hahaha!”

Jacob Wilson was taken aback, and he looked at Charlie Wade before he asked, “What do you mean by that, Charlie Wade?”

Charlie Wade smiled before he said, “Dad, please do not get me wrong. The classic drama that I am talking about is a scene of Jake beating Aaron up. I suggest that you take out your cell phone and prepare to record a video. There will definitely be a lot of likes when you post this video up on your social media account!”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 575

Aaron was furious when he heard Charlie Wade’s words.

He glared at Charlie Wade contemptuously before he said, “You are hilarious. My son-in-law is so filial toward me. Why would he ever hit me?”

After he was done talking, Aaron pointed at Jake before he said arrogantly, “Let me tell you something. My son-in-law is so many times better than your trashy son-in-law! Do you know how much pocket money my filial son-in-law gives to me every month? He gives me pocket money of one hundred thousand dollars every month! I am not despising or looking down on you, but can you even make one hundred thousand dollars a year?”

Jake sneered before he said, “Charlie Wade, you are truly very brave! Don Albertt will be here soon. If you don’t leave now, do you believe that I will get Don Albertt to tear your mouth apart later?”

“Are you really going to make Albert tear my mouth apart?” Charlie Wade asked as he stared at Jake with a look of disbelief on his face.

Jake sneered before he said, “What? You don’t believe it? Do you know what my relationship to Don Albertt is?”

Charlie Wade shook his head before he asked out of mock curiosity, “Then, why don’t you tell me what is your relationship with Albert?”

“I am a good brother of Don Albertt!” After that, Jake glared at Charlie Wade before he said, “Who said that you can call him Albert? You have to call him Don Albertt!”

Charlie Wade smiled before he said, “When Albert arrives later, you can ask him if he dares to make me call him Don Albertt. How about that?”

Jake looked at Charlie Wade in surprise before he sneered and said, “How dare you be so disrespectful toward Don Albertt? You are done for! I will ask Don Albertt to tear your mouth apart when he comes here later!”

Just as he was done speaking, Jake saw Albert walk into the lobby at this time.

Moreover, Albert also had two followers who were trailing closely behind him.

Jake hurriedly waved his hand before he called out excitedly, “Don Albertt, I’m here!”

Then, Jake sneered as he looked at Charlie Wade and said, “Charlie Wade, Don Albertt is here. You’re dead!”

As Charlie Wade’s back was facing the entrance, Albert did not see him when he was walking in. Moreover, Charlie Wade did not bother to turn around at all.

When Don Albertt finally arrived in front of them, Jake hurriedly said, “Don Albertt, there is a stupid bird here who is being disrespectful toward you! He is calling you directly by your name, Albert!”

Albert frowned and was about to show off his own power, but as soon as he turned around, he saw Charlie Wade standing amongst the crowd of people. At this time, Charlie Wade was looking at Albert with a grim expression on his face. Albert trembled in fright as he asked in a shaky voice, “Wade… Mr. Wade, what are you doing here?”

Everyone was shocked when they heard Albert’s words.

What was happening?!

Albert had such a fierce reputation, but he was actually being so respectful toward Charlie Wade?!

Moreover, why was he calling Charlie Wade ‘Mr. Wade’ when he was so much younger than him?

At this time, Charlie Wade looked at Albert coldly before he asked in a sharp voice, “Albert, is this your good brother? He is not only acting cool in front of me, but he kept chirping and saying that he is going to ask you to tear my mouth apart today.”

Albert was trembling in shock at this time!

Who was Charlie Wade? Charlie Wade was even more important to him than his own father! If it weren’t because Charlie Wade appreciated him, he would never have gotten his hands on the magical pill!

Moreover, he had been trying to get into Isaac’s good books all this while but to no avail. However, Isaac was now supporting him and showing him some respect because of his connection to Charlie Wade.

Therefore, Charlie Wade was almost like Albert’s own parent!

As for Jake, he was just one of his lap dogs! Why would he attack his own parents? What the hell was this?

At this time, Albert turned around and glared at Jake before he asked in an extremely cold and harsh tone, “You actually dared to offend Mr. Wade?”

Jake was very shocked.

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