The Amazing Son in Law

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 631-635 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 631- 635)

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 631

When Donald learned that Anthony was in Aurouss Hilll, he became very excited.

He had already heard about Anthony’s superb medical skills ever since a long time ago. Since Anthony could even cure the supposedly incurable high paraplegia, it would surely not be impossible for him to cure the strange disease and illness that his second son, Kian, has recently contracted!

As he thought about this, he was in a very good mood. After that, he turned around to look at Sean before he said, “Prepare a generous gift! We will go to the Serene World Clinic to see Dr. Anthony early tomorrow morning!”

Sean simply nodded as he said, “Okay, dad. I will make all the necessary preparations.”

“Okay,” Donald replied as a rare smile appeared on his face. He was very relaxed and much more relieved when he said, “I think that it would be best if we could solve all these problems at once. First, we can find a cure for your younger brother and find the culprit who did this to your younger brother! After that, we can try to win over Jasmine from the Moore family. I really hope that your brother can be cured and return to his normal self so that he can participate in your wedding with Jasmine as a normal and regular person.”

Sean hurriedly replied, “Don’t worry, dad. I will make sure that all your expectations and everything you wish for will come true. When I hold my wedding, I will ask my younger brother to be my best man!”

Donald nodded as he heaved a huge sigh of relief. After that, he exclaimed, “I am truly proud to call you my son!”

Sean had a pious smile on his face, but he was secretly feeling a little frustrated in his heart.

When his younger brother was still fine, he did not put too much thought into the future struggle that he would be facing with his younger brother when it came to the Webb family’s inheritance. After all, his younger brother had not even graduated from university. Moreover, Kian had not even started learning the ropes and getting to know all the connections that the Webb family had in all of their businesses.

However, now that something unexpected had happened to his younger brother, Sean suddenly realized that this was actually a great thing for him.

Therefore, he did not really want his brother to return to normal at all.

Sean knew that he could not resist his father’s instructions. Therefore, he could only secretly hope that Anthony would not be able to cure his younger brother’s strange illness.

At this time, the few people who were seated around the dinner table were constantly praising and complimenting Donald. Some of them even took the initiative to stand up and humbly offer a toast to him from time to time.

Albert, Zeke, and Graham could all tell that Donald and his son, Sean, really wanted to discover Charlie Wade’s identity. Once they discovered that Charlie Wade was the person that Jasmine was in love with, they would certainly try to take action against him.

As Albert had been in the underground world and since he had been fighting and killing people for decades, he had better eyes and much sharper instincts compared to everyone else.

When he put some careful thought into the entire matter, Albert suddenly had a strong feeling that the person who turned Kian into a poop-eating monster who had to eat shit every hour was none other than Charlie Wade.

After all, Albert really could not think of anyone else in Aurouss Hilll apart from Charlie Wade who would be able to do this kind of mysterious thing.

The only thing that was bothering him was why would Charlie Wade make an enemy out of Kian?

Kian was just a young adult who was still in his early twenties. Moreover, he was only a few years younger than Charlie Wade.

He was not a member of the underground world and was just an ordinary student in the Aurous University of Finance and Economics. There was no way that Kian could actually be acquainted with Charlie Wade at all. Therefore, it was unlikely that they would become enemies…

At this time, Albert suddenly thought of something.

He suddenly recalled that Graham’s daughter, Aurora, was also studying at the Aurous University of Finance and Economics!

He initially felt that there was no connection between Charlie Wade and Kian. However, now, he finally figured out a possible connection between Charlie Wade and Kian.

That link was none other than Aurora.

Did Charlie Wade and Kian cross paths or even have a contradiction with one another because of Aurora?

This was because Albert knew very well that Charlie Wade would not deliberately turn Kian into a poop-eating monster if there were no contradictions between them.

In his opinion, Charlie Wade had always been a very humble and low-key person who would never show off his skills or abilities!

Generally speaking, if the other party did not deliberately provoke or pick a fight with Charlie Wade, he would never take any actions against anyone else.

Therefore, Albert was certain that if his conjecture was right, Charlie Wade must have gotten into a conflict or disagreement with Kian because of Aurora.

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 632

Albert could not help but feel a little worried when he thought about this.

He could tell that Donald truly hated the person who had had a run-in with Kian. Moreover, it was also obvious that he was very extremely angry and frustrated with the man that Jasmine was in love with.

If these two things pointed to two different people, both of them would undoubtedly face a fate worse than death. At the very least, in Donald’s eyes, both of these targets would have to be killed.

If these two things pointed toward the same person, Albert believed that the Webb family would definitely do everything in their ability to kill and destroy this person.

Therefore, he could not help but feel a little worried about Charlie Wade.

Even though he knew that Charlie Wade was very strong and capable, he was still worried that Charlie Wade would be facing a lot of trouble when he faced a powerful and influential family such as the Webb family.

After the dinner, everyone walked Donald and his son, Sean, to the ground floor of The Heaven Springs. The several dogs, including Cain, insisted on accompanying Donald and Sean all the way to their parked car in the carpark.

Albert, Zeke, and Graham did not go along with them. After bidding farewell to Donald and Sean, the three of them exchanged glances with one another before they went back into The Heaven Springs.

After they gathered in Albert’s office, Graham finally asked in a worried voice, “Brothers, it seems as though the Webb family will surely give their all to look for Mr. Wade and try to deal with him. What should we do?”

Zeke sighed before he said, “Although Jasmine’s thoughts and feelings for Mr. Wade are obvious to all of us, I think that only a few of us know about this. No outsiders know about this matter.”

Albert waved his hand before he said, “If the Webb family really wants to investigate and look into this matter, I don’t think that we will be able to hide this from him for much longer. Furthermore, I think that we are not the only people who know about Miss Moore’s feelings and affection for Mr. Wade. Everyone working for the Moore family will definitely know about this matter. Besides, anyone who has seen or witnessed Miss Moore’s interactions with Mr. Wade would also be able to tell that she has feelings for him.”

At this time, Albert added grimly, “I am not only worried about this matter.”

After he spoke, Albert looked at Graham before he asked, “Mr. Quinton, is your daughter, Miss Aurora, currently studying at the Aurous University of Finance and Economics?”

“Yes.” Graham smiled as he said, “The Aurous University of Finance and Economics is one of the best financial universities in this country. Among all of their subjects, I heard that the business management major at this university is simply fantastic. I really want her to be able to have a good business management study experience so that she will be able to help me with the family business in the future.”

Albert nodded slightly before he said, “Then, did you know that the second son of the Webb family, Kian, also attended the Aurous University of Finance and Economics?”

“Yes, I know that.” Graham nodded before he asked, “What’s wrong?”

Albert replied, “I suspect that the reason why Kian came down with this sudden illness is all because of Mr. Wade!”

“What?!” Both Graham and Zeke exclaimed in shock.

Graham asked, “What makes you think that?”

Albert replied, “I think that it is possibly because of Aurora. If you truly want to find out the truth behind this matter, perhaps you should make a phone call to your daughter now and ask her whether she knows anything about Kian’s condition.”

Graham had a very serious expression on his face at this time.

He thought to himself for a brief moment before he nodded and said, “Okay, I will call Aurora right now.”

Then, he quickly took out his cell phone and made a phone call to Aurora.

At this time, Aurora was practicing her fighting skills in the villa.

There was a huge room that was specifically reserved as Aurora’s gym and exercise room in the Quinton family villa.

Aurora had been obsessed with fighting and exercising ever since she was a young girl. Therefore, she would always be working out and practicing her fighting skills at home whenever she had any free time to herself.

Ever since she had gotten to know Charlie Wade, Aurora had been practicing even harder.

In her opinion, Charlie Wade was a very capable and powerful man, and he would never be interested in a weak woman.

Therefore, she wanted to work hard to improve her own strength and physical abilities. Even if she knew that it would be impossible for her to catch up to Charlie Wade’s strength and abilities, she did not want him to look down on her!

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 633

Aurora was sweating profusely and panting from exhaustion at this time.

She had already completed several sets of exercises that she had planned for herself. After she was done with her exercises, she carefully observed herself in the huge mirror in front of her.

In fact, Aurora had a very good figure.

Since she was frequently exercising, her figure was very fit and muscular, and she had a better body line and shape compared to any ordinary girl.

At this time, Aurora was wearing a very tight-fitting shirt and a pair of yoga pants that were hugging her waist, hips, and legs as she tied her hair up in a neat ponytail. She looked extremely hot!

As she was admiring her figure in the mirror, all that was running through her mind was Charlie Wade.

As she thought about Charlie Wade, she suddenly felt very embarrassed and started blushing immediately.

Her father had always asked her to look for ways to get closer to Charlie Wade. However, Charlie Wade was always very mysterious with his whereabouts, and it seemed as though he was always appearing one moment and disappearing in the next. Even if Aurora wanted to look for him, she did not have any suitable reasons at all.

When she asked for Charlie Wade’s help to save her best friend the last time, she never expected Charlie Wade to not only help her best friend get rid of the other party’s psychological hints and manipulation, but that he would also unexpectedly turn Kian into the laughingstock of the entire country. Aurora could not help but admire and worship Charlie Wade for what he had done.

She had always liked and appreciated powerful men who could not only completely conquer her body and mind, but also a man who would be able to make her love him, believe in him, obey him, and even listen to everything that he said. To Aurora, Charlie Wade was the perfect candidate!

Just as she was thinking about Charlie Wade, her cell phone that was on the floor started ringing.

The cell phone’s ringtone disrupted her thoughts immediately. Aurora looked down at her cell phone and realized that it was a phone call from her father. So, she quickly answered the phone without any hesitation.


Graham quickly asked her solemnly, “Aurora, I have something to ask you, but you have to promise to answer me truthfully!”

Aurora did not know why her father was being so stern and serious. Therefore, she hurriedly replied, “Okay, dad. Please go ahead and ask me anything. I will answer all of your questions truthfully.”

Graham asked, “Tell me the truth now. Were you the one who asked Mr. Wade to do whatever he did to Kian?”

“Ahh?!” Aurora was very flustered at this time and she quickly asked, “Dad, how did you find out about it? Did Mr. Wade tell you about it?”

Graham was shocked!

It was indeed her doing!

This girl had truly overstepped her boundaries!

Why had Charlie Wade helped her to deal with the second son of the Webb family?

Wasn’t this simply causing trouble for Charlie Wade?

As he thought about this, Graham blurted out, “You little brat! I asked you to go to the Aurous University of Finance and Economics to study! Not to cause any trouble for Mr. Wade! Didn’t you know about Kian’s family background?!”

Aurora replied in a very aggrieved manner, “I really did not know… I only knew that his family was pretty well off. I did not know everything in detail…”

After that, Aurora continued speaking, “Besides, I did not ask Mr. Wade to deal with Kian at all. Kian was the one who used some psychological hints to control and manipulate my best friend. My best friend nearly committed suicide a couple of times because of him. Therefore, I had no other choice but to go and ask Mr. Wade for help…”

“Furthermore, I only intended to ask Mr. Wade to help me save my best friend. However, Mr. Wade was very dissatisfied with Kian and decided to teach him a lesson instead because he did not want to allow Kian to continue going around and causing harm to others!”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 634

”Sigh!” Graham could not help but sigh out loud. After that, he said, “You’ve caused quite some harm to Mr. Wade this time! Now, the Webb family is here to look for him! Donald is gathering all the heads of the powerful and prestigious families in Aurouss Hilll to help him find out more information about Mr. Wade!”

“What?!” Aurora started panicking, and she blurted out immediately, “Dad, will the Webb family try to find fault with Mr. Wade?”

Graham replied, “The Webb family is after Mr. Wade’s life!”

Aurora cried out anxiously, and she hurriedly said, “Dad, this incident happened all because of me. Can you tell the Webb family that the reason why Kian turned out this way was because of me?! I do not want Mr. Wade to get involved and dragged into this matter because of me…”

“Are you honestly that stupid?!” Graham could not help but sigh as he said, “Do you think that the Webb family are really such reasonable people? Since Kian contracted this sudden illness because of Mr. Wade, do you honestly think that the Webb family will let Mr. Wade off just like that even if they find out that you were the one who asked for his help? If they find out the truth, they will definitely get rid of both you and Mr. Wade!”

“What should I do, then?” Aurora cried as she said, “Dad, I truly did not mean to cause any trouble for Mr. Wade. He’s not in danger, right?”

Graham replied, “The Webb family has not found out that Mr. Wade was the one who did this. However, you have to tell me everything clearly now. How many people know about this matter?”

Aurora replied, “Only Mr. Wade and I know about this matter.”

“Only the both of you?” Graham asked puzzledly, “What about your best friend? Doesn’t she know anything about this matter at all?”

Aurora quickly replied, “It’s actually very strange. It seems as though my friend does not remember anything about Mr. Wade at all. When she recalled this incident, she simply remembered that she suddenly had an epiphany that she should live well so that she could serve and make a contribution to society.”

Graham could not help but sigh as he said, “Mr. Wade’s methods and skills are truly superb! Both Kian and your best friend could not remember him at all after this happened.”

As he spoke about this, Graham said again, “If that is the case, I feel much more relieved then. However, you should also take extra caution, and you must remember not to mention or talk about this matter to anyone else. Do you understand?”

Aurora hurriedly replied, “Yes, dad. I understand!”

“Okay.” Graham continued, “To not cause any more trouble for Mr. Wade, you should also attend classes diligently from now onward. Avoid making any contact with Mr. Wade for the time being so that no one will find out about your relationship with him. Do you understand?”

In truth, Aurora felt a little sad and disappointed when her father told her not to contact Charlie Wade.

However, when she thought about it, she knew that her father had only said this because he did not want her to cause any trouble for Charlie Wade. Therefore, she quickly agreed and said, “Dad, I know what I have to do. Don’t worry. I will be obedient and listen to your instructions.”

“Okay, then.” Graham felt a little more relieved at this time. “Okay, then, let’s just do that for the time being. I have something else that I need to do now.”

After he was done speaking, Graham hung up the phone immediately.

As soon as he hung up the phone, Zeke hurriedly asked, “Graham, was Mr. Wade really the one who gave Kian that strange illness?”

Graham nodded with a serious expression on his face. After that, he looked at Albert before he said seriously, “Don Albertt, your analysis was right!”

Albert said, “If so, should we talk to Mr. Wade about this matter? Should we tell him everything so that he can be prepared for what’s coming?”

“Of course!” Graham hurriedly said, “We should not only tell him everything, but we also have to clarify the entire situation and let him know our position and attitude. Otherwise, when Mr. Wade finds out that we were having dinner with Donald, it would be very troublesome if he misunderstands us and thinks that we are going to back Donald up.”

As soon as he spoke, Graham sighed before he said, “If I knew that Donald and his son, Sean, were planning to deal with Mr. Wade, I would not have attended the banquet dinner tonight even if it cost me my life!”

“Yes, me too!” Albert cursed, “I thought that I should be considerate and meticulous since the Webb family, the top and most prestigious family in the South Region, wanted to host a banquet dinner at The Heaven Springs. However, I really did not expect that the father and son were actually planning to deal with Mr. Wade! If I knew about this matter, I would rather offend the Webb family than allow Donald to host a banquet at The Heaven Springs. I even allowed him to use the Diamond Room that Mr. Wade previously sat in…”

Zeke blurted out, “Mr. Wade has been very kind and gracious toward the three of us. I am even carrying the magical pill that Mr. Wade gave to me on my body all the time. Therefore, the three of us should always remain loyal and dedicated to Mr. Wade. The most important thing right now is for us to inform Mr. Wade about this matter and explain everything to him so that he knows of our attitude and loyalty toward him.”

Graham nodded before he said, “That’s right. I will give Mr. Wade a call right now!”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 635

Charlie Wade had just eaten his dinner and was cleaning up the dishes in the kitchen at this time. When he received the phone call from Graham, he quickly answered the call before he asked, “Mr. Quinton, why are you looking for me?”

Graham hurriedly replied, “Mr. Wade, there is something I have to report to you after discussing this matter with Mr. White and Don Albertt.”

Charlie Wade smiled indifferently before he said, “If there is anything you need to tell me, you can just speak to me directly. You don’t have to be so polite toward me.”

Graham quickly replied, “Okay, Mr. Wade. I will just say it, then. Today, Donald from the Webb family in Sudbury hosted a banquet dinner at The Heaven Springs. He invited some of the heads of the most wealthy and powerful families in Aurouss Hilll including Mr. White, Don Albertt, and myself to attend the banquet dinner tonight. Then, he asked us for some help to deal with some matters, and we felt that something was not right. Therefore, we decided to report this to you instead.”

As soon as he heard that the Webb family had hosted a banquet dinner, Charlie Wade asked, “Why did the Webb family look for you?”

Graham explained, “Kian from the Webb family encountered a terrible situation not too long ago. The Webb family is trying to look for clues and evidence everywhere to find the culprit who placed Kian in this condition. I called Aurora just now and she has already confessed and told me everything that happened. I am afraid that the Webb family will come and look for you…”

Charlie Wade smiled indifferently before he said, “Yes, I am indeed the reason why Kian is in that condition right now. The main reason why I did what I did was because I found that young boy’s behavior and attitude very unacceptable. I think that it is okay for him to fall in love with girls and start a relationship with them. However, I find it really very unforgivable for him to deliberately play around with these girls and to even manipulate them into hurting themselves because of him. Therefore, I decided to teach him a lesson so that he will not be able to hurt others anymore in the future.”

Graham was very surprised at this time.

He was not surprised at what Charlie Wade had done, but he was surprised at Charlie Wade’s direct and straight confession.

Graham felt that in Charlie Wade’s opinion, turning the second son of the Webb family into a poop-eating monster was no different than simply squeezing an ant to death. He could not help but feel that Charlie Wade was not worried about the consequences of his actions at all.

At this time, he could not help but wonder how Charlie Wade could actually be so confident? How could he not have a care in the world even when he was facing the Webb family?

In the South Region, everyone would be in awe whenever someone mentioned the Webb family, but it seemed as though the Webb family was nothing to Charlie Wade at all.

Once Graham had regained his senses, he quickly said, “Mr. Wade, don’t worry. The three of us will be very tight-lipped about this matter, and we will keep this to ourselves. Even if the Webb family finds out that you were the culprit behind this matter and wants to find trouble with you, we will not agree to help them at all!”

Charlie Wade smiled before he said, “You don’t have to be so nervous and worried. They can come and try to exact revenge on me if they want to. I am Charlie Wade Wade, and I have never feared anything.”

After that, Charlie Wade continued speaking, “In fact, you could even tell them directly that I was the one who did that to Kian. If Donald is not convinced or if he wants to deal with me, he can come and confront me directly then.”

Graham quickly replied, “Mr. Wade, I know that you do not think that the Webb family is a threat to you at all. However, the Webb family has a very strong powerful status and strength in the South Region. It will surely be very troublesome for you in the future if you choose to become enemies with them.”

After that, Graham continued, “Mr. Wade, in my opinion, I would like to suggest that you keep a low profile and not let the Webb family find out the truth about this matter. Otherwise, you will definitely face a lot of trouble in the future.”

Charlie Wade smiled before he said, “Mr. Quinton, thank you for your concern, but you really do not need to worry too much about this matter. There is always a solution to every situation. We will deal with the problem when the time comes.”

“Alright, then.” After that, Graham continued speaking, “By the way, Mr. Wade, there is another reason why the Webb family decided to host this banquet dinner tonight.”

Charlie Wade asked, “What is the second matter?”

Graham replied, “The Webb family seems to be very interested in getting Sean and Jasmine to get married. However, according to Donald, Jasmine has publicly confessed that she is already in love with someone else. Therefore, the Webb family wants us to help them uncover the identity of the man Jasmine is in love with…”

At this time, Graham asked tentatively, “Mr. Wade, are you the person Miss Moore is in love with?

Charlie Wade paused slightly before he said, “You should not be talking nonsense without any concrete evidence. After all, I am already a married man. If this kind of rumors spread to the public, it will leave a huge impact on the girl’s reputation.”

Graham hurriedly replied, “Yes, Mr. Wade. You are right to criticize me. I will never say anything like this again in the future!”

“Okay.” Charlie Wade said lightly, “The three of you do not have to worry too much about me. Just do what you have to do and don’t take anything to heart. The Webb family alone is not a threat to me, and they will not be able to do anything to me.”

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