The Amazing Son in Law

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 646-650 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 646- 650)

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The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 646

Claire Wilson Wilson came out of the bedroom as she stretched her waist and asked Charlie Wade, “Do you have something on today?”

Charlie Wade replied, “I am going to attend a friend’s birthday party later at noon.”

After that, Charlie Wade asked Claire Wilson Wilson, “Wife, did you need something?”

Claire Wilson Wilson nodded slightly before she said, “Yes, I wanted to do some shopping, but if you’re busy, you can go ahead and do your own thing! I will ask Loreen to accompany me.”

Charlie Wade replied, “Sorry, my dear wife. You can go shopping with Loreen today. I will accompany you some other day.”

Claire Wilson Wilson smiled slightly as she said, “Okay, then.”

Charlie Wade’s mother-in-law, Elaine Ma, had a very black face as she said, “Oh, Charlie Wade, are you going to attend your friend’s birthday party? Is he old?”

Charlie Wade nodded as he said, “Yes, he is eighty years old.”

Elaine Ma sneered before she said, “Are you trying to use your set of silly skills to try and fool those old men so that you can cheat them out of all their money?”

Charlie Wade simply replied, “I did not lie to anyone.”

“You are still pretending even now?” Elaine Ma said as she snorted coldly. “Are there any more wealthy and powerful figures in Aurouss Hilll that have not been fooled by you yet? Let me tell you something. I can already predict your future. You are no different from those fortune-tellers from back then. Only two futures are awaiting you. You will either end up in prison or get hacked to death!”

Elaine Ma had been very upset with Charlie Wade recently. The main reason was simply because Charlie Wade has donated all of the money she had lost to Linda and Hannah to the Hope Foundation.

Now, her pockets were even cleaner than her face. Even though her store-value card for the beauty salon had already been used up, she did not have the money to top up the card to renew the beauty services. Elaine Ma did not know how she was going to explain things to her husband or daughter if they found out she had lost all the family money.

Elaine Ma felt that Charlie Wade was the main culprit behind this matter!

Therefore, she was naturally very unhappy with Charlie Wade.

When Jacob Wilson heard Elaine Ma targeting Charlie Wade again, he hurriedly stood up to defend him as he said, “Seriously, why are you doing this again? What did Charlie Wade ever do to you? Don’t you think that Charlie Wade has really done well to prove himself during this time?”

“What a load of crap!” Elaine Ma did not know that when Jacob Wilson had attended a gathering with his old classmates not too long ago, he had managed to save himself a lot of face because of Charlie Wade.

When Elaine Ma saw her husband speaking up for Charlie Wade, she started cursing immediately, “Jacob Wilson, don’t be fooled by this guy over here! Otherwise, you will not even know when you have already been sold out by him!”

Jacob Wilson was too lazy to be bothered with Elaine Ma. Instead, he simply handed his BMW car keys over to Charlie Wade before he said, “Charlie Wade, Dad has already reserved a room at The Heaven Springs for dinner tonight. I will be having dinner with the leaders of the Calligraphy and Painting Association. I will definitely be drinking a little with them, so I don’t think that I will be able to drive home later. Can you keep my car keys so that you can come and pick me up from The Heaven Springs later tonight?”

Charlie Wade nodded slightly before he took the car keys and asked, “Dad, what time should I pick you up?”

Jacob Wilson replied, “We have already made an appointment to meet up for dinner at seven o’clock. I think that we should be done by about half-past eight to nine o’clock. You can come to The Heaven Springs to wait for me at half-past eight tonight.”


As soon as Charlie Wade had agreed to pick Jacob Wilson up, Elaine Ma anxiously asked, “Jacob Wilson! Are you going to treat your guests to dinner at The Heaven Springs tonight? Where did you get so much money?”

Jacob Wilson did not dare to say that Charlie Wade was the one who had given him the money. Therefore, he retorted immediately, “Why do you care so much about the origins of my money? I am not spending your money anyway!”

Elaine Ma replied angrily, “Don’t you know that it will cost you at least twenty to thirty thousand dollars just to book a room to host a dinner at The Heaven Springs? Do you have so much money to waste?”

Jacob Wilson said angrily, “I’ve already told you a long time ago that I want to compete for the position of the standing director. What is twenty or thirty thousand dollars for a meal? Besides, I am not spending any of your money at all!”

Elaine Ma became very furious, and she blurted out, “I can already go to the beauty salon to do several face and body treatments with twenty thousand dollars! Why do you have to use so much money just to entertain some guests for dinner?”

Jacob Wilson retorted, “I’ve never once stopped you when you go to the beauty salon and spend ten to twenty thousand dollars there every month! You are also keeping our family’s savings of more than two million dollars in your bank account. You can spend your money, and I can spend my own money. Why are you still trying to control what I do with my own money?”

Elaine Ma was startled when Jacob Wilson suddenly mentioned the family’s savings.

Their family savings of two million dollars was indeed supposed to be in her bank account, but now, it had already been donated to the Hope Foundation!
She did not even have money to go to a beauty salon for facials anymore!

How great would it be if she could use the twenty thousand dollars that Jacob Wilson was going to spend on food on her facials at the beauty salon instead?

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 647

Charlie Wade truly felt like laughing when he saw Elaine Ma’s performance.

He knew that Elaine Ma was really short of money right now. She usually spent a lot of money all by herself, but she had to be very sad now that all of her money was completely exhausted.

Now, Elaine Ma felt even more depressed when she saw that Jacob Wilson was going to The Heaven Springs for dinner tonight.

Sure enough, Elaine Ma said to Jacob Wilson, “No! I want you to give me the twenty thousand dollars you are going to spend on dinner tonight!”

“Why should I do that?” Jacob Wilson was also very anxious and he blurted out, “Elaine Ma, I am warning you not to go too far! All of our family’s savings are already in your hands. Even if you do not want to give it to me, it’s fine. Yet, you are still trying to ask me to give you my own money?”

Elaine Ma had a guilty conscience, but she continued speaking stubbornly, “Can’t you just go to a cheaper place for dinner tonight? You can just spend ten thousand dollars on dinner and give me the other ten thousand dollars instead!”

Jacob Wilson replied angrily, “You have so much money in your hands! Why do you have to take ten thousand dollars from me? Don’t you think that you are being too much?”

Elaine Ma said angrily, “I don’t care anymore! If you don’t give me ten thousand dollars today, I will not let you go out for dinner tonight! If I allow you to step out of this house today, it will mean that I, Elaine Ma, have already lost!”

“You are insane!” Jacob Wilson replied as he slammed his chopsticks down on the table. After that, he said angrily, “I am warning you not to take things too far, Elaine Ma! I’ve finally managed to invite the president and all the board members out for dinner tonight, and I have already informed them that we will be having dinner at The Heaven Springs. If you make me lose face, I will never forgive you or let you go just like this!”

“Alright, then! You can just come at me. Who is afraid of whom?”

Elaine Ma was very anxious because she really wanted to take the ten thousand dollars from Jacob Wilson!

If she could just get her hands on the ten thousand dollars, she would be able to renew her beauty pass and go for a facial with her friends later in the afternoon.

Earlier that morning, everyone in her group chat had already made an appointment with one another to go to the beauty salon for a facial together in the afternoon. However, since Elaine Ma did not have any more money inside her card, she could only decline the invitation under the pretext that she had something on in the afternoon.

If Jacob Wilson could give the ten thousand dollars to her, she could go and join her friends for a facial as usual!

Jacob Wilson almost cried out in anger when he heard Elaine Ma’s words. He stood up and glared at Elaine Ma as he said indignantly, “Elaine Ma, why are you so unreasonable? We always give you all the money we bring home, and I even gave you the hundreds of thousands of dollars that I made from my antique sales. Why are you still not satisfied with what you have? Don’t try and push your luck too far!”

Elaine Ma gritted her teeth before she said, “Is ten thousand dollars not enough for a meal? I just want to curb your habit of spending so wastefully and extravagantly! I really do not want you to be a spendthrift!”

Jacob Wilson’s eyes flashed red with anger as he said, “Think about it yourself! How much pocket money do I get from you throughout the entire year? When have I ever been wasteful or extravagant in my spending? In my opinion, you are the one who is wasteful and extravagant! Look at all the clothes and jewelry you own. Even though you cannot fit any more clothes into your cupboard, you still buy clothes endlessly!”

Elaine Ma replied angrily, “I have been suffering so many grievances for so many years after I married you! Can’t you just allow me to buy some clothes? Do you still have a conscience?”

After that, tears started rolling down Elaine Ma’s cheeks as she choked and said, “Back then, I suffered so much ridicule and insults when you got me pregnant before marriage! After marrying you, I was constantly bullied and humiliated by your mother. Now, you are even reprimanding me for simply buying some clothes for myself. I truly have a very miserable life!”

Jacob Wilson felt that he wanted to die at this point.

When they were younger, Elaine Ma was the one who had gotten him drunk so that she could end up sleeping with him!

If it weren’t because of what she had done, why would his first love have been so angry that she left for the United States?!

Elaine Ma had ruined his entire life, and the only reason why he chose to put up with her was because of his precious daughter. However, now, she would not even allow him to go out for dinner with his friends tonight! Wasn’t that a little too much?

As he thought about this, Jacob Wilson trembled in anger as he said, “Elaine Ma, don’t you know for yourself what you did back then? Do you really still have the gall to blame me for it?”

“What did I do?! You got me pregnant with your child!” Elaine Ma continued crying as she yelled out loud, “I was just an innocent girl whom you took advantage of after you got me drunk!”

“You… you are ridiculous!”

Jacob Wilson was so aggrieved that he truly felt like crying. Over the past few decades, he had been secretly enduring and suffering inside his heart. He never expected Elaine Ma to distort the truth and blame him for everything instead. How shameless could this woman be?!

At this time, Claire Wilson Wilson was already getting a little overwhelmed, and she said, “Dad, Mom, can the both of you just stop arguing already? Can we just have our breakfast in peace?”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 648

After that, Claire Wilson Wilson looked at Elaine Ma before she said, “Mom, can you stop making things difficult for dad already? He does not usually spend much money anyway. Why are you confronting him now that he simply wants to treat some of his friends to dinner?”

Elaine Ma said, “I am simply trying to save some money for the family! Are we the kind of family who should be spending twenty thousand dollars just for a meal?”

After that, Elaine Ma glared at Jacob Wilson before she said, “No matter what it is, you will have to give me the money today, whether you want to or not!”

In truth, Claire Wilson Wilson already knew what her mother was up to.

She knew that her mother was just a very materialistic person who was mad about money. If her father refused to give her mother the money today, it would be impossible for him to leave the house.

At this time, Claire Wilson Wilson quickly cut in. “Mom, stop making things difficult for dad. You want ten thousand dollars, right? I will give it to you.”

“Okay!” Elaine Ma replied in excitement, “Then you’d better transfer the money over to me right away!”

Claire Wilson Wilson nodded slightly before she took out her cell phone and transferred ten thousand dollars over to Elaine Ma.

Elaine Ma quickly turned on her cell phone to check that she had already received the money that Claire Wilson Wilson had transferred over to her. She could not help but grin to herself when she saw that she had already received the money.

After that, Elaine Ma quickly texted her group of five friends: [Sisters! I am joining all of you for the facial later in the afternoon!]

Someone in the group asked: [Eh! Didn’t you say that you had something on in the afternoon earlier in the morning?]

Elaine Ma hurriedly replied: [I was planning to go shopping at first, but my legs are hurting a little. So, I decided not to go shopping and to go to the beauty salon to do some facials and relax instead!]

Claire Wilson Wilson could not help but sigh helpless when she saw the look on her mother’s face after receiving the money from her. After all, Claire Wilson Wilson did not know that her mother was already left with nothing as she had already lost their entire family’s savings.

At this time, Charlie Wade’s cell phone started vibrating on the dining table.

It was a phone call from Jasmine.

Charlie Wade quickly picked up the phone to answer the call, and Jasmine’s gentle and pleasant voice sounded over the other end of the line, “Master Wade, I will arrive at your house in less than ten minutes. When will it be convenient for you to come out?”

Charlie Wade replied, “Please wait for me for a short while. I will come down after cleaning up the dishes when my family is done with breakfast.”

“Alright, then. I will be waiting for you outside your house.”

Jasmine could not help but feel a little distressed after listening to Charlie Wade’s reply.

Master Wade was such a perfect and capable man. Why did he still have to clean up the dishes at home? Wasn’t it simply too insulting to him?!

At this time, Jasmine could not help but think in her heart that if Charlie Wade was her man, she would never allow him to do any housework at all!

After all, a man should go out and pursue a career for himself, and he should be carefully served and waited on by his wife when he comes home. How could a man be made to do the house chores at home?!

On one hand, Jasmine felt very strongly about Charlie Wade being treated so worthlessly, and on the other hand, Jasmine was very eager to become the woman who could serve Charlie Wade well at home.

As soon as Charlie Wade hung up the phone, Claire Wilson Wilson asked, “Charlie Wade, is your friend here to pick you up?”

“Yes.” Charlie Wade nodded before he said, “My friend’s granddaughter just came over here to pick me up.”

Claire Wilson Wilson nodded, and without even thinking about it, she quickly said, “Alright then, you should just go now. I will help to clean up the dishes today. Don’t keep her waiting for too long.”

Charlie Wade hurriedly replied, “My dear wife, it is okay to let her wait for a short while. I will leave as soon as I am done with the dishes.”

Claire Wilson Wilson quickly pushed him away before she said, “Oh, come on. Just let me do the dishes today. You should leave since you have something on. Don’t make people wait too long for you!”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 649

When Charlie Wade saw how persistent Claire Wilson Wilson was, he nodded as he said, “Alright then, wife. Thank you for your hard work. I will leave now.”

“Alright, go!” Claire Wilson Wilson then quickly asked, “Since you are attending a friend’s birthday banquet, did you prepare a present for him?”

Charlie Wade hummed before he said, “Yes, I’ve prepared a gift for him already.”

Claire Wilson Wilson hurriedly asked, “What gift did you prepare for him? Make sure that it is not too petty or cheap, otherwise, he might feel a little dissatisfied!”

Charlie Wade smiled slightly before he said, “I have already prepared something that I made myself for him. It is not the gift that counts, but the thought behind it that matters anyway. After all, my friend does not really care that much about money. Therefore, I believe he will definitely love my gift.”

“That’s great!” Claire Wilson Wilson nodded before she smiled and said, “If that is the case, you should leave now!”


At this time, Charlie Wade got up before he put on an ordinary coat. After that, he bid farewell to Claire Wilson Wilson and his father and mother-in-law before he left the house immediately.

As soon as Charlie Wade stepped out of the house, Elaine Ma put her cell phone down before she looked at Claire Wilson Wilson with a serious expression on her face. “Claire Wilson Wilson, why are you spoiling Charlie Wade so much nowadays? What else can that useless piece of trash do besides help with all the housework at home? I was even thinking of letting him do even more house chores at home. On the other hand, you are simply offering to help Charlie Wade do all the housework now!”

Claire Wilson Wilson hurriedly replied, “Mom, since Charlie Wade has something on, just let him leave earlier. I can do these simple house chores such as cleaning up the dishes after breakfast. It is not a big deal anyway.”

Elaine Ma blurted out, “That is not what I think! You should treat a man the same way you would raise a dog! If you are strict with your discipline with him from the beginning to the end, he will not even dare to randomly poop and pee at home, let alone jump on the bed or bite on any of your furniture. Moreover, he will even wag his tail when he sees you.”

After that, Elaine Ma continued speaking solemnly, “However, if you just relax a little and give him some freedom, he will not only be even more arrogant, but he might also turn around to bite you in the back one day! Just look at your father whom I have been disciplining over the years. Don’t you think that he is very obedient and submissive to me now?”

When Jacob Wilson heard Elaine Ma’s words, the expression on his face turned extremely ugly. He could not help but curse in his heart. D*mn this stinky woman! So, you have always been treating me like a dog?

However, Jacob Wilson did not dare to get mad or lose his temper at Elaine Ma. Therefore, he could only swallow his anger and keep everything to himself even though he was really upset.

Claire Wilson Wilson glanced sympathetically at her father before she said helplessly, “Mom, I will clean up the dishes, and then I will also go out after that.”

After that, Claire Wilson Wilson ignored Elaine Ma and quickly took all the dishes as she headed straight into the kitchen.

The kitchen window of Claire Wilson Wilson’s house just so happened to face the entrance of the community. Therefore, when Claire Wilson Wilson subconsciously looked out the window as she was doing the dishes, she could see her husband, Charlie Wade, walking outside.

Charlie Wade did not know that his wife, Claire Wilson Wilson, was looking at him from the kitchen window at this time.

When he stepped out of the gate, he saw a red Rolls-Royce Phantom parked outside the community gate.

Immediately afterward, a very elegant woman with a noble temperament, a beautiful face, and long, slender legs stepped out of the car. This young woman was none other than Jasmine, the young lady of the Moore family.

Jasmine was wearing a red customized dress, and she looked even more beautiful today compared to any other day. She truly carried the elegance and aura of a young lady from a wealthy and powerful family.

Even though Jasmine said that the reason why she dressed up today was because of her grandfather’s birthday celebration, the real reason why she had dressed up so beautifully was for Charlie Wade.

After all, a woman would doll up just to please herself. This phrase had not changed at all ever since ancient times. Jasmine simply hoped that Charlie Wade would notice her beauty and pay more attention as well as show more concern toward her in the future.

Charlie Wade could not help but look Jasmine up and down in surprise when he saw her.

Even though this was not the first time Charlie Wade had seen Jasmine’s beauty, he could not help but praise her immediately, “Jasmine, you look truly beautiful today.”

Jasmine looked at Charlie Wade with affection in her eyes. When she heard his words, she could not help but feel her heart fluttering inside. She was also blushing a little.

At this time, Jasmine held her dress as she turned gently in front of Charlie Wade and asked, “Do you really think that I look very beautiful in this outfit today?”

Charlie Wade smiled faintly before he replied, “Of course! You look extremely stunning and I think that this dress fits your temperament and elegance perfectly.”

Jasmine became even more embarrassed, and she could feel the tips of her ears burning.

Then, Jasmine bowed respectfully before she said shyly, “Thank you, Master Wade, for your kind words.”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 650

Charlie Wade smiled slightly before he said, “Thank you for coming all the way here to pick me up today.”

Jasmine hurriedly replied, “Yes, this is my responsibility. After all, it is the Moore family’s honor that you are able to attend my grandfather’s birthday banquet today.”

As she spoke, Jasmine hurriedly trotted two steps forward as she took the initiative to open the door of the co-driver seat before she bowed slightly and made a gesture at Charlie Wade as she blushed and said, “Master Wade, please get into the car.”

Charlie Wade nodded before he got into the car directly without being courteous or polite to Jasmine at all.

If anyone saw Jasmine, the famous and prestigious young lady of the Moore family, personally taking the initiative to open the car door for a young man, they would be so shocked that their jaw would be hanging out in the open.

However, no matter which aspect it was from, Charlie Wade felt that it was only natural for him to be worthy of Jasmine’s act of opening the car door for him.

In terms of identity, he was the young lord of the Wade family. The Wade family was definitely more powerful and influential compared to the Moore family.

In terms of strength, he was Master Wade. Even Jasmine’s grandfather was very respectful and polite to him. Therefore, Charlie Wade felt that it was only natural for Jasmine to open the car door for him.

Charlie Wade did not know that Claire Wilson Wilson happened to witness this scene clearly for herself.

Claire Wilson Wilson had already met Jasmine once. This was because Jasmine had personally made a trip to her studio’s opening ceremony to congratulate her.

When she had seen Jasmine the last time, Claire Wilson Wilson had felt as though she was inferior to Jasmine in every way possible.

Claire Wilson Wilson knew that she could not compare to Jasmine in terms of their family backgrounds, their appearance, their temperament, ability, and also financial resources. Claire Wilson Wilson could not help but feel a little ashamed and embarrassed because she felt as though she had met a stunning and gorgeous beauty who was better than her in every aspect.

However, Claire Wilson Wilson would never have expected that Jasmine, who was so well-known and reputable in Aurouss Hilll, would actually be so respectful toward her husband!

She not only drove all the way here to personally pick him up, but she even opened the car door for him! Why was Jasmine being so polite toward her husband?

As she thought about this, Claire Wilson Wilson could not help but feel a little upset. It seemed as though she was jealous!

At this time, a thought suddenly ran through her mind…

Was it because Jasmine was interested in her husband?!

However, in the next moment, Claire Wilson Wilson could not help but feel that her suspicions were a little too absurd!

What was Jasmine’s identity?

She was the young lady of the Moore family! She had a family asset exceeding one hundred billion dollars.

Who was her husband? He was nothing but a vagrant!

Even if Charlie Wade really had some mysterious skills and abilities in Feng Shui, it would be completely impossible for Charlie Wade to be able to match up with the young lady of a big family like Jasmine.

However, Claire Wilson Wilson could not help but wonder why Jasmine was being so polite and respectful toward her husband?

Claire Wilson Wilson could not help but feel a little irritated and annoyed because she could not seem to figure out the answer to this question.

At this time, Jasmine had already started the Rolls-Royce as she left the community area with Charlie Wade.

Claire Wilson Wilson felt even more upset when she saw the luxurious car gradually driving away from their house.

Was there something unspeakable going on between the both of them?

She subconsciously took out her cell phone because she wanted to call Charlie Wade. However, she hesitated as soon as she held the cell phone in her hand.

After much deliberation, Claire Wilson Wilson decided to find another opportunity to ask Charlie Wade regarding this matter after he had come home instead.

She decided not to act so impulsively.

They were husband and wife after all. So, she should also have a considerate level of trust and respect for him!

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