The Amazing Son in Law

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 666-670 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 666- 670)

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 666

After the three sons, Jasmine and Reuben walked on stage, knelt in front of Lord Mooore, and presented their gifts.

Oscar then announced:

“The eldest grandson, Reuben Moore, presents a pair of imperial jadeite ornaments, worth 80 million.”

“The eldest granddaughter, Jasmine Moore, presents a painting, The Blinding of Samson by Rembrandt, worth 70 million.”

After the family finished their rounds, the guests stepped forward one after another, giving gifts.

Although the guests’ gifts were not as valuable as the Moore family members’, they were also quite pricey between the range of 10 to 30 million.

Next, Donald and Sean stood up. Sean held the gift carefully and walked toward Lord Mooore with his father.

On his way, Sean shot a scornful look at Charlie Wade.

He was about to give Lord Mooore a priceless piece of authentic painting from Vermeer, it had to be the most valuable gift among all the guests!

He was certain that Charlie Wade’s gift would pale in comparison to his gift, he would know by then that they were from different worlds!

Sean was feeling extremely proud of himself as he imagined the scene. He held the painting carefully and bowed before Lord Mooore. Then, he marched forward and said with a smile, “Grandpa Moore, this is a gift from me! I heard that you like Johannes Vermeer’s painting, so I had someone bring one from our house, The Geographer, which is worth hundreds of millions of dollars. I hope you like it.”

Then, Oscar immediately announced loudly, “The eldest son of the Webb family presents a copy of Vermeer’s original The Geographer, with a value of over 100 million!”

His announcement attracted curious gazes and attention from all the guests.

Vermeer’s paintings were relatively few and rare in the market, and every piece of his painting was extremely priceless.

Any of the most common paintings came with a price tag of at least 30 to 40 million, let alone the extremely rare ones.

Previously, Vermeer’s The Girl with the Pearl Earring had been sold abroad for 3.6 billion dollars.

The Geographer was also one of Vermeer’s rare treasures. Five years ago, it had been sold to a mysterious rich man at an auction at a price of nearly 200 million dollars. There was almost no news about the painting ever since.

No one expected that the painting would resurface at the Webb family’s house. It could be assumed that the mysterious man who bought the painting was them.

Five years ago, the painting was worth 200 million dollars. If it was auctioned off now, the value would possibly be increased to 300 million!

It could even fetch 400 million if they were lucky!

Lord Mooore blinked in astonishment when he heard the announcement.

He never expected the Webb family to be so generous in giving him the painting of The Geographer that was worth more than 300 million!

Everyone in Aurouss Hilll knew that he liked Vermeer’s painting, so it was impossible for the Webb family to overlook it.

By presenting Vermeer’s The Geographer as a birthday gift, they were completely catering to his pleasure regardless of cost.

Lord Mooore couldn’t hide his excitement and said, “Sean, thank you, you are so generous! I’ve been looking for this painting for a long time, thank you for giving it to me. I appreciate it very much!”

Sean was very proud and delighted upon hearing this.

Haha, he had guessed it right! The old man was obsessed with Vermeer, he couldn’t get his eyes off the painting!

However, he donned a calm and composed expression and said, “Grandpa Moore, you’re welcome. This is just a token of my affection.”

Then, he couldn’t help but glance at Charlie Wade.

Charlie Wade had not yet come to give his gifts. Now that he had approached the stage first to give the most expensive gift before Charlie Wade, there was no way Charlie Wade could beat him at this!

Hence, he smiled and said, “Brother Wade, I wonder what kind of gifts you have prepared for Grandpa Moore? Grandpa Moore admires you so much, you wouldn’t let him down, would you?”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 667

In Sean’s opinion, he was convinced that there was nothing Charlie Wade, the deadbeat moocher, could give to Lord Mooore that was comparable to Vermeer’s painting!

Thus, he concluded that he would win over Charlie Wade big time and also become the winner in the gift-giving round who surprised the guests and impressed Lord Mooore the most.

After all, in Sean’s view, Charlie Wade was just a worthless loser who had chosen to marry into his wife’s family, it was impossible for him to come out with a decent gift, so no matter what his present was, it couldn’t possibly be on par with the precious painting he had given Lord Mooore!

Therefore, he sneered, “Grandpa Moore, I heard that Master Wade has been lingering in the feng shui fraud for some time now, he must have accumulated a significant fortune from all the scamming he did. I bet his birthday gift to you must be a precious treasure that is worth hundreds of millions, or maybe even billions of dollars!”

Then, he turned his sneer at Charlie Wade, “The painting I gave is only worth 400 million, I believe your gift must be more expensive than mine!”

Lord Mooore frowned at Sean’s sarcastic remark, his dissatisfaction toward the young man growing. He then said with a cold expression, “No matter what Master Wade gives to me, they are all priceless treasures!”

Sean was taken aback by the cold treatment and unfriendly tone.

What kind of magic potion had Charlie Wade given to Lord Mooore anyway? Why was he taking his side all the time?!

Meanwhile, Charlie Wade stood up and approached the stage since his name had been mentioned.

Everyone glued their eyes at him, wondering what kind of gift he would give.

However, he was not holding anything in his hands nor did it look like he was carrying anything inside his pockets.

Did Charlie Wade plan to play “empty-handed” with Lord Mooore on such a glamorous occasion?!

Even if he wanted to give a painting, it was impossible to put it into his pocket no matter how tiny the painting was!

Since Charlie Wade was walking up empty-handed, most people assumed that he did not prepare a gift. Even if he had, it was highly likely to be a worthless piece of shit and completely incomparable to the Vermeer painting.

On the other hand, Lord Mooore was sitting at the edge of his chair, his heart in his mouth.

He focused entirely on Charlie Wade.

In truth, he was shaking in wonderment when he saw Charlie Wade approach him empty-handed!

His biggest concern was seeing Charlie Wade holding a gift box, a scroll, or some physical object to come to him.

Because at a moment like this, he didn’t want anything except the Rejuvenating Pill!

Vermeer’s painting was indeed an awesome present, it truly catered to his preference as antiquity.

However, it was just his hobby.

When you were on the verge of dying, what was the use of putting all his favorite things in front of him?

He would rather exchange all of those things for a few more days to live.

Thus, Lord Mooore was looking forward to Charlie Wade giving him the Rejuvenating Pill! It could be regarded as his greatest expectation right now.

At this moment, Charlie Wade had come to a stop in front of Lord Mooore, calm and tranquil.

Before he could speak, Sean interjected mockingly, “Hey, Brother Wade, don’t you think you’re a little bit too stingy? Today is Grandpa Moore’s 80th birthday, how could you attend his banquet empty-handed? The nerves you’ve got!”

Charlie Wade smiled slightly and asked, “Who told you that I didn’t prepare any gift?”

“Where is your gift, then? Show us!”

Sean said contemptuously, “Did you simply buy something off the shelf and come? Open your eyes and look around, which of these gifts is worth ten million or below?”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 668

Charlie Wade smiled at him with feigned ignorance and retrieved a small wooden box from his pocket.

Charlie Wade had bought the wooden box by the street for five dollars. He had bought it because he thought it was inappropriate to put the pill directly into his pocket or wrap it with a napkin.

Sean couldn’t conceal his disdain when he saw the wooden box and sneered, “D*mn, what the heck is that? Did you buy that by the street for ten dollars?”

Charlie Wade smiled. “You are half right. Yes, I bought it by the street, but it only cost me five dollars instead of ten.”

Everyone gaped in shock at Charlie Wade’s remark!

Did he even take Lord Mooore seriously?

How could he come to Lord Mooore’s birthday with a five-dollar wooden box?!

Even if there was something in the box, it would be some lousy junk, right?

He wouldn’t put something valuable inside such a shabby-looking box.

Hence, everyone started booing at Charlie Wade.

Even Reuben covered his mouth and tutted contemptuously.

Sean howled indignantly as if he had caught Charlie Wade red-handed, “Charlie Wade Wade, you are being so disrespectful! How dare you give Grandpa Moore such junk? You’re doing this intentionally, aren’t you?”

Ignoring him, Charlie Wade opened the small wooden box, revealing the black and round pill inside, and said to Lord Mooore, “Mr. Moore, this is the birthday gift I prepared for you by chance, the Rejuvenating Pill. I hope you like it.”

He used the term ‘by chance’ in order to avoid unnecessary problems.

Lord Mooore was trembling in excitement when he saw the pill! He stood up, feeling a surge of energy rushing to the top of his head.

He started shaking violently as soon as he got up as the uncontrollable excitement surged through his body!

He had been wishing, even in his dreams, that Master Wade would bless him with the rare chance that he had given to Anthony, but he could only keep it as a secret as he knew the chance was so precious and exceptional.

However, he never expected that his ultimate dream would come true, and it was even better now because it had happened on his birthday!

Master Wade had granted him the precious dream!

The guests watched intensely as Lord Mooore walked toward Charlie Wade on shaky legs.

Those who didn’t know Charlie Wade assumed that Lord Mooore was agitated and infuriated by Charlie Wade’s mischief as he had never suffered such humiliation in his life. They assumed that he would slap Charlie Wade in the face and kick him out of here.

Sean took a peek and saw the dark, unassuming pill lying in the box, and he couldn’t see anything mystical about it. He huffed in disdain, “Charlie Wade, are you honestly going to give Lord Mooore a shitty pill on his 80th birthday? Isn’t that an enhancement pill you just bought off the street? Are you sure the people who take it won’t die?!”

Charlie Wade ignored him and explained to Lord Mooore, “Mr. Moore, this Rejuvenating Pill has the effect of prolonging life and improving physical fitness. After taking it, it can make you feel ten years younger, and your life expectancy will be extended by at least ten years.”

Sean couldn’t help but shake his head in amusement and tease, “Oh my goodness, Charlie Wade, do you think you can fool the almighty and clever Grandpa Moore with that nonsense? What kind of a shitty enhancement pill can make someone ten years younger? What kind of joke are you trying to tell? You’re certainly treating all of us as fools, aren’t you?”

The guests nodded simultaneously. They all agreed that Charlie Wade’s claims were ridiculous and out of this world.

A pill that could make someone ten years younger? Who was he trying to trick?!

However, out of everyone’s expectation, Lord Mooore came to Charlie Wade, trembling, and suddenly, knelt on the floor!

Loud gasps resonated across the banquet hall instantly, and everyone was so shocked as if they had been struck by lightning!

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 669

No one would have imagined that the 80-year-old Lord Mooore would actually kneel to Charlie Wade!

Supposedly, when someone lived to be 80 years old, his parents and elders might have already passed away. No one, not even God himself, deserved the privilege of getting him to kneel before them.

Moreover, Lord Mooore was the head of the Moore family! The largest and most prominent family in Aurouss Hilll!

Their 80-year-old family patriarch had literally knelt before a young man in his twenties!

This was incredulously extraordinary and bizarre!

Sean was equally dumbfounded.

What the hell?!

Had the old man actually knelt for a piece of enhancement pill?

You should’ve said so sooner!

I could’ve used the 400 million dollars on the Vermeer’s painting to buy enhancement pills, it would have been enough to cater to your needs until your 200th birthday!

I didn’t even ask you to kneel to me, betrothing Jasmine to me was all I asked for!

Meanwhile, the Moore family members were all donning different expressions.

Jasmine was filled with uncontrollable thrill and excitement.

Her parents had passed away when she was young. Her grandfather had raised her to adulthood, and she shared a deep and emotional relationship with him.

Besides, she had heard from her grandfather that Dr. Simmons had been given the Rejuvenating Pill some time ago, and she also knew that her grandfather desperately yearned to get the pill himself.

For Jasmine, she hoped that her grandfather could be blessed with such a rare opportunity to get the pill and live healthily for another ten years.

However, the other family members did not share the same thought, especially Reuben, the eldest grandson of the Moore family. He was utterly worried and upset by this scene.

For as long as his grandfather was alive and kicking, he would not completely hand over the power to his father, and it would be difficult for him to become the sole heir of the family inheritance.

As far as he was concerned, Lord Mooore had not written any will regarding the division of his inheritance and estate, so, no one knew how much assets he intended to distribute to his three sons after his death as well as Jasmine whose parents had perished.

If Reuben’s father couldn’t inherit the entire family business, he would get an even smaller inheritance. Thus, he didn’t want his grandfather to live longer than he was supposed to.

At this moment, Lord Mooore knelt in front of Charlie Wade, tears of astonishment pouring down his cheeks.

With a warm smile on his face, Charlie Wade placed the box in his hand and said gently, “This pill is extremely precious and rare. It’s the only one left in the world, so I advise you to take it as soon as possible in case it turns bad.”

Lord Mooore accepted the wooden box with shaky hands, and he was very elated!

Amidst everyone’s intense gaze and stunned gasp, he bowed down, his forehead touching the ground!

The backs of his hands were on the ground, the palms facing upward, and he said earnestly, “I, Jonathan Moore, thank Master Wade for his generosity and opportunity! I can never repay his ultimate favor, and I hereby swear to God that I will do my best to be loyal to Master Wade for the rest of my life!”

Louder exclamations echoed through the hall once again!

If they hadn’t seen it with their own eyes, who could believe that Lord Mooore would actually kneel and bow to a young man and say such pious words?!

The most clueless and incomprehensible one of them all was Sean!

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 670

Sean thought that the old thing must have lost his mind or someone had knocked him hard on the head, otherwise, why would he kneel and bow to Charlie Wade?!

Lord Mooore was the most senior among all the attendees today. Even though the Webb family was at a higher level than the Moore family in terms of the social class pyramid, his father’s power and assets were lesser than the Moore family, not to mention, Lord Mooore was an elder.

As for the guests, many of them were from average and above average families, but they were still worth at least over 100 million.

There was only one loser in this hall, and that was Charlie Wade!

Yet, Lord Mooore chose to kneel before this loser and even bowed his head to him!


What the f*ck did Charlie Wade have that he didn’t?!

Why did Lord Mooore kneel to Charlie Wade so humbly?!

In other words, he would give his granddaughter to this loser, wouldn’t he?!

Sean was extremely depressed and infuriated as he thought about it!

If he didn’t tarnish Charlie Wade’s influence right now, Lord Mooore might even be willing to let Jasmine be the loser’s mistress!

So, he gritted his teeth and said indignantly, “Grandpa Moore! How could you believe this loser and his bullshit? That pill there, it’s obvious that he bought it from a lousy doctor by the street! The box is five dollars, the pill must be ten at best! Please don’t be fooled by him! You may ruin your health if you take it!”

Lord Mooore glared at Sean and chided him coldly, “Sean, you are my family’s guest, but Master Wade is my savior. He saved my life and did me favors that I cannot repay. If you dare to insult him again, I’ll make this very personal!”

Sean stomped his feet anxiously. “Grandpa Moore, are you out of your mind? How can you believe in such bullshit?!”

Jasmine rose to her feet and angrily said, “Sean Webb! Watch your tongue!”

Sean frowned at Jasmine and asked, “Your grandpa is confused, and you too? The pill is just a worthless piece of shit that people use to scam the dull-witted elderly! You are an educated person! You graduated from a prestigious university in The States, and yet, are you saying that you also believe in Charlie Wade’s bullshit?!”

“Of course I do!” Jasmine burst out without hesitation, “I’ll never doubt anything Master Wade says! As for you, if you attack Master Wade again and insult my grandfather, I’ll kick you out of here!”

“You…” Sean’s blood was boiling.

What the hell was all this?!

How did a shabby little pill turn Lord Mooore and Jasmine into such ignorant fools?!

He wouldn’t even bother to take a look at the piece of shit if someone gave it to him!

Why did they treat it as a priceless treasure?

Lord Mooore had only said a simple ‘thank you’ to his f*cking 400 million dollar painting, but he had knelt before Charlie Wade for a worthless enhancement pill!

D*mn it! If they wanted to measure the gifts by value, Lord Mooore should have buried his knees deep into the floor for Sean!

He turned to the guests and shouted in great dismay, “Come, let me listen to your judgment. What is the value of an enhancement pill like this? Is it more precious than my Vermeer painting? You, the Moore family! Why are you treating this loser so respectfully instead of me?!”

Donald was equally enraged as his son had received such a cold treatment after giving such an expensive gift. He stood up and snorted angrily, “Uncle Moore, indeed, your family is at the top of the social pyramid in Aurouss Hilll, but you can’t taunt our family like this! Why are you being so respectful and gracious to the person who gives away a piece of the rubbish, but you treat my son coldly when he has given you such a rare painting?”

“If you don’t give us a reasonable explanation today, I can only assume that the Moore family deliberately looks down upon our family!”

Holding the Rejuvenating Pill carefully in his hands, Lord Mooore chided sternly, “Donald Webb, you are the eldest son of the Webb family, but I never knew that you were so ignorant and have such a narrow vision! Do you truly think that this pill is rubbish? To tell you the truth, if you knew the effect of this pill, you would also kneel in front of Master Wade and beg him to give you one!”

Donald said coldly, “Huh, me? Don’t make me laugh! I’m not even 60 yet, do you think I’m as confused and stupid as you are?!”

Charlie Wade smiled as he glanced at Donald’s resolute and somewhat sarcastic expression, and he said to Lord Mooore, “There is a lyric that sings, ‘Miner’s lady, a stranger to blue water’. The lady who lives at the coal mine all year round will never know the blue hue of the ocean, similar to the person who doesn’t believe that there is a God in this world because they have never seen miracles.”

Then, he chuckled ambiguously and said flatly, “In that case, why don’t you take the pill here so that they can see what kind of miraculous effect the pill brings!”

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