The Amazing Son in Law

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 681-685 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 681- 685)

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 681

Donald was stunned as he watched Charlie Wade swallow the rejuvenating pill, and suddenly became angry!
Only then did he realize that Charlie Wade was playing with himself from beginning to end!
He didn’t mean to sell the Rejuvenation Pill to himself, he just wanted to make his father and son embarrassed in public!

And he actually naively thought that the one billion quotation had already touched him, and he only had to apologize to him, and he would agree to sell the rejuvenating pill to himself!
When he thought that he was being played so much by him, and that his son’s hand had been abolished by him, Donald was so angry that he almost went away!

He instantly stood up from the ground and shouted: “Charlie Wade, Donald, I will not kill you, I will not be a man!”
Having said that, he immediately took out his cell phone and called his bodyguard.
His bodyguards are all masters of masters, and they are all gods of war who have retreated from the army!

These people usually seem to be no different from ordinary people, but any one of them is a top killer!
It can be said that they are all top killers who have crawled out of the dead!
But Charlie Wade looked calm at this moment, unmoved at all.

After a rejuvenation pill was in his stomach, he felt a heat wave rolling in his body. He had already taken five or six pills. Although it did not play a young role, it could improve the physical fitness a lot. So at this time, he was full of energy. , But there is nowhere to go, if the Webb family’s bodyguard dared to pretend to be forced by him, he would just clean them up in one go!

However, he didn’t expect that Lord Mooore gave a cold snort and suddenly stood up and shouted angrily: “Donald! Although your Webb family is big, my Moore family is not muddled. I want to see if your Webb family has it. What a mighty prestige, dare to hurt my Moore family distinguished guests in my Moore family!”

Having said that, Lord Mooore shouted: “Come here, surround the hall for me! Who dares to move Master Wade with a finger today and beat me to death!”
Donald stared at Lord Mooore, gritted his teeth and said angrily: “Uncle Moore, he used my father and son as monkeys and abolished one of my son’s hands. You still want to protect him?! Could it be that you, the Moore family? Openly against my Webb family?!”
Lord Mooore said coldly: “Master Wade is Moore’s benefactor and recreated Moore’s Entong. If you have to fight against Master Wade, you are against my Moore family!”

“Good! Good! Good!”
Donald gritted his teeth and said: “Your Moore family is amazing! Don’t put my Webb family in your eyes! Do you think this is in your territory, you can ride on my Webb family’s head and shit?!”
Lord Mooore arrogantly said: “Moore is magnanimous and can’t do things like riding on someone else’s head and shit, but if someone wants to target Moore’s benefactor on Moore’s site, I’m sorry! Don’t care about him.

Who is it, Moore is never used to his problems!”
Lord Mooore yelled, shocking everyone present!
In his lifetime, the old man himself has experienced countless waves and sands, he has seen all battles, and he has developed a kind of majesty without anger and prestige. In addition, he has just eaten rejuvenating pills and is full of breath. The anger is really shocking!

Donald was also a little distressed!
He came to Aurouss Hilll with only a few bodyguards with him.
Even though these bodyguards are masters in the hands of masters, facing so many people in the Moore family, there is definitely no chance of winning.
After all, this is the base camp of the Moore family.

There are dozens of bodyguards in front of the Moore family. Who knows how many people are still hiding in the secret?
If you really want to fight, Donald will definitely not please!

A few top bodyguards may be able to fight in and out like Zhao Zilong, but he and his son are not as effective as they are, and they may be injured or even left by the Moore family here.
Although the Webb family is powerful, they are all located in Eastcliff, and now the distant water cannot save the nearby fire!

Thinking of this, Donald could only decide to avoid his edge for the time being!
So, he sneered and said: “Uncle Moore meant to tear his face with our Webb family?

Ok! In this case, I will represent the Webb family and break with the Moore family. From then on, the Moore and Webb families are incompatible!”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 682

Seeing this, Rueben on the side hurriedly stood up and blurted out: “Grandpa, our Moore family has been with Webb family for many years, please think twice!”
Rueben didn’t want to see that he was killed, and the two families of Moore and Webb completely broke off.

He also hopes to marry Jasmine to the Webb family. If the two families break completely, it will never be possible!
Lord Mooore glanced at Rueben and said lightly: “There is nothing to think twice about, the Webb family is the first family in the south of the Yangtze River, and our Moore family can’t afford it! The Moore family has since broken off with the Webb family!”

Everyone present was dumbfounded.
Everyone could not imagine that a birthday banquet caused a complete break between the Webb family, the first family in Eastcliff, and the Moore family, the first family in Aurouss Hilll…
It seems that Aurouss Hilll is about to change in the future!

Donald’s sullen gaze flicked across Lord Mooore and Charlie Wade, and said angrily: “What a Moore family, what a master Wade, I, Donald, remember you! Let’s take a look! Sean, let’s go!”
After that, Donald helped Sean and walked away.

Charlie Wade said lightly: “Do you think the matter is over?”
Donald turned his head and asked with murderous aura, “What do you want for Wade?”
Charlie Wade said: “I abolished your son’s hand, only to teach him a lesson, but you have to make compensation for smashing Dr. Simmons’s shop!”

After all, Charlie Wade said undoubtedly: “I will give you ten times the compensation to Dr. Simmons within three days, and I will apologize to Dr. Simmons and beg for forgiveness. Otherwise, I will take Sean another My hand is gone!”

When Donald heard this, his eyes were cold and murderous!
He roared with his eyesight cracking: “Charlie Wade! You are so majestic! Do you know the status of my Webb family in the south of the Yangtze River? If you provoke my Webb family, I will leave you dead without a place to die!”

Charlie Wade sneered and said: “Don’t be here to talk to me, your Webb family is not even the root hair in my eyes! I advise you to get out of Aurouss Hilll as soon as you pay for Dr. Simmons, otherwise, you father and son two People are likely to save their lives!”

Donald really didn’t expect Charlie Wade to be so crazy!
He had the intention to kill Charlie Wade now, but thinking of the old and immortal attitude of Lord Mooore, he could only bear it temporarily unwillingly.

However, in his heart, Charlie Wade is already a mortal person!
Only now, the time to kill him is not yet ripe.
After I go back, I will make a good plan. If it is not enough, I will draw a group of masters from the Webb family to smooth out Charlie Wade and Moore family!

Thinking of this, Donald waved his hand fiercely and blurted out: “Sean, let’s go!”
After that, he took Sean with his broken hand and left the Moore family villa in embarrassment.
Rueben looked at Donald’s leaving figure, then at Jasmine and the young man who was more than ten years younger, gritted his teeth secretly, his eyes full of unwillingness.

For myself today, it was a heavy loss!
Suddenly, this old thing of grandpa has a life span of more than ten years, and Charlie Wade counts Jasmine’s great credit, and grandpa also completely turned his face with the Webb family for Charlie Wade…

If this continues, maybe one day Grandpa will suddenly announce that Jasmine will be the heir to the next generation!
In that way, wouldn’t I be empty out of the basket?

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 683

Donald and Sean and his son left the Moore’s villa with incomparable resentment.
Sean clutched his severed hand and said with tears: “Dad! I said a long time ago not to beg the hanging silk surnamed Wade, you must not listen! Now my hands are broken, and you are still caught by him.

Humiliated in public, I lose my face!”
Donald said with a black face: “Since the surname Wade is looking for death, don’t blame me for being impolite! Don’t worry, Dad will avenge you!”

Sean blurted out: “Then we will kill Charlie Wade tonight!”
“No!” Donald said coldly: “Or according to the original plan, kill Don Albertt first! Pull out the firepower of Don Albertt, whether it is killing Charlie Wade or the Moore family, it will be easy!”
Sean hurriedly asked, “Dad, what are your specific plans?”

Donald said: “Heal your hands first, and we will discuss the rest in the long run!”
The two said, they have already walked out of the Moore family compound.

Mrr.. Lloyd, who had been driven out before and had been waiting here, hurriedly covered his red and swollen face and greeted him quickly.
“Mr. Webb, Master…” Mr. Lloydgang ran to the front, just about to ask them what happened to Charlie Wade’s waste? Did you avenge yourself?

However, he suddenly saw Sean’s face pale, his left hand grasped the shrugged right wrist, and he snorted in his heart, and couldn’t help feeling that something was wrong.
So Mrr.. Lloyd hurriedly asked: “Sean, what’s wrong with your hand?”

Sean snorted in pain, and cursed: “It’s all Charlie Wade’s trash, but he dare to abandon my hand in public. I must have him dead without a place to be buried!”

Originally, after Sean discovered that Charlie Wade was the man Jasmine liked, he wanted to use this birthday banquet to trample Charlie Wade on his feet, so that Jasmine could recognize reality, then change his mind and choose to be with him.

Unexpectedly, instead of stepping on Charlie Wade’s feet, he, together with his father, was fiercely teased by Charlie Wade!
Just now, he and his father took turns to apologize to Charlie Wade. This is simply the second shame after Webb’s step-brother Kian became a feces-swallowing beast!

And this bastard, not only makes himself face lost in full view! He also broke his wrist!
After today, I am afraid that the entire Aurouss Hilll will remember that his grandfather of the first family in the south of the Yangtze River was slapped in public by the nameless pawn, Charlie Wade, and became the laughing stock of everyone!

Mrr.. Lloyd was shocked when he heard Sean’s words!
He didn’t expect that Charlie Wade’s trash would even dare to beat Sean!
So, he couldn’t help but provoke Sean and said, “Sean, Charlie Wade dares to treat you like this, you must not let him go!”

Donald said coldly: “Don’t worry, this Charlie Wade won’t live long!”
With that, Donald told Mrr.. Lloyd: “Mrr.. Lloyd, you are a local and you are familiar with the local area. I will give you a task.”

Mrr.. Lloyd hurriedly said, “Mr. Webb, please give your orders!”
Donald said: “You first take the young master to the best orthopedic hospital and heal the young master’s hand. You must not make any mistakes!”

Mrr.. Lloyd suddenly realized that Sean’s hand was interrupted by Charlie Wade, and said quickly, “Mr. Webb, don’t worry! I will take the young master to the best orthopedic hospital!”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 684

When Sean heard this, he couldn’t help asking: “Dad, won’t you go to the hospital with me?”
Donald said, “I still have a lot of things to deal with today. Now that we have broken up with the Moore family, we must find another place to stay.

I plan to go to Shangri-La and book a presidential suite there. By the way, Visit Cameron Isaac, the owner of Shangri-La. After you finish reading your hands, you will come to Shangri-La directly to find me. Then I will tell you about my plan in detail!”

“Go to visit Cameron Isaac?” Sean said complainingly: “Dad, why do you want to visit him? Isn’t he just a dog from the Eastcliff Wade family? More important than my broken hand?”
Donald frowned and said: “What do you know?

Although the Webb family dominates in the south of the Yangtze River, compared with the Wadeh family of Eastcliff, they are nothing more than a rich native. Wade family is the real top family!”
“That Cameron Isaac, don’t look at it as the Wade family’s dog, but he is the spokesperson of the Wade family in Aurouss Hilll, representing the face of the Wade family in Aurouss Hilll.

I must visit in person. If I can open a breakthrough from him, maybe I can borrow Ji has a relationship with the Wade family.”
For the Webb family, although it bears the name of the first family in the south of the Yangtze River on the bright side, and acts as a blessing in the entire south of the Yangtze River, it can be said to be different from the real top-level hidden family like the Wade family.

If you can take this opportunity to catch up with the Wade family, the entire Webb family will fly into the sky.
When Sean heard this, he no longer complained, and nodded and said, “I know Dad, then you go to Shangri-La first, and after I see the doctor and get a cast, I will go to you.

Donald said to Sean: “Okay, you go to the hospital first, and I will notify you when I arrange it.”
Sean said with a look of expectation, followed Mrr.. Lloyd into the car and went to the hospital to treat his severed hand.
After Sean and Mrr.. Lloyd left, Donald, accompanied by bodyguards and assistants, went to Shangri-La.
Along the way, he was thinking angrily about how to get rid of Charlie Wade so that he could solve his hatred, and this old man Moore who didn’t know the current affairs.
Do you think that if you take a rejuvenating pill, you are a teenager, and you can live longer than a teenager?

If you dare to talk to me like Donald, then I will directly take away your Moore family!
Soon, the convoy stopped outside the Shangri-La Hotel.
Donald asked the accompanying bodyguard to take out his most precious Webbyishan mother tree Dahongpao tea from the car, and prepare it as a gift for Cameron Isaac.

His big red robe was picked from the six remaining mother trees in Webbyi Mountain. It is of great value. The annual output is only a dozen catties, and the price of a catty can even be tens of millions.
Moreover, this is not something you can buy with money.

Because most of the limited output of this tea every year is directly supplied to Eastcliff, the rest, which can flow into the market, don’t even have two catties.
And Donald’s pot of Dahongpao, which weighs a full catty, was only obtained after he spent a lot of money, thought about it, and used adult affection.

Because Donald treats this tea as a treasure, he takes it with him wherever he goes, and occasionally wants to drink it, then quietly soaks himself a gram or two.
Deciding to come to Shangri-La Hotel, he felt that he could not meet Cameron Isaac empty-handed, so he planned to give this pot of Dahongpao as a gift to Cameron Isaac to gain a good impression of the other party.

As soon as he entered Shangri-La, Donald stepped to the front desk and said to the lady at the front desk: “Hello, please inform you Mr. Cameron, and say that Donald from southern region Webb’s family is here to see you!”

Shangri-La’s front desk is by no means an ordinary front desk lady. She has long known all the dignitaries in Eastcliff. He heard that it was the Webb family of southern region, and immediately took it seriously. He picked up the phone and called Cameron Isaac’s office directly.
“Mr. Cameron, Mr. Donald from the Webb family of southern region wants to see you!”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 685

Cameron Isaac didn’t know that Donald and Charlie Wade had conflicts.
Hearing that Donald came to visit, he did not neglect. Although he was the spokesperson of the Wade family in Aurouss Hilll, the other party was the eldest son of the first family in Eastcliff after all. He took the initiative to visit him and respected him.

So, he hurriedly said to the front desk: “Just ask Mr. Webb to come to my office.”
The front desk did not dare to neglect, and quickly said to Donald: “Hello, Mr. Webb, our Mr. Cameron invites you to his office, please come with me.”

Donald nodded, followed the girl at the front desk, and took the president’s exclusive elevator to Cameron Isaac’s office.
As far as Donald is concerned, he is the son of Webb’s family, and staying in a hotel in Aurouss Hilll is naturally the best.

It just so happens that the best hotel in Aurouss Hilll is Shangri-La, so coming by yourself to visit Cameron Isaac and deepen your relationship is also killing two birds with one stone.
Seeing Donald coming in, Cameron Isaac stood up with a smile, and took the initiative to reach out and shook Donald’s hand. He greeted him: “I heard that Mr. Webb is active in Eastcliff all the year round.

Why did you suddenly come to Aurouss Hilll this time?”
Donald sighed and said, “Hey, it’s a long story. My youngest son Kian doesn’t know who has offended him. Something has happened. I came this time to find a solution.”

Cameron Isaac nodded. Of course he had heard about Kian. He even watched the video on Douyin at the beginning. So when I remembered it suddenly, I felt a little nauseous and involuntarily retched.
With Cameron Isaac’s retching, Donald’s expression became extremely embarrassing.
He didn’t know why Cameron Isaac was retching. To be honest, he felt sick and uncomfortable when he thought of some clips of his younger son.

Therefore, Donald could only change the subject and said, “Forget it, I came here today mainly to visit Mr. Cameron. I won’t talk about these disappointments. I brought some gifts to Mr. Cameron. I hope you like it.”

After that, he immediately handed the pot of mother tree Dahongpao tea to Cameron Isaac.
“Mr. Cameron, this is the Dahongpao tea from the mother tree of Webbyi Mountain. It is my personal treasure. It is not usually visible. If you like tea, you will definitely like it.”

Cameron Isaac naturally knew how precious the mother tree red robe is, and quickly waved his hand: “How can this make the Webbyi Mountain mother tree tea less and less available in the market, and it is the collection of Mr. Webb, how can I win the love.”

Donald immediately said, “Mr. Cameron, don’t be polite. You are the spokesperson of the Wade family in Aurouss Hilll and even in Eastcliff. We in the Webb family have always looked forward to cooperating with the Wade family. In the future, we will have to count on Mr. Cameron to match our Webb family. It.”

When Cameron Isaac heard the words, he waved his hand and said, “I’m just a servant of the Wade family, and I do everything within my scope. Mr. Webb is serious.”
Donald said sincerely: “Mr Chen is too humble.”

Seeing Donald’s sincere attitude, Cameron Isaac said: “Since Mr. Webb is so caring, then I’m not polite to you. I have a few bottles of collector-class Louis XIII here. I’ll let you give you some bottles to taste. “

Donald was flattered, and hurriedly said: “Oh, that’s really thank you Mr. Cameron!”
Cameron Isaac smiled slightly and said, “Mr. Webb came here today, surely it’s not just about sending tea to Chen, right?”

Donald nodded and said, “It’s true that my eldest son, my eldest son, and a few bodyguards and assistants may live in Aurouss Hilll for a period of time, so I just thought that Shangri-La will make trouble.”

Cameron Isaac laughed and said, “Welcome! Since Mr. Webb is here, he is naturally a distinguished guest. I will ask Linglang to arrange a presidential suite for you and Linglang. You can live as much as you like. It doesn’t matter how long you stay.”

Donald hurriedly said gratefully: “Oh, thank you so much, Mr. Cameron!”
Cameron Isaac smiled indifferently: “Mr. Webb doesn’t need to be so polite.”
After speaking, she asked curiously: “By the way, where is Mr. Webb, your grandson? Why didn’t you come with you?”

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