The Amazing Son in Law

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 691-695 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 691- 695)

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 691

Just when Jasmine, Xyla and Dr. Simmons were sighing about Kian’s affairs, Charlie Wade’s old father-in-law Jacob Wilson wore a suit and happily came out from home and took a taxi to Heaven Springs.
Because he was going to have a little wine in the evening, Jacob Wilson left the BMW car at home and gave the car key to Charlie Wade so that Charlie Wade could drive to Heaven Springs to pick him up.

Jacob Wilson has no other hobbies during the recent period. He just likes to study antiques, cultural relics and calligraphy and painting, so he joined the Calligraphy and Painting Association.
This dinner is also to be able to get a seat as a standing director of the association.

In order to show his respect for the leaders of the association, he deliberately took the 20,000 Dollar that Charlie Wade transferred to him, and set a bronze box in Heaven Springs.
Although this is the worst box in Heaven Springs, it is much stronger than most other restaurants.

When Jacob Wilson arrived at Heaven Springs, Don Albertt was on his way.
The waiter didn’t know Jacob Wilson, so he directly led Jacob Wilson to the bronze box he had reserved.

Seeing that the others hadn’t arrived yet, Jacob Wilson was not impatient, and simply sat in his seat and patiently waited for everyone to arrive.
A few minutes later, the door of the box was pushed open, and a middle-aged man of his age stepped in.

After seeing Jacob Wilson, the middle-aged man walked forward, smiled and said, “Brother Wilson, you came really early, when did you arrive?”
Jacob Wilson hurriedly said: “Mr. Phillips, I have been here for a while. Today, the chairman and the executive directors are honored to participate in this dinner of my group.

I am really honored and excited, so I rushed over in advance and awaited your ride. .”
The middle-aged man who came here was named David Phillips, a standing director of the Calligraphy and Painting Association.

He and Jacob Wilson had a pretty good relationship in peacetime. Both of them liked to throw up some antique calligraphy and painting, so they often found things together in the antique street, and they had a lot of friendship.

When he heard that Jacob Wilson wanted to compete for the position of executive director, he was the first to stand up and support Jacob Wilson.
Moreover, Jacob Wilson hosted a banquet for the leaders of the association today. The reason why they agreed to come over is largely because of Mr. Phillips’s face.

Seeing that Jacob Wilson was so polite, Mr. Phillips laughed and said, “Brother Wilson, you have a heart!”
Jacob Wilson hurriedly made a please gesture and said, “Mr. Phillips, please sit down!”
Mr. Phillips was not in a hurry to sit down. Seeing that the others hadn’t come, he reminded him in a low voice: “Brother Wilson, you come to sit in this standing director’s seat. I naturally have no objection, but other people in the association, But not necessarily!”

When Jacob Wilson heard this, he was a little worried, and asked quickly, “Mr. Phillips, you can tell me carefully.”
Mr. Phillips sighed and said: “The position of executive director is often missed, and it is more authoritative when he speaks it out, so it has always been a fat man. Our executive director goes out to participate in an antique program. Give an appearance fee of tens of thousands of dollars, so many people are staring at this position.”

Speaking of this, Mr. Phillips said again: “Let’s take Samuel Yount as an example. During the recent period, I heard that he has been coping with the chairman and other executive directors, and he has given them gifts in private. According to the current situation, he will be your biggest competitor!”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 692

“Samuel Yount?” Jacob Wilson couldn’t help but frowned, and said: “That’s it, a man who burns a little money and doesn’t know his surname?”
Mr. Phillips nodded and said, “So, it is not enough for me to support you alone.

When others come, you must try to win the support of several other executive directors and even the president, so that you can be In the internal voting, you defeated Samuel Yount and became the new executive director, do you know?”

Jacob Wilson nodded hurriedly and said sincerely: “Mr. Phillips, what you said really made me inspire me, thank you so much!”
Mr. Phillips smiled slightly and said, “What are you being polite to me!”
As he said, he glanced at the time and said, “The president and they are coming soon. Let’s wait at the door of the box. It seems more sincere.”

Jacob Wilson nodded repeatedly, and did not dare to sit in his seat again. Together with Mr. Phillips, he walked to the door of the box and stood still, waiting for the appearance of the leaders and directors of the Calligraphy and Painting Association.

After a while, other members of the Calligraphy and Painting Association arrived one after another.
A spirited old man came to the door of the box, surrounded by the people around him, as if stars arched over the moon.

When Mr. Phillips saw the old man, he immediately stepped forward and smiled and said, “Mr. Price!”
Jacob Wilson also hurriedly followed and said respectfully: “Chairman Price, you are here!”

Mr. Price nodded slightly, and pretended to complain: “Jacob Wilson, look at you, how did you make such a big scene? Didn’t you say it, we pay attention to everything in a simple party, you are looking for a restaurant at random, and order an ordinary The location of the lobby is just right, why do we need to book a box in Heaven Springs with extravagance?”

Although he said so, he even blamed Jacob Wilson for being too grand, but it was only polite on the surface, but he didn’t think like that in his heart.
If Jacob Wilson really put the place where the guests had dinner in the lobby of another hotel, he would definitely turn around and leave, and would never have any contact with him in the future.

Jacob Wilson hurriedly said: “Everyone who came today is a leader. With the leader here, how dare I be negligent!”
As he said, he laughed and said, “Since everyone is here, let’s get seated quickly.”
Chairman Price also nodded and said, “OK, everyone, sit down!”

At this moment, a middle-aged man who was following Mr. Price suddenly snorted and said: “Jacob Wilson, you are in Heaven Springs for a dinner, and you only book a bronze box with the worst grade. It is too disrespectful for the president and Other executive directors, right?”

Jacob Wilson saw the other party, his face suddenly became difficult to look, and said, “Samuel Yount, I invited everyone to dinner, but I didn’t invite you. What are you doing with you licking your face? Besides, what private room I have ordered has nothing to do with you. , Is it your turn to make irresponsible remarks here?”

The person in front of him is his biggest competitor, Samuel Yount, competing for the position of executive director.
Samuel Yount said contemptuously: “You can’t say that. What is the status of Mr. Price, and what status are these executive directors?”

As he said, Samuel Yount snorted and said, “What is the purpose of your inviting everyone to eat today? Everyone knows well, isn’t it just for the position of the executive director? However, you think you have ordered the most second bronze box. Can you let the president and the others support you? This is too insincere. This is obviously to fool everyone as if they have never seen the world before!”

After speaking, he looked at everyone and said with a smile on his face: “The mere bronze box is really not worthy of your identity! In order to show respect to the president and the executivedirectors, I specially booked a golden box upstairs. , Why don’t we just move to my place!”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 693

Hearing that Samuel Yount actually booked a golden box upstairs, everyone present was shocked!
You know, in the entire Aurouss Hilll, Heaven Springs is one of the top hotels in Aurouss Hilll.

Even some savvy figures in the upper class of Aurouss Hilll, who trust their relationships and spend a lot of money, can hardly be able to book a golden box.
Among the people present, even Mr. Price, who has the highest status, had no chance to enter the golden box for dinner, and they had never even seen how luxurious it was.

Now, Samuel Yount is going to entertain all the people present in the golden box, so that they have the opportunity to go in and see. This is really surprising and exciting!
In comparison, Jacob Wilson’s small bronze box is completely rubbish that can’t make it to the table.

At the thought of this, everyone felt a little disappointed in Jacob Wilson.
When I look at Samuel Yount, I have an indescribable appreciation.

Mr. Price was a little moved, but after all, he agreed to come to Jacob Wilson’s dinner first, so it was not easy to make a decision directly, so he deliberately asked everyone for their opinions and said:

“You have such a kind invitation, what do you mean?”
Someone couldn’t help saying: “Mr. Price, I haven’t been to the Golden Box, just take this opportunity to learn more!”

“Yes, Mr. Price! It’s also good to go in and take a few photos and post to a circle of friends!”
Mr. Price saw that everyone seemed to want to go to the Golden Box, so he smiled and said, “Since everyone thinks so, let’s go and see?”
“Good, good!” Everyone agreed.

Samuel Yount was overjoyed and said with a big smile: “Everyone, please go upstairs.”
Jacob Wilson on the side was depressed and broke!
Today, he was obviously the one who invited him to dinner, who would have killed a Samuel Yount halfway through!

This guy made a golden box, ran over and said a few words, and cut off the meal he had carefully prepared!
It cost 20,000 Dollar to order this meal. The key is that the money spent, not only did not play any role, but because of the appearance of Samuel Yount, he was looked down upon by everyone…
This made Jacob Wilson extremely annoyed, this time he really picked up a rock and hit his own foot.

When everyone was about to move upstairs, Samuel Yount looked at Jacob Wilson with a smug look, and said sarcastically, “Jacob Wilson, you old hanging silk, I must have never seen how luxurious the golden box is, or you should come here too. Sit down?”

Upon hearing this, Jacob Wilson felt even more embarrassed and unbearable!
He blurted out angrily and retorted: “Samuel Yount, who do you say is the old Diaosi? Do you think I am someone who has never seen the world?

I tell you, I have seen all the ten floors of the Glorious Club, a golden box in Heaven Springs. That’s it, how can you say it from your broken mouth, it’s like it’s better than the Jade Emperor’s High Heaven Palace!”

Samuel Yount laughed and said, “Oh, I said Jacob Wilson, you really laughed at me. You have been to the Glorious Club because of your poor virtue? You have also been to the tenth floor that can only be enjoyed by VIP members? Would you not Are you going to clean the house?”
Hearing Samuel Yount’s ridicule, everyone couldn’t help laughing.

Everyone has the same opinion as Samuel Yount. The bronze box of Heaven Springs can be ordered by ordinary people through gritted teeth, but the Glorious Club is only for members.
If you want to become a member, you have very high requirements. If your qualifications, abilities, and financial resources are not up to standard, you will have no chance to get in and spend money.

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 694

Therefore, among the people present today, not even one has been to the fifth floor of the Glorious Club.
Even Samuel Yount himself had just made a member of the lowest level of the Glorious Club.
When Jacob Wilson said that he had been on the tenth floor, everyone naturally didn’t believe it.

Jacob Wilson didn’t expect to tell the truth, but these people felt that they were bragging, so they said with a bit of annoyance, “My son-in-law arranged for me and some old classmates to go up. You don’t believe me and I fell down!”

Samuel Yount laughed loudly: “I know that your son-in-law, Aurouss Hilll’s first live-in son-in-law is he? I heard that he is a stinky silkworm who eats soft rice. He is not as good as you. Why does he take you to the Glorious Club?”

Jacob Wilson snorted coldly, “Believe it or not.”
Samuel Yount smiled and said: “If you really have this ability, why don’t you invite the president to have fun in the Glorious Club? Why do you have to book a low-grade bronze box in Heaven Springs?”

After speaking, he suddenly realized: “Oh, I understand, you have not put the president and other executive directors in your eyes! Do you think that their status and status are worthy of sitting in bronze? The box? Doesn’t deserve to go to the Glorious Club at all?”

When Samuel Yount spoke, Jacob Wilson, who was immediately blocked, couldn’t argue.
This Samuel Yount is too bad and very clever. For a while, he seems to be wearing a high hat, but for a while, you can’t get off the stage.

Therefore, no matter how angry Jacob Wilson was at this moment, he could not find any reason to refute Samuel Yount.
So, he could only say angrily: “I didn’t mean that…”

Seeing that his combat power is so weak, Samuel Yount couldn’t help wave his hand, and said, “Forget it, I don’t bother to talk nonsense with you old lady. With your patience, I also deserve to be a standing director?

I really want you to be. Wouldn’t it be laughable and generous in the future?”
After speaking, he turned to look at Mr. Price and the others, immediately put on a warm smile, and said: “Mr. Price, let’s go.”

Samuel Yount set a golden box for everyone, which won the favor of many people present, and even a few standing directors who were originally in a neutral attitude gave him a kind smile.
Jacob Wilson stomped his feet with anger when he saw such a scene, but he was helpless.

Mr. Phillips next to him grabbed him and whispered in his ear: “Brother Wilson, you don’t have to be discouraged. The current situation is just a dispute of spirit!”
As he said, he leaned in and said in a low voice, “In my opinion, you can’t get angry. Instead, you have to go to the golden box, perform well in front of the president and the others, and make the final fight. If you give up now I am afraid that the position of the executive director will really fall into the hands of Samuel Yount.”

Jacob Wilson suddenly woke up from his dream!
Yes indeed!
Even though he lost to Samuel Yount in the stage of the treat, it does not mean that the other party will be the final winner.

If I really let go today in a rage, that would be the real loss of all previous achievements and all losses!
So he thanked Mr. Phillips and said, “Mr. Phillips, thank you for your reminder. I’m going to see what Samuel Yount can do!”

After all, he said to Samuel Yount: “Since you are so sincere, then I will go to the golden box with you to get insights.”
Samuel Yount snorted disdainfully, and said: “Just say you are an old wire, and you still don’t admit it! If you really missed this opportunity to meet me, I think you will go back tonight and wake up several times in the middle of the night. !”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 695

Jacob Wilson was so ridiculed by Samuel Yount, his face was naturally very uncontrollable.
However, he kept in mind Mr. Phillips’s reminder that the top priority is to fight for the position of standing director, not to get angry with Samuel Yount.

So, he resisted his anger, didn’t speak, and went with everyone, following Samuel Yount, all the way to a golden box upstairs.
As soon as they entered the door, everyone was surprised and admired again and again by the luxurious decoration in the golden box.

A standing director spoke at this moment and said with a sigh: “Today we are all thanks to the talents, so that we can see the luxury of the golden box of Heaven Springs!”
Someone echoed: “Yes! Not long ago, a friend of mine who was worth tens of millions of dollars wanted to book this box. He went a lot of ways, but he couldn’t make a decision. He could only regretfully choose the next best one. Silver box.”

Upon hearing this, everyone was even more curious, and some people couldn’t help but ask Samuel Yount: “Youcai, how did you book the golden box? Did someone help or?”
Samuel Yount said with a proud face: “My Samuel Yount wants to book a golden box. Where do I need help from others? To put it bluntly, this is what I said!”

After speaking, he explained to everyone: “To tell you the truth, I am a frequent visitor to Heaven Springs, I often eat here, and I am also a friend of Don Albertt, so the box below the diamond level, if I want, Heaven Springs will be open for me at any time!”

After listening, everyone present was amazed!
Mr. Price said incredulously: “You are talented, are you friends with our underground emperor Don Albertt in Aurouss Hilll?”
“Of course!”

Samuel Yount said triumphantly: “If I don’t know him well, how can I have such a big face, so I can book the golden box easily?”
Although Samuel Yount said so, in fact, he knew Don Albertt, but Don Albertt didn’t know him.
The reason why he was able to book this golden box was not because of Don Albertt’s relationship at all, but because he spent a huge price far exceeding the original price of the golden box before he transferred it from others.

At this time, taking Don Albertt out to talk about the matter was just thinking that the fox would be pretending to be more prestigious in front of everyone.
However, no one would doubt the truth or falsehood of this statement. After all, the golden boxes were all seated in, so everyone thought that Samuel Yount was telling the truth, and it was a compliment to Samuel Yount now.

At this moment, Samuel Yount was praised by everyone, and was even more proud. He looked at Jacob Wilson and sarcastically said: “Jacob Wilson, you didn’t see the chairman and all the directors seated? Why are you so low on the price of eyesight, why don’t you give us quickly Bring tea and pour water?”

Jacob Wilson looked ugly and blurted out, “Samuel Yount, what do you mean?”
Samuel Yount said contemptuously: “What can I mean? You don’t look at it. Among these people, which status is not higher than you? You are an old hanging silk. If you don’t serve us tea, do you want us to serve you? ?”

Jacob Wilson’s face was even more ugly, and he said angrily; “You said that my status is not as good as that of the chairman and other executive directors. I admit this, but what kind of status you are, don’t you know it? Everyone is ordinary in the association. Members, what are you pretending to be with me here?

You want me to serve you tea and water, dream about you!”
Mr. Phillips next to him also said displeasedly: “Samuel Yount, is it a bit too much for you to speak like this?”

Samuel Yount laughed and said, “What’s wrong with me? Who made Jacob Wilson’s old hanging silk too rubbish? If he can book a golden box, I can also serve him in turn. The problem is that he doesn’t have this ability!”

After speaking, he looked at Jacob Wilson coldly and said, “Do you think I asked you to come to the Golden Box to let you eat and drink? To tell you the truth, for someone like you, let you serve tea. Pouring water is already giving you a lot of face, don’t shame your face!”

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