The Amazing Son in Law

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 716-720 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 716- 720)

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The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 716

Charlie Wade nodded in satisfaction and said: “Come on, start quickly.”
After speaking, he picked up the phone and pointed it at the Lloyd family and his son.
The two men stood side by side, Marcus wiped away his tears, and said with a strong smile: “Hello everyone, I am a Pathetic Jerk named Marcus.”

Mrr.. Lloyd also hurriedly said: “I am Mrr.. Lloyd, the father of the Pathetic Jerk.”
The two men said at the same time: “Our father and son will tell you a story today!”
Marcus continued: “Everyone must have seen these two characters on my forehead.

The reason why I engraved the two characters on my forehead is mainly because I have always been arrogant and engraved these two characters on my forehead. It’s just to remind everyone that they are pathetic jerks.”

Mrr.. Lloyd also said: “I say that I am a hero, a hero, and I am a hero of my son. Since my son has carved the word “Pathetic Jerk” on his forehead, then I definitely can’t hold back my son, so I am on the forehead. Engrave the words “Father of Pathetic Jerk”.”

Marcus said at this time: “When you see this, you will definitely ask, why are my dad and I so arrogant? This is mainly because we have a very good relationship with the southern region Webb family!”

“Yes!” Mrr.. Lloyd said next to him: “Everyone knows that the Webb family is rich, but the most powerful thing in the Webb family is not riches, but a son who likes to eat shit!”
Marcus answered, “Yes. Speaking of the son of the Webb family who eats shit, everyone must have watched the video on Facebook.

This guy has to eat one meal an hour, and one bite will not work. He is in the hospital toilet. In order to eat something hot, he pulled the old man who was being relieved from the squat pit and grabbed the shit from the crowd. Do you think this is an ordinary person?”

Mrr.. Lloyd echoed from the side: “According to you, this Webb family is really extraordinary!”
“Of course.” Marcus nodded repeatedly and praised with a thumbs up: “So I still have to say that the Webb family is amazing, or else, the second young master of the Webb family, can you be so arrogant?”

Mrr.. Lloyd asked curiously: “Hey, right, why haven’t you heard the second young master of the Webb family recently?”
Marcus said: “I heard, people are living comfortably now! It’s a royal treatment!”
“How do you say?” Mrr.. Lloyd looked gossip.
Marcus said: “People are doing great now.

They live in the Webb family’s mansion. It is said that there is a special person to pull the shit at 20 a day, and they all eat fresh.”
Mrr.. Lloyd asked in surprise: “So exciting?

With more than 20 meals a day, can the Webb family’s output be sufficient?”
Marcus said earnestly: “That’s definitely not enough. Think about it, no matter how the Webb family can pull it, they can’t stand up to occasional constipation or something.”
“Ouch!” Mrr.. Lloyd blurted out: “Then the second young master of the Webb family might be interrupted!”

After that, Mrr.. Lloyd asked Marcus: “Dad, do you want to sign up for my father, and go to the Webb’s house in Eastcliff for a few days, and how many warm meals for Master Webb?”
Marcus nodded repeatedly and smiled and said, “This is a good idea! If we go, the old man from the Webb family, that bastard, and the b*tch of Donald, don’t you be grateful to kowtow to us?”
When he said this, Marcus’s heart trembled.

This is really going to offend the Webb family to death!
Mrr.. Lloyd felt like jumping wildly in his heart, but he glanced at Charlie Wade and could only bite the bullet and continued: “It’s more than a kowtow! I’m probably grateful to kneel and lick with both of us. I heard that the Webb family likes it.

Recognize your godfather everywhere, maybe when you get excited, you have to recognize me as a godfather or something.”
“Old man Webb likes to recognize his godfather?” Marcus asked in surprise: “Why do you have this habit?”

“Then who knows to go.” Mrr.. Lloyd shrugged and said, “I heard that the old immortal has already recognized more than 300 godfathers. It may be that the old immortal likes to be a son!”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 717

Marcus quickly took over Mrr.. Lloyd’s words and said: “Then if I go to the Webb family, will the old man from the Webb family also recognize me as a father?”
Mrr.. Lloyd snapped his fingers: “Hey, don’t tell me, I think it’s very likely!”
Marcus hurriedly said, “Oh, dad, this is not okay! The old man calls us both fathers, so don’t we two have a difference?”

Mrr.. Lloyd thought for a moment, then nodded and said, “It makes sense, then I will let him recognize me as a godfather. Isn’t it all right?”
Marcus hehe: “I think it works!”

Mrr.. Lloyd said at this time: “In fact, this Webb family has a little special hobby. Not only Kian likes to eat shit and Old Webb likes to recognize godfathers, but Donald also has special hobbies.”
“Really?” Marcus asked curiously, “What is Donald’s hobby? Could it be that he also likes to eat that stuff?”

“It’s not.” Mrr.. Lloyd said, “I heard that when Donald was young, he had a strong green hat plot.”
Marcus asked curiously: “Dad, what does the green hat plot mean?”
Mrr.. Lloyd said: “Hey, I just like to be cuckolded, and the more he wears, the cooler he is!”
Marcus exclaimed: “Is it so magical?”

“Of course!” Mrr.. Lloyd laughed stiffly and said, “It is said that when Donald was young, he had a particularly lofty dream.”
Marcus hurriedly asked: “What dream?”
Mrr.. Lloyd said: “I dream of wearing 10,000 green hats, but if I lose one, I feel that life is not fulfilled enough!”

Marcus put his finger to the fortune and said, “Dad, wearing a green hat 365 days a year, Donald will wear a green hat for 30 years! The key is that his wife can’t stay idle all day long!”
Mrr.. Lloyd smiled and said: “Look, you don’t understand this. Who said that people wear one top a day?

Sometimes people wear several tops a day, or even several tops at a time!”
When Marcus heard this, he immediately gave a thumbs up, and exclaimed, “Why don’t you say that the Webb family is awesome! It’s amazing!”

After that, Marcus asked again: “By the way, Dad, that Sean, does he have any special hobbies?”
“He?” Mrr.. Lloyd laughed, and said, “The Webb family is the most powerful ass!”
Marcus asked curiously: “What is it?”

Mrr.. Lloyd said mysteriously: “Actually, this bastard is a homosexual!”
“Huh?” Marcus exclaimed, “Sean is gay?!”
“Yes!” Mrr.. Lloyd blurted out: “He is not only gay, but also the kind of character who is f*cked by men inside!

I tell you, don’t watch him drag him to death all day long, in fact, he will change immediately after closing the door. Become a perverted fake lady! It is said that he likes to hang out with strong men most, and there are several at a time, very powerful!”

He said, “Do you know? There is a bodyguard named Mr. Jones beside Donald and Sean and his son. This person is amazing! Back then, he was a super master who killed people without blinking. Later he took himself with him.

A few of my brothers worked as bodyguards next to the Webb family’s father and son, but this person is also a gay, who happens to be the type that Sean likes, so Sean and these five bodyguards stay together all day long, singing songs every night. So happy!”

“Oh my God!” Marcus exclaimed: “It turns out that the Webb family are all playing so exciting! I’m really ignorant!”
Mrr.. Lloyd smiled and said: “Let’s put it this way, this Webb family, one of them counts as one, all of them are perverts among perverts, animals among animals!”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 718

Speaking of this, Mrr.. Lloyd paused, and still mustered the courage to say: “But to tell you the truth, Donald’s wife is still very good. I think back then, she was also a famous beauty in the Eastcliff area!”
Marcus hurriedly asked, “Is that the one who likes to cuckold Donald, and even plans to wear 10,000?”

“Yes, that’s her!” Mrr.. Lloyd said with a look of fascination: “I really want to come with her once in my dreams! Let me also put a green hat on Donald!”
Marcus said hurriedly, “Dad, I heard that she never refused to come. Would you like to take me too?”
Mrr.. Lloyd smiled and said: “Okay, let’s go now?

It’s not nine o’clock in the evening. Our father and I drive, drive faster. We can reach Eastcliff at 12 o’clock, just enough to make Donald’s wife Take good care of us!”
“Go!” Marcus also hurriedly smiled: “Then let’s set off now!”

At this time, Charlie Wade pressed the button to stop the video and nodded in satisfaction: “Yes, not bad. It seems that you two have a talent for talking gossip. Okay, let’s run away!”
Mrr.. Lloyd was crying and asked, “Master Wade, are you sending this video?”

“Yes.” Charlie Wade nodded, and said, “I will send your video immediately. Once your video is on Facebook, it is estimated that the whole network will become popular immediately!”
Mrr.. Lloyd trembled in fright, and said, “Master Wade, can you send the video later? If you do it now, the Webb family will come to chase us down soon…”

Charlie Wade kicked Mr. Jones, who was like a dead dog, and said to Mrr.. Lloyd: “Look at you, what are you afraid of? The Webb family brought all these bodyguards. Now they are all lying here. What can you do? Afraid? Are you afraid that Donald and Sean will chase down you two in person?

I think they may not be as good as your two. If the four of you fight, they must be the ones who suffer.”
Mrr.. Lloyd thought about it, it seems that this is indeed the case.

No one is available in the Webb family in Aurouss Hilll. It takes time to transfer people from the southern region to Aurouss Hilll. By then, he and his son will be gone.
Marcus said to Mrr.. Lloyd, “Dad, let’s go back and pack our things, and then drive to Eastcliff overnight and buy the earliest plane to fly to Malaysia tomorrow. If that’s the case, the Webb family will definitely not be able to catch us!”

Mrr.. Lloyd sighed and said: “This video of ours has offended the entire Webb family. I’m afraid they will chase us both around the world desperately under anger…”
Marcus shuddered, and said with some worry: “Dad, the Webb family shouldn’t be too bad, right?”
“No?” Mrr.. Lloyd sighed: “You don’t know, Donald loves his wife the most…We insult his wife so much, I’m afraid…”

Charlie Wade was too lazy to listen to the nonsense of the two of them here, and said lightly: “I’m going to upload the video right away. If you two of you want to run, run quickly. You can survive fast. Don’t blame me if you run slow. Give you a chance to survive!”
Mrr.. Lloyd recovered, and hurriedly said, “Master Wade, let’s go now! Let’s go now!”
After finishing talking, he pulled Marcus and blurted out: “Go, go home and pack up, go to Eastcliff overnight!”

Marcus was also afraid of being chased by the Webb family, and hurriedly nodded.
Immediately afterwards, the father and son ran away nervously and embarrassedly.
Looking at the backs of the two of them, Don Albertt asked Charlie Wade respectfully: “Master Wade, just let them go like this?”

Charlie Wade nodded and said, “Don’t worry, the two of them insulted the Webb family so much. The Webb family will definitely do their best to hunt them down. They may not be able to live long, even if they live long, they will be fearful for a lifetime.”

Charlie Wade said with a smile: “Moreover, they will never have the courage to return to China in their entire lives, and they may not dare to return to the country for burial if they die. Otherwise, the descendants of the Webb family will definitely dig out their ashes! “

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 719

When the Lloyd family and his son fled for their lives, Don Albertt suddenly felt that Master Wade’s punishment was very interesting. Without having to do it himself, the two men could be in a state of panic all day long.

It can be said to be the best punishment for both of them.
At this time, five bodyguards from Webb’s family remained in the box.
Don Albertt asked, “Master Wade, how do you deal with these people? Do you think you killed them directly? Or…”
Charlie Wade smacked his lips and said, “Think about this, do you have any good ideas?”
Looking at Mr. Jones who was like a dead dog, Don Albertt was naturally very angry.
He had never thought before that the Webb family would actually kill him.
Today, thanks to Master Wade, I was able to take his life back.

Otherwise, he would have already died under Mr. Jones’s hands!
Therefore, Don Albertt’s hatred of the Webb family at this moment has reached its peak in an instant.
He couldn’t wait to slash the five people like Mr. Jones.

So he hurriedly said: “Master Wade, it’s better to leave these five people to me!”
Charlie Wade asked curiously: “What do you plan to do?”
Don Albertt said coldly: “Take them all to the kennel, and let my dog ​​eat them all in one month!”
After that, Don Albertt said again: “Tonight, let my dog ​​eat all the stuff in their crotch!”
When Mr. Jones and other five people heard this, they all cried in shock!

These killers and powerful masters who usually kill people are now scared to death.
Mr. Jones even cried out of breath, and pleaded bitterly: “Master Wade, Don Albertt, I really know that I was wrong! Please show mercy to the two of you, and spare my life!”
The other four people also pleaded and cried.

Charlie Wade looked at Don Albertt at this time, and smiled unpredictably: “They are just a few dogs of the Webb family. Killing them is meaningless. For the Webb family, it doesn’t matter how many people die. Another interesting way.”

Mr. Jones and the other five people suddenly breathed a sigh of relief.
In any case, when Charlie Wade said this, his fortunes were saved!
At this time, Don Albertt hurriedly asked, “Master Wade, what kind of way would you like to change?”
Charlie Wade thought for a while and said, “Well, let’s leave some calligraphy on their foreheads, let them go back, and show them to Donald.”

After speaking, he turned his head to look at the five people, and said in a cold voice: “Which of the five of you will be the first to come? I tell you, there is a discount for the first one. Increment by one word!”
Hearing this, Mr. Jones thought of the tragic situation when Mrr.. Lloyd was engraved with the words “Father of the Pathetic Jerk” just now, and he shook his heart, subconsciously wanting to continue begging for mercy.

However, one of them, knowing that he could not escape this time, suddenly shouted: “Me! I am the first to come!”
Then someone shouted: “I am the second!”
“My third!”

“Me, my fourth!”
The four of them are almost like setting off firecrackers, occupying the first to fourth in one breath.
Mr. Jones, who has not spoken all the time, is only the fifth one.
His expression was extremely depressed, and he almost wanted to commit suicide on the spot!

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 720

The first person to engrave four characters;
The second person carved five words;
The third person engraved six characters;

The fourth person engraved seven characters;
I’m the fifth, don’t I have to engrave eight characters? !
How can there be such a big place on the forehead!

Mr. Jones suddenly cried, wiping his tears, and begged: “Master Wade, please forgive me this time. From now on, I will wait on you before and after. Everything will listen to your instructions and be your dog… …”

Charlie Wade said calmly: “You are not qualified to be my dog, but if you continue to talk so much nonsense, I will let Don Albertt take you to the kennel and feed his dog! I Charlie Wade did what he said, if you don’t believe it, try another sentence!”
Mr. Jones suddenly closed his mouth in fright.

He was really afraid of Charlie Wade!
Since Charlie Wade said so, he doesn’t care about letting a fart, for fear that Charlie Wade will really kill him!

At this time, Don Albertt picked up the dagger from the ground, walked to the person who raised his hand first, and asked, “Master Wade, what was the first to carve?”
Charlie Wade thought for a while and said, “You have to be concise and concise! How can you be concise and concise…”

After thinking for a moment, Charlie Wade blurted out: “If you have it, just make Sean beep!”
The man was about to cry.
If the four characters Sean silly beep are engraved on one’s forehead, the eldest master can’t kill himself alive? !

However, he didn’t dare to refuse halfway at this time, because now he has no right to refuse. If he dares to say a word, he might irritate Charlie Wade and be sent to the kennel to feed the dog!
“Okay.” Don Albertt readily agreed, holding a dagger, and engraving four deep words on this person’s face: “Sean silly beep”.

The man’s face was dripping with blood, and the four big characters on his face and forehead made the other four people feel chilling.
After carving, Don Albertt pulled out the second person who signed up and asked Charlie Wade, “Master Wade, what did this person carve?”
Charlie Wade thought about it and said with a smile: “This time it’s five words, so let’s engrave Kian likes to eat shit.”

Don Albertt nodded, and immediately carved his own human calligraphy on the second person’s forehead.

At this time, Mr. Jones found that the number of words really increased as he went back, so he hurriedly shouted: “Don Albertt! I’m the third, I’m the third! Don’t grab anyone!”
Don Albertt gave a sneer and asked, “Where is your arrogant energy? Why is it like this now? What’s the difference between it and a dog who eats food?”

Mr. Jones hurriedly pleaded: “Don Albertt, you regard me as a dog, so please engrave it for me first!”
Charlie Wade frowned, went up and kicked Mr. Jones directly, and said coldly: “You guy is really unscrupulous. The four of them are little brothers who were born to death with you. You want to cheat them in the face of disaster?”

Mr. Jones was kicked far away, crying and said, “Master Wade, I am a timid and fearful lord, so please be kind and let Don Albertt engrave it for me first…”
Charlie Wade said coldly: “Stop the f*cking nonsense with me, you are the last! Beep more with me, and just engrave a list of teachers on your face!”

Don Albertt smiled and said: “Master Wade, the teacher’s list is very long, I am afraid that a face will not be carved!”
As he said, Don Albertt recited and counted with his fingers, and said: “The first emperor has not started his own business but the middle way has collapsed. Today is three points, Yizhou is exhausted…Oh, this is almost full. My face is full…”

Charlie Wade waved his hand indifferently, and said, “There is no engraving on his face and a neck, no neck is engraved, and his body. If it’s a big deal, he will engrave all the places where love can be engraved on his body and let him see more often. Seeing the teacher’s table and memorizing the teacher’s table more often.”

Mr. Jones was frightened immediately, and hurriedly cried and pleaded: “Master Wade! Master Wade, I was wrong. I dare not beep anymore. You are right. I am the last one! I won’t say a word. Honestly waiting!”

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