The Amazing Son in Law

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 816-820 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 816- 820)

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 816

Stephen Thompson breathed a sigh of relief and said, “That’s good, the Wade family cooperates very closely with the central bank. I say hello, and the money will be returned to your card.”
“Okay.” Charlie Wade also relieved a little.
Two minutes after hanging up the phone, Charlie Wade received another text message on his cell phone:

“Dear Mr. Charlie Wade, RMB 21,900,000,000.00 will be credited to your Black Gold Card account at 15:06 today.”
Charlie Wade breathed a sigh of relief when the money came back.

But then another serious problem came to mind.
Elaine Ma stole his card.
Tried out my own password.
I also saw the amazing balance in my card.

If Claire Wilson Wilson knew about this incident, how to explain it? !
Thinking of this, Charlie Wade’s expression grew colder.
Elaine Ma, I think you are Claire Wilson Wilson’s mother. I have endured you for so long, but you are really playing too much today.

I must not let you go easily today!
So he immediately called Cameron Isaac again.
On the other end of the phone, Cameron Isaac’s voice rang respectfully: “Master, what’s your order?”
Charlie Wade said angrily: “My mother-in-law stole my black gold card, and ransacked me 21.9 billion.

I am going to teach her a lesson. Please help me contact the relevant department and cooperate.”
Cameron Isaac said immediately, “Master, please give me your orders!”

Charlie Wade immediately informed Cameron Isaac of his arrangements, and said: “You must make arrangements for me, don’t go on a business trip, understand?”
“Understood Master!”
Citibank VIP room. Elaine Ma refreshed his mobile banking over and over again.
In mobile banking at this time, there was only a pitiful 0.32 Dollar.

All she was thinking about was that the 21.9 billion hurriedly arrived, so that she could instantly reach the pinnacle of her life!
However, after brushing for a long time, ten minutes passed, and the money has not arrived yet.

She couldn’t help being a little irritable, and was about to scold that Lee Tomas, when she suddenly received a call from a friend.
“Hey, Elaine Ma, are you going to make a face tomorrow? We are going to form a group and go together.”
Elaine Ma disdainfully said, “Making face? What kind of face? What kind of face is I, and making faces with you?

What the hell do you want?”
The voice of the other party immediately changed: “What do you mean by talking?”
Elaine Ma sneered: “What do I mean? I tell you that going to a beauty salon to do facials is what people like you do, and I want to buy the beauty salon directly and serve me alone. I will follow you in the future.

This kind of person draws a line!”
The other party said in disbelief: “Elaine Ma, are you crazy? Just you, and you still bought the beauty salon? Are you dreaming!”
Elaine Ma shook his head and said with a sense of superiority: “I have nothing to say with you, the poor, I tell you, Elaine Ma is now different from what I used to be.

You can’t imagine the money I have in this life.”
The other party sneered and said, “I think you should take medicine!”
After speaking, he directly hung up the phone.

Elaine Ma didn’t care when she was hung up. Now she’s floating all over, like this kind of poor friend, don’t touch it if you don’t touch it in the future. .
So she drank a sip of the top Blue Mountain coffee and watched Lee and scolded: “Hurry up, do it faster! My mother’s money hasn’t arrived yet, what are you doing? Believe it or not, I’ll call you tomorrow.

Don’t do it?”
Lee was very annoyed by Elaine Ma’s arrogant attitude, but he could only bite the bullet and said: “Madam, please wait a moment, the central bank will take time to deal with it!”
Elaine Ma said unreasonably: “I don’t care about your shit reasons, you can find out what happened to me, otherwise I will just give you millions to kill you!”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 817

Li Thomastao was frightened by Elaine Ma, and could only say helplessly: “Then I will help you look at our progress. If it has been reported to the central bank, I can’t find the rest.”
Elaine Ma was anxious, so she splashed coffee on his face and cursed: “Hurry up, what’s the force? My mother is going to die!”

Lee was screaming when he was splashed. Fortunately, the coffee was not very hot, otherwise he would have to be disfigured.
He was furious, but he really didn’t dare to provoke such a big man, so he could only humbly say: “Wait a minute, I will help you see the progress of our trip.”

After that, after entering the system and checking, he said in surprise: “No! This money shows that the central bank has returned it.”
“What is it? Where did you go?”

Lee said: “Your black gold card has been returned to the account.”
“What?” Elaine Ma slapped Lee when he went up, cursing: “What’s the matter with you bastard? Why is my mother’s money returned again?!”

Lee, an old man who was aggrieved, cried and cried, “Madam, I really don’t know…this is returned by the central bank, not by me… .”
“f*ck your mother!” Elaine Ma slapped the table and yelled, “Hurry up and transfer it to me again! Maybe I broke this bank!”

At this time, Elaine Ma was full of hurriedly getting the 21.9 billion. Even if her mother stood in front of her, she would kick away without hesitation.
I thought that the money was coming soon, but I never dreamed that the central bank returned the money again. What the hell? Cheating?

At this moment, there was a rush of footsteps outside the VIP room.
Immediately afterwards, the door was kicked open. A group of police officers with guns and live ammunition quickly rushed in and asked: “Who used the black gold card to transfer the money just now?!”

Lee was frightened, and pointed to Elaine Ma tremblingly and said: “This lady, is there any problem?”
The police ignored him and said directly to Elaine Ma: “What’s your name?”
When Elaine Ma saw the police coming, she was shocked and panicked.
what happened? Charlie Wade called the police?

I am his mother-in-law! Shouldn’t it be illegal for a mother-in-law to take money from her son-in-law?
Just when she was stunned, the police questioned again: “What is your name!”
“I…I…” Elaine Ma said flusteredly: “My name is Elaine Ma…”
The police said coldly: “Elaine Ma, right?

You are now officially arrested by us for being suspected of participating in a major overseas bank fraud case!”

After that, he shouted to the two people around him: “Handcuff me and take it away!”
When Elaine Ma heard this, her face paled in fright, and she blurted out: “Police officer, misunderstanding, I just came to transfer the account, the card is not mine, and I have not defrauded the bank!”

Officer Lloyd said coldly: “Let’s say these things when you arrive in the interrogation room. As servants of the people, we will not wrong any good person, but we will never let any bad person go.”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 818

Elaine Ma hurriedly shouted: “This card is not mine, this card belongs to my son-in-law, and my son-in-law’s name is Charlie Wade! Are you misunderstanding?”
Officer Lloyd said coldly: “I’m telling you, this card was forged by an overseas high-tech criminal group!

It was specially used to defraud banks of huge amounts of money! This transnational case, we have joined the International Criminal Police Organization of 23 countries and it has been investigated. It’s been two years, and now it’s finally time for you, the fox, to show his feet! Now that the evidence is there, you still dare to quibble?!”

Elaine Ma suddenly collapsed! Damn, that card is forged? ! He just said it!
Charlie Wade, this damn stinky silk, how could he have 21.9 billion so much money!
It turned out to be a f*cking lie!

The point is, listening to the police, this card seems to be involved in a major transnational case? !
Joint tracing by Interpol in 23 countries? This battle is too big, right? If they really think they did it, they can’t shoot themselves?

Thinking of this, Elaine Ma knelt on the ground with a puff, and tremblingly cried: “Comrades, you really wronged me. I’m an ordinary law-abiding citizen. This card was given to me by my damn son-in-law, I The son-in-law is idle all day long and is cheated everywhere. You must catch him and give me my innocence!”

After she finished speaking, she hurriedly said: “This Charlie Wade is now in Thompson First Villa A05. Go and take him away. It’s better to sentence him to life imprisonment! I don’t like to see this bastard again in my life. !”

The leading policeman snorted coldly: “You are shaking the pot quickly! We don’t know Charlie Wade, we only know that you used this card. You used this card to defraud Citibank 21.9B. Fortunately, we discovered it early and intercepted the transfer in time. Otherwise, you will succeed! You will wait to sit in prison this time!”

Elaine Ma collapsed completely, and she slumped on the ground and cried loudly: “Comrade police, I am really innocent, I am wronged!”
Just as she was talking, a cup of tea was suddenly poured on Elaine Ma’s face. Lee rushed up and kicked Elaine Ma to the ground with a single kick.

Then he rushed up crazy and slammed her face on her face, shouting hysterically. “Damn, you liar, I’m also a bank leader, you screamed at me, poured coffee on my face, and slapped me in the face, I’ll kill you!”
The two young policemen hurriedly pulled Lee away, when Elaine Ma was already bloodied and terrible.

The police headed at this time said: “Okay, take the people in the car and go back to the bureau for the trial!”
Elaine Ma, with a blood-stained face, was dragged by two policemen, his legs slid on the ground, and his mouth was crazy and shouted in a torn voice: “I’m wronged! The card is not mine! The card is Charlie Wade’s. Bastard! What are you doing with me?

Why don’t you catch that bastard?
The people in the whole bank lobby were staring at this scene dumbfounded. Elaine Ma couldn’t care about the embarrassment. The wow-wow rusher shouted: “Help! I was wronged! You must testify for me! “

Everyone froze, testify? What proof do we know you?
At this time, the policeman leading the team said coldly: “I tell you, even if you have a skyrocket, it’s useless! When you arrive at the police station, there is a longer interrogation waiting for you. I advise you to keep your strength!”

The blood-stained Elaine Ma was like a wolf, desperately breaking free from the restraint of the police and the handcuffs, and shouted: “Let me make a call! I want to call my daughter! Let my daughter bring the liar over to commit the crime. Turn yourself in, then you will know that I am innocent!”

The policeman took the phone out of her pocket directly and said coldly: “You are the main suspect in a major transnational criminal case. During our interrogation and handling of the case, you have no right to contact anyone!”

After that, she turned off Elaine Ma’s cell phone and shouted to the two policemen who were dragging her: “Hurry up and get in the car, hurry up!”
The two of them moved directly to the left and right, lifted Elaine Ma, carried her out of the bank lobby, and stuffed it into the back seat of the police car.
Immediately, a group of police cars roared to the police station!

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 819

As soon as Elaine Ma arrived, he was directly taken to the crime team for interrogation.
Seeing the words “criminal group”, Elaine Ma trembled in shock.
Being taken all the way to the interrogation room of the police station, Elaine Ma had already panicked and was about to collapse, and the whole body was no longer arrogant, like a cock that was defeated.

In the interrogation room, the incandescent light shone on Elaine Ma’s face.
Sitting on the opposite side were several police officers from the crime team.

One of them said coldly to Elaine Ma: “The criminal suspect, Elaine Ma, you are now the first suspect and the only suspect of an overseas high-tech criminal gang. You must truthfully explain your criminal process, otherwise, what is waiting for you will be It is a just trial.”
At this moment, Elaine Ma immediately started crying: “Comrade, you caught the wrong person, Charlie Wade is the suspect…No, he is a criminal, I am a good citizen who abides by the law, I stole it from his pocket, it’s not me.”

The police officer frowned and said, “You said it was your son-in-law, will we believe it? It’s stuck on you, and you took it to the bank to withdraw money. You are the biggest suspect!”
Another police officer beside him sneered and said: “I see this Elaine Ma, because the situation has been revealed, do you want to pull his son-in-law to top the bag?”
After that, he stared at Elaine Ma and said coldly: “You can even do such a frenzied thing. It’s too inhuman, right?”

Elaine Ma shouted wronged: “What I said is true. My son-in-law Charlie Wade is really a liar. He is best at scams and abductions, and he is definitely a criminal!”
The police officer slapped the table and said angrily: “I think you are the criminal! I’ll say it again, be lenient in confession and strict in resistance.”

Elaine Ma cried anxiously: “Comrade police, I have already confessed…If half of what I said is false, I will be thundered!”
The policeman shouted angrily: “This is the police station, do you think it is a temple? Give me a swear to the heavens?

I tell you! Hurry up and explain your upper family, next family, and accomplices, and link your organization’s crime chain Let me explain everything clearly! Now the International Criminal Police of 23 other countries require you to be taken back to the country for investigation.

If you resist to the end, we will hand you over to the US police and let them take you to the US for interrogation. Let me tell you that the American police are very violent in law enforcement. They often use torture to extract confessions. Please ask for your own blessings!”

Elaine Ma wailed in fright: “Police officer, I was really wronged. How can I go to my next home? I stole a bank card from my son-in-law, and then I was arrested here, please. Don’t hand me over to the American police…”

The police officer stood up and said to others: “The criminal Elaine Ma has a rampant attitude. She refuses to explain the crimes of forging bank cards and transnational fraud. First, put her in the detention center and wait for further investigation.”
Elaine Ma was frightened and cried, and went straight to the ground, and started to splash: “If I don’t go to the detention center, you can’t wrong the good people. If you wrong me, I will die with you!”
The police officer looked at Elaine Ma, who was lying on the ground and reluctant to get up, and said coldly: “Put her up for me and close the detention center directly!”

The others immediately set up Elaine Ma like a dead pig, and it was useless for Elaine Ma to cry for his father and his mother, and sent directly to the Aurouss Hilll City Detention Center.
There are three detention centers in Aurouss Hilll, which specialize in administrative and criminal detention, as well as prisoners who have not yet been tried or have a short sentence.
After the trial, prisoners with longer sentences are directly transferred to prison to serve their sentences.

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 820

The three detention centers in Aurouss Hilll perform their duties. One is dedicated to detaining male suspects, one is dedicated to detaining female suspects, and the other is dedicated to detaining juvenile detainees.
After the four members of the Wilson family were arrested in the afternoon, they were sent to two detention centers.

The Lady Wilson and Wendy went to the women’s detention center, while Christopher and Harold went to the men’s detention center.
When she first entered the cell, Mrs. Wilson was still very uncomfortable. After being locked in, she sat on a simple bed, thinking about her experience during this time.

During this period of time, it was the greatest catastrophe for Mrs. Wilson and the Wilson family. Mrs. Wilson’s life’s hard work and coffins were all sealed by the court, and her son refused to let her live in the Thompson first product, and called her to the police. Grasping the prison, these things made her think more and more angry.

Sitting cross-legged on the cot, thinking of the painful place, she slapped the bed in despair, crying loudly: “What a sin I have done, my family is bankrupt, my son doesn’t support me, and my daughter-in-law has also taken me Send to the detention center, this goddamn unfilial son! This is to make me die in the detention center!”

Wendy sat aside, also angry and sad, and cried and said, “Grandma, Second Uncle used to be like this. He used to obey you and never dared to resist. Why is he so cruel now…”
Lady Wilson coldly snorted, and said angrily: “It’s not Elaine Ma’s vixen who suffered a thousand swords! This vixen has been uneasy since she got married to our Wilson family.

If it weren’t for her to stop him this time, your second uncle I guess I agreed to let us live in!”
With that said, the Lady felt sad again, wiped a cloud of tears, and cried: “I’m really too fateful. When I go there and meet the old man, if he knows I was forced by my daughter-in-law Dead, don’t know how much I feel sorry for me…”

The grandfather and grandson were in the prison cell, mourning in their hearts and crying.
Because the Lady is too old, the inmates in the same cell rarely see anyone who is still in the detention center at such an age, so they came to inquire curiously.

Among them was a tall and strong middle-aged woman who had been squatting in this cell for three months. She was the boss of this cell. She walked up to her and asked, “Lady, is your daughter-in-law so bad? Put you in the detention center? What is going on?”
“Yeah, what’s the matter? Tell us about it?”

When someone asked questions, other prisoners in the cell also gathered in front of Mrs. Wilson.
They were originally a group of old ladies who love gossip, and their favorite gossip is the short stories of the parents, so they all hurriedly came to the front, pricked their ears, and waited to hear the following.

At this time, Mrs. Wilson had nowhere to vent the evil fire that was holding her stomach.
Hearing so many people coming to inquire, he cried and cried: “I tell you, my life is really bitter! My daughter-in-law is simply not human, she and her shameless trash son-in-law, constantly Framed us, made us a big family in Aurouss Hilll with a big face, step by step bankruptcy, let us owe a debt, even our house was taken away by the court.”

The fat woman said coldly: “Why is there such a bad person?”
Lady. Wilson flushed suddenly, and said angrily: “They are so bad, they are so bad!”
“My grandchildren and I were driven out by the court to be homeless, but their family bought a Thompson First villa, worth more than one hundred million!”

“Our family has nowhere to go, but their family of four sleeps in more than a dozen bedrooms, they can’t sleep at all!”
“I thought they were my own sons and daughters-in-law. No matter what, they wouldn’t see me living on the street?

So I went to run to them. Who knows, they not only beat me, scolded me, kicked me, but also called the police. Saying that I broke into the homes and provoked troubles, and let the police arrest us all!”
As soon as the fat woman heard this, she clenched her fists and said angrily: “I, Gena Hill, hate the bastard who disrespects the elderly the most in my life!

If it weren’t for my brother-in-law, my mother-in-law, my mother could not commit suicide by drinking pesticide! So I was sentenced to ten months in detention because after my mother died, I blasted my brother-in-law!”

Speaking of this, Gena’s eyes were already filled with anger and tears. She gritted her teeth and said: “Lady, don’t cry. If I have a chance to see your daughter-in-law, I will hammer her to death for you!”

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