The Amazing Son in Law

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 926-930 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 926- 930)

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 926

Elaine Ma was completely confident at this time. While packing his own things, he said coldly to the people around him: “By the way, there are a few of you who have beaten me, don’t even want to run! I tell you, I am here.

The outside forces are very powerful. Starting today, I will wait for you when I go out. I will fight one by one, and let you bully me again!”
Elaine Ma counted them down one by one, turning the expressions of everyone in the cell blue and angry.

After scolding these people, Elaine Ma could be regarded as letting out a sigh of relief.
At this time, she had finished packing her things, and was about to leave with the prison guard, when she suddenly felt a urge to pee.

She muttered to herself: “Damn, why do you have urine at this time…”
As she said, she whispered again: “No! This cell is too bad, and the urine taken from here must also be particularly bad, and you must leave after the spread!”

Thinking of this, she sneered at Mrs. Wilson and Gena, and said contemptuously: “My Lady happened to have a pee, so I will leave it to you guys!”
After speaking, Elaine Ma hummed a song, twisted her waist, and walked into the toilet.

Outside, a group of people were silent, and Elaine Ma gasped for breath.
Lady Wilson clutched her chest, she looked like she was mad, and she said: “I’m so angry, I’m really angry! It must be my unfilial son who came to bail her!”
Gena asked in an interface: “Your son bailed her without bail? This is not what a bastard is!”

Lady Wilson cried and said, “My son is also a useless man. He was taken care of by this shrew. They just don’t want me to live. They just tried every means to toss my Lady…”
After that, Mrs. Wilson deliberately instigated the divorce and said to Gena: “Gena, this woman is very vicious. She said she wants to pick up your mother’s grave.

I think she will definitely do something like this. You have to be sorry. Shun change!”
When Gena heard this, she immediately felt a puff of blood rushing to the top of her head, making her tremble all over.

She gritted her teeth, stood up directly, and immediately rushed into the toilet!
This is my last chance to teach Elaine Ma, if I don’t seize it, then this b*tch will really leave.
When the Lady Wilson saw her rushing into the bathroom furiously, she immediately followed in tremblingly.

Wendy , and several others who were scolded by Elaine Ma, also immediately followed!
When Elaine Ma was about to relieve her hand, she suddenly heard the toilet door slammed and kicked open. Then, facing Gena’s big foot, she kicked her and sat down in the toilet.
Her legs stuck on the edge of the urinal, her a** sank in, painful, and she couldn’t stand up after getting stuck.

When Gena thought that Elaine Ma was going to pick up his mother’s grave and also lift up her mother’s ashes, Gena grinned with hatred, and said to others: “Beat me hard! Kill her! Let her be a stinky girl. Let’s pretend to be forced!”

A group of people immediately hit Elaine Ma on the head and body.
Elaine Ma was caught off guard, yelling and raising her hands, trying to block the opponent’s fists and feet, but it was in vain.
At this time, Wendy ’s eyes flashed with cold light. She had long wanted to beat Elaine Ma, but she had never had a chance!

Seeing that everyone in front of me was greeting Elaine Ma’s upper body, and Elaine Ma was tall with two legs up, Wendy immediately stepped forward, held Elaine Ma on one leg, and winked at the Lady Wilson, saying, “Grandma, let’s just Smash this b*tch’s leg to her! Otherwise, there will be no chance again!”
“Good!” Lady Wilson nodded with gritted teeth!

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 927

The Lady Wilson saw that her dream of living in Thompson First’s villa future was broken again, and she hated Elaine Ma to death.
Moreover, Elaine Ma dared to be so arrogant in front of her just now, and to speak so excessively, which made the Lady feel resentful.

For Mrs. Wilson, the last thing she wants to see is Elaine Ma’s escape from the sea of ​​suffering, but now Elaine Ma is going to be let go? !
If Elaine Ma is released, then this is the last chance to teach her! Once missed, there may be no chance in the future!
So the Lady, regardless of her old age and health, raised her leg and slammed her foot on Elaine Ma’s knee.

With a click, Elaine Ma suddenly let out a terrible scream.
She felt severe pain in her leg, it must be a broken leg!
Lady Wilson succeeded in one blow and was excited, but she did not expect that her body movements were too great, and one of them couldn’t stand firmly and slipped to the ground.

This fall directly hit her tailbone, and the pain caused her to scream “Oh, oh,”.
But Elaine Ma was obviously more miserable. Seeing her right knee, she folded an arc in the opposite direction, and her pain was so painful that she could only scream incessantly, “Ah…my leg! I have broken my leg!”

The prison guard heard the movement inside and shouted outside: “What’s the matter? What are you doing inside?”
When everyone heard this, they hurriedly stopped and stood aside.
Gena took a look, and then smiled deliberately: “Ken, this b*tch is dripping badly. She is about to go out. She wants to kick the Lady. He didn’t expect to break her leg. She deserves it!”

After speaking, she hurriedly helped Lady Wilson and went out of the toilet.
Elaine Ma cried loudly: “Guard, come and save me, my leg is broken!”
The prison guard had already arrived at the door of the toilet. As soon as he came in, he saw Elaine Ma’s tragic situation, frowned and asked everyone, “What are you doing?”

Gena stood up and said, “I don’t know. Just now the Lady came in to go to the bathroom. She had to kick someone, but she slipped and fell like this.”
Lady Wilson also endured the pain, and said: “This animal kicked me, and my tail vertebra was broken. It hurts me to death…”

Elaine Ma cried loudly: “You fart, you bastards hit me and broke my leg!”
Gena sneered and said, “Do you have any evidence? We, more than 20 people, have seen you kicking the Lady. You still want to make a sophistry?”
Elaine Ma pointed at the crowd and cried out, “You were the one who beat me! You collectively broke my leg!”

The prison guard frowned. It is impossible for a normal person to go to the toilet for no reason and her leg broke.
So Elaine Ma broke her leg, it was obviously beaten by these people in the cell.
But if one person does it alone, she can still handle it, and if all of them do it, there is really no way at all.

Firstly, it is impossible for all members to deal with it. Secondly, it may be very troublesome to ask these people to confess who is fighting. It requires constant isolation and brings these people out one by one for interrogation.
Thinking of this, she began to speak: “After doing Elaine Ma, if you continue to make trouble like this, you won’t be able to leave today. If you want to investigate and deal with it again, you will have to wait a long time at least.”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 928

Elaine Ma cried and said, “Then you can’t let them break my leg in vain, right?”
The prison guard said indifferently: “If you want to report them, I’ll go through the normal process and let the police come for interrogation. But in that case, you may also need to go to the police station. You have to record your confession, and I have to say something.

To be honest, you are alone, they are more than 20 people, they may not admit what you say, if they bite you back then and insist that you hurt the Lady, then you are shooting yourself in the foot.”
When Elaine Ma heard this, she suddenly became desperate.
She also knows that these female prisoners are not good people, and they are very united under Gena’s leadership, not to mention that she has provoked public anger.

If she makes this matter to the police, it is very likely that they will turn out to be them. Bite yourself together.
In that case, it would be more troublesome for myself.
It’s better to go out as soon as possible. The sooner you go out, the better!
Thinking of this, Elaine Ma nodded angrily, and said, “I want to go out, I want to go out now!”
The guard nodded, helped Elaine Ma walked out of the bathroom, and then led her out of the cell.

The moment he left the cell, Elaine Ma turned back and said to Lady Wilson: “Dead Lady, wait for me. Sooner or later, I will break both of your legs!”
Lady. Wilson said coldly: “You b*tch, you won’t die sooner or later!”

Elaine Ma ignored the Lady and looked at Gena again, and said sharply: “Gena, you dog and woman, wait for me. Your mother’s grave will definitely not be kept!”
Gena yelled angrily: “Dare you, I must kill you.”
Elaine Ma limped out with the support of the prison guards, turning around and cursing: “Look at me, dare you, wait.

When you come out, take a look at your mother’s grave and see you. Has Mom’s ashes been raised by me!”
After speaking, without looking back, she followed the prison guard out of the cell in the detention center.
Elaine Ma came to the office area of ​​the detention center, and the prison guards led her into an office. There were already two police officers sitting in this office, the two who were in charge of her case.

When the two police officers saw her being supported by the prison guards, they jumped in, and they were suddenly dumbfounded.
The guard said to the two of them: “She had a conflict with a cellmate in the same cell just now in the bathroom, and her leg was hurt.”

Elaine Ma said angrily, “Is it hurt? My leg is broken, OK, haven’t you seen it?”
The prison guard asked in a cold voice, “What I told you just now, you are all deaf to your ears, right? Do you want to call everyone out now, and then transfer you to the Public Security Bureau for a good trial. I’ll tell you, don’t judge you. For three to five days, don’t even think of it!”

One of the police officers said, “After Elaine Ma, you can go home now and it’s very good. As for the injury on your leg, you can wait until you go out and go to the hospital for treatment. You can keep it for three to five months. .”

Elaine Ma nodded angrily and asked, “Comrade police officer, when can I be released?”
The police officer said, “Did you remember everything we told you before?”
Elaine Ma hurriedly said: “Don’t worry, I remember it clearly, and I won’t say a word to anyone after I go out and kill me!”

When Elaine Ma was let out in the afternoon, she was beaten and threatened by the three fierce women. She was so frightened that she was deeply aware of the huge danger behind this incident.
So now she can’t hide, how can she dare to mention it again?
The police officer was satisfied, and returned Elaine Ma’s cell phone to her and said, “Okay, I will call your son-in-law now and let your son-in-law pick you up.”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 929

After Elaine Ma picked up her mobile phone, she couldn’t wait to turn it on.
Since calling in, she has never been able to touch her phone again, nor can she contact her husband and daughter.
Suddenly taking back the phone, Elaine Ma suddenly felt a strong grievance.
My husband and daughter certainly didn’t know that they had suffered so much inhuman torture in the past two days.

But this kind of thing, I just can’t tell them.
Because once she uttered a word, she might be murdered, or she might be caught by the police again and put in jail.
After the phone was turned on, Elaine Ma could receive countless messages on WeChat. She clicked on it and found that basically every message came from her daughter Claire Wilson Wilson.

Seeing that her daughter was always worried about herself and kept sending her various messages, Elaine Ma felt very comforted.
But she couldn’t help but think of another thing.
Why didn’t my husband send me a WeChat?

He has been missing for two days, is he not worried at all?
Thinking of this, Elaine Ma was quite dissatisfied, and she couldn’t help but wonder: I didn’t expect Jacob Wilson, an old thing to be so unaffectionate, that he had been missing for so long, she didn’t even have a WeChat! Be sure to settle accounts with him afterwards!

At this time, the police officer said: “Don’t play WeChat there anymore. Call your son-in-law quickly.”
Elaine Ma hurriedly asked: “Comrade Constable, can I stop my son-in-law from picking me up? I am so annoyed to die when I think of this man. I hate my teeth. Can I let my daughter pick me up?”

The police officer slapped the table and shouted coldly: “The reason why we let you find your son-in-law to pick you up is because we want to confirm whether the criminals are looking at your son-in-law now, otherwise, if you rashly put you back , You are very likely to be targeted by others, maybe you will be killed tonight.

In that case, don’t blame me for not reminding you!”
As soon as Elaine Ma heard this, her liver trembled with fright, and she hurriedly said: “That’s fine, I’ll call my son-in-law now, comrade police, please make sure to see if the criminals are looking at him. …..”
The police officer nodded and said coldly: “Don’t worry, as long as you do as we say, we will naturally investigate.”

Elaine Ma breathed a sigh of relief and said, “Then I’ll call him now!”

The police officer asked her again: “Do you know how to tell him?”
“Know!” Elaine Ma forced the pain in his leg and said honestly: “I told him that I was cheated by a MLM organization, and then I was caught by the police. Now I am relieved of my grievances and can finally go home. Up.”

The policeman hummed, waved his hand and said, “Okay, let’s call now.”
At this moment, Charlie Wade was waiting for Elaine Ma’s call at home.
Suddenly the phone on the table rang. He hurriedly picked up the phone and realized that it was indeed his mother-in-law who was calling, so he pressed the answer button.

“Mom?! Where are you? We are going crazy looking for you these past two days!”
Charlie Wade started acting as soon as he spoke.
Elaine Ma hated her crazy in her heart, but she couldn’t say it directly, so she could only say in a cold voice: “I’m in the city detention center right now, please drive to pick me up!”

Charlie Wade said: “Mom, the car at home has been driven away, or I’ll take a taxi to pick you up.”
Elaine Ma asked angrily: “Are both cars driven away?”
Charlie Wade gave a hum and said, “Claire Wilson Wilson has gone to the company, and Dad has gone to the party.”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 930

“Party?!” Elaine Ma asked, “That damn Jacob Wilson is still in the mood to party? Whom did he go to party with?”
Charlie Wade said: “Talk to some old classmates. I’m not very clear about the details. Should I call him?”
Elaine Ma said angrily: “You come to pick me up first! I am injured now and must go to the hospital!”
Charlie Wade asked, “Mom, what hurt you? Does it matter?”

Elaine Ma said angrily: “My leg is broken! You are so much nonsense, get out of here!”
Charlie Wade said: “Okay, then I will pass now.”
After hanging up the phone, Charlie Wade immediately went out, stopped a taxi, and went to Aurouss Hilll Detention Center.

On the way to the detention center, he called Claire Wilson Wilson and said to her: “Wife, Mom called me, and I’m going to pick her up now.”
When Claire Wilson Wilson heard this, she blurted out excitedly and asked, “Really? Did Mom call you? Where is she? Is she okay?!”

Charlie Wade said: “Mom said she was in the Aurouss Hilll Detention Center. As for the reason, I asked her. She said that she was deceived into a pyramid scheme two days ago and was arrested by the police again, so she was locked in. It was released after being free of suspicion.”
Claire Wilson Wilson suddenly realized!

I suspected that my mother was cheated away by pyramid schemes, but I didn’t expect it to be caught by the police!
It seems that after mom comes home, you must tell her well, and never trust people outside who can make her rich overnight.

Thinking of this, she hurriedly said: “Then I will go over now, we will see it in the detention center.”
Charlie Wade hurriedly said, “My wife, don’t come here. Mom told me on the phone that she was injured. After I picked her up, I would take her to the hospital immediately. Then you can see you at the hospital!”

Claire Wilson Wilson asked nervously, “What’s the matter? Where did Mom get hurt? Is it serious?”
Charlie Wade said: “Mom said on the phone that her leg was broken, but I don’t know whether it’s serious or not. You have to see the doctor to find out.”

Claire Wilson Wilson burst into tears all of a sudden, and said, “Then you will come directly to the emergency department of the People’s Hospital after picking up your mother. I will go there now!”
When Charlie Wade came to the detention center and saw Elaine Ma, Elaine Ma was already tortured.
She had a bruised nose and swollen face, her body was wounded, her front teeth had lost two, and her hair was ripped apart and some of her scalp had been exposed.

And Elaine Ma came in for the past two days, almost as if he didn’t eat or drink, so the whole person has two avatars, originally quite rich, now it is a bit horrible.
What’s worse is Elaine Ma’s right leg, which has broken from the knee at this time, and can only hang at this strange angle. It seems that he has been tortured quite miserably.

Charlie Wade asked in surprise, “Mom, what’s wrong with you? Why do you suffer so many injuries?”
“You want to take care of it!” Elaine Ma gritted his teeth and said, “Don’t hurry up and take me to the hospital!”
Charlie Wade shrugged and said, “Okay, the taxi is waiting outside. I’ll take you to the hospital.”
The police officer looked at Elaine Ma and said coldly: “Elaine Ma! What did you tell you just now? If you still have this attitude, then don’t go out and stay inside!”

As soon as Elaine Ma heard this, she was so frightened that she blurted out to Charlie Wade, “Oh my good son-in-law, it was all bad for mom just now. Mom shouldn’t yell at you…”
The police officer stared at Elaine Ma and warned: “Don’t forget what I told you. We are only letting you out temporarily, but we will always watch you, understand?”

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