The CEO’s Contract With The Thief Chapter 39

“I know you have little to no knowledge of art, but thank you for coming with me, Jasmin,” Lisa said as she held onto Jasmin’s hand and walked her through the security checkpoint at the art gallery.

“It’s fine, besides it’s far better than the plans I had for tonight which was nothing,” she answered and they laughed together.

Lisa had called a few hours ago, asking if she was free to come out with her. Charming was showcasing some of her recent art to the public and though Zoe her friend or Xavier her boyfriend would have been the better date for the day event, they all had excuses. Zoe excuse was that Victor was taking her out on a town fare and Xavier said he was having a business meeting with partners from outside the country and as much as he wanted to, he couldn’t come.

Jasmin was Lisa’s last option but she wasn’t upset because she had no idea what an art display was all about over an hour ago. Lisa needed a plus one and Charming needed her friends to be there to support and it was the least Jasmin could do.

She was told to put on something simple but elegant and she went straight for her purple party dress which was a little above her knee and a black jelly shoe. She applied a little make-up and let her curly, red hair down so that some covered a side of her face and others fell to her back. Lisa was impressed when she saw her half an hour ago and told her she looked good. Lisa was in a red wrap gown reaching her knee, a red lipstick on her lips that matched her gown and her hair was made with a big braid which brought out her beautiful face.

After last week’s event with Xavier, Jasmin had called to check up on Lisa the next day, but Lisa assured her that she was okay and had nothing to worry about, then proceeded to apologise for Xavier’s behaviour at the party. Jasmin was still worried but had to believe Lisa could make her path.

After Lisa’s call earlier, Jasmin had to inform Cainan that she had been invited on a last-minute date to the art gallery by Lisa and though he gave his consent, there was a grumble in his voice. Jasmin was however grateful that he let her go regardless of his possessive and overprotective self.

“There she is!” Lisa squealed and rushed over to hug Charming, taking the young woman who was in black jeans trousers and white long sleeves and black boots by surprise.

Charming however is overcome with joy, realising who it was, “Lisa, you came!” they pulled away.

“I wasn’t going to miss it, Zoe and Xavier couldn’t make it, so I invited Jasmin.”

The smile on her face was impeccable, “You’re such an amazing friend, Lisa, sad to know your boyfriend is a psychopath though.” she blurted.

Lisa gasps although she didn’t look too surprised or offended by Charming insinuations, “That’s far fetched, Charming, even for you.”

Jasmin didn’t think it was far fetched because someone like Lisa wasn’t supposed to be dating someone like Xavier and the impression he made at the party was enough to tell her that. Charming was unapologetic about the truth to her friend and that was something Jasmin admired about her.

It was obvious that Lisa was madly in love with Xavier and trying to cling to the sides of him that made her happy while ignoring the other sides, even though the other side was highly toxic and destructive.

You can take a horse to the river but you can’t force it to drink water.

Lisa wasn’t a horse but it was her decision at the end of the day.

“Thank you for coming, you don’t know how much that means to me, Jasmin.” Charming’s eyes were appreciative as they held hers.

She found herself beaming, “I’m glad to be here to support you,” she replied. “I must warn though, I am not very good with art or its representation, so pardon any error made in the course of today.”

Charming just waved her off, “There is no such thing as an error in art, it’s just a different perspective.” Charming was in her positive and happy mode today and it was intoxicating as ever. Her attention was called upon by a man in a black suit and she took her leave from her friend but encouraged them to tour around the art gallery.

“You agree with her,” Lisa suddenly began to speak and Jasmin at first was confused with what exactly she was talking about, but soon figured it out.

She bit her lips, not wanting to give a cold response, “Charming had a point, he is a psychopath, and I say that with the utmost respect to you.”

“Xavier isn’t like other men, he certainly isn’t like Cainan, but he isn’t all bad.” Lisa defended instantly.

“No one is completely bad, Lisa and no one is completely good either, but when the bad outweighs the good, you have to consider what exactly you’re holding onto.” This was what she had to do in order to finally leave Dennis and though Xavier was not like Dennis, he wasn’t good either.

“He’s kind, funny, gentle and loving when he wants to be and yes he has a temper and has little restrained on his emotions, but he’s human and he will change.”

“No one judges him for his flaws, but I think you deserve to have a man that is kind, funny, gentle and loving. He is supposed to be human? Yes, is he supposed to show hurt, pain and anger and maybe even frustration sometimes? Yes, but you need a man that respects you even when he is having his worse day because that’s the kind of woman you are, Lisa.”

Lisa looked away from her, trying to hide the tears threatening to spill. “Oh wow,” she sucked a deep breath, taking back by all of Jasmin’s words “you are really good with giving advice.”

“Only when the one I care about needs to hear it. I am not asking you to break up with Xavier you two have history and you have undeniable feelings for him, but you need to be sure this is worth it.”

“Yes, you’re right and thank you.”

The art display kicked off and they had to move to the front roll to get a better view of the bidding, brushing past a few bodies of people.

Jasmin, however, slowed down when she saw Faith at the third roll, standing beside two other ladies having small talk and giggling while checking out a man not so far away. She couldn’t forget her face even though she hadn’t seen her since the first time they met which was over two months ago at the fundraiser.

Faith’s gaze swept around and they met hers and instantly anger flickered in her brown eyes. Faith threw daggers in her direction with her burning gaze, but Jasmin looked away and walked on with Lisa who was oblivious to what was taking place between them.

“They are beautiful.” Lisa gushed, staring at the art and Jasmin wanted to pay attention to it as well but her mind was racing with different thoughts at the same time.

Jasmin was sceptical because she knew Faith was capable of causing a scene.

“What do you think?” Lisa attention moved to hers.

Her eyes began to dart between Lisa and the painting and she blinked a few times feeling lost, “Um, well they are complex,” she concentrated on the patterns of the strokes following each colour and line and then staring at them all as one. “A complex but beautiful puzzle.”

Lisa turned to the art with her eyes curious, “I guess you’re right, I didn’t see it complex but looking at it now, I think it is.”

“Waiter!” Faith’s cringe-worthy voice called out of the blue.

There was no waiter present at the showcasing as it wasn’t that kind of gathering and Jasmin knew who the waiter she was calling for was, but she ignored and she and Lisa moved to the next painting, placing their attention on it.

“Waiter!” Faith called again and this time she walked up towards them.

“Waiter!” she called with a louder voice despite already standing beside them and a few people around turned their attention towards them.

“I’ve been calling you!” she gritted out rudely.

Jasmin’s fist was clenching and unclenching in an attempt to not do anything that would cause a scene at Charming’s art display but Faith was pushing it.

Lisa finally took notice of Faith’s presence and spoke up, “You’ve been calling waiter and she isn’t one, Faith.” Lisa seemed to be quite acquainted with Faith.

She fakes a gasp, placing a hand to her chest. “Isn’t that her job though?”

“If you’re looking to cause a scene, I’d advise you go away.” Jasmin grounded out, surprised she got those words out with a normal tone.

Faith glared at her, “Why? I thought you liked the attention of people, especially men. Isn’t that how you snatch them from their women?”

Her gaze lifted and they locked in Faith’s, bold and daring, “The only men that can get snatched are men that didn’t belong to those women in the first place.” she countered, making Faith’s eyes get even more murderous.

Lisa picked up the war taking place between them, “I advice you to leave, Faith, this is not a place to cause a scene.”

Her eyes stayed hard on Jasmin for a while before she took her leave.

“I didn’t know you two shared bad history,” Lisa spoke up immediately after she left.

“We don’t, I didn’t think we did. She believes I stole Cainan from her though,” she replied with a shrug.

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