The Mans Decree Chapter 390

Chapter 390 Air Of Grievance

Getting out of the car, Phoenix gazed at the Jantz family’s mansion. She turned to Jared. “Mr. Chance, you still haven’t found a place to stay in Summerbank, right? This place looks nice.”

Jared nodded and accepted the suggestion. After all, he knew he could not keep staying at Lizbeth’s place, especially now that Josephine had come too.

Seeing Jared nodding his head, Lizbeth felt disappointed for some reason. However, she immediately recollected herself from whatever inappropriate thoughts she had. Jared belongs to my good friend. I can’t have any improper thoughts for him…

Walking into the mansion and looking at its luxurious design, they were somewhat amazed by all the antiques inside the building. What a sumptuous lifestyle Zachariah had!

Jared chatted with Josephine and Lizbeth in the living room while waiting for Phoenix and her men to scan the entire place.

A short while later, a subordinate of the Phoenix Regiment rushed to the living room. “Mr. Chance, Madam asks you to go over there…”

Upon seeing the subordinate’s panicked look, Jared jumped up from the couch. “What’s going on?”

“I… I am not sure as well,” The subordinate answered.

Jared immediately left with the subordinate. Josephine and Lizbeth followed along as they were curious.

Before long, they came to a secluded courtyard in the mansion. Phoenix, Tommy, and the rest had surrounded the yard, their gazes filled with rage.

“Phoenix, what’s wrong?” Jared questioned.

“Mr. Chance, please take a look for yourself.” Phoenix pointed at a house in the middle of the courtyard.

Jared shifted his gaze toward the house. He was bewildered to discover over ten girls locked up inside it. The girls recoiled in fear when they saw him. It was evident they had been living in a great fright.

“What’s exactly going on here?” Jared furrowed his brows tightly.

“Mr. Chance, I’ve already questioned them. These girls were all captured by Zachariah. The oldest among them is only eighteen years old.”

“Why would Zachariah capture so many girls?” Jared could not wrap his head around it. Even if he used them for sex, he wouldn’t need so many!

“They have no idea why they were captured as well. However, Zachariah used to send his men to pick two girls among them every day. They would dress them up and send them away. Those sent away never return. I suspect they are dead,” Phoenix uttered wrathfully.

As a woman, she pitied what these girls had experienced. Josephine and Lizbeth were livid too when they saw those girls recoil in fear.

At the same time, Jared was deeply troubled by Phoenix’s words, especially the part where she said those girls were dead.

“Get some of your men to take care of these girls and send them home. The rest of you, follow me!”

With that, Jared walked out of the house.

Standing in the courtyard, Jared closed his eyes as he chanted some words. In the next moment, he swiped his hands in front of his eyes. When he opened his eyes again, they were filled with red light.

He scanned the mansion for a while. His gaze eventually stopped at a spot not far away in the southwest.

With his eyes, he could see black smoke coming out from that place before turning into dark clouds in the sky. Those clouds did not fade for a long time.

“Why is there such heavy grievance in the air?”

Jared’s expression darkened as he withdrew his gaze.

In the blink of an eye, he ran in that direction. Seeing this, Phoenix and the rest immediately followed after him.

After running for a few miles, Jared stopped on a piece of land. There was freshly turned soil everywhere.

Jared scanned the land and discovered an earring within the soil. A few seconds later, he found yet another earring. His expression turned sour as a bad feeling rose within his heart.

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