The Mans Decree Chapter 396

Chapter 396 Zedekiah

The robed man simply kept quiet as he sent the guard flying with the raise of a hand.

Upon seeing that, the other guards quickly grabbed their weapons and stepped forward. Tommy, too, came rushing over when he heard the commotion.

The robed man had been surrounded by dozens of guards by the time Tommy got there.

“Who are you?” he asked the robed man when he saw the dead guard lying on the floor.

The robed man shot Tommy a cold glance as he said, “Tell Jared to come out and accept his death sentence. He cannot be allowed to live after killing a member of the Crescent Sect!”

He’s a member of the Crescent Sect? I’ve seen what Master Venicus can do. These men are all powerful mages! I’m no match for them at all! Tommy thought to himself with a frown.

He then came up with an idea and told the robed man, “Ah, so you’re here to see Mr. Chance? No problem! Just give me your name, and I’ll inform him about it. Countless people have come here to try and spar with him, and there are plenty out there who want him dead, but Mr. Chance will not kill nameless nobodies!”

“Hmph! I’m not a nameless nobody! I am Zedekiah of the Crescent Sect, and I have come here to take Jared’s head!” the robed man replied with a snort while exuding a terrifying aura.

“All right, please wait here while I go inform him!”

With that, Tommy ran into the mansion and pulled out his phone.

Since he couldn’t disturb Jared, who was still in the process of cultivating his energy, Tommy gave Phoenix a call instead.

I know the limitations of my capabilities. My men and I may not be able to hold off Zedekiah on our own, but we might stand a chance if we team up with Phoenix and her men!

After receiving Tommy’s call, Phoenix wasted no time hurrying over to the Jantz family’s mansion with her men. She even made sure to inform Anthony about it so that he could mobilize his subordinates if needed. At the very least, they would be able to buy Jared more time.

A deep frown formed on Zedekiah’s face when he saw no sign of Tommy after waiting for a bit. The fact that spiritual energy could still be seen flowing in the mansion was a clear indicator that Jared hadn’t come out at all.

Realizing that Tommy was just stalling for time, Zedekiah shouted angrily, “D*mn it! How dare he trick me!”

He then ignored the guards and charged straight toward the mansion.

“Stop him!”

Tommy’s muscles and veins bulged beneath his skin as he mustered all of his strength in preparation for combat. Knowing that his opponent was a mage from the Crescent Sect, Tommy didn’t dare to take him lightly at all.

“You insolent fool!” Zedekiah said with a disdainful snort as he sent Tommy flying with a light smack.

Tommy coughed up a huge mouthful of blood the moment his body crashed into the ground.

“Do not let him into the mansion! Mr. Chance must not be interrupted!” he shouted with the last bit of strength he had left.

The dozens of guards all had icy-cold looks in their eyes as they stood in Zedekiah’s path. They were all incredibly loyal subordinates from Phoenix Regiment that had been handpicked for this task.

They were about to attack Zedekiah when Phoenix arrived at the scene with hundreds of men to back her up. Seeing as they had Zedekiah heavily surrounded, Phoenix turned toward Tommy and asked worriedly, “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine… It’ll take more than this to kill me!” Tommy replied with an awkward look on his face.

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