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1981 Section: discuss marriage

Guinu hesitated, could not help but said: “Master, there’s something I do not know if I should say.”

Xiangcheng slightly Yi Zheng, immediately Road “Say!”

Guinu said : “Not long ago, I seemed to have heard news that it was a low-key inspection of the Jiangnan Middle Naval Area by the Chief Superintendent. It is said that the person in charge of the reception is Wang Daofang.”

“Subordinates don’t know, this Wang Daofang will Doesn’t it have anything to do with the general governor?”

“In addition, the subordinates are also worried, will the general governor have any close relationship with Yash Nics?”

Xiang Cheng frowned deeply when he heard this.

This is not good news.

The chief governor is now in charge of the national military, and his status and status can be said to be in full swing.

He, the chief minister of the cabinet, can hardly compete with the chief governor.

He is the head of the civil servants, and the chief governor is the chief of military officers. It seems that the two sides can fight against each other, but in fact, the pen can never be able to hold a gun. He now has to avoid the chief governor for three points.

If the general governor has something to do with Yash Nics, or if the general governor defends Yash Nics, then it will be difficult for him to move Yash Nics.

He pondered for a long time and slowly said: “The governor and Yash Nics should have no close relationship with each other.”

“This can be seen from Yash Nics’s participation in the Battle of the Northern Territory without any reward. The general governor doesn’t care about him, and he doesn’t even have basic rewards.” The

ghost slave nodded: “Yes!”

“If the general governor values ​​Yash Nics, Yash Nics will definitely be reused in the Battle of the Northern Territory, and he will be rewarded again after the battle. Yash Nics.”

“But Yash Nics was recalled to the North Border Army some time ago. It seems that he just went to fight the soy sauce. In the end, he found nothing, and then quietly returned to Mannity’s hometown.”

“From this point of view, the general governor has a real relationship with Yash Nics, and Yash Nics has not been promoted.”

Xiang Chengdao : “Although the general governor has nothing to do with Yash Nics, the next few years will definitely belong to the era of the general governor, even the general governor. The radiance of the golden mean must be overshadowed by Huang Gan, the ruler of the mean.”

“It seems that I have to find a way to establish a good relationship with the governor.” The

ghost slave was stunned.

Before, when the new monarch Huang Qian tried to reject all opinions and recommended the general governor.

Xiang Cheng led a group of cabinet elders in a collective protest.

Even Xiangcheng and the others have repeatedly blocked the general governor from taking office.

In the end, it was the chief governor who showed his great strength, and he blocked everyone’s mouth and successfully assumed the position of the country’s highest military commander.

Now, Xiang Lao is going to turn around and get along with the general governor?

Guinu said in his heart: Sure enough, in the circle of power and nobility, there are no permanent enemies, everything is based on interest.

The ghost slave lowered his head and asked in a low voice: “Master, when the chief governor was in office, he was tested by the cabinet in various ways. He may not have a good impression of the cabinet now. How do you plan to improve the relationship with him?”

Xiang Cheng smiled. Said: “The cabinet did make things difficult for the chief governor, but it was also to test the strength of the chief governor!”

“Now the chief governor has proved himself and successfully became the highest military officer of China.”

“I want to use his courage. , It’s not a little unpleasant than before.”

“He can definitely have a good relationship with the old men in our cabinet. After all, the large military expenses that his military needs every year are all prepared by the cabinet and can’t live with the cabinet. , It’s not good for him.”

Guinu nodded.

Xiang Cheng said again: “As for the way to modify the relationship, naturally family union marriage is the most reliable.”

“Although the chief governor usually wears a Suzaku jersey and a unicorn mask, I can tell from his figure and manners that he must be very young.”

“He is probably not married yet, my second brother Xiang Shan has one. The jewel in the palm, named Xiang Shuiyan, looks beautiful and beautiful.”

“I plan to invite someone to be a matchmaker, and I plan to marry Xiang Shuiyan to the governor. The two will make the best of Qin and Jin, support and make progress together.”

Guinu said in surprise: “Master, you are the chief assistant of the cabinet, and the chief governor is the highest military chief in the country. You are strong in the alliance. From now on, China will be the two of you and forget it!”

Xiang Cheng heard the words, stroked his beard and laughed, and said at the same time: “Quick, Call my son Xiang Shan, I want to discuss with him the life-long events of his daughter.”

Guinu said: “Yes, the subordinates will go to ask the second master immediately.”

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