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Chapter 2019: popular days Zhouhai Ru

Yash Nics family, would have been happy to eat.

Suddenly being disturbed by Fu Wenbin so, everyone just ate flies like eating, they were all disappointed, and ended up hastily.

After eating!

Yash Nics, Song Pingting, Tong Ke, together with Dianchu and Qin Que, prepared to accompany Song Qingqing to the campfire party in the summer camp.

Song Pingting’s pretty face couldn’t hide her worry!

Yash Nics asked, “What’s the matter?”

Song Pingting asked, “That Fu Wenbin seems to be the prince of the Neverland Group.”

“All the hotels, shopping malls, and playgrounds in this area are run by his family.

” I’m worried that he will come to look

for trouble again.” Yash Nics said lightly: “I didn’t teach him just now. I have been very restrained. If he is ignorant and dares to make trouble, then I can only teach him a lesson.”

Song Ping Ting said: “Don’t be impulsive. After all, strong dragons don’t hold ground snakes. Neverland Group is a well-known consortium in the capital. If it can be avoided, let’s try not to forge ties with them.”


Yash Nics and his party came to the scene of the summer camp bonfire party.

A big bonfire has been lit, lights and festoons, champagne towers are lined up, and a variety of delicacies are placed on the table, and most of them are snacks that children like.

There are already many students and parents attending the summer camp.

The children got together to play, and the parents stood and talked in twos and threes with their wine glasses.

“Mr. Yash, Mrs. Yash!”

Huang Tianshun and his wife, when they saw Yash Nics, hurriedly walked over to say hello.

Yash Nics smiled and said, “Hello!”

Huang Tianshun saw that Yash Nics was wearing a black shirt tonight, more mysterious and attractive, and couldn’t help but curiously asked: “Mr. Yash, are you also a parent to perform on stage tonight?”

Yash Nics smiled bitterly: “My daughter has to ask me to sign up. , I just happened to be able to play the piano, so I signed up cheeky.”

Huang Tianshun smiled and said, “I don’t know anything else, so I signed up to recite a poem, hahaha.”

Mrs. Huang saw Yash Nics and Huang Tianshun calm down. Have a good chat.

She also had the courage, and said to Song Pingting: “Mrs. Yash, did you know that there will be a big star on stage tonight.”

Song Pingting curiously said: “Is that right? I don’t know which star is it. “”

Mrs. Huang smiled: “It is Zhou Hairu, a popular queen.”

Zhou Hairu is today’s popular queen of traffic. He has a singing background and is very popular.

Her songs are basically some popular saliva songs, meow meow meow songs.

Although I can’t talk about how great musical attainments, nor how good singing skills I have, but it is catchy, and children can sing, so it is very popular, especially young people and children.

Song Pingting was surprised and said: “Zhou Hairu, it is said that the appearance fee is very expensive, and the summer camp is willing to spend money to invite her to sing?”

Mrs. Huang laughed: “Yes, it is said that she usually performs business, and it costs two to sing a song. Millions.”

“But it is said that Director Zhong Daqi, in the name of singing to the children, begged her to come.”

“She happened to be doing charity recently, so she agreed to come over and sing two songs to the children, each for only two. ”

One hundred thousand.” Song Pingting said: “That’s not cheap!”

Mrs. Huang smiled: “Compared to her previous commercial price, 200 thousand to sing a song is very cheap.”

Song Pingting said: ” That too!”

At this time, Song Qingqing in Yash Nics’s arms suddenly said: “Mom and Dad, I really like Sister Zhou Hairu. I can sing many of her songs with my classmates. I can’t wait to see her come and sing for us.”

Yash Nics smiled. Said: “Don’t worry, when the bonfire party officially starts, the big star Zhou Hairu will come to sing for you children.” The

voice just fell!

Suddenly, Zhong Daqi, the main person in charge of the summer camp activities, hurried over.

Zhong Daqi said to Huang Tianshun sweating profusely: “Mr. Huang, something happened, I want to explain to you.”

Huang Tianshun was astonished: “What’s the matter?”

Zhong Daqi said: “Originally, we were the bonfire party tonight. I invited the big star Zhou Hairu to sing two songs to the children, but I just got the news that Zhou Hairu is going to participate in the dinner of a rich man and can’t come.”

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