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Chapter 2098: I will punish it

down in front of the enemy Ning, more and more, Ning was still ease.

When the casualties exceed 500 people, after more than half of the casualties.

Xiang Xin’s subordinates finally couldn’t help it, they were finally horrified by Yash Nics.

These guys backed back in fear, just about to turn around and run away.

Xiang Xin couldn’t sit still anymore, he knew that if he didn’t make a move, his men would flee.

He snorted coldly, raised his hand, and swept the wine glass on the table, like a cannonball, whizzing towards Yash Nics.

Although Xiang Xin was a sneak attack, Yash Nics dealt with it calmly. He slightly raised his head and avoided the flying wine glass.


The wine glass smashed on the wall and shattered in an instant. There was a hole in the wall.

Yash Nics had just avoided the flying wine glass, Xiang Xin’s roar sounded in his ear, it turned out that Xiang Xin had already approached.

Xiang Xin raised his hand and punched Yash Nics fiercely.

Yash Nics also raised his hand with a punch to meet each other.


The two fists collided, and an explosion sounded like a muffled thunder on the scene.

And where the two stood under their feet, a crack like a spider web appeared on the floor at the same time.

It was Dianchu Qin Que and others, and Xiang Xin’s subordinates, who were secretly surprised to see this scene.

The power of the contest between the two powerhouses is so terrifying.

With this punch, Xiang Xin only used 50% of his power.

Seeing that this punch could be equal to Yash Nics, he raised his brows and said sarcastically: “The God of War, but Er Er.”

The corner of Yash Nics’s mouth rose slightly: “Xiang’s Youlin is a name for nothing.”

Xiang Xin was furious when he heard that, and no longer retained his strength, launching a stormy offensive against Yash Nics.

Boom boom boom…

Xiang Xin punched and kicked, and the place where his fists touched, whether it was a pillar, a wall, or a dining table, was all shattered.

The destructive power is terrifying.

However, Xiang Xin himself became more and more frightened.

Because although his offensive is like a typhoon and waves, Yash Nics is like a Ye Bianzhou, easily haunting the storm.

An inexplicable fear in this confidence.

Oh my God, how strong is Yash Nics’s strength? Why does he use 50% of his strength? Yash Nics is comfortable, he has used 100% of his strength now, and Yash Nics is still so relaxed?

At the moment when Xiang Xin all attacks failed, the offensive was slightly stagnant.

Yash Nics has already taken a real shot.

Yash Nics threw a punch, shocking the sky.

Jundao domineering!

It was Yash Nics’s unique combat fighting skills in the army, and his original battlefield fighting fist.

Xiang Xin’s pupils dilated, staring at Yash Nics’s fist in horror, and howled like a cannonball.


He was hit by Yash Nics’s fist, just like being hit by a missile, his bones all shattered, his whole body twisted into the air and flew out.

So strong!

When Xiang Xin flew out, the last thought flashed in his mind.


When Xiang Xin fell to the ground, it was already a corpse.

When his men saw this, they could no longer hold back their fear and were completely frightened. The ants dispersed and fled for their lives in an instant.

When Dian Chu saw this, he stepped forward and asked in a low voice: “Master, should you send General Lu to kill these guys?”

Yash Nics said flatly, “A bunch of ants, don’t worry about them.”

Dian Chu said: ” Yes!”

Yash Nics looked at Xiang Xin’s dead body not far away, and said coldly: ”

Send this guy’s body to Xiang’s house.” “Just say that this is a little interest I gave to Xiang’s family.

” In addition, I told the Xiang family that I gave them the time limit for retiring, only 28 days are left.”

“If their Xiang family does not want to be trampled down by me, they should seize the time to retire and don’t miss their last chance to survive.”

Dian Chu said. : “Yes!” As

night fell, the lights came on.


Suddenly Xiang Cheng’s grieving and angry roar came out: “Zhu Zi Yash Nics, dare to kill my brother, deceive too much, I will punish him.”

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