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Chapter 2100: the two do not Xiangbang

Unfortunately, Xiangcheng know what Wong Kin Huazhongyouhua.

And Huang Gan’s words stopped in Xiang Cheng’s ears, he was partial to Yash Nics at all!

He was very dissatisfied, and raised his volume slightly: “The lord, it’s not that I didn’t give Yash Nics a way out, but Yash Nics was

looking for death by himself.” “My children died because of him, and my ex-wife’s family was forced to retreat completely by him. ”

The most hateful thing is that my brother Xiang Xin, who has left his hometown for more than 20 years, was killed by Yash Nics just after returning home this time.”

“The old official begs the lord not to cover Yash Nics and remove Yash Nics’s Rank, and then hand it over to the veteran to deal with it seriously.”

Huang Qian hesitated a little, with a smile on his face.

He smiled and said: “Lao Xiang, you are the minister of the Cabinet of the Three Dynasties, and now you are the chief assistant of the cabinet. You are highly respected, and you have many deceased officials all over the country. Ordinarily, I can’t help but give your face, but…”

Xiang Cheng frowned: ” But what?”

Huang Gan smiled: “But you probably forgot. I only care about economics and government affairs, not military.”

“Expulsion of the rank is a matter of the military.”

“So if you want to expel the rank, you have to find a big one. The governor.”

“If the general governor agrees to expel Yash Nics’s rank, then I naturally agree.”

Huang Qian smiled in his heart: Yash Nics is the general governor, how could Yash Nics agree to expel his rank?

Xiangcheng was astonished!

He only remembered that the country’s lord does not care about military affairs.

He gritted his teeth: “Although you don’t care about military affairs, the lord of the country, you are still the lord of a country. You just need to talk

about expelling the rank. Who dares to disagree?” “The veteran dare to ask the lord to expel Yash Nics’s rank. ”

Wong Kin cunning and said:. “Well, I Xiushuyifeng, sent to the Grand Military Government,”

“do not agree, let viceroy decision.”

“He is now in the end is the highest military chief, I can not go above his head Intervene in the content of his work.”

“In case I am unhappy with the general governor, then it’s not good, do you think Xiang Lao?”

Xiang Cheng heard Huang Gan say that, and he had nothing to do, so he could only agree.

However, he pleaded again: “The Lord, the old minister has one more request.”

Huang Gan said: “Say.”

Xiang Chengdao: “My Xiang family and Yash Nics share hatred, I beg you not to interfere with me and Yash Nics’s grievances, let my Xiang family and Yash Nics decide on their own.”

Huang Gan said: “It must be the result of your life and death before you are willing to give up?”

Xiang Cheng said: “Please forgive me and ask the Lord not to help.”

Huang Dryly said: “You want to fight, I can’t stop it, but if you fight to affect the ruling and opposition situation, I will not agree.”

“If you insist on fighting you to death, then I will give you one month.”

“One month Within, how do you fight and kill, I open one eye and close one eye.”

“After a month, I want the world to return to peace.”

Xiang Cheng’s eyes flashed with a sneer: “One month is enough, I will use Within a month, Yash Nics will be destroyed.”

After speaking, he said goodbye and left.

Although this time he did not allow the leader to expel Yash Nics’s military rank directly, he at least allowed the leader to agree not to help each other.

Xiang Cheng felt that with his current status, with his current strength, as long as there is no leader to help Yash Nics, then he will destroy Yash Nics in minutes.

After Xiang Cheng left.

Li Peiwen appeared again.

Li Peiwen whispered: “Is Xiang Lao going to have a decisive battle with Yash Nics?”

Huang Gan nodded, “Yes, this old man was

blinded by hatred, so he must kill Yash Nics.” Li Peiwen said worriedly: ” I don’t know when the struggle between the two of them will end?”

Huang Gan said faintly: “Almost!”

“After a month, there will be peace in the world.” After

he finished speaking, he called in his confidant and ordered: “You go to the Metropolitan Governor’s Mansion and tell the Metropolitan Governor that internal problems should be resolved internally. Be careful not to cause too much external influence. I want the world to restore peace in a month. The conflict between him and Xiang Lao must be resolved within a month.

” Yes, the host.”

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