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Chapter 2106: a more than a arrogant

Soon, they came to the Mandarin Hotel.

A chubby hotel manager, seeing so many people here, and seeing Liu Xiaohan and others dressed in extraordinary clothes and menacing, hurriedly greeted him and asked with a smile: “Boss, what can I do for you? ? ”

Liu fearless heads held high, left hand behind his back, his right hand holding two egg-sized iron pills turning, cold asked:”? where is Ning, ”

the fat man manager surprised a moment, immediately said:” He is in Fenghua’s peerless private room, are you also here for Mr. Yash’s birthday banquet?”

Liu Xiaohan said coldly: “We are here to fetch his dog’s head and make his birthday become an anniversary of death. Take us in.” The

fat man’s forehead instantly blew up when he heard this Khan said in horror: “Masters, Mr. Yash is a young marshal, and there is a group of distinguished guests celebrating his birthday for Mr. Yash. I advise you not to make trouble, and go quickly, so as not to regret it.”

Fatty Although the manager didn’t know the identity of the guys in the private room who celebrated Yash Nics’s birthday, he read countless people, and at a glance he could see that Wei Lin, Liu Zhennan, Zhao Ruolong and others were not ordinary people, and he had accidentally seen Wei Lin’s waist. An officer’s pistol was pinned under the shirt.

In addition, he also discovered that Greed Wolf also had a military dagger on his body.

Therefore, he judged that these must be big men from the army who celebrated birthdays for the young marshals.

Therefore, Liu Xiaohan and others are advised not to be boring.

Of course, persuading Liu Xiaohan to leave was also to prevent the outbreak of conflict and smashed their hotel.

Liu Xiaohan was born in a wealthy family and practiced ancient martial arts since he was a child. Not only was he powerful and powerful, but he was also extremely powerful. He ignored laws and regulations and walked sideways everywhere.

Now a small hotel manager actually warned him not to make trouble.

This is really outrageous!

Other eyes , the
eyes flashed with anger, and he raised his hand and slapped it away.


The fat manager was directly slapped away by him.

“What kind of thing, dare to stop Lao Tzu’s way.”

Liu Xiaohan said, taking his companions and his men, striding towards the Fenghua peerless box.

In the box!

Yash Nics and others are pushing the cup and changing, drinking and drinking happily.

Greedy Wolf filled the wine again and stood up just to toast to Yash Nics again.

But at this time, the door of the box suddenly heard a loud bang, and it was even kicked away.

Immediately afterwards, a group of menacingly filed in.

The leader, with two iron pills in his hand, walked in with his head high, and said loudly, “Where is Yash Nics, get out and die.”

Yash Nics frowned slightly!

Song Pingting, Tong Ke and Song Qingqing were taken aback.

Anger rose in the eyes of Greedy Wolf.

The expressions of Wei Lin, Liu Zhennan, Zhao Ruolong, Tian Weilong and others sank.

Yash Nics looked at Liu Xiaohan’s uninvited guests, and said coldly: “Who are you, who allowed you to break in?”

Liu Xiaohan looked at Yash Nics grinningly: “Hehe, I am a disciple of Xiang Lao, from the Guwu Association. The president, known as Liu Xiaohan, the Lei-Breaker.”

“Yash Nics, you dare to insult my teacher. We are here to take your dog’s head and give it to my teacher as a gift.”

He said that, looking around the box viciously. Everyone, their eyes on Greed Wolf and others, threatened: “We are here today to settle accounts with Yash Nics. Those of you who are irrelevant, please get out of here, so as not to splash your blood on your face.”

Greedy wolf sneered: “Splash my face with blood, just rely on you?”

Po Jun also muffled and said: “The good drinking atmosphere was ruined by these grandchildren. It is really eating melon seeds. , disappointing. ”

Qi Sha squinted his eyes: “I ‘ve been in a panic lately, so I just used this bunch of shreds to move my muscles and bones.” ”

Wei Lin and others also said: “I want to move the young commander. Have we asked whether we agree? ”

Liu Xiaohan was astonished. His violent temper was very loud. Whoever bumps into him on weekdays can’t make a detour and avoid it?

These guys in front of him are not afraid at all, and one is more arrogant?

His eyes flashed cruelly. Zhi Se, while playing with the two iron pills in his hand, sneered: “Hehe, I have seen a lot of people who die, but I have never seen any of you doing them like this. ”

Report your identity and history, lest I don’t know where to send the corpse after I destroy you?” ”

Yash Nics smiled at the words, turned his head and looked at Tian Weilong and the others: “Haha, brothers, they asked you about your identity, so you can tell him about your family.” ”

Tian Weilong squinted his eyes, looked at Liu Xiaohan coldly, and said solemnly: “I am Tian Weilong. I am the commander-in-chief of the capital garrison. I currently live in the capital camp of the garrison. If you can kill me, just take my corpse. Return to the garrison camp. “The

commander-in-chief of the garrison of the capital, Tian Weilong, General Tian. Boom


Liu Xiaohan trembles violently, and looks at Tian Weilong in horror.

Tian Weilong wears military uniform regardless of occasions.

Today Tian Weilong wears the accompanying clothes. He was sitting in the crowd just now and it was not very

eye-catching , so Liu Xiaohan did not recognize him. Now that Tian Weilong reported to his home, Liu Xiaohan was shocked to discover that this one is in control of the capital 30. General Tian Weilong, the commander-in-chief of the Wan Garrison troops,

his face turned pale in an instant.

However, the next scene made him even more horrified…

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