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Chapter 2128: together everyone in the

Tanlang this, undoubtedly fuel.

Yash Nics didn’t put the Xiang family in his eyes, and even Yash Nics’s men did not put the Xiang family in his eyes.

It’s really outrageous.

The members of the Xiang family, who were stunned by anger, and red-eyed by the anger, did not care about the identity of the wolf at this time.

More than a dozen people roared and slammed out, like tigers, to greedy wolves.

Even if Greedy Wolf is the temporary commander in chief of the Northern Territory Army, killing Greedy Wolf will be a big deal.

Greedy Wolf saw more than a dozen people from the opposing camp coming back towards him, the corners of his mouth rose slightly, revealing a sneer, and his feet bent and squatted slightly.



There was a loud noise from under the feet of Greedy Wolf, and the ground under his feet instantly cracked and collapsed. The whole person of Greedy Wolf had bounced up, like a cannonball, shooting towards the dozen fellows.

The speed at which the greedy wolf broke out was terribly fast and completely exceeded the expectations of the opponents.

The guy charging at the forefront only felt a flower in front of him, and Greedy Wolf had actually appeared in front of him.

Before he could make any response, the wolf’s fist had already rushed.


Greedy wolf hit the opponent’s face with a fist, a bloody mist exploded, and the opponent was directly headshot by Greedy wolf, and the corpse flew out upside down.

Greedy wolf kept moving, and suddenly plunged into the arms of another opponent, a brutal shoulder bump, directly smashing the opponent’s whole body bones into pieces, and his body flew out distortedly.

Immediately afterwards, Greedy Wolf shot like electricity, with power like thunder, bang bang bang, and knocked all a dozen opponents into the air in one breath.

Xiang Cheng frowned slightly.

It is said that the Northern Army can conquer good battles, and the generals of the Northern Army are all brave.

Xiang Cheng didn’t believe it at first, but now it seems that Yash Nics’s old wolf greedy team is really strong in combat!

Xiang Cheng’s eyes were cold, and he waved his hand expressionlessly, and said, “Since the opponent is good at fighting, then you don’t have to be polite, and send more people to accompany him to fight.”

“Yes, Xiang Lao!”

Immediately, there were two. Three hundred people moved at the same time, swarming towards the greedy wolf.

Greedy Wolf snorted: “It came just right!”

Greedy Wolf was about to fight again.

However, at this time there were two figures who swish beside him, standing side by side with him.

It is the broken army and the seven kills.

Po Jun squinted and said: “Do you want to deceive less?”

Qi Sha also said: “Greed wolf, I will help you with Po Jun.”

Greed wolf did not pay attention to the two hundred people who rushed over. , However, he did not resist fighting side by side with his good brothers.

He smiled and said: “Well, the three of us haven’t been too high or low for a long time. Now it’s time to use these dogs to practice hands and see who the three of us defeats more opponents.”

Pojun promised heartily: “Yes! ”

Seven Kills also

responded : “Okay!” The moment the Seven Kills spoke, the person had already shot out, and with a casual punch, it shattered an opponent’s throat bone.

The voice of the seven kills sounded again: “Get 1 point!”

Greedy wolf and Pojun said in unison: “Damn, how dare you be the first.” The

two said, they have already smashed out like wolves and greeted those kills. The Xiangjia masters.

Xiang Cheng originally thought that with a few hundred subordinates, fighting against three greedy wolves should be easy and easy to come by.

But the next scene stunned him and the Xiang family members again.

Seeing that the greedy wolf broke through the army with seven kills, the action was open and closed, the simplest and most fierce, and the martial art in the army was used to the extreme. The men of the Xiang family screamed and fell in front of the three of them.

Just a few minutes!

More than three hundred Xiangjia masters have all fallen in a pool of blood, and they have all been defeated by the three greedy wolves.

Xiangcheng frowned!

Yash Nics chuckled softly: “Xiangcheng, if you rein in the cliff and take your Xiang family to retreat in accordance with my previous requirements, you will not be allowed to enter politics or the military in the future. Then what I said before is still valid and can give Your Xiang family has a way to survive.”

Xiang Cheng said coldly: “A man who is dying, it is ridiculous to give me a chance.” After

he finished, he ordered in a cold voice: “Everyone should go together, don’t give them any respite. Opportunity, tear them up in one go.”

“Kill!” There

were more than 20,000 people in the Xiang family. At the same time, the sound of Zhentian shouting for killing erupted, sweeping towards Yash Nics and the others like a wave.

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