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Chapter 2151: Stop

China, the southern provinces mirage.

When Wang Daofang learned that Yash Nics had returned to Mannity in a low-key manner, he immediately invited Yash Nics to the Wandering Cloud Restaurant on Mannity Axis for dinner.

The reason why he chose to stroll through the Cloud Restaurant was because Wang Daofang knew that Dong Tianbao, the owner of the stroll through the Cloud, had a close relationship with Yash Nics.

Wang Daofang used to be Yash Nics’s subordinate. Of course, Yash Nics is now the chief governor and is in charge of the three armies. Wang Daofang is still Yash Nics’s subordinate. Therefore, Yash Nics was pleased to attend the appointment to Wang Daofang’s old subordinate’s invitation.

What’s more, Dong Tianbao is his loyal subordinate. When he was not in Mannity, he took good care of his father-in-law and mother-in-law. He came back this time and wanted to meet Dong Tianbao.

So, he took his wife and wife, Tong Ke, Dian Chu Qin Que and others to the Wandering Cloud Restaurant for the appointment.

Song Zhongbin and Ma Xiaoli did not go together.

The two old men choose to eat at home!

Ma Xiaoli personally cooked, made two small stir-fries and served them to the table. She opened Song Zhongbin a bottle of beer, and the two of them sat down and were about to eat.

However, the doorbell rang.

Song Zhongbin was stunned: “Who is it at this time?”

Ma Xiaoli

said, “You eat, I will open the door and have a look.” After that, Ma Xiaoli stood up and went to open the door.

When she opened the door, she was stunned when she saw the man standing outside the door.

There were a few men standing outside, headed by a handsome man in a white suit. This guy was slender and fair-skinned. He looked like a young man who was raised in the gate of a wealthy compound.

It’s just that this handsome man, with long narrow eyes, seemed to be smiling, with a hint of evil intentions.

The few entourages behind him were Easterners and Westerners, but everyone had ferocious eyes and looked murderous.

Ma Xiaoli was frightened by these people in front of her, and she said with a trembling: “You…what are you here for?”

Song Zhongbin, who was eating, noticed the strangeness, walked out quickly, and asked with concern: “Wife, What’s wrong, who is here?”

Then, Song Zhongbin saw these menacing guys outside the door.

The man in the white suit at the door was not someone else, but Yan Wushang.

The corner of Yan Wushang’s mouth held a smile that seemed like nothing. Like all nobles, this smile looked polite, but it actually gave people a sense of superiority.

Song Zhongbin was stunned: “Who are you and what are you doing in our house?”

Yan Wushang chuckled softly: “People from the Zhang family abroad!”

“Come to you to pick up my lady, and by the way, take off Yash Nics’s first class. ”

Yan Wushang’s tone was relaxed, but what he said sounded like thunder in the ears of Song Zhongbin and Ma Xiaoli.

Song Zhongbin and Ma Xiaoli turned pale in an instant.

Yan Wushang looked at the scared two people, and smiled, like a bad uncle coaxing a child to see the goldfish: “Can you tell me, where are Yash Nics and my lady?”

He said and looked. A glance at the room behind Song Zhongbin and Ma Xiaoli.

Obviously, he found out that Yash Nics and Song Pingting were living here and came here.

Song Zhongbin and Ma Xiaoli learned that these fierce guys in front of them were from the Zhang family overseas, who came to snatch their daughters and kill their son-in-laws.

How can the two of them confess the whereabouts of Yash Nics and Song Pingting?

Ma Xiaoli gritted her teeth and said: “I don’t know what you are talking about, you should leave as soon as possible, otherwise I will ask the community security to push you away.”

Song Zhongbin also said: “Yes, you leave quickly, or I will call the police.”

Yan Wushang laughed dumbly : “Call the security guard? Call the police?”

“Hehe, do you think we are afraid of the security and the police?”


He pointed his mouth at a chimpanzee-like subordinate next to him.

This guy who looks like a chimpanzee is an African-American subordinate of Yan Wushang, whose name is Johnny.

Seeing Yan Wushang’s gesture, Johnny immediately understood. He smiled and put his hands out, grabbing Song Zhongbin’s neck with one hand, and Ma Xiaoli’s neck with the other, lifting them away like a chicken. ground.

Song Zhongbin and Ma Xiaoli both had their faces full of pain, kicking their feet in the air, but their struggle was so weak and futile in front of this strong black man.

Yan Wushang sneered: “The purpose of my trip is my lady and Yash Nics. If you tell their whereabouts, I can spare you from dying.”

“If you are obsessed with understanding, then I can only let Johnny do this. They strangled you both alive.”

“In our eyes, strangling you two is actually like

strangling two ants.” Song Zhongbin and Ma Xiaoli were strangled by black Johnny, their eyes turned white, but they still didn’t. Lower your head to compromise.

Seeing that the two were about to be strangled to death.

At this moment, an angry voice suddenly came: “Stop!”

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