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Chapter 2189: car

Ning got off the phone not long before the hospital’s ambulance came.

A doctor brought several medical staff over. The doctor checked Ma Xiaoli’s injuries, and then said to Yash Nics: “Sir, it is preliminarily judged that your mother’s foot was injured, and it should be a fracture. You must go to the hospital with an ambulance for treatment immediately. ”

Yash Nics nodded: “Okay, let’s go to the hospital with your ambulance.”

Then, Yash Nics, Dianchu, and a few medical staff helped Ma Xiaoli onto the stretcher and were about to get into the ambulance. Go to the hospital first.

However, Mrs. Xu was reluctant when she saw it. She directly blocked Yash Nics and the others from going, and cursed fiercely: “What’s the matter, you just hit me, and now things are not over, you want to slip away?”

Yash Nics heard the words. His face sank, he was thinking of sending his mother-in-law to the hospital to deal with the injury, and then settle accounts with the family surnamed Xu.

Unexpectedly, these people were so arrogant that they would not even be allowed to go to the hospital.

A look of anger flashed in Yash Nics’s eyes.

At this time, Xu Shanglin also sneered, and said in a weird manner: “Boy, didn’t you just keep saying that you want to fire me?”

“You were on the phone just now and kept saying that the city lord would come to see you in person?”

“? how, after loading force wanted to run,”

Mrs. Xu sneer, said: “before the world can there be such a good thing, today did not resolve the matter, who also do not want to go, including a broken leg you this old woman.”

Mrs. Xu said, When she said this, she looked at Ma Xiaoli.

These words made Ma Xiaoli tremble with anger.

Even the doctors at the scene couldn’t stand it anymore. The doctor couldn’t help but said, “Is there anything you can call the police to solve. This woman has a fractured left foot. Please don’t hinder our doctor from helping the wounded?”

“In case the treatment is delayed and the sequelae fall, you obstructors are responsible for the relative responsibility.”

Mrs. Xu sneered, “The sequelae?”

“Hehe, before this matter is resolved, even if she becomes lame in the future, now I can’t leave either.”

“Besides, their kind of low-level trash, lame or lame is just waste, what’s the point?”

Xu Shanglin said with a smile: “Maybe, after this old woman is lame, she can still be disabled. Zhijian’s good reputation, hahaha.”

Mrs. Xu, her son, and the entourage behind Xu Shanglin all laughed.

There was a murderous look in Yash Nics’s eyes, and he was about to tell Dian Chu to teach these guys a lesson.

But at this moment, a few black cars roared, followed by a few police cars escorting them.

The sudden appearance of the motorcade stunned everyone at the scene.

Xu Shanglin is a member of the system. He felt a little stunned when he saw the Audi A6 in front, because many high-end official cars chose Audi A6 or Passat.

His eyes immediately fell on the Audi A6 license plate, Jiang D00001.


There was a thunderbolt in his mind, and his whole body trembled like an electric shock, his face was full of horror, and his eyes were shocked and fearful.

Others may not be clear, but he is very clear, Jiang D00001, is Mannity Shizun’s car.

My God, Lord Mayor actually came in person.

In the shocking gaze of Xu Shanglin and others, a middle-aged man in his forties, of medium build, white temples, and majestic in his elegance, brought a group of subordinates and got out of several cars.

This elegant and majestic man is Zhang Ziqing, the newly appointed city veteran of Mannity City.

As it happens, Zhang Ziqing had previously served as a senior staff officer in the Northern Border Army. He was once Yash Nics’s subordinate. Later, after changing jobs, he was transferred to Mannity City as the city chief.

Mrs. Xu was also shocked at this time, and said silently: “My God, it is really Zhang

Shizun, Master Zhang Shizun is really here.” Xu Shanglin was so excited when he heard this, she immediately recovered.

He squeezed a flattering smile on his face, and ran up to meet him. “Master City, I am Xu Shanglin, the person in charge of the Park Administration. Why are you here? I won’t notify you in advance. We are so ready to welcome you.”

Before his words fell, Zhang Ziqing had walked straight past him, not only did not stop his steps, but did not even look at him.

Xu Shanglin was stupid.

In his opinion, what he said is also the person in charge of a department. Generally speaking, even if the city lord does not take him seriously, he should be polite on the surface. At least he has to say hello to him. How about Xiao Xu!

But now, how come the Lord Shizun is not a bird?

In his uncertain eyes, Zhang Shizun walked quickly to Yash Nics and said with a big smile: “Hello Mr. Yash!”

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