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Chapter 2198: No matter how big your rules are, it can’t be as big as my fist.

When Zhang Yaowen saw the two masters he had brought, they all fell in front of Yash Nics.

At this time, his expression completely changed, and the expression in Yash Nics’s eyes was full of panic.

After hitting the Yellow River, Yash Nics walked towards Zhang Yaowen, with an indifferent expression: “I warned you about the Zhang family a long time ago, and I gave you a chance to leave just now, but you have ten thousand ways to survive. , But choose a dead end, what else do you have to say?”

Zhang Yaowen looked at Yash Nics, who was walking towards him with awe-inspiring killing intent, and his feet trembled with fright, and he couldn’t even speak.

The bodyguards in black suits around him screamed to protect the third master, then drew out the throwing sticks and other weapons, and swarmed towards Yash Nics.

Yash Nics snorted coldly, raised his left foot, and stomped on the ground fiercely.

On the ground centered on his left foot, a wave of punches was visible to the naked eye, spreading towards the surroundings.

Those guys who rushed towards Yash Nics were all lifted off and fell one after another.

One step startled toad!

When Zhang Yaowen saw Yash Nics defeated the Ghost Eye Crazy Knife with one punch, he shook his group of bodyguards with one kick. The look in Yash Nics’s eyes was already as fearful as seeing a devil.

Seeing that Yash Nics was about to come to him, he finally came back to his senses and said sternly, “Yash Nics, I am the third young master of the overseas Zhang family.”

“Do you know the rules of our overseas Zhang family, who dares? If you move our children from the Zhang family abroad, they will be punishable even if they are far away.”

Zhang family ‘s rules?

Yash Nics calmly said: “I don’t know what the rules of your Zhang family are. No matter how strong your rules are, you can’t beat my fist.”

After speaking, Yash Nics raised his hand with a punch.

Zhang Yaowen looked at Yash Nics’s fist and kept getting closer and zooming in front of his eyes.

His face was desperate and his heart was ashamed.

Even Ghost Eye Crazy Knife couldn’t withstand Yash Nics’s punch. His brother-in-law was so strong that he hit Yash Nics with a punch. It is estimated that Yash Nics will directly blow his head!

My life is over!

This thought came to Zhang Yaowen’s mind.

Yash Nics was indeed planning to send Zhang Yaowen on the road with one punch.

But after the fist was thrown out, in a flash of light, he remembered that Zhang Yaowen was Song Pingting’s half-brother.

If Zhang Yaowen was killed, in case Song Pingting and the overseas Zhang family confided in the future, he would be embarrassed if he was caught in it.

At this point, Yash Nics’s fist received most of his power, but even so, the power of this fist should not be underestimated.


Yash Nics’s fist fell on Zhang Yaowen’s face, and Zhang Yaowen’s nose collapsed, the corners of his eyes cracked, and blood splashed.

Zhang Yaowen fell to the ground with blood all over his face. He was born in the world’s top consortium and grew up so much. This is the first time he has suffered from this kind of skin and flesh.

Yash Nics looked at Zhang Yaowen, who fell to the ground like a dead dog with bloodstained face, and said coldly: “Today I am in a good mood, and I will spare you a dog’s life, take your person, and get out of China. If there is another time, Then you are ready to see King Yama!”

” Go!” The

bodyguards of Zhang Yaowen, hearing the words like an amnesty, helped each other and set up Zhang Yaowen, Qin Muhei and Huang He, like a group of mourning dogs, embarrassed. Ran away unbearably.

Dianchu couldn’t help but said, “Master, why spare these dogs? According to my intentions, send them all on the road.”

Qin Que glared at Dianchu and whispered: “You are talking nonsense. What, what should I do, the young master has his own decision.”

Dian Chu suddenly remembered that Zhang Yaowen had a special identity and had a blood relationship with the young lady. It is estimated that the young marshal was also based on this point, and he only spared Zhang Yaowen once.

Song Pingting walked up to Yash Nics at this time and asked with concern: “Husband, are you okay?”

Yash Nics said, “It’s okay, but the people from the overseas Zhang family don’t know how to praise them. I won’t treat them again next time. You’re polite.”

Song Pingting said worriedly: “I hope that after taking this lesson, they will be able to take care of themselves and stop making trouble.”

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