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Chapter 2216: Ning to make an abject apology

he suddenly saw, Dian Chu anger still lingers came toward him, his terrified and said: “you you you, you want to do Huh?”

“I’m the young master of Hongmen, and my dad is Lin Changan, the leader of Hongmen. If you dare to touch my hair, my dad will let you go around without eating.”


As soon as the voice fell, Lin Zhengmao was slapped severely by Dianchu.

The slap made him swollen cheeks and bleeding from the corners of his mouth, making him stupid.

Dian Chu said indifferently: “Don’t say you are the young master of the Hong Clan, even your dad, in front of our young master, only kneel

down .” “Kneel down!”

Dian Chu said, pressing one hand on Lin Zhengmao. On his shoulders, Lin Zhengmao knelt on the ground with a plop.

Dian Chu said again: “Come here, give me a hundred mouths.”

“Yes, Captain!”

A tiger guard came out and walked in front of Lin Zhengmao. He raised his hand to Lin Zhengmao and slapped Lin Zhengmao with a slap in the face. Lin Zhengmao’s mouth was full. The blood on his face was dying, and he lost his temper.

Dian Chu said coldly: “Send someone to send them back to Hongmen to separate the rudder and warn Hongmen to take care of them. If there is another time, then it is not as simple as flesh and blood.” The

tiger guards said: “Yes. !”

Jiangnan Hongmen split the rudder.

In the ancient and solemn Zhongyi Hall.

Several Hongmen deacons were drinking tea with Zhang Yingyang and were also waiting for Lin Zhengmao’s good news.

But the good news did not wait, but the bad news came.

Lin Zhengmao was sent back covered with blood, and all of Lin Zhengmao’s subordinates were dying.

Zhang Yingyang was stunned.

The Hongmen deacons at the scene were also dumbfounded.

“What’s the matter?”

Hongmen deacons asked angrily.

One of the subordinates replied weakly: “The young master went to trouble Yash Nics and Song Pingting, but he didn’t expect to be injured by Yash Nics’s men.”

“Yash Nics also sent someone to warn us Hongmen Haosheng to discipline his own people. Otherwise, it won’t be as simple as flesh and blood next time.”

After hearing this, several Hongmen deacons were full of anger: “It’s so arrogant!”

“Quickly, go and ask the marshal to leave. Wounded, please ask his old man to go out and preside over justice.” The

Hong Sect has a strict hierarchy. Among them, the highest authority in the Hong Sect is the leader, which is equivalent to the master of the main gate.

The rudder masters who divided the rudders in different places became the marshals of the second road and also became the marshals.

Jiangnan sub-rudder is one of Hongmen’s strongest sub-rudder.

Responsible for sitting in the Jiangnan sub-rudder are Hongmen’s court pillars, Huo Qilin and Zhao Qilin.

Zhao Qilin loves ancient martial arts. Although he is a master-level ancient martial artist, he still often retreats to practice and strives for perfection.

at this time!

Several Hongmen deacons and a large number of Hongmen children came to the door of a Buddhist temple in the backyard and knelt down collectively.

“Marshal, please leave the customs!”

Everyone’s voice fell, and the scene was quiet.

For a while, a calm old man’s voice came from the Buddhist room: “What’s bothering me to practice?”

A deacon bit the bullet and said: ” Old Zhao, our Hongmen is so humiliated, the younger ones have nothing to do, just Can you bite the bullet and ask Mr. Zhao to go out and be fair.”

Zhao Qilin: “We Hongmen were bullied?”

“Hehe, this is the funniest joke I have heard. Tell me, who bullied our Hong Clan, and how did they bully?”

Several deacons swallowed the world and the two elders who had risen in reputation were taken by the elders. Yash Nics was killed.

There is also the young master Lin Zhengmao who took people to find Yash Nics for the theory, and he also said that he was injured by Yash Nics.

Finally, a group of Hongmen children said together: “Please leave Zhao Lao, teach Yash Nics, and seek justice.”

There was another silence in the Zen room.

After a while, Zhao Qilin’s voice sounded: “Is our Hongmen too low-key in recent years, so that any dog ​​and cat dare to run wild on our Hongmen.”

“Send someone to send a message to Yash Nics, just Said I want to see him.”

“If he doesn’t want to harm his wife and children, he will take the initiative to come and plead for the

crime .” Upon hearing this, the Hongmen disciples at the scene were all excited and said loudly: “Yes!”

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