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Chapter 2243: I can make a phone call

rattlesnake line, after cutting off an arm, Piantao like to leave.

Yash Nics’s gaze fell on Zhang Tianyu and Zhang Xiaoqing, and said coldly: “Now, do you still have to teach me?”

Zhang Xiaoqing’s face was pale, and she was scared to say a good word.

Zhang Tianyu was also afraid, but this guy bit his head and said shiveringly: “The surname is Chen, I didn’t expect you to be so powerful in the underground circle, even A Biao and the rattlesnake are so afraid of you.”

“But don’t think you are here. The underground circle has a bit of strength, so you must be able to do whatever you want.”

“You who are in the underground circle will never be able to get on the big stage.”

“You have a kind of let me make a call!”

Yash Nics and Dian Chu and others heard the words. Knowing that Zhang Tianyu must have misunderstood.

Zhang Tianyu saw that Yash Nics was so scared that Rattlesnake and A Biao and the others hugged their heads.

I also told Yash Nics that the black ones are never better than the white ones!

Yash Nics and Dianchu couldn’t help showing a meaningful smile.

Yash Nics smiled and said, “You also want to make a phone call and shake people?”

“Well, I will give you ten minutes to call someone, even if you call your backstage and patrons.”

“I hope you don’t let me down!”

Zhang Tianyu didn’t expect Yash Nics to give him a chance to call his helper. His eyes showed a hint of ecstasy. He gritted his teeth and took out his mobile phone to call his father Zhang Zhiping.

Zhang Zhiping is the captain of the district security brigade!

He heard that his son was bullied in the nightclub and his life was in danger, so he became angry.

Immediately gathered dozens of security teammates, drove eight patrol cars, and rushed to Bar Street aggressively.

“Which thing that doesn’t open my eyes is going to move my son?”

Zhang Zhiping didn’t even approach the box, the angry voice came first.

When Zhang Tianyu and Zhang Xiaoqing heard the voice, they all showed excitement when they knew that the rescuers were coming.

Immediately afterwards, Zhang Zhiping appeared in the box aggressively with thirty men carrying rubber batons.


Zhang Tianyu saw his father, like a child who had been bullied, and let out a cry with a cry, and walked up to meet him quickly.

Zhang Xiaoqing also hurriedly followed.

Zhang Zhiping saw that the box was full of mess, there were obvious signs of fighting, and he could find blood stains on the ground when he looked closely.

He was frightened and pulled his son over, and after confirming that his son was not injured, he was a little relieved, turned his head and glared at Yash Nics and his party, and said with a calm face: “You dare to insult my son. It’s impossible to know what to do. Come here,” Catch them all back and take care of them.”

“Yes, Captain!”

A group of security team members carrying rubber batons at the scene responded in unison.

Yash Nics said indifferently: “Hehe, you don’t even ask what happens, just because your son shouts to Dad, you have to order someone to be arrested.”

“I don’t know if we know nothing about the law, or you don’t know the law. , Or do you think you are Dharma?”

“If you offend you or offend your son, do you have no rule of law?”

Zhang Zhiping went across the circle.

Don’t think he is just a security captain, but the big bosses in the underground circle have to behave properly when they see him.

On the phone just now, his son had told him that he had offended a group of people in the underground circle and was bullied.

So he also regarded Yash Nics as a member of the underground circle at the moment, so he didn’t take Yash Nics and his party into his eyes at all.

He heard Yash Nics’s words and said with a sneer: “Yes, I am the king’s law, and if I offend me, I have no king’s law.”

“Boy, I can tell you directly, offend me, you guys are completely finished. ”

Yash Nics said: “Only you?”

Zhang Zhiping held his face proudly and said loudly: “Yes, just rely on me. After I catch you back, there are at least a hundred ways to make you survive. ”

Zhang Tianyu and Zhang Xiaoqing both looked at Yash Nics proudly.

Zhang Tianyu sneered: “Yash Nics, are you scared now?

Are you regretting it?” “Then you kneel down and beg me, if you kneel down and beg me now, or I can consider forgiving you once, and listen clearly. It’s for consideration, hahaha…”

Yash Nics looked at the triumphant looks of Zhang Zhiping, Zhang Tianyu, Zhang Xiaoqing and others, and said coldly: “You really don’t see the coffin without crying.”

Zhang Zhiping snorted coldly: “If you don’t see the coffin, you don’t cry.” You are the one who is crying. Come here, handcuff all of them, and catch them all back.”

Seeing that, his gang wanted to go forward and handcuff people.

But at this moment, a loud and powerful

anger suddenly came from behind: “Stop!” Zhang Zhiping, Zhang Tianyu, Zhang Xiaoqing and others were all taken aback.

Everyone turned their heads in surprise and looked at the door together.

Then in everyone’s shocked eyes, a man in a major general’s uniform and a large number of soldiers with live ammunition walked in.

Here comes a general!

Zhang Zhiping was so shocked that his eyes flew out.

At the same time, while everyone was shocked, their faces were all at a loss, wondering how the generals would bring troops and soldiers to appear here?

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