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Chapter 2253: together

in the hospital!

Chris is wearing a white hospital gown and his head is wrapped in a thick white bandage, making him look like a big-headed baby.

He has been a son of emperor since he was a child, and it is the first time he has learned such a terrible lesson.

And it was taught by the Chinese people!

His self-esteem was unacceptable. At this time, his sanity was gone, and there was only one thought in his heart, and that was revenge.

He was furious at a group of his men at this time: “You pigs, you pigs, what is the use of raising you?”

“I said I asked you to find a way to kill Yash Nics, why are you still here? ”

A group of subordinates, whether they are company employees, translators, or bodyguards, all bowed their heads and dared not speak.

In the end, one of Chris’s female assistants whispered and said tremblingly: “Mr. Chris, this is China, not our country, let alone our Noah company.”

“Then Yash Nics is the God of War of China, although I heard that Yash Nics does not hold any position in the army now, and is now at home at leisure.”

“But even so, we can’t afford it!”


This is China, not the United States, and it is not the site of Noah’s company. Chris and the others don’t know anyone in China, and they can’t find someone to deal with Yash Nics!

Chris didn’t care so much. He heard his men say that there was no way to deal with Yash Nics for the time being, and he was angry about smashing things.

But at this moment, suddenly a bodyguard knocked on the door and said respectfully: “Mr. Chris, Mr. Zhang Botang, one of the top ten consortiums in the world, learned that you were injured and hospitalized, and a special person came to condolences yourself.

See him?” Zhang Botang!

Chris was a little stunned when he heard this. As a world-renowned entrepreneur, he naturally knew Zhang Botang, the world’s richest Chinese man.

In addition, they have met many times at charity meetings and economic summits, ate and drank together.

Although we can’t say that we are familiar with each other, it can be regarded as knowing each other.

A suspicion flashed in Chris’ eyes. How could Zhang Botang be in China? How did Zhang Botang learn that he was injured and hospitalized, and what was the purpose of Zhang Botang’s visit to him?

With many doubts, I also thought of Zhang Botang’s strength, and that Zhang Botang’s ancestral home was in China. Zhang Botang’s influence in China is definitely much greater than him. Maybe Zhang Botang can help him avenge him.

Zheng Chou couldn’t find a suitable helper to avenge Chris, so his opponent immediately said, “Quick, please Mr. Zhang in.”

Soon, Zhang Botang came in with a group of men.

When Zhang Botang saw Chris, he couldn’t help but exclaimed: “My God, did that kid Yash Nics beat you Mr. Chris like this?”

Chris opened his eyes wide, “Mr. Zhang, you know Yash Nics.” ??”

Zhang Botang sighed, “More than knowing…” As

he said, he recounted his grudges with Yash Nics.

After Chris listened, his face was incredulous: “Unexpectedly, Song Pingting turned out to be Mr. Zhang, your lover and your daughter, and then abandoned for many years.”

Zhang Botang nodded: “I am here this time to let my daughter recognize her ancestor and return to her clan. , Is also to teach Yash Nics, so Mr. Chris, we now have a common enemy, we can cooperate and deal with Yash Nics together.”

Chris smiled and said, “I’m afraid our cooperation is not limited to dealing with Yash Nics, right?”

Zhang Botang was stunned: “What?”

Chris smiled and said: “Mr. Zhang came to China, probably the main purpose is not to revenge, nor to let his daughter recognize his ancestors, but to Ning Da Company, which has the most cutting-edge cancer treatment technology today!”

Chris did not wait for Zhang Botang. Denied, I have continued to say: “We, Noah, are the United States and the world’s most powerful medical and pharmaceutical company.”

“The purpose of my visit to China this time is also to cooperate with Ning University. Unfortunately, Song Pingting refused. a. ” ”

then I think we teamed up to kill Ning, Mr. Zhang Ning to obtain control of the company, the two sides in the treatment of liver cancer we can technically strong combination. ”

Zhang Botang yo eyes turned two, he also saw Noah’s American official and military background, so he smiled and said: “Okay, let’s deal with Yash Nics first, and then cooperate in business.”

Chris stretched out his hand and said, “I wish we have a happy cooperation. ”

Zhang Botang and Chris held hands together: “Okay, I wish us a happy coperation.”

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