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Chapter 2255: My son will not let your

anger Road Song Zhongbin: “? Zhangbo Tang, you treat us as what sort of person.”

“Yes, Painting what we had to pick up the couple The one who came back for adoption is not our biological daughter.”

“But we treat her as our real daughter from beginning to end!”

“Don’t think that everything in the world can be measured by money, if Ping Ting is willing to recognize you. Father, if you are willing to leave us and live with you, we won’t have any opinion.”

“But you take some stinky money like this to coerce us to leave our daughter. We will never agree!”

Ma Xiaoli also looked at Zhang Botang and others angrily. “You have all heard what my husband said clearly, and you can get out after you hear it clearly.”

Zhang Botang smiled: “Hehe, Ping Ting has inherited my excellent business talents, and has also managed Ningda Company in a vivid and colorful manner.”

“You guys. After being exposed to her light, I became rich and ecstatic. Naturally, I don’t really put ten million in my eyes. I can understand.”

“If it was me, I would not be able to leave this one for ten million. A daughter who can make money.”

Zhang Botang said here, narrowed his eyes, and continued: “However, I am not here to do business with you, let alone begging for you.”

“The terms I offered , you can’t refuse.

If you don’t agree, you have to agree.” “If you don’t want to take the initiative to disappear in front of my daughter, then I will have other ways to make you disappear, and to make you disappear in this world forever.”

Song Zhongbin and Ma Xiaoli heard Zhang Botang’s words, His complexion became even more ugly.

Obviously, Zhang Botang is warning them that if they don’t disappear obediently, then Zhang Botang will send them to hell.

Song Zhongbin said angrily: “Why are you telling us this, why not just kill us?”

Zhang Botang said indifferently: “Let you disappear, to let my daughter leave China with me and arrive at Yingying. Life in the country.”

“If I kill you directly, I am worried that my daughter will be dissatisfied with me and will cause her to refuse to recognize the ancestors.”

“So it is the best way to kill you. It is best for you to disappear.”

“I also hope that You know what you are interested in, don’t use bad

strategies than I do. This is good for everyone.” Song Zhongbin took a deep breath and said in a deep voice: “We won’t want your money, let

alone leave our daughter.” Ma Xiaoli tightly He took her husband’s hand and said, “Yes, if you have the ability, you can kill us, but our son-in-law will definitely not let you go.”


Yash Nics!

Speaking of Yash Nics, Zhang Botang’s eyes were filled with anger.

Seeing that Song Zhongbin and Ma Xiaoli refused to give up, he became a little impatient. He winked at the man next to the beard, and motioned to his men to give Song Zhongbin and Ma Xiaoli some color.

A strong, cheeky man in a suit, seeing the boss’s eyes, immediately understood what the boss meant.

He grinned and walked towards Song Zhongbin and Ma Xiaoli: “Dare to refuse our boss’s terms, and even dare to threaten our boss with your son-in-law. I think you two old people are really impatient.”

He said, pulling his left hand. Lifting Song Zhongbin’s skirt, he lifted the gentle and thin Song Zhongbin, and then raised his right fist, preparing to blow Song Zhongbin’s face with a punch.

Song Zhongbin paled with fright.

Ma Xiaoli also screamed: “What do you want to do, let go of my husband–” A

cruel grin appeared at the corner of the cheeky man’s mouth, and his fist was about to bang.


A loud and powerful voice suddenly sounded in the ear: “If your fist dared to fall, I promise you that your arm is gone, and your life is gone.”

This sudden indifferent voice scared the cheeky man. A jump, also shocked everyone at the scene.

Everyone unanimously looked in the direction where the sound came from, and then saw a tall man with a star-like eye, carrying an insulated lunch box, walking in from the outside without hurries.

It turned out to be Yash Nics!

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