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Chapter 2266: I come to kill you

at last, finished the meal.

Yash Nics and his party got up and left, and Li Zifeng’s suffering had come to an end, and they hurriedly left together.

Li Zifeng wanted to get out of the hotel, so he drove off quickly.

Soon, he and Yash Nics came to the underground parking lot.

He was about to get into his Audi, drive away, and end the awful embarrassment.


The headlights of a black car ahead suddenly lit up.

The dazzling light made everyone unable to open their eyes.

A slender figure came down from the car, and then stepped on black combat boots, walking towards this side unhurriedly.

Yash Nics and others finally got a clear look.

A tall white man with a body of 1.9 meters, wearing a black raincoat, with short white hair dyed on his head, his eyes are like the eyes of a devil in the dark, emitting a faint light,

Qin Que will protect Song Pingting when he sees this. Before Tong Ke, he reminded: “This guy has a bad intention, everyone, be careful.”

Yash Nics frowned and looked at the white man in front of him .

Guess the origin of this white man?

In fact, this indifferent white man is no one else, but the top powerhouse from the gates of hell, the fallen angel.

The falling angel came from across the ocean and across the ocean, just to get to know the legendary Chinese God of War, and to personally take off Yash Nics’s head.

Li Zifeng encountered a social death tonight. He wanted to escape quickly and end the embarrassment.

But he didn’t expect that an unexpected guest would appear, and the coming was menacing, obviously a foreigner who came to look for death.

When he saw Song Pingting, Tong Ke, and Qin Que, the beauties were all nervous and scared.

His eyes lit up!

Didn’t he always hope to save face and earn face in front of Tong Ke’s beauties?

Unexpectedly, the opportunity really came!

He is a black belt master in Taekwondo, under normal circumstances one can beat ten opponents.

The foreigner in front of him came to find fault, just to give him a chance to perform!

God helps me too!

Li Zifeng showed a surprise in his eyes, and he immediately said to Tong Ke and others: “Don’t be afraid, I am protecting you, no gangster can be presumptuous!”

He said, and walked up towards the fallen angel in stride.

“Hey, what do you want to do, I warn you not to provoke these beautiful ladies, otherwise, my fist won’t agree.” The

fallen angel’s eyes moved away from Yash Nics and fell on Li Zifeng, opening his mouth. A blunt Chinese: “Go!”

Does this foreigner speak Chinese?

Li Zifeng’s face flushed: “You dare to ignore my warning. You are looking for death. I have to teach you a little lesson.” After

he said, he rushed up, flew up, and kicked the falling angel’s head.


Playing right!

Li Zifeng had just stunned, but immediately there was a sharp pain in his feet. This kick hit the side of the falling angel’s head as if it hit a rock.

The falling angel didn’t sway, but Li Zifeng’s foot was back shocked and his bones were about to break in pain.

Li Zifeng was shocked, just about to stop.

But the falling angel has already taken action.

The falling angel raised his hand and grabbed Li Zifeng’s ankle with one hand. He expressionlessly, his five fingers tightened slightly.


Li Zifeng’s ankle was crushed abruptly.


Li Zifeng’s scream resounded through the underground parking lot.

The falling angel was about to kill Li Zifeng.

Yash Nics spoke lightly.

“If I didn’t guess wrong, you should have come at me?”

“You came to kill me, but you didn’t choose to use firearms to attack me. Instead, you came to me head-on. It shows that you are here to kill, not to hunt. of. ” ”

Since you are to kill, there is no need to kill him, kill him with your dog butcher he Yi? ”

fallen angel heard, shut the Lizi Feng thrown out.

Then he moved his neck and looked at Yash Nics coldly, using not very fluent Chinese, and said coldly: “Yes, I came to kill you.”

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