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Chapter 2282: Tai Sui Lin

Satsuki child see this hip-hop man appeared, like to see the savior, very aggrieved to meet up.

“Brother Tian, ​​you can count on coming. If you don’t come, I will be beaten to death.” When

the people around saw the hip-hop man, they couldn’t help but talk in low voices.

“It turns out that her boyfriend is Lin Taisui!”

“Who is

Lin Taisui , is that great?” “Lin Taisui is the son of Lin Daorong, the director of our Mannity City Detention Center. His name is Lin Xiaotian. Xiaobawang, most people are afraid of his father’s power and dare not provoke him.”

“This gentleman was a sanitation worker and slapped Lin Xiaotian’s girlfriend and caused a catastrophe.”

Yash Nics and Song Ping Ting heard the whispers of the surrounding audience, and she probably knew the origin of Lin Xiaotian in front of her.

When Yash Nics heard that Lin Xiaotian was Lin Daorong’s son, he moved in his heart and looked at Lin Xiaotian with interest.

When Yash Nics was looking at Lin Xiaotian, Lin Xiaotian was also looking at Yash Nics.

He curled his lips and asked frivolously: “You bullied my girlfriend and you beat her?”

Yash Nics said lightly, “She has no rules, so I will help her parents teach her. Is there a problem?”

Lin Xiaotian eyes He glared and said angrily: “What the hell is yours, you dare to hit my Lin Taisui’s girlfriend. I think you are so old and tired of life.” After

Lin Xiaotian finished, he turned to ask Xiao Yue’er : “Baby, how do you teach this guy?”

Xiaoyue’er said diligently: “Big Brother Tian, ​​you decide, I will listen to you.”

Lin Xiaotian smiled and said, “Let him kneel down and apologize to you, then let him kneel down, and honestly let you slap him. How about this matter only when you are satisfied?”

Xiao Yueer’s eyes Yiliang, happily said: “Okay, okay, brother Tian, ​​your idea is really great, I like it.”

Lin Xiaotian smiled triumphantly, and said to Yash Nics arrogantly: “You, have you heard what I said, don’t hurry up yet? Roll over and kneel down to apologize. Is it possible that the brothers behind me can’t do anything?”

Yash Nics smiled: “Let me kneel and apologize, you are not worthy.”

“It’s you, even if your dad is in front of me, I Let him kneel, he dare not stand. ”


Lin Xiaotian was completely angry.

He coldly instructed the group of pig friends and dog friends next to him: “Man, do it, let him shed some blood, let him know how powerful.”

Upon hearing this, several gangsters took out weapons, knives and daggers. , And butterfly knives.

They are the ones who make trouble everywhere, and Lin Xiaotian’s father is covering up the accident, so they are bold and do not consider the severity of their shots, and they are not afraid of stabbing people to death.

Several guys approached Yash Nics grinningly.

The head of a young man with a parrot head fiddled with the butterfly knife in his hand a few times, and said with a grin: “Try Lao Tzu’s woodpecker!”

After speaking, he pierced Yash Nics’s chest with a knife.

Yash Nics saw this guy’s shot extremely ruthlessly, his eyes flashed with cold light, his hand grabbed the opponent’s butterfly knife, and his backhand pierced the opponent’s right palm.

“Ah!” The

parrot head couldn’t help screaming.

But as soon as the screams sounded, Yash Nics had already raised his hand and slapped.


Yash Nics slapped the parrot’s head with a spout of blood mixed with broken teeth, and directly took the parrot’s head away.

The other gangsters hadn’t gotten close to Yash Nics’s side. Dian Chu and Qin Que shot at the same time, knocking down all the gangsters in three or two.

Dian Chu and Qin Que didn’t show any mercy. The little bastards who fell on the ground either had their hands or their feet broken, and all of them suffered terribly.

The people around were stunned!

Even the sanitation worker was completely stupid. She didn’t expect that things would become so serious.

Xiao Yue’er was a woman after all. Seeing the blood, her face was pale and trembling, her eyes looked at Yash Nics in horror.

Lin Xiaotian was more courageous.

Although he was shocked by the strength of Yash Nics and the others at this time, he was not too scared. He bit the bullet and said: “Boy, you dare to hurt my brother, do you know that my dad is in the detention center? Director.”

“You’re completely finished this time, you are ready to sit in the prison!”

Yash Nics said indifferently: “If you don’t mention your dad, I almost forgot him.”

“Now give it to your dad .” Call and let him come over.”

“I’m too lazy to go and find him!”

Lin Xiaotian didn’t expect Yash Nics to give him a chance to call for help. He was surprised and happy: “You have a kind, I’ll call, you just wait. Die!”

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