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Chapter 2293: World Peace Prize

Zhang Botang corner of my eye saw several security will not be that far from being crushed to death with a golf corpse towed away.

His expression changed slightly.

If the average businessman is described as a cunning fox, then Li Peisi in front of him is simply a cruel wolf.

Compared to ordinary businessmen who like intrigues, Li Peisi seems to prefer violence to solve all problems.

Li Peisi likes violence, but he is not stupid at all, on the contrary, he is very smart.

He could see what Zhang Botang was thinking at a glance, and smiled: “Mr. Zhang probably thinks I am too violent. Indeed, my motto is that violence cannot solve problems, but it can solve all problematic people!”

Zhang Botang smiled. , Noncommittal, he is from Huaxia, he doesn’t like extremes, and he also likes to follow the golden mean when he does things.

He said faintly: “Mr. Li Peisi, I am here to meet you this time to talk about the cooperation between our two sides.”

Li Peisi smiled and said, “Our cooperation is very simple. You won the Ningda Company, and then we Noah cooperates with you to monopolize cancer vaccines and special medicines, and we will

divide the money earned.” Zhang Botang thought, if I can let my daughter recognize the ancestors and get the control of Ningda Company, then I will use it. Got to cooperate with you?

He calmly said: “The problem now is that my daughter refuses to recognize me, and Yash Nics is stigmatizing it. I can’t get the control of

Ningda Company from my daughter.” Li Peisi showed regret. “Mr. Zhang, you are in trouble!”

“But don’t worry, Mr. Zhang, Yash Nics, I can help you solve it, and even if necessary, I can help you kill your daughter and your granddaughter.”

“Your daughter is dead. When you show up as your biological father, you can inherit your daughter’s company.”

Zhang Botang couldn’t help being shocked when he heard this!

He was not as ruthless as Li Peisi, he hesitated and said: “Don’t kill my daughter, you just have to kill Yash Nics, and then arrest both my daughter and granddaughter to me, I have a way to make my daughter submit. ”

Li Peisi shook his head: “Mr. Zhang, you are really troublesome, no matter what, since Mr. Zhang asked so, just do it as Mr. Zhang said.” ”

However, after the event is over, the benefits of our cooperation are no longer a five-to-five split, but a seven-to-three split. I will give you three. ”


Zhang Botang’s eyes widened. The

two looked at each other silently. In the

end, Zhang Botang was defeated and gritted his teeth: “Okay! ”

Li Peisi smiled: “Very good! ”

He said, he snapped the Chris called up, told:” a few days, will be in Kyoto EGL awarded World Peace Medal. ”

Song Pingting’s company has achieved major breakthroughs in the treatment of human cancer in recent years, and she has also been nominated as a candidate for the World Peace Prize. “In

a few days, she will definitely attend the World Peace Prize award ceremony in Dongying, and Yash Nics should also accompany Song Pingting. ”

You take the monk and the priest, go to Dongying, kill Yash Nics, and bring Song Pingting back. ”

As Li Peisi’s voice fell.

A burly, bald Asian man with strong clothes and a string of prayer beads around his neck, and a blond European and American man in a white robe, appeared beside Chris. .

the two men, is the monks with the pastor.

is Lee Pace under the command of two kings, are the pinnacle of the world level of the strong.

Chris Ning could have been a little afraid to face, but found that the boss sent monks accompanied with pastor After he went with him, he instantly became more confident and smiled and said, “Boss, don’t worry, I will bring Yash Nics’s head and Song Pingting back soon. ”

Li Peisi said faintly: “The world likes to use lies to promote life, let me listen to your words first, I hope you don’t let me down.”

Li Peisi said this, and glanced at Chris: “You know what disappoints me. Consequences.”

Chris shivered: “Yes, the subordinates know that they will never let the boss down again.”

Huaxia, Mannity City.

Yash Nics and Song Pingting had just finished their dinner. They took their daughter and strolled along the tree-lined path by the river, blowing the river breeze, and the afterglow of the setting sun stretched their family of three.

Song Pingting smiled and said: “Our family hasn’t enjoyed such a lazy time for a long time.”

Yash Nics chuckles: “I am not busy at work during this time. If your company is not busy, we can plan, such as going out. A trip or something .”

Song Pingting shook her head: “I guess not!”

Yash Nics said: “Why, is work busy?”

Song Pingting laughed: “The work is okay, after all, I am only responsible for general direction and specific work. I don’t need to worry about the people below.”

“But recently, the United Nations nominated me as a candidate for this year’s World Peace Prize and invited me to Kyoto to participate in the Peace Prize ceremony.”

“I’m hesitant to go?”

Yash Nics said in surprise: “The World Peace Award, this is the award that countless people dream of, the glory of a lifetime, and it will last forever. Now that you are nominated, you have a good chance of winning, of course you have to participate.”

Song Pingting said. “In fact, they nominated me because our company’s liver cancer vaccine and liver cancer specific drugs have made a major contribution to human society.”

“I dare not take credit. I think it is appropriate to nominate you for the World Peace Prize for your husband!”

Yash Nics smiled and said: “That’s not good, I went to war in the north and south, and came out of the sea of ​​blood from the dead mountain. Many foreigners regard me as a great demon king. How could they give me the World Peace Prize?”

“Also, I I feel that you are fully qualified to fight for this general!”

“Since they have nominated you, then you have to participate, and strive to win an honor for you personally and for the country.”

Song Pingting said, “I don’t want to go to Dongying by myself. Would you like to go with me with my husband?”

Yash Nics smiled and said, “Well, anyway, I’m not busy during this time. I’ll go with you.”

That night , Yash Nics told Dianchu and Qin Que to prepare for the trip to the East.

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