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Chapter 2301: aerial Jackson

Ning Wen Yan, light laugh: “Do you still want me to bet, what to bet, bet What is?”

Tetsuo teeth: “The bet on All my money, all my money, my property, my territory, etc…”

Ye Tianxing said blankly: “Five hundred million!”

Everyone at the scene looked at Ye Tianxing in amazement, no I understand the meaning of Ye Tianxing’s words too much.

Ye Tianxing stared at Tetsuo indifferently, and said coldly: “I said all your wealth adds up to about 500 million Chinese coins.” The

Zhanlongtang controlled by Ye Tianxing, and the knife club controlled by Fujiwara Tetsuo. , Are one of the largest societies in Kyoto.

Moreover, the two organizations are adjacent to each other, and both sides usually want to annex each other, so they know each other very well, and Ye Tianxing is naturally aware of Tie Nan’s wealth.

Tie Nan heard Ye Tianxing accurately say the sum of his wealth, his face was very ugly, and he stared at Ye Tianxing with bad eyes.

Ye Tianxing’s face was indifferent and unmoved.

Yash Nics smiled and said: “Well, although I don’t like money, I don’t worry about money, but my subordinates follow me from birth to death on weekdays. I also want to take advantage of this time to make some pocket money for my subordinates. ”

Tie Nan I took your bet, and I’ll take out five hundred million Chinese coins to bet with you.”

“What do you want to bet with me?”

Tie Nan saw that Yash Nics was willing to continue betting with him, and he was secretly delighted. I think he has a chance to stand up.

He grinned and said: “It’s still an underground boxing match!”

“I choose to invite a peerless power to fight, you people can also find a master to fight, lest I bully you.”

Yash Nics smiled: “We Don’t ask for help, hurry up, our time is precious.”

Tie Nan snorted: “Okay!” After

he finished speaking, he ordered his men to take care of Yash Nics and his party. In fact, he was afraid that Yash Nics and his party would run away and sent his men to monitor Yash Nics and his party.

He took Amu’s men and left in a hurry.

As he walked, he whispered to Amu: “Quickly, follow me to the backyard meditation house of Kiyomizu Temple, please let Zen Master Kong Zhao take action and help us win back everything.”

Kiyomizu Temple.

In the backyard, in the meditation room, a woman screamed.

Tetsuo led his men to the entrance of the Zen room, kneeled down together, respectfully said: “The knife will meet Fujiwara Tetsuo, there is a very urgent matter, and I ask Zen Master Kong Zhao to help.” In the

Zen room, the woman screamed. The voice stopped abruptly.

Immediately afterwards, a low and thunderous man’s voice came: “Tie Nan, you disturbed this seat of Zen Zen.”

Tetsuo quickly said: “Master, forgive the sin, the villain really has no choice but to disturb the master. Please help me, Master.”

Kong Zhaoqiang resisted his anger: “Let’s talk about it, what happened on

earth ?” Tetsuo immediately said briefly what happened .

Then, he cried and said with a sad face: “Master, I have lost a billion Huaxia coins. I am already hurting my bones. If I don’t win it back tonight, the knife will be hit hard tonight, and I will be killed by the lone star war dragon in the future. Tang annex.”

“So I must win back tonight!”

“If the Zen Master is willing to make a move, then I will not only be able to recover the previous losses, but also win the Huaxia People’s 400 million.”

“At that time, I will repay the Master!”

Kong Kong Zhao stayed silent, and did not reply to Tetsuo immediately.

The iron boy was afraid that he was unwilling to shoot in the air, and quickly said: “By the way, the guy named Yash Nics has a female partner by his side. He looks beautiful and beautiful, even if he is the top ten beauty in Kyoto. All together, they are not as beautiful as her.”

“The villain knows that you like beauty, Master. If you help me win the game, after I win the money, I take advantage of the situation to destroy Yash Nics and Ye Tianxing and his party, and the peerless beauty will naturally be delivered. Master’s Zen bed…”

Kong Zhao came to interest: “Is it so beautiful?”

Tie Nan swears: “Yes, I have half a lie, the master can ask me.”


The door of the Buddhist room opened, and under the moonlight, a monk with a burly figure, disheveled hair, and a face full of flesh, who looked like a ferocious monk from Journey to the West Risa, strode out.

He is the number one powerhouse in Kyoto, the Zen Master Kongzhao.

The aerial photo strode out, without even looking at the kneeling Tetsuo and others, he just said loudly: “Go, kill and grab the beauty!”

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