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Chapter 2308: to go alone to

Ning with Song Painting, with a typical Chu, Qin bird two men, just back to the hotel.

Suddenly a man appeared in a hurry, and rushed to Yash Nics with an anxious face.

Dianchu and Qin Que stepped forward, stopped the man, and prevented him from approaching Yash Nics and Song Pingting.

The man couldn’t get close to Yash Nics, and shouted anxiously at Yash Nics: “Mr. Yash, I am Ye’s subordinate, Ah Chong.”

Yash Nics recognized that this man was indeed Ye Tianxing’s subordinate, and motioned to Dian Chu and Qin Quefang. Come over.

“Achong, are you coming to me for something?”

Achong was sweating profusely and said anxiously: “Mr. Yash, the big thing is not good, our brother Ye has an accident.”

Yash Nics was startled when he heard the words, “What’s the matter? You speak slowly.”

Achong said , “Brother Ye didn’t return to Battle Dragon Hall tonight. Someone came to Battle Dragon Hall just now and passed a message to us saying that Brother Ye is in their hands. If you don’t want Brother Ye to be chopped down eighteen thrown into the sea to feed the fish, then let Chen you see him. ”

Ning frown:” leaflets are very strong stands to reason that people are less likely to be arrested it would not be a hoax “?

a Chong shook his head: “There will be no fakes, Ye Ge’s soft sword has been sent back.”

After speaking, A Chong turned around and waved.

A man came holding a bloody soft sword, which was the soft sword used by Ye Tianxing.

It seems that Xiaoye really has an accident.

Yash Nics’s face sank.

“Did the person who spread the word say who kidnapped Xiaoye, and did they tell me where to see Xiaoye?”

Achung said, “I didn’t say it, but they left a mobile phone.” He

said. Ah Chong took out a cell phone.

Dian Chu checked the phone and passed it to Yash Nics.

Strangely speaking, I don’t know if the other party is checking the time, or someone is monitoring it secretly. When the phone was just handed over to Yash Nics, the phone rang and there was an incoming call.

Yash Nics answered the phone: “Hello?” From the

phone came Fujiwara Tetsuo’s proud voice: “Hey, Mr. Yash, I guess you didn’t expect it to be me?”

Yash Nics said indifferently: “You put Xiaoye now. There is room for manoeuvre, this is your last chance.”

Tie Nan sneered: “Hehe, it seems that Mr. Yash has not figured out who has the initiative.”

“Now your brother Ye Tianxing is in our hands, if If you still want to see him alive, then you come alone to the abandoned power station in the eastern suburbs to see us.”

“Remember, I am a ground snake in Kyoto, and my eyeliner is everywhere.”

“If you call the police, you are not alive. Come alone, I can know it for the first time.”

“At that time, I am afraid you will only see Ye Tianxing who has been cut into eighteen pieces.”

“If you are not interested in playing corpse puzzles, it will be within two hours. Within, come alone, let’s make a break, and the consequences will be at your own risk.”

After speaking, Tetsuo hung up the phone.

Song Pingting and others, looking at Yash Nics with a

calm face, asked with concern: “How is it?” Yash Nics said calmly, ” Xiaoye is probably careless and fell into the hands of Fujiwara Tetsuo.”

Fujiwara Tetsuo The man asked me to meet them alone and made a break.

Song Pingting, Dianchu and Qin Que couldn’t help but remember the legend that Ye Tianxing was the lone star of the gods, and remembered that Ye Tianxing had said that he would kill the relatives and friends around him.

They also remembered that Ye Tianxing warned Yash Nics not to come close, which would bring bad luck to Yash Nics.

Could it be that Ye Tianxing would really kill Yash Nics.

Song Pingting’s eyes were full of worries. She didn’t believe in fate, but it was related to the life and death of her husband, so she didn’t dare to say that she didn’t believe it at all.

But Song Pingting knew that Ye Tianxing was Yash Nics’s former subordinate, Yash Nics’s former comrade-in-arms, and now Yash Nics’s friend and subordinate.

Yash Nics would certainly not sit idly by.

She bit her lip, and said with difficulty, “Will you go alone?”

Yash Nics said, “Yes, I can handle a small group of thieves alone.”

Dian Chu and Qin Que said together: “Master, let ! we go with you, ”

Ning shook his head:” no, you protect the little lady, do not worry about anything else. ”

then, on the right Ah Chung Yash Nics said:”! I am going to give a car ”

Ah Chung Said: “Mr. Yash, we have a car outside, you can drive as you like.”

Yash Nics nodded, turned and left.

Song Pingting shouted to Yash Nics: “Husband!”

Yash Nics stopped and looked back at Song Pingting.

Song Pingting rushed up, kissed him heavily, gritted his teeth and said: “Husband, I’m a little scared, promise me you must come back alive.”

Yash Nics smiled and said, “Okay, I promise you.”

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