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Chapter 2321: Stupid adhere to

eight Qi holding the snake handle swords, with Goki, deadpan approached.

Chiba Erii naturally knows Yaki, and he knows Yaki is a famous killer in the Yamaguchi Group.

It’s just that as far as she knows, Baqi hasn’t made any moves for many years, so why will he show up here tonight?

She and several of her colleagues are like enemies.

She raised her left hand, motioned to the other party to stop, and seriously warned: “Stop!”

“I’m Chiba police officer, what do you want to do?”

Baqi said coldly, “If you don’t want to die in Yamaguchi Group’s affairs, , You can roll now.” The

surrounding diners were so scared that they left quickly.

Yash Nics, Song Pingting, Dianchu, Qin Que, and Ye Tianxing still sat in their chairs, looking at them calmly.

Chiba Eriyi still kept the gesture of ordering Yaki and the others to stop with her left hand. Her right hand still touched the handle of the gun on her waist, and said nervously: “In front of us, I advise you not to mess around. Come.” The

corner of Baqi’s mouth raised slightly, and he said with a sneer: “My goal tonight is these Chinese people. You want to help them, do you want to protect them?”

Chiba Eriyi gritted her teeth: “I’m sorry. I’m a policeman!”

Hachi laughed, “In my eyes, there are only living people and dead people. There is no occupational distinction.” After

he finished speaking, he looked at several colleagues around Chiba Eri with cold eyes, and asked in an unkind tone: “How about you guys, do you want to protect these Chinese people, or just get out?”

The colleagues of Chiba Eriyi were sweating. After looking at each other, they said one after another: “We didn’t see anything, we Go now.”

After a few guys finished speaking, they also whispered to Chiba Eriyi: “Captain, Yaqi is the killer of the Yamaguchi Group. There are not a thousand people he has killed but hundreds of them.”

“Anyway, they are here to find these Chinese Huaxia. People are moldy, we can’t risk our lives for these Chinese people, let’s go?”

Chiba Eriya heard this and couldn’t help being disappointed with these colleagues.

She coldly said: “You are afraid of death you will go, I do not force you.”

“But as the police, on behalf of justice, I will not watch the crime occurred and filled turn a blind eye to leave.”

Several Seeing that the persuasion was invalid, the guy looked at each other, then said, Captain, take care, and then he really left.

Chiba Erii knows that the Yamaguchi Group is very influential, and even many criminal police officers are afraid of the Yamaguchi Group.

But she didn’t expect these colleagues of hers to be so scared.

Angrily and disappointed for a while.

Hachiki sneered: “Do you still stick to your stupid principle now, or just like your colleague, get off with your tail sandwiched?”

Chiba Eriya coldly said, “I won’t go. , You’d better stop your criminal behavior, otherwise I won’t let you go.”

Yaqi: “Hehe, just by you, believe it or not I killed you, there will be no ass?”

Chiba Eriya Hearing that he was furious, he immediately took out a gun from his waist and pointed it at Baqi.

However, at the moment she drew her gun, one of the five ghosts around Baqi had already moved ghostly.

She was taken aback, too late to open the gun insurance.

The man had already kicked and slapped her gun.

Chiba Eriyi was taken aback. She didn’t expect that Baqi’s subordinate was so powerful. She didn’t even have time to react, and she was kicked off with a gun.

Baqi said coldly: “If it weren’t for the reason that you were the captain of the criminal investigation team, I would have killed you. Now I will give you one last chance. Will you go or not?”

Chiba gritted his teeth: “I’m a criminal policeman. Beginning on the day when I swear, I will never bow to the evil forces. If you have the ability, you will kill me.”

Baqi said coldly, “Then you can die!”

After finishing speaking, he suddenly drew out his sword. Feng Chi Dian Zhi slashed towards Qianye.

This knife carried the evil wind, as fast as lightning.

Chiba Eriya watched as the sword kept approaching and zooming in, trying to dodge but couldn’t help it.

I’m dying!

She couldn’t help closing her eyes in despair.

Song Pingting couldn’t help exclaiming: “Yash Nics, help her!”

At the moment Song Pingting spoke , Yash Nics had already taken action.

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