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Chapter 2325: Bacchus

battle Dragon Hall headquarters.

Ye Tianxing was dismissing his subordinates, and most of his subordinates got the settlement allowance and left immediately.

But what Ye Tianxing didn’t expect was that there were more than a hundred people who refused to leave.

Ye Tianxing snorted coldly: “I said that Zhanlongtang will be officially disbanded from now on. You take the money and go your own way. From now on, you will do a good job. Don’t fight and kill anymore.”

“Everyone else is gone, you guys. What are these guys doing here?”

Yash Nics, Song Pingting, Dianchu, and Qin Que were also watching curiously beside them, wondering if these guys didn’t think they could afford to settle down enough?

But the next scene made Yash Nics and Ye Tianxing both dumbfounded.

I saw a guy named Achung in the crowd, crying and crying: “Brother Ye, we know that you have offended the Yamaguchi Group. Mr. Yamaguchi asked you to sell your property, dismiss your subordinates, and get out of Dongying.”

“But you usually treat your brothers. We are not thin, brothers are not far away from you at this juncture!” The

rest of the people also echoed: “Yes!”

“Brother Ye, you are always proud and never afraid of anyone. Everyone dares to fight, why are we afraid of the Yamaguchi Group this time?”

“Yes, why are we afraid of them ? Call back all the demobilized brothers, and we fight with the Yamaguchi Group.”

“Yes, even if it is. After nine deaths, we have to fight. If we succeed, we will become rich, and if we fail, we will continue to be brothers with Huangquan.”

Ye Tianxing couldn’t laugh or cry.

He understood it.

It turns out that these men of his had misunderstood.

He sold the property at a low price this time and dismissed his subordinates, intending to go back with Yash Nics and return to the army.

However, by mistake, his men mistakenly thought that he was afraid of Ryuzo Yamaguchi, and was threatened by Ryuzo Yamaguchi to sell his business and get out of Dongying.

Ye Tianxing said irritably: “What are you talking nonsense?”

“Who said that Yamaguchi Ryusan would sell the industry and dismiss you?”

Achung said, “It’s spread like this outside now!”

Ye Tianxing said angrily: ” Nonsense!”

“You all heard clearly. This time I intend to return to China with my young master, so I disbanded Zhanlongtang, and it has nothing to do with Yamaguchi Ryuzo’s threat.”

“Yamaguchi Ryuzo is in front of my young master, What a fart, should I be afraid of him?”

Achong and the others shook their heads and said, “Brother Ye, don’t be hard on your mouth.”

Ye Tianxing was really angry and cursed: “What do you think is hard on me, believe it or not? Next, I will accompany my young master to the Yamaguchi Group headquarters, and smashed the Yamaguchi Group headquarters Baihutang, and even took off the dog head of Yamaguchi Ryuzo?”

Achong and others still don’t believe it, thinking that Ye Tianxing is stubborn. Everyone thought that Ye Tianxing was scared by Yamaguchi Ryusan to sell his industry and was going to run away.

Ye Tianxing saw the explanation and everyone didn’t believe it. He simply didn’t bother to explain it, and cursed: “Whatever you think, anyway, get the reimbursement and get out, and the Dragon Hall will be disbanded.”

Ah Chong and others couldn’t help but sighed. left.

Yash Nics saw that Ye Tianxing had dismissed all his subordinates, and only a few of them were left in the huge Battle Dragon Hall.

He smiled and said: “Okay, everyone is dismissed. It’s time for us to go to Baihutang, have a break with Yamaguchi Ryusan, and then return to China.”

Speaking of returning home, Ye Tianxing was a little bit backed.

He, who is not smirking, rarely smiles: “Okay, everything will follow the orders of the young master.”

At this moment, there was a sound of footsteps in the courtyard outside.

Yash Nics and they thought it was the members of the Dragon Hall who had been dismissed and they were back!

But it was soon discovered that it was not!

I saw a fat man with rosacea and a bloated nose, and he came in with a large number of men wearing samurai swords.

Ye Tianxing was very surprised when he saw this fat man with rosacea, frowning and said: “Who I thought it was, it turned out to be the God of Bacchus from the Yamaguchi Group.”

It turned out that the figure was bloated and he stopped the general’s stomach, which seemed The drunk fat man turned out to be a very famous killer in the Yamaguchi Group, nicknamed Bacchus, also known as the Keg.

Bacchus has always been the vanguard of the Yamaguchi Group. It is said that he has made great contributions to the Yamaguchi Group. Every time he charges at the forefront, he has killed more than a thousand people. It is true that a thousand people have been killed. Strength is stronger than Baqi.

Bacchus glanced at Yash Nics with drunken eyes, took out a flat iron wine bottle, raised his head and drank a drink, and said drunk: “Hehe, I didn’t expect you Chinese sick husbands, and I heard that I drink The name of God.”

“For this alone, I promise to keep your corpses today.”

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